Heavy Barrel


Heavy Barrel



1) Always turn the power off before inserting or removing the Game
Pak from your Nintendo Entertainment System.
2) This is a high precision game. It should not be stored in places
that are very hot or cold. Never hit it or drop it. Do not take it
3) Avoid touching the connectors; do not get them wet or dirty. This
may damage the game.
4) Do not clean with Benzene. paint thinner, alcohol or other such
Please read this instruction booklet to ensure proper handling of
your new game and then save the booklet for future reference.


The Impossible - and unthinkable - has happened. Terrorists have
seized the underground control complex of a nuclear missile site. It
is up to you to infiltrate the installation and eliminate the leader
of the terrorist army before they can launch the missiles.

You won't find the job an easy one. The formitable defense of the
subterranean fortress - powerful tanks, treacherous waterways, narrow
bridges - are now in the hands of terrorists. And if that isn't bad
enough, the only weapon that gives you a chance against the
terrorists - Heavy Barrel - is inside the installation itself.

You have one bit of luck on your side - the terrorists don't know
that Heavy Barrel exists. Just before the fortress fell, a clever
technician took the gun apart, locked the pieces in six different
storage lockers, and scattered the keys throughout the fortress. Once
you have battled your way inside, you have to find the keys and
reassemble the gun. Brute force alone won't defeat the terrorists.
It'll take strategy and resourcefulness. This isn't a job for just
anyone. That's why you are here.


During the game, your controller buttons will perform the following

Control Pad

Move Forward
Move Left ( =O= ) Move Right
Move Backward

During the agme, your controller buttons perform the following

A Button: Fire the machine gun, laser gun, pellet gun, or flame

B: Throw a grenade, use a smoke bomb or the mace.

START Button: Pauses the game. To resume, press START again.


To start Heavy Barrel:

1) Make sure that your Nintendo Entertainment System is off, then put
the Heavy Barrel Game Pak in the system.

2) Press the POWER button on the front of the system to display the
title screen.

3) If you're playing alone, make sure the controller is plugged into
socket 1, then press the START button on the controller.

If you're playing with someone else, press the select button on
controller 1 to choose 2 PLAYER, then press the START button on
controller 1.

The game begins.


| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| 1 P x 0 600 B39 A()() [][][][][] |
/ | \ \ \


Keys. You need to pick up keys so that you can open the lockers where
the parts of Heavy Barrel are hidden. Red terrorists carry the keys.
You can only have four jeys at one time.

Locker. Lockers contain the pieces of Heavy Barrel, weapons, and
ammunition. If you have a key, you can open a locker and pick up its



You can only carry one type of firearm (machine gun, laser gun,
pellet gun, or flame thrower) at a time - unless you're carrying
Heavy Barrel. If that's the case, you keep in reserve the weapon you
were carrying when you finished assembling Heavy Barrel, and you go
back to that weapon when Heavy Barrel's time is up. You can pick up
ammunition for the reserve weapon while you're carrying Heavy
Barrel. If you die, you lose whatever weapon you were carrying.

Machine Gun. Your basic weapon. Unlimited ammunition. If you run out
of ammunition for any of the other fire arms, you automatically go
back to using the machine gun.

Laser gun. Fires powerful blasts, one at a time. Limit: 90 blasts per

Pellet Gun. Fires a spray of five bullets simultaneously. Limit: 90
sprays per weapon.

Flame Thrower. Shoots fireballs, one at a time. Limit: 90 fileballs
per weapon.

Heavy Barrel. Super-pwerful blasts, one at a time. Limit: 99 seconds.
(as soon as the time runs out, you can start reassembling another
Heavy Barrel.)


You can carry onlyone type of hand weapon (grenade, smoke bomb, or
mace) and keep another one in reserve at the same time. The weapon
you picked up most recently is the one you will use first; as soon as
you use up that weapon, you go back to the one in reserve. If you
die, you lose whatever weapons you were carrying.

Grenade. Basic hand weapon. Limit: 50.

Mace. Destroys anyone within reach as it swings in a full circle
around you. Limit: 40 uses for each mace.

Super grenade. Twice as powerful as a standard grenade. Limit: 40 at
a time.

Smoke Bomb. Slows down the terrorists' guns and cannons. Limit: 40 at
a time.

Other Weapons

Star Shield. Star Shields circle you at a distance, destroying any
terrorists they come in contact with. After a time, the stars lose
their energy and disappear.


In additon to the terrorists and their armaments, you need to watch
out for other hazards:

Vermin. Poisonous insects. Death is instantaneous if one touches you.


Terrorist _____________________________________________ 100
Machine Gunner _______________________________________ 200
Terrorist with Jet Pack __________________________________ 200
Fixed Gun Turret _______________________________________ 500
Fortified Gun Bunker ____________________________________ 500
Mobile Gun Turret ______________________________________ 500
Coal Car ______________________________________________ 600
Tank _______________________________________________ 1,000
Helicopter ___________________________________________ 2,000
T-99 Super Tank ____________________________________ 159,400
Manipulator Arm _____________________________________ 10,000
Armored Anti-Personnel Vehicle_________________________ 10,000
Grinder ___________________________________________ 100,000


The Missile Control Complex is made up of six defense perimeters and
the Launch Authority Security Area. Each defense perimeter is
separated from the next by massive doors of steel-reinforced concrete
that are several feet thick. The terrorists have sealed the doors,
and the only way for you to get from one perimeter to the next is by
blasting a hole through the door. (Some weapons are less powerful
than other; when using a less powerful weapon, it will take more
ammunition to pierce the door.)

There are guns and ammunition scattered throughout the complex. Pick
them up as you need them.

PERIMETER ONE: Surface Defenses

You'll be carrying only a machine gun and 50 grenades with you when
you land. The floaters that appear are harmless. You can use them for
target practice.

Your prime objective - in addition to staying alive - is to find the
six disassembled parts of Heavy Barrel. The red terrorists have the
keys that open the lockers located throughout the complex. The only
way to get a key from a terrorist is to destroy him. He'll drop it,
then you can pick it up. You can carry only four keys at a time, so
if you're in a spot where you can either pick up a key or open a
locker, open the locker first, then pick up the key.

Any key opens any locker, but there are more lockers than keys, so
use the you find wisely. Not all lockers contain parts of Hevay
Barrel. Some contain weapons or ammunition.

Assemble Heavy Barrel as soon as you can. You can use it for only 99
seconds, but you can start assembling another one as soon as time
runs out.

The first terrorists you meet will be on foot. Don't let that fool
you. Their coherts are well hidden and heavily armed. You'll also
face tanks, fortified gun emplacements, attack helicoptors, and
terrorists flying above you wearing jet packs. Keep you head up.

PERIMETER TWO: Weapons Assembly Area

The second perimeter won't be any fun and games. The worst part is
that you have to take a couple of elevator rides to get to the other
end. Elevators are bad news because you are a sitting duck - you can
move only as fast as the elevator does, and there's no place to hide.
You can be sure that th eterrorists have stationed themselves
anywhere and everywhere they can to get a shot at you.

If you make it to the end of the second elevator ride, you'll find
another obstacle separating you from the blast door - a set of
hazardous manipulator arms. A blow from either of the arms is enough
to instantly crush you.


When you reach the quarry, you'll find a maze of railroad tracks
patrolled by the terrorists in coal cars. You'll have to dodge not
only the hail of bullets, but the cars themselves.

Gaurding the door at the far end of the quarry is a deadly armored
anti-personnel vehicle.


The fourth defense perimeter is a maze of stairways. You'll have to
zig-zag your way through the terrorists like a quarterback in the
Super Bowl. The major obstacle you'll face is the Grinder - you'll
recognize it when you see it.

PERIMETER FIVE: The Reactor Area

Perimeter Five is one of the most treacherous. It contains cooling
taks for the spent fuel rods from the nuclear reactor that powers the
entire complex.

You'll take an elevator down to a level below the surface. There
you'll have to make your way along narrow walkways that separate the
cooling tanks. Wach out for the T-99 and the Grinder waiting for you
at the far end of the perimeter.


The Abyss, the final defense perimeter, leads down to the deepest
point in the complex - the Lauch Authority Security Area.

You'll first have to make your way past a series of the terrorists'
fortified positions. Snipers have climbed to the top of barriers,
ledges, and machinery posts - anywhere they can get a shot at you
from above. You won't find them easy to deal with.

The elevator ride you take to get down to the command bunker will
seem like - and may well be - the longest ride of your life. Once you
reach the security area level, you'll have to battle your way past
attack helicoptors, fortified gun positions, and an onslaught of
terrorist commandos to reach the blast door that seals off the
command bunker.


The siz defense perimeters that surround the Lauch Authority Security
Area were designed to stop anything short of a full-scale invasion.
The Launch Authority Security Area was designed to stop even that.
You can be sure that you'll never retake the Security Area from the
terrorists without Heavy barrel.