Dr. Chaos

Dr. Chaos


Dr. Chaos Story

It had been three months since Michael last heard from his brother. He grew
impatient as he waited for his letter.

He waited for another month, but to no avail. With some concern Michael began
to suspect that something had happened to him.

Michael's brother, Doctor Ginn Chaos, was a genius in physics specializing in
warp zones. He knew that the experiment on warp zones could bring hazardous
results, so he conducted research alone at his lab in a remote village.

He sent Michael a research report every month. According to the last report,
Dr. Chaos had succeeded in creating warp zones. He seemed to have continued
his research on the effects of such space on a living body.

Michael decided to go to his brother's lab. The lab stood in a quiet evening,
but it didn't look like anything existed inside.

Gathering his courage, Michael stepped inside the house. In the silent hallway,
he saw only rats and bats. On a desk near the doorway he found his brother's
diary. On the last page he read:

"Month_____ Day_____

I made a great mistake. I overlooked the effect of warp zones on living
organisms. It was too late when I realized this. The living things in the warp
zone had grown so big that they began to take over my house. The warp zone can
swallow you up at any time. Open one of the doors to the warp zone and you
will be attacked by these monsters. I have been trying to invent machines to
stop the monsters but I am not sure if I still have time. My brother Michael,
if you happen to read this diary, you are the only one who can stop this

Michael searched for the machines, but could not find them. The monsters com-
ing out of the warp zones must have grabbed them away. He had to do something
about this before someone fell victim to the monsters. With a knife in his
hand, Michael kicked open the door....


Names of controller parts and operating instructions

Do not use Controller 2, as this game is designed for a single player only.

When you are in the Hallway or the Warp Zones -
A Button: Jump - Michael jumps
B Button: Attack - Michael attacks with weapons you select
Select: You select the weapon
Start: You can pause the game
Control: Moves Michael: When you push this button in front of a door, Michael
moves into the room screen.

When you are in the Rooms -
A Button: After you move the cursor on the menu, use A to activate the menu.
B Button: While pressing B, move Button + up and down. Selects commands from
the menu.
Control: Moves the hand. This button will move the hand on to a new room. When
you press B at the same time, you can choose Commands on the Menu by
moving it up and down.


How to Play

To Begin the game
- Push the Start button.
- New Game and Continue will appear.
- When you start the game for the first time, move the cursor to New Game and
push button A or B. If you want to continue the previous game, move the
cursor to Continue and push button A or B.
- If you select Continue, input the password you recorded from the previous
game. (Select the password with [the control pad], and push button A.)

To Discontinue the Game
- Push the Start button, then push button A or B. The password will appear on
the screen. Write down the password so you can continue the game later. Turn
off the power.

When You Knock Down the Final Monster in the Warp Zone
- When you knock down the "Boss" (the final warp zone monster), a Parts Bottle
will appear. Gather the parts to build your Restored Laser. The password
will be exhibited on the screen. Jot it down for your record. Now, push the
Select button. The game is resumed again.

Michael's Life diminishes each time he is attacked by enemies. When Life
reaches zero, Michael dies - and the game ends. Two different commands,
Continue and Password appear on the screen.

If you move the cursor to Continue and push button A or B, you can immediately
resume the challenge from the beginning (e.g., the entrance of the hallway)
but you will not be able to use the items you have gathered in the previous

If you move the cursor to Password and push button A or B, the password is
automatically input and will appear on the screen. Write it down so you can
continue the game later. Be aware though, that not all of the items you have
gathered will be saved.


Then Michael Steps into the House...

In order to save Dr. Chaos, Michael has to collect many items, find the secret
warp zone, and destroy the monsters there. First, Michael must search the

Screen Display
As the picture shows, you can see Michael's condition displayed on the upper
part of the screen. Remember to pay attention to these displays.

[from left to right... -tsr]

Michael's Life Power
Weapon in use (change by pushing Select)
The number of weapons Michael has created
Items Michael has collected
Parts of the Restored Laser that are reconstructed.


This Game Consists of Three Screens

1. Hallway Screen
The screen shows the hallway lined with doors to each room. The house has
three floors and a basement. There is a stairway from the first floor to the
second. If you need to go to the third floor, or to the basement, you have to
find another way to do it.

If you want to enter the room, push up on button + in front of the door.

2. Room Screen
This screen indicated the location of the room. The room consists of four
panels of East, West, North and South. When Michael enters the room, the hand
(icon) appears. You can move the icon by pushing button +. If you try to move
the icon beyond the edge of the screen, it changes the direction it faces.
Select Command by moving button + up and down, while pressing button B. Push
button A to activate commands.

On the Room Screen, you have to find weapons, medicines for Michael to recover
energy, and entrances to the warp zones. When a monster jumps out of an open
door, Michael is automatically thrown out into the hallway. (He cannot go back
to the room once the battle starts.)

3. Warp Screen
In the rooms, you can find hidden entrances to the warp zone. There are more
monsters on the warp screen than on any other screen and they are stronger
than any of the other monsters in the game.


Here Come the Monsters! How to Attack Them

You can only attack monsters on the hallway screen or the warp screen. Choose
a weapon by pushing Select. Attack using button B. At the end of the warp
zone, even more ferocious monsters appear. These monsters cannot be attacked
in the same way as the others.



Appears in the hallway. Creeps on the ground. Not powerful, but fast.

Vampire Bat
Appears in the hallway. Flies in the air. Not a powerful attacker.

Appears in the hallway. Moves while spinning quickly. Doesn't have attacking

Big Lady
Appears in the room. Rushes up and attacks Michael. Once she catches him, he
cannot easily escape.

Jumps and follows Michael. Relatively easy to attack. Has some attacking

The most powerful monster outside of the warp zone monsters. Has high level of
life energy and attacking power. Once it appears, it warps the space and
deters Michael's movement.


Characters (Warp Zone)

Appears in the warp zone. Not strong.

Appears in the warp zone. They move swiftly, but are not very strong. Some
even explode while they're attacking.

Flying Skeleton
Skeleton bird flies in the warp zone. Moves swiftly. Difficult to attack.

A secondary Boss in the warp zone. Strong life energy and attacking power.
Appears at crucial points.



Michael's original weapon. Minimal attacking power.

More attacking power than the knife. Can attack from a distance. Can fire one
bullet at a time.

Machine Gun
More attacking power than the pistol. Can fire successively. Be careful not to
use all the bullets too quickly.

Explodes when thrown. Powerful enough to kill all enemies on the screen.
Powerless to some monsters.

Restored Laser
Separated into ten parts. Every Boss from each warp zone has one of the parts.
Only this weapon, when completely assembled, can kill the ultimate monster

Not a weapon. Energy enhancer. Three different kinds (Red, Blue, Yellow).


Items (Warp Zone)

Secret machines invented by Dr. Chaos. You can only use them in the warp zone.

Jump Boots
With these boots on, Michael can jump high in the warp zone. Sometimes you
can't get to the end of the warp zone without these boots.

Air Helmet
Michael needs his helmet to protect him in the water in the warp zone. His
life power diminishes rapidly without this helmet.

Shield Suit
Protects Michael from attacking monsters.

Parts Bottle
A container to hold the ten different parts of the Restored Laser.

Ultraspace Sensor
Activates when it approaches the entrance of the warp zone. Without this,
Michael won't be able to enter any of the warp zones.


Extra Hints

In order to rescue Dr. Ginn Chaos and save the world, Michael has to find
eleven different warp zones, and destroy eleven big monsters. On his way, he
has to face many different kinds of monsters. Here's some advice for you.

- Look for the ultraspace sensor first.
You can't enter other warp zones without the ultraspace sensor. Find this
sensor first. Then look for other warp zones.

- Doors are not the only entrances to the rooms.
In some cases, you might be able to move from one room to another by pene-
trating the wall. Give it a shot and knock on the wall.


Password & Notes