Digger T. Rock

Digger T. Rock

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(front cover)
of the
Lost City

[boy digging into title with T-Rex and skeleton behind]

Digger Instruction
T. Rock Manual
(inside front cover)
[boy digging, ghost behind him] [Nintendo seal]

Digger T. Rock
The Legend of the Lost City

1 Player
Thank you for buying Digger, another MB This game is Licensed by
exciting NES game from MB. Please read Games Nintendo(R) for play on the
the manual carefully as you learn to (Nintendo)
play the game. Entertainment

Nintendo & Nintendo Entertainment System are
trademarks of Nintendo.

(front page, labeled 3)


Always turn the power off before inserting or removing the Game
Pak from your Nintendo Entertainment System.
This is a high-precision game. It should not be stored in places that
are very hot or cold. Store it at room temperature. Never hit or
drop it. Do not take it apart.
Avoid touching the terminal connectors. Keep them clean by
inserting the Game Pak in its protective storage case.
Use of thinners, solvents, benzene, alcohol and other strong cleaning
agents can damage the Game Pak.

[boy on top of pillar to right of safety tips.]


Meet Digger T. Rock, a brave little miner who dares to dig where no shovel has
gone before! He just loves to uncover underground wonders. And he dreams of
discovering a buried city bursting with golden treasures and ancient relics.

On this very morning, deep within a craggy, slippery cave, Digger stumbles upon
a half-hidden sign pointing 'way, 'way down...to a Lost City! Holy boulders,
what an awesome discovery! This is it! The dream come true! The biggest dig
of all! But...

...is the sign a joke? Does the city exist? Can Digger really, (really) dig
down that far?

So many question. So much dirt! And the caverns below must be full of unknown
dangers. All these doubts put Digger between a rock and a hard place. But
finally, firmly, Digger plants his shovel and begins his long, treacherous
dig down.

So begins a journey we call the Big Dig, but it's far from the "hole" story!
The adventure's just starting... for (you)! Can you help a boy and his shovel
find this mysterious Lost City? What deep, dark secrets await you? What
dangers lie ahead? And below?

Dig in and find out! Have tunnels of fun. But leave no stone unturned...

[Digger and sign "Lost City"]


The illustration on the right shows the controller parts you'll be using
as you play the game.

To move/dig/climb - press the control pad in the directions shown on the
To jump - Press BUTTON A.
To select a supply - Press SELECT.
To kick or use a selected supply - Press BUTTON B.
To pause - Press START.
To restart - Press START again.

[ Control Pad                                       ]
[  _____________________________________            ]
[ |                                     |           ]
[ |    |                                |           ]
[ | ---+---   SEL   ST.     __     __   |           ]
[ |    |       --   --     (__)   (__)  | Button A  ]
[ |_____________________________________|           ]
[          Select   Start   Button B                ]
[          Button   Button                          ]
[                                                   ]
[                                                   ]
[      Climb/dig up                                 ]
[            _                                      ]
[ Move     _| |_     Move/dig                       ]
[ /dig    |_   _|      right                        ]
[ left      |_|                                     ]
[                                                   ]
[        Climb/dig                                  ]
[           down                                    ]

The panel at the bottom of your playing screen [game screenshot]
will always show the following information:

[ Clock shows how many seconds remain before cavern door closes             ]
[      |      Your Life energy meter and number of lives remaining.         ]
[  ____|___________________|________________________Your score._______      ]
[ |    36      [][][][][][][][][][][][][]            398930           |     ]
[ | |~~~~~~~|       Lives x 1                                         |     ]
[ | |       |        Depth       [|  ]    [|-|]    [ *]    [/~~\]     |     ]
[ | |_______|         264        [V @][1] [|-|][2] [/ ][3] [ \/ ][4]  |     ]
[ |____________________|__________________________|___________________|     ]
[        Number of feet below surface.            |                         ]
[                                            Your supply chart.             ]
[                             Shows shovel/throwing rocks, rope ladders,    ]
[                             dynamite and jewels, and how many of each     ]
[                             you've collected. Select a supply to use it.  ]

To reach the Lost City, you must dig down through several caverns, each one
full of different dangers. But two things you'll find in cavern are a
secret pillar, and an exit door to the mine shaft that leads to the cavern

In each cavern, you must do the following:

1. Find and push down the secret pillar. Once it's pushed down, the pillar
will open the exit door for 60 seconds.

2. Escape through the exit door before it closes!

The clock on the bottom of the screen will count down as you race for the exit
door. Once it reaches "0", the exit door will close!

If you don't make it to the exit door before it closes, you must return to the
pillar and push it down again. The exit door will then reopen, and you'll
have another 60 seconds to escape through it to the cavern below. Repeat these
steps as often as necessary to escape!

The first cavern is short and simple - it's designed to show you the basics
of play in each cavern.

[ screenshot of Digger standing on pillar in level one]
* Push down the pillar to open the door. Then run for it! *


A host of foes will appear in each cavern to "undermine" your dig. Some
require special skills or weapons to defeat. Conquer them, or your digging
days are numbered!
[ screenshot of ghost with dynamite next to it ]
* Don't take this ghoul for "granite"! If rocks don't work, dynamite might! *


You'll start the game with 3 lives. Your life energy will lessen of (error
in book, should be "if") you're hit by enemies, falling boulders or dynamite,
or if you fall a long distance. When you run out of energy, you lose a life.
Lose all your lives and the game ends.


Defeating enemies and collecting Supplies and power-up mushrooms will both
increase your score. When you exit each cavern, you'll score points for every
second remaining on the clock.

Most caverns contain secret passages (error in book, should be a dash between
passages and hidden) hidden tunnels that lead from one place to another in the
same cavern. Each time you use a secret passage, you'll earn extra points.

(in bold)
Try for extra points and lives in Bonus Rooms! See page 12.
(bold off)


Your supplies - shovel/throwing rocks, rope ladders, dynamite and jewels - are
shown in the boxes on your Supply Chart. The number next to each Supply box
tells you how many you have. If you have more than nine of any Supply, a "+"
(or "/" for unlimited) will be shown next to it.

To collect a Supply, just walk into it. To use it, press SELECT to highlight
the box on your Chart, then press BUTTON B. Search carefully for Supplies each
time you play - they won't always be in the same places!

You may also trade jewels for Supplies. See page 11 for details.

Shovel/Throwing Rocks
[ picture of rocks ]
You'll always have your shovel to hit objects or enemies within range of it.
To hit enemies from a distance, you must collect throwing rocks. You'll find
these weapons by digging up into the walls of rock just above you.

Unless you've selected another Supply, your shovel/throwing rocks will always
be highlighted on your Chart - so just press BUTTON B to use them.

[ picture covering bottom of both pages 8 and 9, of Digger throwing rocks at
a bug, a skeleton, and a caveman. ]
Rope Ladders
[ picture of rope ladder ]
Build ladders down (not up) from drop-offs to make your climbing safer. To
build a ladder, select it on your Supply Chart. Then stand at the edge of a
drop-off and press BUTTON B. You can also build ladders end-to-end by pressing
BUTTON B at the bottom of each one.

[ picture of Digger throwing a rope ladder over a pillar ]

[ picture of dynamite ]
Dynamite is useful (sometimes necessary) for blasting tougher enemies and
obstacles. To set off dynamite, select it on your Supply Chart, then press
BUTTON B. Move away or kick it away (by pressing BUTTON B) before it blows up,
or you'll lose lots of life energy!

[ picture of Digger holding dynamite ]

[ picture of jewel ]
Some caverns contain towns, where you can trade your jewels form (error in
book, should be "for") Supplies. In each town's Trading Station, one jewel
will "buy" you one Supply 8 sticks of dynamite, or 8 rope ladders, or 26
throwing rocks. But the Trading Stations are well-hidden, so you must search
carefully for them!

To enter a town, climb the walls and go through the window. Search for the
hidden entrance to a Training Station. Once you find it, step inside!

To trade a jewel for the Supply there, select the jewel box on your Supply
Chart, then press BUTTON B .

In each Trading Station, you can trade only one jewel at a time. However, you
may leave and re-enter the same Trading Station several times to continue
stocking up.

If you've traded enough or don't want to trade, just leave the Trading Station
and the town.

[ picture of Digger in a trading station ]
* At this Trading Station, you'll get 8 rope ladders fo (error in book,
should be "for") each jewel! *

[ picture of a mushroom ]
These valuable items don't appear on your Supply Chart. You'll use them
automatically right after collecting them, so they can't be stored.
Like throwing rocks, power-up mushrooms can be found by digging up into
rock walls. When a power-up mushroom falls at your feet, kick it and chase
it to collect it. You'll turn pink for a few seconds and become invincible
and super-strong! You can kick columns, boulders, and other obstacles.
Power-up mushrooms also add to your life energy.

[ picture of glowing Digger kicking a boulder ]


These special rooms are found between caverns. Collect the treasure cups
quickly for extra points - but watch out for falling boulders! Collect all
8 treasure cups before the time runs out, and you'll earn an extra life!

If you escaped the previous cavern with 40 seconds or more remaining on the
clock, you'll enter a Super Bonus Room, which also contains 2 jewels!

[ picture of Digger holding treasure, with more at his feet. ]


Escape through the door of the very lowest cavern, and your digging is done -
you win!

[ picture of Digger looking inquisitively through cavern exit ]


If your final score is high enough, you can sign onto the High Score Screen.
To enter each letter (up to 3 letters), press the control pad LEFT or RIGHT
until Digger is standing on the letter. Then press BUTTON A. To erase an
error, press BUTTON B.

When you're done signing on, move Digger to END and press BUTTON A.

[ screenshot of high score screen ]

(this is the 90 day limited guarantee)

(this is warning not to use on projection TVs)

Pages 16-29 are same as page 2-15, but in Italian)