Deadly Towers

Deadly Towers

Deadly Towerz Instruction Manual

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The story of Deadly Towers 3
Game description 3
How to use the controller 3
How to understand the screen 5
Part 1 (MAIN screen, SHOP screen) 6
Part 2 (INVENTORY/STATUS screen) 7
General map of Deadly Towers 8
How to play the game 9
Attack items 11
Defense items 12
Other items 13
Enemy characters 15
Helpful hints 19

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After the title screen appears the story of Deadly Towers will appear
on the screen.


Your final goal is to kill Rubas to restore peace to the kingdom.
However, the entrance of the Devil's hidden rooms is sealed. In
order to open the entrance you must climb up each of the seven bell
towers, remove the bels and burn the towers.


In this game the controller can control many things. Notice that the
controls will change when switching between main (GAME screen) and
sub-screens (INVENTORY/STATUS, SHOP and PASSWORD ENTRY screens).

Control Pad
You can move Myer in 8 directions. During the INVENTORY/STATUS and
PASSWORD ENTRY screens, the control pad moves the cursor to choose
items or letters.

(Picture of control pad)

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(Picture of direction pad)

SELECT button
When the select button is pressed during the game, the
INVENTORY/STATUS screen appears. Pressing SELECT again will return
you to the main screen.

START button
Use this button to start the game.

"A" Button
Fires your sword and selects items to buy (you buy items in SHOP
screens). When Prince Myer is standing underneath an item to buy,
pressing this button will buy the item (if you have enough Ludder).
While in the INVENTORY/STATUS sub-screen, pressing this button will
use the item that is highlighted by the arrow.

"B" Button
During the INVENTORY/STATUS screen, pressing this button twice will
throw away the item highlighted by the arrow. During the PASSWORD
ENTRY screen, pressing this button will move the cursor back one

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You must learn to understand the screen to play the game. There is
the main (GAME) screen and the two sub-screens (INVENTORY/STATUS and
SHOP screens).

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Shop Screen
You can buy many items. In order to buy an item, stand in front of
an item and press the "A" button. By doing so, the item purchased
will be displayed in the INVENTORY/STATUS screen's item column.

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During the game, you can get all the information about Myer by using
this sub-screen.
This sub-screen is divided into 5 parts: STATUS, DEFENSE, ATTACK,
ITEM, and BELL. Each part displays needed information for fighting.
Utilize this information well to help carry out your task.

STATUS -- The current hit points and maximum hit points. Underneath,
the money (Ludder) that Myer is carrying is displayed.

ITEMS -- Items which are collected will be displayed in this area.
In order to use an item, move the arrow over the item and press the
"A" button. In order to throw an item away, select the item the same
way and press the "B" button TWICE.

BELL -- Magical Bells which are removed from each tower are displayed
here (when you burn a tower down, a flame is displayed).

DEFENSE -- From the left, the helmet, shield, or armor type that you
are wearing is displayed.

ATTACK -- Attack items are displayed in the order of (from the left)
the sword, shooting mode and gloves worn.

##################### ######
STATUS --------- # STATUS # #BELL----- BELL
# HIT POINT/MAX # # * #
# 170/170 # # * #
# LUDDER 002 # # * #
# # # #
##################### # #
########## ########## # #
# # # # # #
# * * # # * * * # # #
########## #####|#### ######
ITEMS -------- # | #
# * * * * * | #

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Rubas' magic palace is located in the Northern mountains of Willner
Kingdom. This is an old diagram of the palace, however the resonance
of the seven bells created many distorted spaces which became the
invisible entrances to underground dungeons, secret rooms, and a
parallel world.

(Picture of the castle. You begin at the starting point. A path is
drawn from the starting point to the under ground, that is, the
circular area where the holy flames and tower entrances are located.
Each tower has an outside area connected by flights of stairs and an
interior connected by ladders. At the top of each tower is a
monster's room and a bell).

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Your objective is to reach the seven towers. Each tower has one bell
which should be burnt by the holy flame. The bells are at the tops
of the towers. After burning all the bells you will be able to open
the entrance to the King of the Devil's room.

When you play the game for the first time or continue after a game is
over, press the START button at the title screen. When the screen
changes to the password input screen, press the START button again.
When you wish to continue after you quit, enter your password in the
password entry screen to start the game. The control pad moves the
entry cursor up, down, left and right. Pressing the "A" button
chooses that letter. Pressing the "B" button moves the cursor back
one space. By using the password, you can continue the game with
maximum hit points achieved (during the last game) and still retain
some of your items.

Prince Myer has failed!
When you are attacked by an enemy or if you touch an enemy, the
player's hit points will decrease. If you fall off a broken edge
over a cliff or if the hit points dwindle to '0', your quest is over.

Collecting hit points and money --
When you kill enemies, sometimes they leave money or hearts. A heart
will give you hit points. Money helps you to but items. Don't
forget to collect the circle hearts. These increase your maximum hit
points (up to 299).

About your items --
An item can be picked up while wandering or can be bought at shops
which are hidden in certain areas.

Enhancing your defenses --
When you start, you don't have any armour or special items. Wear
items as soon as you get them.

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Enhancing your attack --
To do this, increase power or speed of your sword.

Use caution in the parallel world --
Sometimes an invisible entrance will take you to a parallel world.
There will be only one exit to the world where you came from. Search
all areas of the castle carefully to find parallel worlds.

Big underground dungeons --
Same as the parallel worlds, the entrances to the underground
dungeons are invisible. Each dungeon consists of about 200 rooms and
each room has enemies. A few rooms in the dungeon have a magical
pattern on the floor which may be the entrance to a shop, the exit of
the dungeon or a good map marker.

Secret rooms are hidden throughout the towers and castle. Search
every area by walking around the entire screen in each area.

Get the bells!
When you climb to the top of each tower, you have to fight with the
guardian of the bell. If you win, climb the ladder and get the bell.

Burn the tower with the sacred flame --
When you get the bell, go back to the underground and touch the holy
flame. The bell will be thrown into the fire and the tower will

What about the entrance to the King of the Devil's room?
When you collect and burn all seven bells, the entrance to the King
of the Devil's room will be opened (it is hidden).

Continuing your game --
When the game ends, write down the password displayed on the screen.
To get a new password you have to end the game by dying (losing all
your hit points).

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Fighting Off The Monsters!!!

This section introduces the items that can be obtained. No matter
how useful the item, if you don't know how or where to use it, it is
useless. Learn your items well.

SHORT SWORD -- You start the game with this sword. It is so weak,
you feel lonely (you have no confidence in this sword).

NORMAL SWORD -- This sword is a good match for most enemies.

DRAGON SLAYER -- As the name says, it has very strong attacking power
(it gives you confidence). Get it as soon as you can.

GLOVE (blue) -- Increases the speed of the sword (slow).

NORMAL GOLVE (grey) -- You can shoot the sword at medium speed.
You'll stil feel safe even when you miss-shoot.

GAUNTLET (gold) -- This is a miraculous weapon. It shoots the sword
at maximum speed. It will increase the power of the sword
drastically. If you carry this, you are a master of swordfighting.

SPLENDOR -- This is the golden sword of legend. This beautiful,
sparkling sword will illuminate anything. This is the most powerful
sword in the game.

> The maximum amount of Ludder that can be carried is 250 pieces.
> Maximum number of hit points is 299

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DOUBLE SHOT -- Allows you to shoot two swords.

PARALLEL SHOT -- When you have this item, it allows you to shoot two
swords in parallel.

LUDDER -- When you kill enemies, they leave money. A 'star' is 5
Ludder, an 'L' is one Ludder. Collect them dilligently.

The heart icon will increase your hit points. The circle heart icon
will increase your maximum hit points (up to 299).

DEFENSE ITEMS - Items Which Will Guard You
Protect your body from the enemy's violent attacks by using armor
(the defense items). At the beginning of the game Prince Myer is not
wearing any armor. Protect your body by wearing defense items as
soon as possible.
Defensive strength is determined by the total sum of your helmet,
shield, and armor.

CHAIN HELMET -- This is a chain-mail helmet. It's better than

IRON HELMET -- A strong helmet, made of iron. Defensive strength is

HYPER HELMET -- This is the helmet with the best defensive strength.
It controls the enemy's attack by using magical power so the damage
to you is minimal.

SHIELD -- Shield made of bronze. Easiest to get but weakest defense
(it's better than none).

> If the item column in the INVENTORY/STATUS screen is filled, you
cannot carry any more items. You have to throw away some items by
pressing the "B" button TWICE while the selection arrow is over the

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LION SHIELD -- Shield made of iron. By having this shield and the
matching helmet and armor, it will increase your overall defensive
strength, however this shield (used alone) only offers a medium
strength defense.

SHIELD OF THE KING -- The most powerful shield. It is guarded by
holy power and it shines golden.

LEATHER ARMOR -- This armor is made of leather. This is the lowest
class of armor.

PLATE ARMOR -- Armor made of iron plates. It's surface is fairly
hard and it will withstand most shocks.

HYPER ARMOR -- Magical armor made out of forged steel. It provides
the maximum defensive strength. It creates an energy shield around
the player which is driven by the good mind of the player.

OTHER ITEMS -- Use These In Specific Situations
There are many items other than weapons and armor which are very
helpful to complete you quest. Using these items wisely will help
you defeat Rubas.

Blue -- Decreases enemy's hit points.
Green -- Freezes the monsters for a short time.
Orange -- Changes the color around the dungeon's exit.
Red -- Warps you to the dungeon's exit.

Blue -- Warps you inside the dungeon (you may warp to a closed room).

> When you don't know the name of the item that you collected, change
to the INVENTORY/STATUS screen and move the arrow in the item column
to see the name.

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Green -- Warps you to the starting point (of your quest).
Orange -- Warps you to the holy flame.
Red -- Unknown (?).

Blue -- When used, you become temporarily invincible.
Green -- Temporarily increases your defensive strength.
Orange -- Increases your defensive strength.
Red -- Unknown (?).

Blue -- Restores hit points (up to the maximum).
Green -- Restores 200 hit points.
Orange -- Restores 100 hit points.
Red -- Restores 50 hit points.
Note: Hit points will not exceed the maximum hit points.

There is a mgical key which shines gold. You have to find out for
yourself how to use it.


FIRE MAGIC -- This is a very useful magical torch. Using this torch
in a dungeon will help you find the exit.

MAGIC MACE -- This magic mace will protect Prince Myer. The effect
of the Magic Mace is not known, but it wil save the prince's life.

HYPER BOOTS -- When you walk a long way, you get tired. You get
especially tired of going up and down stairs. If you wear these...

FIGURE -- The effect of this is unknown, however the shape of this
object seems to carry some significance to understanding the secrets
of the game. Try using it against different enemies.

CHALICE -- If you want to get certain items but you don't have any
money, you can use this cup to make you rich.

> You cannot use magical items, crystals or scrolls, inside of a
> If you want to collect the most powerful items, you must venture
into ALL dungeons.

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EVIL SHIELD -- It looks like a normal shield, but is slightly
different. This is an evil, sinister shield.

EVIL BELL -- The Devil's Bell. These are located at the top of each
tower. Burn them with the holy flame.

ENEMY CHARACTERS -- Frightening Monsters That Gather For the Echo Of
The Seven Bells.
In order to do well on your quest, knowing enemy characters is
important. If you become familiar with the characteristics of the
monsters introduced here, the game will be more interesting. Here
are the descriptions of some of the enemies you'll encounter in the
kingdom and dungeons.


Bounder -- This character appears throughout the game. It bounces
like a ball, up and down. This is a strong character.

Bounder Tower -- This is another form of the Bounder, which lives in
the dungeons. It has a central body that looks like a pole and a
rotating head.


Fire -- These are direct descendents of the fire races.

Spark -- These go up and down through the air very quickly. They are
always found in groups. In many cases, they live in the cliffs near
the paths.

Fog -- These are included in the fire races however their body is not
flame. Precisely, they are energy life forms. They float through
the air and may appear out of mid-air.

> Outside the castle and in the towers there are important items
hidden. Before you leave a tower with the bell, be sure to search
for anything hidden.
> Hearts and money appear randomly. If you want to collect a lot of
them, go to an area where there are plenty of monsters to slay.

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Do Not Underestimate These Enemies Because Of Their Size!


Slime -- This mollusk crawls slowly on the ground and sticks to the
player, sucking out life-blood.

Crud -- It looks like a liquid but is not. It is a jelly-like
creature that has no shape. It sticks to and melts the player.

Crawler -- This mollusk-type creature moves like a caterpillar.

Anemone -- This is another mollusk-type creature. Some have
tentacles, some don't, but all spit fireballs from their mouths.


Rat/Fast Rat -- These rats have wings on their backs which allow them
to fly.


Small Devil -- These devils live in the magic palace. Indeed they
are devils, their attack and defense powers are strong.

Pixie -- Used to be a fairy, however after angering Rubas their
appearance was changed and they were imprisoned. You don't have to
kill them.

Black Bux -- This will appear in front of an entrance and block the
way. It could appear anywhere and block your path. One of the
biggest of the devil races. It will open it's wings to frighten an
enemy and spits fireballs from its mouth.

> There are different types of monsters, even though they may appear
the same. Be careful, their life force and attacking powers are
different, too.
> Be careful when you are fighting near an entrance or exit. IF you
get hit, you may be pushed into another area.

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Wall Fish -- This ground fish lives in the walls outside the tower
and outside of the castle.


Buraimu -- This is a mollusk that lives in the tower and dungeons.
It usually rests by sticking to the wall, but if you get close it
will fly through the air.


Snake -- This small snake lives mainly in dungeons and is usually
found in groups. You won't have time to kill them all.

There are several different ghosts inhabiting the towers. All are
deadly, draining the human spirit and should be avoided or killed
when possible.


Gatekeeper -- There guard the gate. They are cloned humans created
by Rubas, King of the Devils. Since Rubas has instilled his spirit
into these clones, they will not die no matter how often you attack

The Monsters Created By Black Magic


Weretiger -- Be especially careful around the black WERETIGER, it's
not only dangerous but cruel, too.

Weremonkey -- A humanoid-monkey with the sly cleverness of a human.
Its personality is moody. It mainly appears in dungeons.

Werecat -- Rubas created the humanoid-types for his personal servants
by using black magic. The WERECAT was created out of a cat.

Fire Demon -- Its personality is dangerous, however it has a lot of
pride (for a follower of Rubas). It was created from a wolf.

A room where Black Bux is around will have an item shop.
Strong humanoid races are vulnerable to certain items.
When you get a bell at the top of the tower, and return to the
underground, the entrance to the tower will disappear.

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Killer Hound -- Rubas tried to humanize a dragon but failed. The
result is the KILLER HOUND.

Lizard Man -- This is a humanoid-type chameleon. Like other
reptiles, it's crafty. These are hated by other humanoid races.

Hyper Knight -- Created from the spirits of dead soldiers. It
doesn't have a body, just a helmet and armor. Inside it's just a
spirit, but is very powerful.

All The Humanoid Types Are Very Strong!


Death Bear -- Since the Death Bear oversees one of the seven towers,
it is very powerful.

In Rubas' castle (the magic palace), there are seven towers. Each
tower has one Magical Bell guarded by the boss. The DEATH BEAR is
just one of them. There are six others guarding the other bells.

King of the Devils, Rubas!
What does the devil controlling these monsters REALLY look like???

After you get the bell from the tower, the enemies in the tower and
outside the tower may become more powerful.
Burning a bell will allow you to recover hit points. But you can
also keep it and burn it later.

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Don't let the circle hearts get away --
Collecting circle hearts is the only way to increase your maximum
number of hit points. Hearts will only restore hit points up to your
maximum, but not beyond. (Circle hearts are located in paths and
towers, etc. Collect them as you find them.)

Useless shots may lead to death --
Once you fire the sword you cannot fire the next sword until the
first sword disappears from the screen. If you are not wearing the
glove to increase you sword speed, you might not be able to fight
back quickly enough.

Don't let the change go when you hit the monster --
When your sword hits a monster, the enemy movement will stop. Keep
firing as you walk closer to the enemy.

Understanding the movement of enemies --
Enemy characters have specific movement patterns depending on the
placement or type of monster. Understanding these patters will help
you defeat, as well as avoid, dangerous enemies.

Utilize 8 direction movement --
Remember, Prince Myer can move and shoot in eight directions.
Mastering all eight directions is especially important when fighting
on stairs.

About parallel worlds...
Enemy attacks are more powerful and exits are more difficult to find
in parallel worlds, but you may find useful items in these worlds.
(While searching for the invisible exit from a parallel world, you
may find some unexpected items.)

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Draw a map for underground dungeons --
To find your way around the dungeons, and to keep from getting lost,
carefully map the dungeons and write down the locations of magical
drawings and monsters. We have included a map of the first dungeon
to give you an idea of how to make a map. This dungeon is at the
upper right corner of the starting screen (near the door with the

'I' indicates the entrance. ###
'O' indicates the exit. ##
'1-4' indicate the shops. ####
+ markers are patterns on ######
the floor. ##+##+
1##2####I#### #
A(B ##########+#+### A)B
#### ####
### ###

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