Burai Fighter


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Burai Fighter(tm)

Instruction manual


Your mission

In a remote corner of the galaxy, there lives a race of super-brains known
as the Burai. For thousands of years, their vast mental capabilities have
been focused upon one goal: the conquest of the universe!

To accomplish this, they are creating huge armies of robo-mutants - bizarre
creatures, half robot and half living flesh. With their seven manufacturing
bases producing thousands of robo-mutants each day, the Burai armies will
soon overrun the galaxy - unless you can stop them!

Strap on your proton pack, charge up your laser cannon, and prepare to do
battle with the deadliest army of mutant rogues in the universe. You must
somehow penetrate the seven bases of the Burai, where you will confront a
super-mutant guarding each base - monstrous creatures like the Giganticrab,
Jawsipede, and Fangskull - until finally, you face the terrifying Slimedragon!

But with the awesome arsenal of weapons at your command, victory may still be
within your reach. It's up to you to rid the universe of the evil Burai once
and for all!


Controller functions

Control pad: Move up, down, left and right.
A Button: Use Cobalt Bomb.
B Button: Fire weapon.
Start button: Start game or pause game.
Select button: Use this button or the Control Pad to select between New Game
and Password.

Entering Your Password
Press the A button to input; press the B button to delete.


How to play

The Seven Levels of Game Play

In levels 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7, youwill be controlling your fighter from a side-
view perspective. In these levels, your goal is to destroy the Boss Enemy at
the end of each one. You must beware of the many dead ends you will encounter.

In levels 3 and 6, you will have a top-view perspective. Here, your mission
will be to destroy the bases.

The two types of levels will each require special techniques to get through.
Practice, and you will achieve your final goal - freedom from the evil Burai!

Top-View Level Radar

At the beginning of each top-view level, a Radar display appears. Be careful
to remember the location of your ship, and the base. If you don't, you will
wander the barren cosmos for all eternity!


Attack Mode

While in the horizontal (side-view) levels of the game, it is possible to move
in any direction while shooting in any other direction. To accomplish this,
move in the direction you wish to shoot, then press and hold the B button for
rapid fire in that direction (do not use turbo). As long as you keep the B
button pressed, you can move in any direction while continuing to shoot in the
original direction. To shoot in a different direction, release the B button,
move in that direction, and press the B button again. (It may sound
complicated, but with a little practice, you will be in full control!)

Levels of Difficulty

There are three levels of difficulty in Burai Fighter:

Eagle (easiest)
Albatross (more difficult)
Ace (most difficult)

There are several differences between the levels. First, as you progress to
the harder levels, new and more difficult enemies will attack. Second, the
enemies will move faster and shoot more. Third, the bonus multiplier will
change. Finally, the endings will change.


Speed Up

Pick up the S symbol to speed up the movement of your fighter. But be careful
not to pick up too many, or his speed may become difficult to control.

Extra Men

There are seveal ways for you to receive a free man: by picking up a 1 symbol,
by reaching a certain score, by saving your cobalt bombs, and by looking in
hidden rooms.

Hidden Rooms

Throughout the game, there are hidden rooms. When you find one, the direction
of game scrolling will change; after you explore the hidden room, the
scrolling direction will return to normal. These rooms may contain all kinds
of goodies!


After completing a level, you will be awarded a bonus for the quantity of
weapons you have collected. This bonus increases with the level of difficulty.
The bonus is calculated by the weapon level times a multiplier, which changes
for each level of difficulty as listed below.

Eagle: x 500
Albatross: x 2000
Ace: x 5000

If you have a weapon powered up to level three (ten symbols), you will receive
20 times the bonus multiplier instead of 10 times.



You start the game with a simple gun. There are three power-up weapons
available: Laser, Missile, and Ring. Each power-up weapon has three power
levels. Your weapon will change when you pick up one power-up weapon symbol.
Pick up five of the same symbols to advance to weapon power two; pick up ten
of of the same symbols to reach weapon power three.

To switch weapons, simply pick up a different weapon symbol; your other
weapons will remain stored until you pick up their symbol again. When you are
destroyed, you will only lose the weapon you are currently using.

Cobalt Bombs

Gather the red pods until your Cobalt bar reaches the white marks. Then you
can press the A button and destroy everything on the screen. If you save your
Cobalt Bombs until the "extra" appears, you will receive a free man. Although
this weapon is very effective in removing all enemies and bullets from the
screen, it has no effect on the Bosses.

Rotating Pod

Pick up this pod for extra offensive and defensive power. It will rotate
around you, and can be used to collide with enemies. The pod has no effect on
enemy fire. If you pick up additional pods, the pod will speed up.


Boss enemies

Giganticrab (Level 1)
Beware of his flailing tentacles, and the venom which he spits at a furious
pace. He will trap you in a corner if you're not careful!

Jawsipede (Level 2)
These guys are tough! Shoot the connection points, and they will separate into
a wiggling mass of terror. Then blast their tails to destroy each section.

Fangskull (Level 4)
This not-so-Jolly Roger will chase you while firing his deadly bone bullets.
But don't let him scare you - he's not as fierce as he looks (gulp!). To make
matters worse, you must also avoid the falling platforms.

Torchwing (Level 5)
This gal has a nasty disposition! She will attack with a spinning circle of
fireballs. Her domain is near the volcanic fire spouts, so you must stay clear
of the giant shooting flames.

Slimedragon (Level 7)
This green-scaled slimeball is the master of the Burai, and easily your most
fearsome adversary. He will shoot molten rock curve balls which are
indestructible. Keep on your toes, or you'll end up as dragon bait!


Other enemies

Big Beak


Playing hints

Levels of Difficulty

This game can be tough; so no matter how good you are, you should try to
master the levels of difficulty in order. Otherwise, you will have little
chance of defeating the powerful Burai which occupy the Ace level.

Boss Enemies

Each Boss can be destroyed with any weapon. However, each Boss is more easily
defeated with a certain weapon. Try to find the weakness of the Boss you are
fighting, and you will be able to destroy him easily (well - easier!!!).

Hidden Rooms

It is important to try to find as many of the hidden rooms as possible, as
they will definitely assist you in your battle.

Good luck!