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Thread Title: Faxanadu Instruction Manual (for NES)

Instruction Manuals for the NES

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    Default Faxanadu Instruction Manual (for NES)


    Faxanadu Instruction Manual for the Nintendo Entertainment System
    (from Nintendo/Hudson)


    1. Game Story .............................................................3
    2. Before Starting the Game ...............................................7
    3. Bringing the Hero Back to Life .........................................7
    4. Displays and How to Play the Game ......................................9
    5. The Hero's Weapons ....................................................13
    6. Shops .................................................................17
    7. Magic Items ...........................................................20
    8. Title .................................................................25
    9. Strategy Advice .......................................................26

    [Page 2]

    [1. Game Story]______________________________________________________

    The Elf town, Eolis, was once a town boasting peace and prosperity. Yet, now
    it is on the verge of destruction. Meteorites are raining down upon the World
    Tree and crazed monsters have taken the opportunity to run amuck. Wells are
    drying up and people are in the grips of fear.

    [Page 3]

    To restore peace again, someone has to penetrate the giant World Tree and
    overthrow the Evil One that lives in the Evil Place. Now it is your mission
    to set out on a journey bearing the hopes of the people of Eolis.

    [Page 4]

    From the World Tree to the \/ [World Tree] \/ /________ _______ /
    Evil Place - Now begins a \ | | / [Branch Town * (Daybreak)]
    mystery-packed journey of \| |/ /-----_______-------/
    adventure. | [Branch Town * (Conflate)] ___________________
    \___________ | / \
    \ | |/ [The Town of the Evil Place *
    [Elf Town * (Eolis)]\________| [Mist Town * (Victim)] | (Dartmoor)]
    The starting point. A | | |
    journey of fierce battles | | [Fortress * (Zenis)]
    starts here | [Mist Town * (Mascon)] The fortress where
    /^\|-|/^\ | | /\/\ /\ /the Evil One lives.
    |-|| ||-| /| |\ / \ / \/ To find your way
    /^\ |-----/^\ / | [Mist Town * (Forepaw)] here, you have to
    |-| | |-| ____/ \___ solve a number of
    | |-------| | / \_____mysteries.
    __|-----------| / [Trunk Town * (Apolune)] \
    | |/ /\ \______
    / / \ \

    [Pages 5-6]

    [2. Before Starting the Game]_________________________________________________

    Faxanadu is a mystery-packed game.
    Faxanadu is a game packed full of mystery, action and adventure.
    Read this instruction booklet throughly and master the ruls and how to play it
    before actually playing the game.

    [3. Bringing the Hero Back to Life]___________________________________________

    The Hero will come back to life again if you have listened to the Guru's
    Mantra. A Mantra is a Password which will allow you to continue play. If the
    Herp has lost his life you can continue by pressing the "A" Button. You will
    start from the last Guru's House you visited. If you wish to continue a
    previous game, choose the continue mode when you start the game and input the
    last Mantra you received.

    [Page 7]

    Listen to the Mantra at the Guru's House.
    You ca n listen to a Mantra at a Guru's House. You will find Guru's at
    various places and stages of the game. Be sure to take note of their location
    and write the Mantra down on a piece of paper, you might forget later on!

    How Strong is the Hero After Coming Back to Life?
    The strength of the Hero after he has come back to life is related to the
    Hero's rank at the time he heard the Mantra. His experience will be the
    lowest point for that rank and the amount of money he has when he recovers
    will also be determined by his rank. The Hero - you - will be able to keep
    all of the items you have acquired from the previous game.

    [Page 8]

    [4. Displays and How to Plat the Game]________________________________________

    The meaning of the displays in the NORMAL screen are as follows. Remember
    them so that you do not make any mistakes.

    [Displays] --------- Experience: Shows how much
    | experience the hero has.
    Magic meter ----------------- | ------- Money: Shows how much money he
    Shows how much magic he has | | | has.
    left. | | |
    | | |
    | | |
    M: [ ] E: |1856 T: 00 [/-|-\]--
    Power meter ------P: [ ] G: 0002033 [ | ] |
    Shows mhow much -- Shows which items
    power he has left. can be used.

    [Page 9]

    [The Controller]

    Press to climb ladders and enter doors.
    You can also make a magic attack using
    the B button and the top of the control pad.   Press to call up the item screen.
                       |                       /    Pause button.
                       |                     /   /
                       |                   /   /
              DD       |         DDDDDDD/DDDDD|DDDD                    DD
              DD     DD|DD       DDDDDD/DDDDDD|DDDD      Nintendo      DD
              DD     D U D       D SELECT  START  D                    DD
              DD D L   0   R D   DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD  DDDDDDD DDDDD--------Press to jump.
              DD DDDDD   DDDDD   D ******  ****** D  DDD|DDD DDDDDDD   DD
              DD     D D D       DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD     |  B       A   DD
              DD     DD|DD       DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD     |              DD
    | |
    | |
    Press to climb down the ladder. Attack button. When you press the
    Activate the item by using it at the button, you will thrust with the sword
    same time as the B button. you are holding.

    [Page 10]

    When you press the Select Button, a Sub-Screen, such as shown below will
    appear. Align the arow with the item you wish to investigate. When you
    press the "A" Button, a more detailed Sub-Screen will appear.

    | WEAPON |
    | ARMOR |
    | SHIELD |
    | MAGIC |
    | ITEM |
    | PLAYER |

    You can check or select your possessions from the weapons or items list and
    you can also find out your rank and number of points it will take to advance
    up to the next level.

    You can also find out your rank and the number of points up to the next level.

    [Page 11]

    How to Talk to Characters
    When you get close enough to a person and press up on the Control Pad, you can
    cayy on a conversation with that person.
    That conversation progresses by using the "A" Button and can be cancelled by
    pressing the "B" Button.

    [Page 12]

    [5. The Hero's Weapons]_________________________________________

    I. Weapons
    You won't be able to do much if you are unarmed, so you need to either buy or
    find a weapon. Once you have a weapon, you will not be able to use it until
    you equip the Hero with that weapon. You do this by calling up the Sub-Screen
    choosing the weapon secrren and then making you selection by pressing the "A"

    Hand Dagger
    Has the least power of all the Hero's weapons.

    Long Sowrd
    Has twice the power of the hand dagger.

    Giant Blade
    A three-pronged sword has 50% more power than the long sword.

    Dragon Slayer
    The most powerful weapon. The last enemy you come up against cannot be
    defeated without it.

    [Page 14]

    II. Armor
    As with weapons, you won't be able to get far without armor. To use armor you
    need to follow the same steps as you did to equip the Hero with the weapon.

    Leather Jerkin
    You have this from the beginning of the game.

    Studded Mail
    Reduces damage inflicted by enemies by 5%.

    Full Suit of Armor
    Armor covering the whole body. Reduces damage inflicted by the enemy by 10%.

    Battle Suit
    Designed for fighting, it is the strongest armor avaliable and will greatly
    reduce the damage inflicted by enemies.

    [Page 14]

    III. Shields, etc.
    These protect you from the enemy's magic attacks.

    Small Shield
    Resists 50% of the enemy's magic.

    Large Shield
    Resists 75% of the enemy's magic.

    Magic Shield
    Resists 90% of the enemy's magic.

    Battle Helmet
    Intercepts almost all of the magic.

    [Page 15]

    IV. Magic
    There are five types of magic. Use them by calling up the Sub-Screen as you
    did with the weapons and armor.

    Magic with the least power. It is sold at some Hardware shops.

    This magic has 1.5 times the power of Deluge.

    Has four times the power of Deluge. It will propel your enemies away from you

    Deadly magic. It has six times the power of fire.

    The magic of curses. It is superios to all other forms of magic.

    [Page 16]

    [6. Shops]__________________________________________________

    Shops are scattered in the town
    Then types of shops are scattered all over the town. The table below lists
    their various characteristics.

    Palace (A Castle, duh) :P Guru's House (A large church, usually)
    The castle where the king lives. A place that grants rank to the Hero or
    The Hero gets gold here, and sets offers a Mantra.
    out on his journey.

    [Page 17]

    Saloon (Wine pouring sign) Hospital (Medic's cross sign)
    You can get a lot of valuable The doctor will offer a treatment that
    information here. A treasure house will completely restore the Hero's magic
    of hints. and energy, if you pay him some money.

    Houses (Cabin sign) Hardware Store (Shield/Swords sign)
    Similar to the Saloon. A good Buys and sells weapons, magic, items,
    place to get information. armor, shields, etc.

    [Page 18]

    Food Shop (Bread/Meat sign) Key Shop (Key sign)
    When you eat meat bought here, your Buys and sells unbelievable keys that
    magic and power are partially have secret powers.

    Gym [1] (Tall door/no sign) Gym [2] (Tall door/no sign)
    A martial arts gymnasium. It will A magic gymnasium. It will teach the
    teach the Hero about to set out on Hero about to set out on his journey how
    his journey how to use weapons. to use magic.

    [Page 19]

    [7. Magic Items]___________________________________________________

    Items and valuable tools that can help the Hero. Study the list below to
    learn how to use the items and how they can work for you.

    I. Items that are effective merely through owning them
    Sapphire Ring (Elf)
    An identification ring. You get it from a Guru.

    Ring of Ruby
    You will be able to move rocks.

    Sapphire Ring (Dwarf)
    You can enter the Evil Place if you have this.

    [Page 20]

    Demon's Ring
    You need this to enter the fortress. A Guru has it for you in the Castle of

    Medicine that will restore your magic and power.

    Magical Rod
    It will increase the power of your magic.

    It will increase your sword attacking power.

    Black Onyx
    It will reduce the damage inflicted upon you when attacked.

    [Page 21]

    II. Things the Hero Can be Armed with and Use
    These are called up on the Sub-Screen for your selection. Once selected they
    are activated by pressing "B" Button and the bottom of the Control Pad.

    It can destroy certain special walls.

    Wing Boots
    You will be able to fly through the air.

    Hour Glass
    It can stop the movement of the enemy for a fixed period of time.

    [Page 22]

    Red Potion
    It will completely restore the hero's power.

    Keys (5 types)
    You need these to open doors. There are five types.

    III. Things That Can be Used as Soon as They are Picked up
    These are effective as soon as they are picked up.

    For a fixed period of time the hero's attacking power will increase.

    [Page 23]

    For a fixed period of time the Hero will be protected from any enemy attack.

    The hero's power will decrease by a fixed amount. It is poison.

    [Page 24]

    [8. Title]_______________________________________________________

    You can change your title depending on your Experience score!!

    If you beat the monter and get a | 1 | NOVICE | 2 | ASPIRANT |
    sufficiently high Experience | 3 | BATTLER | 4 | FIGHTER |
    score, you should enter Guru's | 5 | ADEPT | 6 | CHEVALIER |
    House to change your title. | 7 | VETERAN | 8 | WARRIOR |
    You can get 16 kinds of titles | 9 | SWORDMAN | 10 | HERO |
    depending on your Experience | 11 | SOLDIER | 12 | MYRMIDON |
    points. | 13 | CHAMPION | 14 | SUPERHERO |
    | 15 | PALADIN | 16 | LORD |

    [Page 25]

    [9. Strategy Advice]_______________________________________________

    Let's learn a little basic strategy to overthrow the Evil One. Always
    remember this advice and have a good fight. Go get 'em.

    I. Be sure to visit the Guru's House.
    Be sure to visit the Guru's HOuse whenever you go. If you don't listen to the
    Mantra you will be in big trouble if the Hero loses his life.

    II. Whenever you meet another character in the game, be sure to listen to what
    they have to say.
    Conversations are valuable hints for solving mysteries. You should write down
    what ou hear in these conversations so as not to forget them later on.

    III. Build up your power by buying weapons.
    Buy more powerful weapons and armor (items, etc.) with the money you've saved
    up. Battled will go much easier for you.

    [Page 26]

    IV. Know the characteristics of the enemies.

    Some enemies have food and some money. Food will partially restore the hero's

    [Page 27]

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    Default Re: Faxanadu Instruction Manual (for NES)

    PDF instruction Manual for Faxanadu.

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