The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers
(Note: My Blues Brothers Manual is missing the cover)

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Story .............................. 5
How to Play ........................ 6
Player Selection ................... 8
Indicators ......................... 9
Commands ........................... 10
Advanced Tricks .................... 12
Bonuses ............................ 13
Accessories ........................ 13
Your Enemies ....................... 14
Chapters ........................... 16
Copyrights ......................... 18
Warranty ........................... 19

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Jake and Elwood Blues are back in town to put on the greatest rock'n'roll
show ever seen. However Sheriff McGraw hasn't forgotten the chaos created
the last time these two boys passed through town. To prevent the Blues
Brothers from getting to the stage on time, the Sheriff has sabotaged all
routes of access. Jake and Elwood have to find their own way to the stage.

Despite the Sheriff's efforts, Jake and Elwood are pretty sure they
remember the way, or at least the general direction. To avoid being
detected, they pass quickly through the shopping mall and then sneak into
the back of a warehouse. Unfortunately, Jake and Elwood make a wrong turn
and wind up in prison. However, through their clever maneuvering, they
manage to escape. The Blues Brothers continue on, sneaking through the
sewers and finally reaching the concert hall by passing through an
abandoned building site.

Jake gave a little smile "Watch out!" he shouted. "The Blues Brothers are
back and you'd better be ready".

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To Start the Blues Brothers:

Make sure your Nintendo Entertainment System is off, then put your Blues
Brothers Game Pak in the system.

Make sure that the first contoller is plugged into socket 1 and the second
controller into socet 2 (If playing 2 players).

Press the power button on the front of the system. The license and
copyright screen will appear.

Press the start button on controller 1 to access the title and selection

Now get ready to play the Blues !!

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[Diagram of Controller]

Press START button to start the game
Press SELECT to choose Jake and/or Elwood

You must help Jake and Elwood find their way out of each level.
NOTE: In order the move on to the next level, you MUST reach the EXIT of the
level you're playing

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Immediately after the copyright page, you will come to the Title/Character
Choice page.

To select Jake or Elwood (or both if you want two players) press the SELECT
button until the characters stand up.
Once you've made your choice, press the START button.
You willl then move on to the CHAPTER 1 screen.

[Title Screen shot]

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The Life/Energy Indicators:

[Diag. of "J" Icon] INITIALS: (J) for Jake or (E) for Elwood: shows the
character you have selected (FIG.1).

[Diag. of "HEART" Icon] LIVES: The number of hearts on the left corner of
the screen, corresponds to the number of lives you have left (FIG.2).

[Diag. of "BUBBLE" Icon] ENERGY BUBBLES: The number of bubble on the screen
represents your energy (FIG.3).
You start with 3 and you can gather up to 5.
You lose a bubble if you collide with an enemy or when you touch a spike. A
Heart is deducted if you lose all your bubbles.

The Indicators for 2 and 3 switch from one to the other every second.

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Jake and Elwood move in the direction of the control pad.

[Diag. of control pad pressed down]
To squat down, move the control pad towards the bottom (FIG.1).
You can also crawl by holding the control pad towards the bottom and pushing
in either direction (left or right) (FIG.2)
[Diag. of control pad pressed down/left/right]

To jump vertically, press button A.
To jump over a hole or an obstacle, press button A and press left or right.
[Diag. of controller with A pressed down and following description]
-CONTROL PAD To move in either direction
-BUTTON A To jump

Note: The longer you hold button A, the higher your character will go.

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MOVEMENT: (cont.)

[Diag. of controller pressed up/down]
To climb up or down a ladder:
Position your character in front of the ladder and move the control pad
towards the top or bottom to make him climb up or down (FIG.3)

NOTE: If the ladder is raised, jump, and the character will catch on himself.

It's possible to pass through certain floors. To do so, push button A+Down on
the control pad.

To pause, press start during the game.

You can accelerate most movements by keeping button B pressed.
[Diag. of controller with A/B/START/DOWN pressed down and following description]
-START To pause
-BUTTON B To accelerate
-BUTTON A+DOWN on the CONTROL PAD To pass through certain floors.



In order to progress, you must eliminate the adversaries you encounter.

You can arm yourself with eggs, which are laid by birds and spiders in the game.
Kick these eggs in the direction of your enemies. They will be eliminated on

You can accelerate your movements by jumping on a dog or snake, but you must
ensure that you land on the animal's back. When riding an animal, you can control
its direction by pressing left or right on the control pad. To quit, just press
button A.

In two player mode, the game screen follows one player only. If the two heroes are
not in the same place, one could be in a very dangerous situation. To switch the
main hero from one to the other, press Select.



[Diag. "MUSIC NOTE" icon] NOTES: Increase your energy level by one unit.
[Diag. "HEARTS" icon] HEARTS: Add an extra life.


[Diag. "SPRINGS" icon] SPRINGS: They can push you upwards or you can use them to
jump and hop.



[ENEMY PICT.] MAD DOG is in love with your pants.

[ENEMY PICT.] LONG TEETH has not eaten anything for an entire century.

[ENEMY PICT.] EVIL COP hates all kinds of music.

[ENEMY PICT.] "QUIET RIOT" never thinks during his working hours.



[ENEMY PICT.] PSYCHO-SPIDER always lays her eggs when frightened.

[ENEMY PICT.] BOUNCING BLOB a bouncing sewer monster.

[ENEMY PICT.] SSSNAKE with very sharp fangs!

[ENEMY PICT.] BATTLING BLOB weapon launcher

[ENEMY PICT.] HYPOSHARK a crafty underwater enemy with big teeth!

[ENEMY PICT.] FLYING BOMBER beware of deadly eggs!



Chapter 1: Stairway to Heaven
Can you swim through a department store or unmask a goggled shark? Swooping
birds force Jake and Elwood into treacherous elevators and steep stairways as
they battle their way up to the heavens.

Chapter 2: Wear-house
Launching into a giant deep freeze, the Blues Brothers forge ahead, despite
continuous bombardments of eggs. You will be the victim of mad hounds and
ferocious frozen peas determined to package you in at the warehouse.

Chapter 3: Jailhouse Rock
Jake and Elwood fight on to defeat the jailhouse blues. Will they overcome the
crazy guard dogs snapping at their heels and avoid the poisonous giant spiders?
Help your heroes dodge the armored riot police and escape from this maximum
security penitentiary.


CHAPTERS: (cont.)

Chapter 4: Underworld
The Blues Brothers become water-babes and rock on, battling against the hordes
of sharks ans spiders. Singing 'See You Later Alligator', they skip over the
leering heads of sewer crcodiles and hop past the conituous onslaughts of the
Bouncing and Battling Blobs.

Chapter 5: Demolition Experts
An explosive finale! Birds bombard, cops charge, snakes swoop and crocodiles
snap to get you and your only refuge is the trap-elevators, bringing you higher
and higher above the city.

[PICT. of Blues Brothers on stage]



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