Blaster Master

Sunsoft(tm) for the Nintendo Entertainment System(r)

Blaster Master(tm)

Instruction Manual


Game story

This game is about a guy named Jason.

Jason had a pet frog named Fred. One day, Fred decided he had enough of being
locked up in a fish bowl and made a dash for the door. As fate would have it,
Jason was there when all this happened and he gave chase. Once outside, Jason
was totally amazed to find Fred running toward a huge radioactive chest. As
soon as Fred touched it, he grew to an enormous size, and the radioactive
chest fell into the earth along with Fred. Jason tried to reach for Fred but
fell into the hole along with him.

When Fred landed, he found himself alone next to a huge armored vehicle. This
was not just any vehicle, but one designed for the ultimate challenge against
the radioactive mutants living under the Earth's crust. These mutants, created
from escaped radioactive waste, are controlled by the Plutonium Boss.

Your mission is to fight your way and destroy the Plutonium Boss before he
destroys you.

Along the way to your final encounter are many warlords of the underground
you must destroy.


How to play

Blaster Master has eight levels in all. To complete some levels, you must
return to lower levels.

Blaster Master is a one player game. No scoring is provided. Your mission is
to survive and destroy the mutants.

This game has two modes. One mode in which you are inside your vehicle, and a
second in which you must venture out of your vehicle. Small doorways will
indicate where you must leave your vehicle and fight on your own.

In the Menu screen, you can monitor and choose weapons earned for use against
the mutants. To stay alive, you need to maintain your power gauge shown on
screen at all times. You can increase power by catching power pills. If you
perish from lack of power, you can continue. To do this, use the select button
to choose continue or end, the press start. However, you only have five chances
to continue per game.


Joystick operation

Joystick - Maneuver Jason and Vehicle (Vehicle can shoot up or down, left or
Select Button - To jump out of/into vehicle
*not used
Start Button - To begin new game
To enter menu screen/pause
A Button - Jump
*hand grenades
B Button - Guns

* indicates when Jason is out of vehicle.


On-screen gauges

"Power" -
You need power to stay alive. When power runs out, you lose a life. There are
3 lives per game. To gain extra power, catch power capsules for one extra
unit. Gain 4 extra units by catching a flashing power capsule.

"Hover Gauge" -
Thrust for the Hover feature can be monitored with the Hover gauge. Hover can-
not be obtained until the "Mutant Boss" in stage 3 is defeated. You can earn
more Hover thrust by shooting/catching Hover capsules. You can earn 4 units of
thrust by catching a flashing Hover capsule.

"Gun Energy Gauge" -
Appears only when Jason is out of his vehicle. You can increase gun ammo by
catching gun capsules. Your gun power will be decreased by hits from the
mutants. You can earn 4 ammo units by catching a flashing capsule.


Menu screen

Press start to enter Menu Screen.

The Menu Screen can help you confirm what weapons you have and to choose your
weapon options.

Weapons and Vehicle Functions will appear in the Menu Screen after they have
been earned. A new weapon or function will be earned after destroying the
"Mutant Boss" in each level.

Weapons/Vehicle Functions Chart

Boss destroyed in Weapon Function
Stage 1 Crusher Super cannon
Stage 2 Hyper Wall crushing
Stage 3 Hover Can hover
Stage 4 Key Can open a certain door
Stage 5 Dive Free swimming under water
Stage 6 Wall I Can climb walls
Stage 7 Wall II Can climb ceilings


Special Weapons:

There are 3 special weapons that can be earned by catching certain objects
during play. The amount of these weapons you have is shown under each weapon.
To use a special weapon, press down on the joystick and "B" simultaneously.
Move the joystick left or right to choose a special weapon.

Homing Missile - This heat seeker homes in on target.

Thunder Break - An electromagnetic lightning wave destroys enemies.

Multi-warhead Missile - Destroys enemies with 3 missiles at one time.


Special hint chart

To clear.. Hint
Stage 1 Earn the "Hyper" by destroying the "Mutant Boss" in stage 1. The
Crusher will fortify your cannon for beating the enemy blocking
the exit to stage 2.

Stage 2 Earn "Crusher" by destroying the "Mutant Boss" in stage 2. "Hyper"
will fortify your cannon for blasting through the barrier to
stage 3.

Stage 3 Earn "Hover" by destroying the "Mutant Boss" in stage 3 and
returning to scene 1 - the gate to stage 4 is at the start of
stage 1.

Stage 4 Earn the "Key" by destroying the "Mutant Boss" in stage 4. The
first door to stage 5 is easy to open - to get to the other
door, you must climb up and down 2 ladders to reach it.

Stage 5 Earn "Dive" by destroying the "Mutant Boss" in stage 5. You can
clear stage 5 with "Dive".

Stage 6 Earn "Wall I" by destroying the "Mutant Boss" in stage 6. This
will allow you to enter stage 7. The entrance to stage 7 is loc-
ated in stage 2 - you must return to stage 2.

Stage 7 Earn "Wall II" by destroying the "Mutant Boss" in stage 7. The
entrance to stage 8 is in stage 3. But first, you must return to
stage 2, then go to stage 3.