Alien Syndrome

Alien Syndrome

Instruction Booklet



Object of the game/game description:

The year is 2089 of the Galactic Calendar. In this far-flung future, humans
have colonized the outer planets. Without warning, the glory of this achieve-
ment turned into disaster: A horrible race of aliens has imprisoned an entire
colony aboard its space ships! Each of these vessels houses countless numbers
of slimy monsters led by a vicious alien "boss". Having miraculously escaped
capture, you must go from ship to ship in a valiant effort to save your fellow


Control functions

Alien Syndrome is for one or two players. Plug your controllers into Ports 1
and 2.

Control Pad - Moves the Player
A Button: Not used
B Button: Fire shots; set player
Start: Start/Pause; cancel pause/map
Select: Select which/how many players


The game

Start by selecting one or two players on the Game Select Screen. The Player
Select Screen lets you choose to be either Ricky or Mary. Once you've made
your choice, the game begins.

There are seven rounds (each round is a different ship). Each ship holds 12
captives. After you've freed all the captives on one ship, the EXIT door opens
to let you into the alien leader's room. Defeat the boss and its henchmen and
you'll advance to the next ship for more exciting action.


Extra Lives and Time Limits

You start out with 4 lives. Every time you add 100,000 points, you get another

There's no time to waste as you rescue the hostages. You lose one life when
time runs out or when you get hit by aliens. When there are no lives left, the
game is over.

Map Screen

Throughout each ship are plates marked "MAP". Touch one and a map of the
spaceship's layout will appear. Your position is marked in blue; the captives,
in red.


"Power up" items

Each spaceship comes with lots of different objects. They'll power you up with
super weapons.

W - Warp: You can transport from one place to another within a spaceship.
? - Secret: You receive bonus points.
FB- Fireball: A powerful ball of fire that can wipe out more than one alien
L - Laser Cannon: Shoots a beam that penetrates and can kill many enemies at
F - Flame Thrower: Shoots fire continuously.



Enemy points
Alien - 200 points each
Boss's Henchman - 200 points
Alien Boss - 10,000 points each

Captive points
1st captive saved - 100 points (2nd captive is 200, 3rd is 300 and so on,
which makes the 12th captive worth 1200 points!)

Note: When you lose a life, you go back to 100 points for the next captive

Bonus at time of clearing a ship
Time left - 300 points each second left
Captives saved - 200 points each person


The alien bosses

The last enemy you must defeat on each of the seven ships is a powerful alien
boss who can generate henchmen to attack you.

Ship Alien Boss
1 Hugger
2 Asophy
3 Tacapy
4 Halpha
5 Teetsie
6 Minemor
7 King Core