Adventure of Rad Gravity


The Adventure of Rad Gravity(tm)

Player's Guide



[comic book.. sorry]

Listen to me, Rad Gravity! Listen to Kakos, last of the Compuminds! Listen
before all is lost!

Long, long ago, your ancestors on the world of Quark developed galactic
travel to an art. They found many wondrous worlds as they soared among the
stars. And over the centuries, they colonized nine worlds in three star-
systems! They forged the United Planets!

The United Planets were held together across the light-years by a network of
three unification Compuminds, which communicated instantaneously on the star-
warp uplink! I, Kakos, was the Compumind here on Quark! But the United Planets
looked for possible threats to their existence only from the worlds beyond the
union! Over time, we forgot that evil is everywhere!

-- even in our own back yard!

A wizard arose from among the Quarkians! Agathos was born a man, but he opened
himself to the interstellar magick, and he mutated! .. Mutated to become a
living brain!

And in his cosmic madness, he thought himself beyond normal people.. beyone
normal alien lifeforms.. beyond even the Compuminds! And he destroyed the

He shut down the Compumind network, cutting the instantaneous links between
the worlds! He placed a guardian before each of the far Compuminds, and buried
me.. forever, he thought!.. in a cave! He laughed as the planets became
isolated, and fell into decay!

Recently, I was discovered and reactivated! And now I have devised the means
of reactivating my fellow Compuminds, to revive the Union! You are the means!

Union president
You're the most promising of our space cadets, Rad! We need to pilot our last
remaining ship, to find the nine planets, the three unification Compuminds..


Union president
They've been lost for generations, Rad! When the network was shut down, Kakos
lost all data concerning them! Through heroic efforts, it has recovered the
coordinates of one, solitary world in the nearest alien solar system! That's
where you'll begin!

I will be installed on board your ship! Once you and I reach the first world,
you must search the world for a Compumind.. since I do not know which worlds
boasted Compuminds.. and you must search for clues to help us find the eight
other worlds! I will process your data as best I can, but you are the one who
must master the worlds if we are to reconnect the network and restore the
United Planets!

Union president
Will you do it, Rad? The magnitude of the task is almost inconceivable-- but
so is the magnitude of the reward! Will you do it?

I will!

And so, Rad Gravity begins the quest that will carry him far beyond the life
he's known thus far-- to the strange, twisted world of Cyberia, where killer
robots guard information that is vital to his mission!

But Cyberia is a beacon of hope compared to the rotting carcass of Effluvia,
where the garbage of the universe does not go to die!

From the lands of the decadent future it's too short a trip to the land where
dinosaurs still walk and fire ants nip your toes - Sauria!

Then it's on to the old-fashioned beauty of the cloud city hovering high above
verdant Vernia! Cool and serene, it's the absolute opposite of--

--the down-and-dirty antics of the gnomes who plague passers-by on Odar!

And between the worlds are the shifting terrors of the asteroid belt, where
the only means of avoiding the constantly swirling stones is the principle of
action and reaction! To move in one direction, a space cadet must fire his
weapon in the other direction, to push him along!

But the weirdest world of all awaits where gravity has gone wild-- on the
upside down sphere of Turvia! And this is but a fraction of the fate to be
found in-- The Adventures of Rad Gravity!


Getting Started

1. With your game system and TV or monitor off, insert the Rad Gravity
cartridge into your Nintendo Entertainment System, as described in your
owner's guide.

2. Turn on your game system and TV or monitor. Press Start.

3. At the selection screen, press either the up or down arrow keys on the +
pad to select either Start or Continue. Press Start or A to begin the game.
You can't Continue until you've reached a Password screen.

4. If you want to turn off your machine and pick up where you left off later,
you must first die during gameplay for the game to send you to a Password
screen. Write the password down for future use. When you want to re-enter
the game at the same level, choose Continue at the Rad Gravity title screen
and push the A button. Use the + pad to choose the correct letters and
numbers by moving the cursor. Every time you want to enter a letter, push
A. After entering the complete password, push Start.

If the password is incorrectly entered, the words "TRY AGAIN" will appear
at the bottom of the screen. Press A to re-enter the Password screen. Use
the + pad to move forward or backward and correct the wrong letters or

5. If you die during gameplay, you automatically begin again on the same

6. The game can be paused in mid-play by pressing Start. This will put you on
the Object Selection screen, where you can wait indefinitely.


Space Travel

When the game begins, you, Rad Gravity, are on the bridge of your ship,
hovering over the first world you want to explore. On the planet's surface is
a blinking point marking the Teleport Locaitons given to you by Kakos the
computer. There is also a blinking point in space, marking the edge of the
solar system. Use your + pad to choose the point you want, then press the A
button to travel there.

At the edge of the solar system, you can see all the worlds in that system,
and you can visit them, but you can only land on worlds whose Teleport
Locations you've found. Thus, as the game begins, you can only land on the
one world where you began, and that's what you should do.

Whenever you're at the edge of the solar system, choose the world you want
with your + pad and press A to go there. When you near your chosen world and
see the Teleport Locations blinking at you, press A to beam down. If you don't
see a blinking point, there is no way to land.

When you start to beam down, Kakos will tell you about the world.

In each location, your primary goal is finding new Teleport Locations, but
there are other treasures, and some are hidden in very strange places. Explore
each world thoroughly, read any messages carefully, and listen to the music...

To return from a world to your ship, use your Communicator by selecting it and
pressing Start (see Objects below). You'll usually do this after completing a
world, but every time you return, all your life points are restored, so don't
be afraid to bail out of you're about to die on a world. When you return to
the world, you'll be back at the beginning of its adventures, but at least
you'll be alive.



Move Left, Right, Up and Down with the + pad.
Jump with the A button. Remember that gravity differs on different worlds, so
the height of your jump will change. To jump through -some- obstacles, or jump
to a lower level, use the A button while pushing the + pad down.



During play, push Start to pause the action and see your inventory.
Move Left and Right to choose an object with the + pad.
Push Start to restart the action with the object you selected.
Activate any weapon with the B button.

Here are the objects you'll find -

Teleport beacon - Very useful. Pressing B throws it where you want it, and
B again teleports you there.

Communicator - Allows you to teleport back to your ship after your mission on
each planet is complete. Also, at any time during gameplay, you can use it
when you're in need of energy and about to perish.

Translator - Gives you the ability to comprehend alien messages.

Energy Disk - Lets you float over dangerous areas for a short amount of time.
But you can only use one object at a time, so you can't shoot, say, while
floating on the disk - and using the energy disk costs Rad life energy.

Armor - There are three types of armor, each with a different level of
protection. Try them out!

Weapons - There are seven types of weaponry:

Laser Sword - This hand-to-hand combat weapon is given to you at the start
of the game and is useful at close range.

Super Sword - A high powered version of the laser sword, this weapon gives
you a higher level of attack and longer range.

Power Pistol - A gun that fires electrobolts that can vaporize your enemies
in milliseconds.

Vertigun - Similar to the power pistol, but with this weapon, you can fire
up and down to take out enemies above and below you.

Maxigun - The most powerful of all pistols.

Saurian Crystals - Highly explosive crystallized nitroglycering that, when
thrown, detonates and destroys your enemy instantly.

Crystal Bombs - Even worse.


Top Secret Clues

- Let your enemies destroy each other by jumping or ducking out of the way
of their attacks.
- Remember to check for secret items.
- You can avoid the big robots by jumping over them.

- Don't let the "aluminum foil" monsters get near your head. If they grab on
to you, "use your head" to dislodge them.
- Step into a fire pit occasionally. You'll get burned but you may find a nice
- When jumping on bubbles, your momentum will carry you after you clear the
first bubble.

- Try not to bother the baby dinosaurs. They can be nasty when disturbed.

- The tree branches are great platforms for jumping.
- Remember to talk to the mayor. He'll give you valuable information.

- Learn the flying pattern of the birds and fire before they appear on the
- An item picked up on Sauria will help you defeat the deadly Trogs.

Asteroid Belt
- Fire as often as you can when floating through the asteroids, to push
yourself along.
- Once inside the derelict ship, you'll need to find the keys.

- Watch out for exploding robots.
- Try moving damaged robots.

- When grabbed by an enemy, push the jump button to release Rad from its
deadly grasp.
- It will require some thought to get to the underground maze.
- In the maze, the blocks can be very useful.

- Check out all craters.
- In the cavern, beware of falling stalactites. Take it slowly when jumping
from ledge to ledge.

- Its origin and purpose remain a total mystery...