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Thread Title: Adventures of Lolo 2 Instruction Manual (for NES)

Instruction Manuals for the NES

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    Default Adventures of Lolo 2 Instruction Manual (for NES)

    Adventures of Lolo 2


    Adventures of Lolo 2(tm)

    Hal America Inc.(tm)

    Instruction Booklet


    The Story

    Our heroic pair are at it again! On their return from the Haunted Castle
    (successfully defeated in the original Adventures of Lolo) our Hero and
    Heroine were confronted by the real power of the land - the King of
    Eggerland himself. Swooping down on our victorious couple, the King
    thundered, "The Labyrinth was only a preliminary test - the real battle
    starts now! If you can make it through my Tower and my Castle, I will set
    your people free. But just to make sure there are no tricks - this little
    one comes with me!" And with that he grabbed Lala and spirited her away to
    his Castle in the clouds. But, fortunately, Lala was able to analyze each
    of the mazes as she was taken to the Tower, and left clues in the Jewel
    Boxes in each room. Each Jewel that Lolo collects contains a bit of
    information that will help him in the next room. With your help, they will
    work together to free their people from the clutches of the King.

    Use of the Controller

    Select Button - used to start a room over

    Control Pad - Used to move Lolo

    Start Button

    A and B Buttons - used for Magic Shots and Power


    Starting the Game

    When the game is turned on, the opening screen will
    be displayed. If you don't push any buttons, a set of
    instructions will appear on the screen that will explain
    many of the techniques used in the game.

    To enter a password, move the cursor to the correct
    letters with the Control Pad and enter them with the
    A Button. If you make a mistake, the B Button can
    be used to back up the cursor. The password screen
    can only be selected when starting a game, or when
    the game is reset.


    When you start the game, the screen above will appear.
    When you have taken all the Heart Framers in a room, the
    Jewel Box will open and the Jewel will be shown as in the
    photo at the right.

    When the Jewel is taken, an exit door will appear as shown
    in the photo on the right, and you can go to the next room.

    The game contains at least ten floors of five rooms each.
    When the fifth floor of each room has been cleared, a staircase
    will appear leading to the next floor.


    Key Select

    Controller functions for use of Power or Magic
    Shots can be customized. Enter the letters
    CSTM on the password screen, and the screen
    shown on the left will appear. Use the Control
    Pad to select A, B, or AB to select which button
    will control Magic Shots. Move the cursor to
    the next line, and select the button to control
    Power options. Pushing the Start Button will
    enter your choices and start the game.

    Please Note

    1) There are many ways to solve each of the rooms in this game. Sometimes
    you can clear a room without using all of your Magic Shots, or without using
    Power Options.
    2) Every room can be solved. Here at Hal America we sometimes gather around
    a moniter and work on the programmers' latest mind-twisters. There are rooms
    that have taken us days.
    3) If you really get stuck, you can call us 9:00 to 5:00 Pacific Time at
    (503) 644-4117. But remember - not everyone who picks up the phone here is a
    Game Counselor, and not everyone who works here can get you through the 4th
    room in the Castle!


    The Playing Area

    Now we'll introduce you to some of the things you'll encounter on your
    journey. Some are helpful, some are harmless, some are just annoying - after
    you've cleared a few rounds you'll learn how to use the helpful items and
    how to defeat the dangerous ones.

    Emerald Framers

    Emerald Framers can be moved
    around the screen to protect you
    from the attacks of some of the
    characters , and trap other characters.


    Heart Framers

    When you've picked up all the Heart Framers the
    Jewel Box is open. Like Emerald Framers,
    Heart Framers will protect you from attack, but
    they cannot be moved. Taking particular Heart
    Framers, or taking a certain number of Framers,
    will earn the power shown in the Power Display
    box in the lower right of your screen. Once
    you've taken a certain number of Heart Framers
    (the number varies from room to room), the
    remaining Framers will start to flicker. When this
    happens, the next Heart Framer you take will
    earn the Power displayed.


    One-Way Passes

    Usually Lolo can go through a One-
    Way Pass only in the direction the
    arrow is facing, but there are
    exceptions. Experiment a little to
    discover what those exceptions are.
    Enemies can pass through One-Way
    Passes regardless of direction.

    Bodies of Water

    Lolo has various ways to cross
    bodies of water. Bridges can be
    built if the Bridge Power is
    available, of he can ride across
    on an Egg. You'll have to experiment
    a little to find out the best ways
    of dealing with bodies of water.


    Lava Beds

    Eggs cannot be put into Lava Beds or
    Lava Streams to get across. Bridges
    can be built down very quickly - time
    your moves and don't get stranded!

    Jewel Box

    Lolo can freely walk through the
    Jewel Box, and it will protect him
    from enemies that attack him directly,
    but it will not protect him from
    Medusa, Don Medusa, or Gol.



    Magic shots cannot pass through
    trees, but some characters can
    attack through trees.

    Flower Beds

    Lolo can rest in flower bed.
    Enemies cannot enter, but it's
    no protection from attacks.


    All attacks, and all enemies'
    paths, are blocked by Rocks.
    Rocks cannot be moved.


    Lolo's speed will be cut in
    half in Deserts, but they do
    not affect an enemy's rate of


    Using Magic Shots

    Certain characters, when hit by a Magic
    Shot, can be turned into Eggs. An Egg
    can be moved around, but will return to
    its original shape in its original location
    after a while. If an Egg is shot with a
    second shot, it will disappear from the
    screen, then return in a few seconds to
    its original shape in its original position.

    Although Lolo can cross bodies of water by
    floating on an Egg, sometimes the Egg must
    be pushed into the water in just the right
    place or it will quickly dissolve, and Lolo
    will be drowned. A little experimentation
    will show where these places are.


    Magic Shot Strategies

    Moving Eggs

    Making a character into an Egg and putting it
    in front of an enemy can protect you from that
    enemy's attacks.

    Removing Eggs

    Sometimes you can remove an enemy long enough
    to grab the Jewel before it returns to its
    original position.

    Crossing Water

    Narrow streams can usually be crossed by
    dropping an Egg in the water and crossing

    Riding on Eggs

    Lolo can ride an Egg dropped in the right spot,
    but sometimes you have to search for the right spot.


    Power Display

    The next page shows the Bridge, One-Way
    Pass, and Hammer displays. When one of
    these symbols appears in the Power Display
    in the lower right corner of the screen, that
    power will be made available to you once
    you've taken enough Heart Framers. The
    number of Framers you need to take in order
    to receive the Power varies from room to
    room. As you take Hearts, you should reach a
    point where the remaining Heart Framers
    begin to flicker. Taking one more Heart will
    give you the power shown.


    When a bridge is shown
    in the Power display, a
    Bridge the same length
    as the one in the display
    can be built over Water
    or Lava. Face the spot
    where you want to build
    your Bridge and push
    your Power button.

    When the One-Way
    Pass power is shown,
    the direction of one
    arrow can be turned 90
    degrees by facing the
    Arrow and pushing the
    button you've chosen as
    your Power button.

    When the Hammer
    power is shown, one
    rock in the room can be
    destroyed. Point Lolo at
    the Rock you want to
    remove and push the
    appropriate Power
    button at close range.


    Game Over and Continue

    Each time you lose a Lolo the number of Lolos remaining, displayed in the
    screen's upper right, will decrease by one. When you have lost all your
    Lolos the game is over. Your lose a Lolo when you:
    1. Are caught by Skull or Alma.
    2. Are caught by Medusa or Don Medusa, or Gol's flames.
    3. Sink in water or lava.
    4. Give up by pressing the Select Button.

    Write Down Your Password!

    When the game is over a password will be displayed. If you are planning to
    continue the game all a later time, be sure to write down the password. If
    you want to continue the game immediately, select Start at the Password
    Screen, and once more at the Continue prompt. The game will continue from
    where you left off.


    The Characters


    Lolo isn't particularly strong or
    swift, but his unlimited patience
    and strong spirit allow him to
    defeat much stronger enemies by
    sticking to it until the job is done.


    The captured one, but no shy,
    retiring wallflower here! Like Gretel
    with her Hansel, Lala has left
    clues in each Jewel Box to help
    Lolo make his way to the Castle.



    Snakey keeps a vigilant eye
    out, constantly turning back
    and forth, watching Lolo. He's
    completely harmless, but is useful
    as a tool.


    Gol just sleeps until the last
    Heart Framer is taken, then his
    eyes pop open and he awakes to
    shoot a deadly flame straight
    at Our Hero.


    Leeper bounds around until he
    touches Lolo, then goes to sleep
    and doesn't awaken. He can be turned
    into an Egg as long as he's moving


    Rocky rumbles around slowlymost of
    the time, but he is close to Lolo
    he'll pick up speed and move very



    Runs around the room at high speed.
    If Alma is directly across from Lolo,
    she will tuck her body into a ball
    and roll straight ahead until she
    runs into something.


    Medusa can attack Lolo in a straight
    line in all four directions. His attacks
    can be stopped be Rocks, Emerald Framers,
    or the bodies of other characters.


    Skulls will sit quietly and watch the action
    patiently until the last Heart Framer is taken,
    then leap into action with jaws thrashing
    and eyes flashing.

    Don Medusa

    The Boss of the Defenders. Don Medusa attacks
    in the same way as Medusa, and can be defended
    against in the same way. He moves at a constant
    speed in a predetermined path.

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    Default Re: Adventures of Lolo 2 Instruction Manual (for NES)

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