Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak

AASALPZA Start with 1 life instead of 3
GASALPZA Start with 5 lives
AASALPZE Start with 9 lives
SXEETEVK Infinite lives
AANONPPA Infinite energy
LANONPPA Enemies do more damage (take 3 hearts away)
SXXOUVSE Infinite stone hammers once you have them
VTNEXOSE Start on level 2
PANELPLA Start with 1 heart
ZANELPLA Start with 2 hearts
TANELPLA Start with 6 hearts
PANELPLE Start with 9 hearts
GOEATOGA Start with max power
ZEEEUYPA Get bowling ball instead of stone hammer
LEEEUYPA Get mystery item instead of stone hammer

The rest of the codes take effect only after you lose all of your lives playing
Level 1--Then select continue--Can't use infinite lives or energy

PAKAVPAA Continue on Level 2
ZAKAVPAA Continue on Level 3
LAKAVPAA Continue on Level 4
GAKAVPAA Continue on Level 5
IAKAVPAA Continue on Level 6
TAKAVPAA Continue on Level 7
YAKAVPAA Continue on Level 8
AAKAVPAE Continue on Level 9
PAKAVPAE Continue on Level 10