Bubble Bobble

PAUKEZLA Both players start with 1 life
TAUKEZLA Both players start with 6 lives
PAUKEZLE Both players start with 9 lives
ZAUGEZPE Start game on level 10
PPUGEZPE Start game on level 25
ZLUGEZPA Start game on level 50
LGUGEZPE Start game on level 75
ZAOGOLGA Skip only 2 levels
ZAOGOLGE Skip 10 levels
AAUILSPP Lots of bubble power
ZANEAGPA + NNEEAKVN Monsters move faster
LANEAGPA + NNEEAKSN Monsters move super fast
LANEIGZA + SNEEIKVN Angry monsters move faster
AANSIGTA + AESIPGTA Always wear turbo shoes