Scoring trick

Here's a neat little scoring trick that only works in level 5, as far as I know, because of the view. You can continue shooting thugs that you've already shot and the shots will register. Since the thugs' bodies flash on the screen, the bullets will still hit, and you keep scoring points for every bullet that strikes them, though you need only shoot the thugs once to kill them. The body will continue to flash on the screen as long as you keep shooting it too, but you should be careful in using this trick, since this level is timed like all the others, and I've found out that it's very easy to get distracted and let something happen to the baby while you're riddling one of Al Capone's men with bullets. Say your score is about 16,100 at the beginning of level 5. Using this trick, you could easily finish the level with over 50,000 points when you'd be lucky to make 19,000 without it.