This is a basic, bare-bones guide to the game that only tells things that you have to do to win. You can save inventory space by opening boxes, envelopes, etc., taking things out of them, and closing them when you're done instead of taking the whole thing with you. This walkthrough assumes that process (I won't be typing things like, "Close the mailbox") and also that of opening doors.

To start, get out of your car before it goes boom. Get a pendant from the envelope in the mailbox. Go inside the house. Enter the righthand door and read the magic book for four spells. Go into the hallway; don't touch any doors, just go straight up the stairs. (If you do otherwise, you'll die.) In the upper-left room, read a scroll found inside the table for the Dolldoll spell. Get an axe from the stairwell and No Ghost from the supply closet. Open the No Ghost before you go back downstairs. (This is important!) Go downstairs, try to open any door, and use No Ghost on the southern belle that appears to kill it. Get a knife from the kitchen, matches from the pantry, a bouquet from the dining room, and a cage from the trophy room. Light a fire in the front hall fireplace and rip open the couch for Key 1. Unlock the cabinet in the game room, take the gypsy doll, and use Dolldoll to get O Sesame. Go into the backyard and head for the chapel. Scare away the dogs with Thundede. Inside, take the goblet and candles. Light the candles. Use O Sesame to open the lefthand door. Go through the door, watch the ghost fly away, and enter the maze. Wander around, using your pendant to zap any zombies that appear, until you find a tombstone that looks different from others. Use the bouquet on the tombstone and crawl through the hole that appears when the tombstone moves. Unlock the wall cages and put the hawk in your cage. Go south until you see the bouncing tomato and open the cage; Mr. Tomato will fly after the hawk to eat it. Take the Blothney Gem and use Telemaze to skedaddle. Go to the greenhouse next. Use the faucet and watering can to water the pot on the lefthand side (on the floor) until it bears fruit. Take the fruit and go to the Magisterium. Use the gem in the door to open it and give the fruit to the freaky blue creature. Enter the door straight ahead of you and open the safe with this combination: 79-47-80. Smash the jar with the axe to get a cookie. Go back to the house and leave the cookie on the plate in the game room; the little dancing creature will run by, take it, and leave Key 2 for you. Go back upstairs into the master bedroom and unlock the wardrobe (with Key 1) for a box. Throw it into the fire downstairs for the star. Return to the room in the Magisterium where you got the cookie. Use Key 2 on the floor hatch, go down, and enter the ice cavern. Throw the star at the ice to melt it. You'll wash up next to Dracan; use him with the well to send him to kingdom come. Go up the stairs; you'll wind up back in the house and hear your sister screaming. Head for the bedroom where you got Dolldoll (the one in which you feel pressure bearing down on you). Go into its bathroom and turn on the tub. The room will start to flood. Keep trying to open the light fixture; when it opens, climb through to find Sis. Slap her and use the goblet on the creature that appears. Go out the window. THE END!

There are other things you can do in this game that aren't necessary to win, such as killing the servant ghost who appears in the room to the left of the kitchen. To defeat this apparition, take the Spider Cider from the supply closet upstairs and spray the veranda railing with it. Leave the room and return; a spider will run by and get stuck in the cider. Pick it up and throw it at the ghost to destroy it. Defeating the dead servant just gives you access to his "precious" (his diary), which tells about Dracan's star. The cavern below the Magisterium has several rooms; in one of these, you'll find a huge spider. You can use Stillini on the monstrosity and then climb up past it into the chapel.

There's one cursed item in this game: the blood-red ruby found in a bureau. If you take it, you'll slowly become possessed.