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Thread Title: Faxanadu Cheat Codes (for NES)

Cheat codes, tips guides & hints for games on the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES.

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    Default Faxanadu Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Strange Faxanadu Passwords

    AGF4AAkQAMBO 10,000 exp. points with the magic shield
    k8fPcv?,TwSYzGZQhMIQhCEA All Items
    aLf?cv?,IJNJjMFukpYQhA Start in Dartmoor
    DL7,cv20SoWOx2XIbBL4PhA Start in Daybreak
    B4qMAPtkCEAYxzwhA Start in Forepaw
    zKPcAvt1iEQoFzwhAxjA Start in Mascon
    Raz8Mvu0CIUKLhsHwgWEA Start in Victim
    IQhCEIQ, KL??8v?8oJMZjQNS Ultimate Password

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    Default RE: Faxanadu

    Various Mantra Passwords

    Enter the following passwords at the CONTINUE screen...
    (NOTE-the 21st character of all codes is a zero)

    aMH?8A?,INwbg3AU 4IUx0JfA Start game in Apolune with Max.Golds(15000)/Max.Exp.(45000)/All(Optimum)Equipment/All Magic/All Keys/All Items/Mattock & Wing Boots/Red Potion(1)
    g8X?8A?,INwbg3AU 4IUx0PhA Start game in Conflate with Max.Golds(15000)/Max.Exp.(45000)/All(Optimum)Equipment/All Magic/All Keys/All Items/Wing Boots/Red Potion(2)
    Ycf?8A?,INwbg3AU 4fCEIQhA Start game in Dartmoor with Max.Golds(15000)/Max.Exp.(45000)/All(Optimum)Equipment/All Magic/All Items/Wing Boots/Red Potion(7)
    gsb?8A?,INwbg3AU 4IUx0PhA Start game in Daybreak with Max.Golds(15000)/Max.Exp.(45000)/All(Optimum)Equipment/All Magic/All Keys/All Items/Wing Boots/Red Potion(2)
    hsL?8A?,INwbg3AU 4IUx0PhA Start game in Forepaw with Max.Golds(15000)/Max.Exp.(45000)/All(Optimum)Equipment/All Magic/All Keys/All Items/Wing Boots/Red Potion(2)
    hcP?8A?,INwbg3AU 4IUx0PhA Start game in Mascon with Max.Golds(15000)/Max.Exp.(45000)/All(Optimum)Equipment/All Magic/All Keys/All Items/Wing Boots/Red Potion(2)
    hMT?8A?,INwbg3AU 4IUx0PhA Start game in Victim with Max.Golds(15000)/Max.Exp.(45000)/All(Optimum)Equipment/All Magic/All Keys/All Items/Wing Boots/Red Potion(2)

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    Default RE: Faxanadu

    Faxanadu Game Genie Codes

    Game Genie Codes

    Ok, for those of you using the GG (you dirty cheaters lol). First download the Game Genie like you would any other game. Go to the My Games folder from My computer (or whatever folder you extracted the game and system to) and go to the GG file, rename it as "GG.Rom"

    Now on your FCE Ultra NES, go to "Config" and activate the Game Genie. Now wher you open the game "Faxanadu," you should have the game genie code board appear. Here the the Faxanadu codes:

    ~ Infinate Health ~


    ~ Double the Health you start w/ ~


    ~ Triple the Health you start w/ ~


    ~ Infinate Gold ~


    ~ Start w/ half the Gold you would start w/ ~


    ~ Start w/ Double the Gold you would start w/ ~


    ~ Infinate Magic ~


    ~ Slow Mode ~


    ~ Jump in the direction you are facing ~


    GG Note: Some codes as you have noticed are so powerful, they need more then one line. This prevents being to powerful in the game or creating it so the game is too easy. When you are done entering your codes, press whatever button you have set for "Start."

    Also: Codes 4-6, you will need to have apassword ahead of the begining cause you can't double, 0 gold, you can't have half of 0 gold and there is no point to having and infinate amount of 0 gold.

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    Default RE: Faxanadu

    Tips and Tricks

    * You can obtain unlimited golds from the King in Eolis if you die and return to him.
    * Getting hit is often inevitable, don't be too much of a perfectionist
    * Any time you encounter a bread-carrying enemy, fill up on health as much as possible, they're not very common, especially in dungeons.
    * Always have some Red Potions around
    * See a Guru whenever you have the requisite experience to increase rank
    * Don't be afraid to die, it is often beneficial
    * Use magic wisely
    * Always equip weapons and armor after you aquire them
    * If you plan on using a key, make the most of it because doors don't remained unlocked
    * Yes, I realize north, south, east, and west needn't be capitalized in the walkthrough, but I do it anyway because they are quite important in the game
    * An experience boosting trick from from RG: "In the tower of fortress, you have infamous stone dropper, which gives a whopping 80 exp and 80 gold. By scrolling back and forth on the upper ledge between the stone dropper and the exilir, you can rack up serious experience and gold, even buying the Magic Shield and Death Magic ahead of time. A bit boring, but worth it in the long run. Also if you lose life by accidentally running into him, you should be able to survive since you can just pick up that elixir on the next screen."
    * Another from RG on defeating King Grieve: "When fighting King Grieve, the programers supply you with an hour glass in the castle. Make use of it just before entering the king's room. He'll still be moving around, but he won't be shooting any fireballs. If you are careful about not running into him, you can win without using a single red potion."

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    Default RE: Faxanadu

    1. See the Guru in the church-like building to receive the Ring of Elf. Notice the apparent eyelid spasm when he talks, everyone in the game seemingly has this affliction.
    2. Then die, yes die at the hand of either the jumping skull at the east end of town or the spiky clumps. You will revive with full life and magic at the Guru.
    3. See the King all the way at the West end of town and get $1500:
    this fella is the King, and you can cheat him out of a lot of money if you'd like
    4. Use the money to buy a Hand Dagger($400), Deluge($400), J Key($100), and a few Red Potions($160). SPECIAL TRICK here.... if you spend all of your $1500 you can return to the king and get some more.
    5. Leave Eolis through the door locked with a "Jack" key at the East end of town and follow the path to Apolune. Directly before Apolune is a tool shop with some pretty expensive stuff that isn't necessary until later.
    6. In Apolune buy a Small Shield($800), J($140).
    7. Continue East through the town and follow the path to the Tower of Trunk, for which you will need a Jack key.
    8. Follow the path in the Tower until you get to the Wyvern, stand here while fighting to minimize damage:
    yes, you really won't get hurt at all if you stand here
    9. Defeat the Wyvern to gain the Mattock.
    10. Leave the Tower and go East one screen and use the Mattock on the two orange blocks, and continue on the path to Forepaw.
    11. In Forepaw, buy the Studded Mail($2500), Long Sword($1600), Wing Boots($2800), Q($500), J($200).
    12. Now leave town through the East end and go Southeast until you reach a screen where there is an open sky.
    13. In the next screen, where there is also an open sky, use the Wing Boots and fly all the way up to speak to a man standing on a floating platform. This guy says some weird stuff that I really don't understand, then he says something about starting the flow of the 3 Fountains. He directs you to the Tower of Fortress, which is Northwest of Forepaw, in order to acquire the Joker Key.
    14. Now go back to Forepaw, and instead of going down, climb the ladder up, and then climb the ladder where the phantom and the guy who shoots fireballs is.
    15. Follow the path along the platform until you reach a door with a J lock, this is the Tower of Fortress.
    16. In the Tower of Fortress follow the path and jump on the platforms and the climb the ladder here:
    17. Head right once you climb the ladder until you come across another ladder, then climb the ladder and walk left to climb another ladder. Follow the path which goes Northwest until you come to the room with the Serpent , kill the Serpent and continue right to pick up the Elixir which is in the room next to the Stone Dropper. If you'd like you can kill the Stone Dropper to recieve a complimentary pair of Wing Boots.
    18. For the next leg of this journey, if you run out of life, the Elixir will be used and you will regain all your health and magic but you will need to get another Elixir (you must have an Elixir in order to give to the Old Man).
    19. Now go back to where you climbed the first ladder you saw; this time at this point, continue right one screen and climb this ladder and continue Northwest (sorry for all the the "this's").
    20. At this picture,
    you shall see an old man soon
    head right and speak to the Old Man who will request your Elixir to revive a spring.
    21. Now return to where you turned right after climbing the ladder in the picture in Step 16, instead, climb up on the platform with the Mushroom Man .
    22. Continue West, and fight another Wyvern:
    not all the Wyverns are as easy as the first two
    23. Then visit the Guru in the house in the next scene to get the Joker Key, now you can leave the Tower of Fortress by heading in a Southwest direction.
    24. Go to the small tower Southeast of Forepaw and enter with the JO Key. Avoid the Wyvern by taking a hit, and then speak to the Old Man. The first time, the spring will flow, speak to him a second time to receive the Ruby Ring.
    25. Now leave and go back to the screen with the Tower of Fortress
    push the rock on top here to make the ladder come down and stuff
    and push the the top of the fountain to get the water flowing again; this will cause the ladder to come down on the left side of the screen.
    26. Go up the ladder and use a Q Key to open the door to the mist world and be prepared to not see well.
    27. Go all the way West, then North, then East and go behind the pillar to enter Mascon.

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    Default RE: Faxanadu

    1. In Mascon, buy a Large Shield($3500), Thunder($1200), & Q($600).
    2. Leave Mascon in the East and take a slight detour by hopping along to the end of the first screen and then falling through the crack. Continue East on this platform for a couple of screens until you can climb a ladder, then go to this neat shop that sells a Death($9800), Elixir($4300), and an Hour Glass($5600), items hard to come by elsewhere(as well as cheap Red Potions for $300).
    3. Once you buy what you'd like, it's time to find a Guru. Now follow the lower path South of the shop until you reach a burning house, in which you can receive some info from some unfazed residents. Now go North, then East until you reach 3 doors, choose the middle to reach the Guru.
    4. From the Guru, head Northwest on the upper platform to reach a half missing building--the Tower of Suffer--for which you will need a Q Key.
    5. In the Tower, take the right ladder, then go North and then East, killing many Tall Things with Many Legs (as seen in the picture below) along the way until you reach a ladder to the upper platform, then follow the platform till here:
    climb this ladder
    6. Climbing this ladder will lead to a Wyvern that I prefer to avoid by using Wing Boots, because on the next screen there is another difficult Wyvern. For this Wyvern, you will need a lot of magic and Red Potions. My preferred strategy is to use magic and a few slashes to force him into the wall and then attack him when he swoops down.
    7. When he is defeated, he will leave the Pendant, which is supposed to raise your attack power, but I've noticed it seems to do the opposite. O well.
    8. This step is not necessary if you have a spare pair of Wing Boots. Return to Forepaw to buy a pair of Wing Boots($2800), and have a Q so you can return to the mist area.
    9. Now head back to near the Guru near the Tower of Suffer, but instead of climbing the the ladder go West to here:
    use those Wing Boots here
    10. Use Wing Boots and climb the ladder at the West side of the screen, and follow the path to the Last Mist Town; it is quite ambiguous as to whether this is still part of Mascon.
    11. Buy a Full Plate($5200) and K($1500).
    12. Follow the path East of town, when you can go North or East for 2 screens, go East until you reach a house where you can buy Fire magic($3000), my personal magic of choice. Now go back West 2 screens and climb the ladder and going North on the screen immediately to the East(that is the screen next to where you buy magic).
    13. After going North, go West until you reach two red buildings, go in the left one to receive some info.
    14. Continue on the path until you reach a building at a dead end, use the K Key to get in.
    15. In the Tower of Mist go East until you reach a Wyvern, go North here and avoid the next Wyvern and fall through a floor crack to end up on the right side of the southern Wyvern.
    16. Now continue East, and walk along the upper platform until you reach a large monster that looks basically like a torso . This is the guardian of the Black Onyx. Quickly descend the ladder making sure you have at least half health to absord a hit or two. Now stand in the middle of the screen, so that the monster should be jumping right over your head, back and forth. Now anticipate his jump, and jump slightly before he leaves the ground, then strike at the apex of your jump. You should score a hit, but if you jump too late you'll get hit. This method works for this creature later in the game as well.
    17. Now you can leave the Tower of Mist or just die. Now go a few screens East of the Tower where there are 2 red houses(you went into the left one earlier). Now go back into the left door to get the Ace Key (you can return and get another A if you need to).
    18. Now enter the right building on that screen, using the A Key to enter the World of Branch.
    19. Follow the path until it forks East-West. Go East until you reach the town of Conflate.
    20. Pick up a Magic Shield($9800), Giant Blade ($8500), and you will need to have two spare K Keys from the previous town.
    21. Head directly West from Conflate and use a K to get in the door.
    22. Continue West a couple screens and face another one of those big torsos, use the same strategy and receive the Battle Helmet.
    23. Now go to 2 screens West of Conflate, where a path goes North; follow the path and and use a K Key to get in the door.
    24. Follow the path for a few screens and enter another door- note you will need a K if you wish to return to Conflate past this point (unless of course you die).
    25. Go East a screen to here:
    hey go south here
    26. Then go South. Head East until you reach a dead end with another Torso, this one guarding the Battle Armor.
    27. After killing the Torso, head West one screen, then North to pick up the Magical Rod.
    the thing that isn't the poison is the magical rod
    28. After doing this, a great example of bad NES programming takes effect. After going West a few screens, you will be forced to head North on the ladder. When you get to the top, however, you will not be able to get up without getting knocked back down by the swordman (all of my attempts have proved futile, but perhaps your's have not).
    29. There are three possible solutions to this small difficulty: use Wing Boots, an Hour Glass, or as usual, die. The drawback of dying is that you will need to buy another K to return here.
    30. Or as

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    Default RE: Faxanadu

    1. In Daybreak, buy a Tilte if you'd like($15000), and 2 K's($1200 each).
    2. Return to the town of Conflate, using a K on the way and speak to the Guru there to procure the Ring of Dworf.
    3. Now go all the way back to Daybreak. Note: this return trip to Conflate may be avoided if you died before and "woke up" in Conflate. As long as you have the two Battle equipments, you should be able to obtain the Ring.
    4. Regardless, back in Daybreak, head East out of town and enter the door for which the Ring of Dworf is required.
    5. Stay on the bottom platform, and fall down the approaching pit while bearing to the right. Now walk into the Final Town (it's not the house, but the entrance on the right side of the screen).
    6. After making preparations in the town, leave the town and climb the ladder to go South (yes, it makes sense), then keep following the path, heading East when it forks. Now climb the ladder, disregarding the door for now.
    7. Go East, then North, then East again, then South to reach a small platform adjacent from a very small platform under a door. Jump on that platform and enter the door.
    8. Go East, South, then East; climb the platform, continue East past the , go North and quickly try to reach the door on the right side of the screen because the ghosts are infinite unless you defeat the thing that creates them.
    9. This next boss is King Grieve, , King of the Dwarves, who also happens to look nothing like a dwarf (though that's because he was transformed). For a nice trick of defeating Grieve, check the "Tips" section. Grieve is very difficult because his fire is completely unavoidable and the only way to defeat him is to have plenty of Red Potions. The most important thing to remember is to not physically touch him as this depletes a great deal of life. To attack him either strike him on the head or use magic on his head.
    10. Here's a tip from RG on defeating King Grieve: "When fighting King Grieve, the programers supply you with an hour glass in the castle. Make use of it just before entering the king's room. He'll still be moving around, but he won't be shooting any fireballs. If you are careful about not running into him, you can win without using a single red potion."
    11. After defeating King Grieve, you will get the Dragon Slayer, which allows you to equip the Battle equipment as well (they are actually automatically equipped when the Dragon Slayer is equipped). And now you look totally badass in your knight gear. Then head South, West, then South where you will see a castle; it is a guru.
    12. The Guru will give you the Demons Ring, and tell you to kill the Evil One at Dartmoor.
    13. If you need to return to the Final Town to stock up, do so, and again make sure you have a few Red Potions.
    14. Now follow the same path you used to go to King Grieve, but instead enter the first door you come across, then the second door in the small enclosed area to enter Dartmoor.
    15. Beware: Dartmoor is an infinite maze if you don't follow the correct pattern.
    16. From the entry screen, go South (making sure to use the ladder), South again, West, South, and South, until you reach a platform with three small spikes. Kill them to get some very convenient health, now go West on the upper platform, then North, North, North, until you see one last Torso , which can be easily avoided.
    17. Or a shortcut, as recommended by Mew seeker: "In the Final Dungeon, you can get down to the Ointment and then use a pair of Wing Boots to go right away to the Final Boss unharmed!"
    18. Go in the door on the left side of the screen and face the Evil One.
    19. The Evil One is not quite as difficult as King Grieve. Avoid making contact with it, and jump and it hit in the mouth. Occasionally use magic to repel to the far side of the screen and use Red Potions when your health gets low. Once the Evil One is defeated you will be teleported back to the King.

    And the Quest is Complete

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    Default RE: Faxanadu Instruction Manual

    Faxanadu (from Nintendo/Hudson)


    1. Game Story .............................................................3
    2. Before Starting the Game ...............................................7
    3. Bringing the Hero Back to Life .........................................7
    4. Displays and How to Play the Game ......................................9
    5. The Hero's Weapons ....................................................13
    6. Shops .................................................................17
    7. Magic Items ...........................................................20
    8. Title .................................................................25
    9. Strategy Advice .......................................................26

    [Page 2]

    [1. Game Story]______________________________________________________

    The Elf town, Eolis, was once a town boasting peace and prosperity. Yet, now
    it is on the verge of destruction. Meteorites are raining down upon the World
    Tree and crazed monsters have taken the opportunity to run amuck. Wells are
    drying up and people are in the grips of fear.

    [Page 3]

    To restore peace again, someone has to penetrate the giant World Tree and
    overthrow the Evil One that lives in the Evil Place. Now it is your mission
    to set out on a journey bearing the hopes of the people of Eolis.

    [Page 4]

    From the World Tree to the \/ [World Tree] \/ /________ _______ /
    Evil Place - Now begins a \ | | / [Branch Town * (Daybreak)]
    mystery-packed journey of \| |/ /-----_______-------/
    adventure. | [Branch Town * (Conflate)] ___________________
    \___________ | / \
    \ | |/ [The Town of the Evil Place *
    [Elf Town * (Eolis)]\________| [Mist Town * (Victim)] | (Dartmoor)]
    The starting point. A | | |
    journey of fierce battles | | [Fortress * (Zenis)]
    starts here | [Mist Town * (Mascon)] The fortress where
    /^\|-|/^\ | | /\/\ /\ /the Evil One lives.
    |-|| ||-| /| |\ / \ / \/ To find your way
    /^\ |-----/^\ / | [Mist Town * (Forepaw)] here, you have to
    |-| | |-| ____/ \___ solve a number of
    | |-------| | / \_____mysteries.
    __|-----------| / [Trunk Town * (Apolune)] \
    | |/ /\ \______
    / / \ \

    [Pages 5-6]

    [2. Before Starting the Game]_________________________________________________

    Faxanadu is a mystery-packed game.
    Faxanadu is a game packed full of mystery, action and adventure.
    Read this instruction booklet throughly and master the ruls and how to play it
    before actually playing the game.

    [3. Bringing the Hero Back to Life]___________________________________________

    The Hero will come back to life again if you have listened to the Guru's
    Mantra. A Mantra is a Password which will allow you to continue play. If the
    Herp has lost his life you can continue by pressing the "A" Button. You will
    start from the last Guru's House you visited. If you wish to continue a
    previous game, choose the continue mode when you start the game and input the
    last Mantra you received.

    [Page 7]

    Listen to the Mantra at the Guru's House.
    You ca n listen to a Mantra at a Guru's House. You will find Guru's at
    various places and stages of the game. Be sure to take note of their location
    and write the Mantra down on a piece of paper, you might forget later on!

    How Strong is the Hero After Coming Back to Life?
    The strength of the Hero after he has come back to life is related to the
    Hero's rank at the time he heard the Mantra. His experience will be the
    lowest point for that rank and the amount of money he has when he recovers
    will also be determined by his rank. The Hero - you - will be able to keep
    all of the items you have acquired from the previous game.

    [Page 8]

    [4. Displays and How to Plat the Game]________________________________________

    The meaning of the displays in the NORMAL screen are as follows. Remember
    them so that you do not make any mistakes.

    [Displays] --------- Experience: Shows how much
    | experience the hero has.
    Magic meter ----------------- | ------- Money: Shows how much money he
    Shows how much magic he has | | | has.
    left. | | |
    | | |
    | | |
    M: [ ] E: |1856 T: 00 [/-|-\]--
    Power meter ------P: [ ] G: 0002033 [ | ] |
    Shows mhow much -- Shows which items
    power he has left. can be used.

    [Page 9]

    [The Controller]

    Press to climb ladders and enter doors.
    You can also make a magic attack using
    the B button and the top of the control pad. Press to call up the item screen.
    | / Pause button.
    | / /
    | / /
    | |
    | |
    Press to climb down the ladder. Attack button. When you press the
    Activate the item by using it at the button, you will thrust with the sword
    same time as the B button. you are holding.

    [Page 10]

    When you press the Select Button, a Sub-Screen, such as shown below will
    appear. Align the arow with the item you wish to investigate. When you
    press the "A" Button, a more detailed Sub-Screen will appear.

    | WEAPON |
    | ARMOR |
    | SHIELD |
    | MAGIC |
    | ITEM |
    | PLAYER |

    You can check or select your possessions from the weapons or items list and
    you can also find out your rank and number of points it will take to advance
    up to the next level.

    You can also find out your rank and the number of points up to the next level.

    [Page 11]

    How to Talk to Characters
    When you get close enough to a person and press up on the Control Pad, you can
    cayy on a conversation with that person.
    That conversation progresses by using the "A" Button and can be cancelled by
    pressing the "B" Button.

    [Page 12]

    [5. The Hero's Weapons]_________________________________________

    I. Weapons
    You won't be able to do much if you are unarmed, so you need to either buy or
    find a weapon. Once you have a weapon, you will not be able to use it until
    you equip the Hero with that weapon. You do this by calling up the Sub-Screen
    choosing the weapon secrren and then making you selection by pressing the "A"

    Hand Dagger
    Has the least power of all the Hero's weapons.

    Long Sowrd
    Has twice the power of the hand dagger.

    Giant Blade
    A three-pronged sword has 50% more power than the long sword.

    Dragon Slayer
    The most powerful weapon. The last enemy you come up against cannot be
    defeated without it.

    [Page 14]

    II. Armor
    As with weapons, you won't be able to get far without armor. To use armor you
    need to follow the same steps as you did to equip the Hero with the weapon.

    Leather Jerkin
    You have this from the beginning of the game.

    Studded Mail
    Reduces damage inflicted by enemies by 5%.

    Full Suit of Armor
    Armor covering the whole body. Reduces damage inflicted by the enemy by 10%.

    Battle Suit
    Designed for fighting, it is the strongest armor avaliable and will greatly
    reduce the damage inflicted by enemies.

    [Page 14]

    III. Shields, etc.
    These protect you from the enemy's magic attacks.

    Small Shield
    Resists 50% of the enemy's magic.

    Large Shield
    Resists 75% of the enemy's magic.

    Magic Shield
    Resists 90% of the enemy's magic.

    Battle Helmet
    Intercepts almost all of the magic.

    [Page 15]

    IV. Magic
    There are five types of magic. Use them by calling up the Sub-Screen as you
    did with the weapons and armor.

    Magic with the least power. It is sold at some Hardware shops.

    This magic has 1.5 times the power of Deluge.

    Has four times the power of Deluge. It will propel your enemies away from you

    Deadly magic. It has six times the power of fire.

    The magic of curses. It is superios to all other forms of magic.

    [Page 16]

    [6. Shops]__________________________________________________

    Shops are scattered in the town
    Then types of shops are scattered all over the town. The table below lists
    their various characteristics.

    Palace (A Castle, duh) :P Guru's House (A large church, usually)
    The castle where the king lives. A place that grants rank to the Hero or
    The Hero gets gold here, and sets offers a Mantra.
    out on his journey.

    [Page 17]

    Saloon (Wine pouring sign) Hospital (Medic's cross sign)
    You can get a lot of valuable The doctor will offer a treatment that
    information here. A treasure house will completely restore the Hero's magic
    of hints. and energy, if you pay him some money.

    Houses (Cabin sign) Hardware Store (Shield/Swords sign)
    Similar to the Saloon. A good Buys and sells weapons, magic, items,
    place to get information. armor, shields, etc.

    [Page 18]

    Food Shop (Bread/Meat sign) Key Shop (Key sign)
    When you eat meat bought here, your Buys and sells unbelievable keys that
    magic and power are partially have secret powers.

    Gym [1] (Tall door/no sign) Gym [2] (Tall door/no sign)
    A martial arts gymnasium. It will A magic gymnasium. It will teach the
    teach the Hero about to set out on Hero about to set out on his journey how
    his journey how to use weapons. to use magic.

    [Page 19]

    [7. Magic Items]___________________________________________________

    Items and valuable tools that can help the Hero. Study the list below to
    learn how to use the items and how they can work for you.

    I. Items that are effective merely through owning them
    Sapphire Ring (Elf)
    An identification ring. You get it from a Guru.

    Ring of Ruby
    You will be able to move rocks.

    Sapphire Ring (Dwarf)
    You can enter the Evil Place if you have this.

    [Page 20]

    Demon's Ring
    You need this to enter the fortress. A Guru has it for you in the Castle of

    Medicine that will restore your magic and power.

    Magical Rod
    It will increase the power of your magic.

    It will increase your sword attacking power.

    Black Onyx
    It will reduce the damage inflicted upon you when attacked.

    [Page 21]

    II. Things the Hero Can be Armed with and Use
    These are called up on the Sub-Screen for your selection. Once selected they
    are activated by pressing "B" Button and the bottom of the Control Pad.

    It can destroy certain special walls.

    Wing Boots
    You will be able to fly through the air.

    Hour Glass
    It can stop the movement of the enemy for a fixed period of time.

    [Page 22]

    Red Potion
    It will completely restore the hero's power.

    Keys (5 types)
    You need these to open doors. There are five types.

    III. Things That Can be Used as Soon as They are Picked up
    These are effective as soon as they are picked up.

    For a fixed period of time the hero's attacking power will increase.

    [Page 23]

    For a fixed period of time the Hero will be protected from any enemy attack.

    The hero's power will decrease by a fixed amount. It is poison.

    [Page 24]

    [8. Title]_______________________________________________________

    You can change your title depending on your Experience score!!

    If you beat the monter and get a | 1 | NOVICE | 2 | ASPIRANT |
    sufficiently high Experience | 3 | BATTLER | 4 | FIGHTER |
    score, you should enter Guru's | 5 | ADEPT | 6 | CHEVALIER |
    House to change your title. | 7 | VETERAN | 8 | WARRIOR |
    You can get 16 kinds of titles | 9 | SWORDMAN | 10 | HERO |
    depending on your Experience | 11 | SOLDIER | 12 | MYRMIDON |
    points. | 13 | CHAMPION | 14 | SUPERHERO |
    | 15 | PALADIN | 16 | LORD |

    [Page 25]

    [9. Strategy Advice]_______________________________________________

    Let's learn a little basic strategy to overthrow the Evil One. Always
    remember this advice and have a good fight. Go get 'em.

    I. Be sure to visit the Guru's House.
    Be sure to visit the Guru's HOuse whenever you go. If you don't listen to the
    Mantra you will be in big trouble if the Hero loses his life.

    II. Whenever you meet another character in the game, be sure to listen to what
    they have to say.
    Conversations are valuable hints for solving mysteries. You should write down
    what ou hear in these conversations so as not to forget them later on.

    III. Build up your power by buying weapons.
    Buy more powerful weapons and armor (items, etc.) with the money you've saved
    up. Battled will go much easier for you.

    [Page 26]

    IV. Know the characteristics of the enemies.

    Some enemies have food and some money. Food will partially restore the hero's

    [Page 27]

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    Default Faxanadu - Funny Glitch/Trick You Can Do Near Conflate

    Faxanadu - Funny Glitch/Trick You Can Do NEAR Conflate

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    Default Re: Faxanadu - Funny Glitch/Trick You Can Do Near Conflate

    Free Full Plate armor:
    When you enter the town of Victim in the World Of Mist,do not purchase the Full Plate armor from that Tool Store. Thereis a much easier, cheaper, and faster way of getting the FullPlate armor while in that town. Talk to the man inside the Cafeon the left side of the screen. He will then basically give youthe option of grabbing the Full Plate armor from him for free,instead of having to pay 5200 gold pieces for it in the Tool Store.

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    Default Re: Faxanadu - Funny Glitch/Trick You Can Do Near Conflate

    Infinite Mattocks

    Just before the first town in the game (outside the starting castle) is a doorway guarded by some blue zombies. Inside is a tool shop offering the high-level Death spell and Magic Shield for more money than you probably have at this point. The trick is that you can come back to here, but you NEED more than just the one Mattock... Specifically, you'll always need one to leave this area and one to come back (and then at least another one to leave again)

    The first Mattock is obvious, as all the townspeople will tell you where it is, go into the tower and fight the Dragon-boss at the top. The second (and subsequent) Mattock is hidden. On the second screen of that same tower is a white bouncing enemy with big eyeballs and two spikey enemies. Kill them quickly and a Mattock sometimes appears here. If one does not appear, simply move either left or right to another screen and then return. You can carry as many mattocks as you have inventory space, which is 8.

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