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Thread Title: Super Mario Bros. 3 - Different Versions

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    Default Super Mario Bros. 3 - Different Versions

    Nintendo of America released two different American versions for Super Mario Bros. 3. The following is a list of the changes made to the first version:

    The original Japanese world names, which were used originally were changed to the following:
    "Desert Hill" became "Desert Land".
    "Ocean Side" became "Water Land".
    "Big Island" became "Giant Land".
    "The Sky" became "Sky Land".
    "Iced Land" became "Ice Land".
    "Pipe Maze" became "Pipe Land".
    "Castle of Koopa" became "Dark Land".

    A grammatical error present in Toad's N-Spades game, "Miss twice and your out!" was corrected and changed to "You can only miss twice!" in order to fit the screen.

    "Kuribo", the original Japanese name for "Goomba" was changed to the latter in the World 2 letter from Princess Toadstool.

    The game was re-released with these changes made, and most copies of
    the game are of the second version.

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    Default Re: Super Mario Bros. 3 - Different Versions

    I don't understand why they switched from the Japanese names of the stages. "Ocean Side" sounds a lot cooler than "Water Land".

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