About the Controller..................2
The Story.............................4
The Characters........................6
Special Moves........................10
Collectable Objects..................18
General Features.....................22
The Worlds...........................26
Warranty Information.................33
______________________________________________________________________ 2 - 3

[pages 2-3 contain information on how to operate the control stick
and which hand configuration to use. Use the 'Right position' to play
Banjo-Kazooie.] ______________________________________________________________________ 4

At last, the dirty green and blue smog was beginning to clear.
Gruntilda stood at the topmost window of her Lair, grinning
wickedly down on her latest world. "Tiny creatures far below,"
she cackled, "which of you'll be the first to go?" The witch
rubbed her hands in glee at the prospect of putting her favorite
invention to good use. It was her pride and joy: a machine that
could suck the physical beauty from its victims for Gruntilda to
absorb like a sponge! And it would certainly teach her cutesy sister
Brentilda a lesson. How dare that interfering do-gooder inherit the
family good looks and leave Gruntilda, well... slightly disadvantaged
in that department? Hah! Not any more, gloated the witch, picking her
nose smugly. Not any more. Turning back to her bubbling cauldron,
Gruntilda began to cast the spell which would reassure her that she
was, of course, the most wonderfully attractive creature in this
bright new world...

Meanwhile, Tooty was skipping home through the sunny green fields
of Spiral Mountain. As she reached the garden gate, a pair of blurry
eyes that could only belong to her good friend Bottles popped up from
a nearby molehill. "Morning, Tooty," he blinked, uncorking himself from
the hole. "And what are your plans for this fine day?" Tooty jumped up
and down excitedly, remembering Banjo's promise. "Oh!" she squealed.
"When my lazy brother gets out of bed, we're going on an adventure!"
"That's nice." Bottles squinted up into the sky. "Hang on, isn't that
your brother up there?" Tooty turned, and saw an odd shape swooping
down towards them at high speed. "No, that can't be Banjo," she said,
frowning. "I wonder who it is..."
______________________________________________________________________ 5

"Sweeter than me? Prettier than me? Impossible!" Gruntilda was
so furious at the cauldron's words that she could barely control
her broomstick, screeching with anger every time her boots clipped
the treetops.

"As cute as me, you stupid pot? For her own sake, I hope she's not!"
The witch sped recklessly on until her target finally cam into view: staring up
at her from a field far below was the innocent young Honey Bear
she'd seen in the depths of that trecherous cauldron.
Gruntilda cackled. "I need those looks far more than she, and finally
perfect I shall be!" she cried, and sent the broomstick into a steep
dive. Kazooie popped out of the backpack as noise erupted just
outside the window. "Banjo!" she squaked in alarm. "Banjo, wake up!"
The Honey Bear groaned and pulled a pillow over his head. "Aww,
Kazooie, it's too early," came his muffled voice. "This is no time
to be lazy, furface!" trilled the Breegull, swinging anxiously to
and fro. "We've got trouble!"

Banjo yawned, rolled over - and fell out of bed in surprise as Kazooie's
struggles suddenly toppled both the backpack and its stand onto the
floor with a crash.

At the same time a sudden gust of wind blew open the curtains, and
beneath the peals of manic laughter fading into the distance, Banjo
heard the helpless cries of a voice he recognised... Tooty!
The bear gulped, realising that this was definitely going to be one
of those days. "Uh, Kazooie, what are you doing down there?" He
said in confusion, grabbing the backpack as he bolted for the door.
"This is no time to be lazy - we've got trouble!"
______________________________________________________________________ 6

A Honey Bear with a love of sleeping, swimming and even dancing
when the mood takes him, Banjo has found life to be just too
interesting for its own good since he found himself 'adopted' by
Kazooie. His Breegull friend just seems to attract trouble like a magnet...

Unlikely as the partnership may seem, Banjo and Kazooie have
been firmest friends since the day they met. Red Crested Breegulls
are notorious loudmouths, but at least there's plenty of truth
behind Kazooie's boasts - she and Banjo together make an extraordinary team.

Banjo's little sister, as cute, sweet and innocent as Kazooie is loud,
brash and shameless. Looking after Tooty is a full-time job for
Banjo as she tends to wander off as soon as his back's turned,
so his feathered partner's love of exploration often comes in handy!
______________________________________________________________________ 7

A good friend of Tooty, this chirpy little mole has never been
too fond of the loud company kept by Banjo. Under the circumstances
Bottles will do all he can to help - even if that means putting
himself on the receiving end of Kazooie's raucous banter!

She's selfish, spiteful and nasty, and now she's on a mission
to make herself attractive by stealing the beauty of other
people. Unfortunately Gruntilda doesn't seem to realise that
she'll always be ugly on the inside - or if she does, she really
couldn't care less...

The witch's sister is her opposite in every way, and a far better
person for it. Unfortunately even Brentilda's fairy godmother
powers aren't strong enough to let her confront Gruntilda directly,
so she offers all the help she can to Banjo and Kazooie instead.

Mumbo Jumbo
A former teacher of Gruntilda's, this mysterious shaman was
betrayed by his pupil before he could prevent her from putting
his magic to bad use. The witch transformed Mumbo's face into
a mask of horror to remain that way until the day she's overthrown...
______________________________________________________________________ 8


C Up and C Down Buttons:
Changes level of camera zoom. Press C Up once to view the action
through Banjo's eyes, rotating the Control Stick to look around: press
C Up again to return to the standard view. C Down toggles between
two available levels of outside zoom.

C Left and C Right Buttons:
Rotates the camera angles.

L Button:
Not used.

Z Button (behind):
Makes Banjo crouch. Use the Control Stick to rotate while crouching.

Brings up the Pause Menu.

R Button:
Press once to centre the camera behind Banjo. Keep the R Button
pressed to lock the camera into this position until released.

A Button:
Makes Banjo jump. Hold the A Button longer to make him jump higher.

B Button:
Lets Banjo and Kazooie use one of their attacks.

Control Stick:
Lets Banjo run, walk and tiptoe around depending on how much
pressure is applied.
______________________________________________________________________ 9

Return To Game:
Leaves the menu and continues the game in progress.

Exit to Witch's Lair:
Exits the current level and takes you back to Gruntilda's Lair.
[Removed from final game, so ignore this option.]

View Totals:
Brings up a status report showing the number of jigsaw pieces;
musical notes and special honeycomb pieces collected; and the game
time elapsed so far. Use the C Left and C Right Buttons to view
reports for seperate levels, and the B Button to return to the menu.

Save And Quit Game:
Saves and exits the game in progress.
______________________________________________________________________ 10

Banjo and Kazooie have a wide range of more exotic moves to
offer, many performed individually and many more in tandem.
Some have to be taught to you by Bottles before you can make
use of them, others require the use of an item, pad or both. The
full list is as follows:

Banjo can climb trees, poles, pipes and plenty of other things
simply by jumping onto them and using the Control Stick to clamber
up or down. Pressing the A Button allows him to release his grip
and jump off at any time.

Normal Control Stick movement automatically switches to surface
swimming when Banjo enters a deep enough pool of water, but he
can also dive beneath the surface by pressing the B Button.

There are two styles of underwater swimming: holding the A Button
down lets Banjo kick his feet and maintain a steady speed, while
pressing the B Button causes Kazooie to spread her wings and
give her partner a boost. Pressing the A Button in mid-boost acts
as a water brake. A blue oxygen meter appears on the left of the
screen while Banjo and Kazooie are underwater, so there's no
excuse for running out!
______________________________________________________________________ 11

Feathery Flap
Without actually breaking into flight, Kazooie can use her wings to
extend the range of Banjo's jumps. Press the A Button to jump and
then press the A Button again in mid-air. This can also be used to
control Banjo's descent by holding the A Button when falling.

Forward Roll Attack
A powerful running attack where Banjo dives and tumbles an enemy.
Just pick up some speed then tap the B Button to launch the attack.

Rat-a-tat Rap
Causes Banjo to jump and Kazooie to pop out her head in a flurry of
sharp pecks. Press the A Button to jump and then the B Button while
in mid-air. A useful attack when you want to keep Banjo just out of
range of the enemy and it can also be used to hit objects or enemies
just above Banjo's head.

Flap Flip
Kazooie uses her wings to help Banjo somersault, lifting him to areas
too high for just a normal jump. Hold the Z Button to crouch then press
the A Button to jump. Use the Control Stick to steer in mid-air. The
longer the A Button is held, the higher you spring.
______________________________________________________________________ 12

Special Moves (continued)
Talon Trot
Kazooie can give Banjo a break by carrying him around for a while!
Press and hold the Z Button then press the C Left Button to extend
the Breegull's legs continuing to hold the Z Button down while she's
running (releasing the Z Button reverts to normal control). Not only
can Kazooie move more quickly than Banjo, she's also capable of
climbing much steeper slopes.

Beak Barge
Combines a shoulder charge from Banjo with a lunge from Kazooie
for a strong sliding attack. Press and hold the Z Button, then press
the B Button to barge. Also a handy trick here and there for
overcoming tougher bad guys and smashing obstacles out of the way.

Beak Buster
Banjo and Kazooie pool their strength in a forceful air-to-ground
stomp. Press the B Button to jump then the Z Button while in mid-air:
this move can also be done from flight. This is useful in any number
of situations, not just for baddie bashing. Hold the B Button down
for maximum attack range.
______________________________________________________________________ 13

Egg Firing
Gather up a supply of the blue eggs then Kazooie can use them
as handy missile weapons. Press and hold the Z Button, then press
either the C Up Button to fire a shot straight ahead or the C Down
Button to fire a bouncing shot to the rear. Like many other moves
these are often used as much in puzzle solving as they are in attack.

Shock Spring Jump
The green Shock Spring Jump pads found throughout the game
allow Banjo and Kazooie to reach heights that even the Flap Flip
won't take them to. No extra items are required: just stand on
the pad, hold the A Button down and get ready to do some mid-air
steering! The height of the jump can be altered by releasing
the A Button as Kazooie springs skyward.
______________________________________________________________________ 14

Special Moves (continued)
The red Flight Pads are your starting point for getting the Breegull
airborne. Press the A Button while standing on the pad to see the
pair launch themselves into the air, then use the Control Stick to
change direction, climb or dive, along with the R Button for sharper
turns. Hold down the Control Stick to hover and land. Pressing the A
Button in mid-air prompts Kazooie to flap her wings and gain height,
but this uses up one of your supply of Red Feathers each time. Quick
succesive presses of the A Button will see the duo reach giddy heights in
next to no time. Both the Beak Bomb and the Beak Buster can be
done in mid flight.

Beak Bomb
Only available when Kazooie is flying, the Beak Bomb is a lightning-fast
attack which sees Kazooie clecnch up and hurl herself through the
air like a missile. Press the B Button during flight to trigger the
assault. Like flapping, this uses up a single Re Feather every time,
but is necessary to defeat certain enemies and flip high-up switches.
______________________________________________________________________ 15

Golden Feathers can work wonders for Kazooie's wings, turning
them into a shield strong enough to render Banjo invunerable! Press
and hold the Z Button, then press the C Right Button to trigger the
effect. Holding the Z Button keeps the shield in action, but uses up
Golden Feathers at the rate of one every two seconds.

Stilt Stride
Finding a pair of Wading Boots lets Kazooie carry Banjo across
parts of the level that would normally be impassable (the
piranha-infested waters of Bubblegloop Swamp, for instance).
The Stilt Stride is automatically activated when you pick up a pair
of Wading Boots: press the B Button at any time if you need to end
the effect before it wears off automatically.

Turbo Talon Trot
Triggered by the finding of the Running Shoes in the same way that
the Stilt Stride is activated by finding the Wading Boots. This
powered-up version of Kazooie's basic Talon Trot provides the
burst of incredible speed that you might just need to reach your
destination on time, and can, like the Stilt Stride, be brought to an
early end if necessary by pressing the B Button.
______________________________________________________________________ 16

Training Area
Spiral Mountain, the peaceful corner of the country that Banjo calls
home, acts as a training ground where you can experiment in
relative safety with the moves taught to you by Bottles the mole.
You'll meet this helpful critter for the first time just outside Banjo's
front garden, and from then on you can call him up to give you a quick
lesson by simply standing next to any other molehill and pressing the
B Button. If you want to be able to use any more moves than the basic
jump you start off with, you're going to have to earn them! When you're
ready to leave the peace and safety of the Spiral Mountain area, simply
head for the mountain itself and follow the winding path to the top. There
you'll meet Bottles for the last time in this area, and he'll tell you whether
or not he thinks you've learned enough to see you through the perils ahead.
Bottles' burrow extends far further underground than you might expect,
so don't be surprised to bump into him as you explore later levels. He's got
plenty more tricks up his sleeve than those you've learned in Spiral Mountain...

Structure and Progress
Gruntilda might be ugly, but she certainly isn't stupid. It's an
unfortunate fact that her Lair does a very good job of keeping
out anyone who might try to meddle with her plans. Finding an
entrance to the lair is no problem, but from there you'll find that
cimbing closer to the witch's hideaway at the summit isn't quite so
easy. Exploration of the areas open to you will uncover two main
types of doorways that need to be dealt with as well as a couple of
other interesting features unique to Gruntilda's domain:

The jigsaws that you'll find on the walls of Gruntilda's Lair aren't themselves
doorways, but completing one will open up a previously locked entrance
to another world. It won't always be an entrance - it could be a grille, a
trapdoor, or something even more exotic - but don't worry about not
being able to find it as finishing each jigsaw triggers a cut scene which
shows you the entrance in question being unlocked.
______________________________________________________________________ 17

To insert any pieces that you've collected into a jigsaw, simply stand
on the floor pad in front of it and press the A Button to slot in one
piece at a time, the Z Button to slot in all the pieces you own (stopping
automatically when the jigsaw's filled), or the B Button to abandon the
idea. Pressing the C Down Button will remove one piece at a time, but
only from unfinished jigsaws. The number of pieces missing varies from
one puzzle to the next beginning with just one for the first but rising
quickly after that.

Note Doors
Easily recognised by the musical note engraved upon them, the Note
Doors provide your only way through to the inner sections of
Gruntilda's Lair and the new jigsaws to be found there. You'll soon
see that no amount of force will open them, and this is where the
notes scattered throughout each of the levels come in: the number
etched above a Note Door tells you how many notes you need to get
through. If you've gathered enough, it'll swing open without a hitch.

Warp Cauldrons
At certain points in Gruntilda's Lair you're likely to stumble across
one of these handy fixtures, which can save you a lot of trekking
around by zapping you instantly from one part of the world to
another. Warp Cauldrons come in coloured pairs, so to make use
of the warp you first need to locate both cauldrons of the same
colour. Then all you have to do is jump into one, and in the blink of
an eye you'll be whisked through the warp to pop out of the
cauldron at its far end!

Spell Books
In her haste to get Tooty bundled safely away in her penthouse
den, Gruntilda failed to notice that she was dropping her precious
spell books along the way. As a result, there are three of these
left abandoned somewhere on the path through the witch's Lair.
They're well worth seeking out, as each book contains a single
powerful piece of magic which will almost certainly increase your
chances of making it to the top...
______________________________________________________________________ 18

Don't be put off by the sheer range of items available for Banjo and
Kazooie to pick up on their travels through the various game worlds.
Everything has a purpose, and it won't be long before you'll know
instinctively what you need and when you need it:

Jigsaw Pieces
These are the most important items of all; without them you
won't be able to open the doorways from Gruntilda's Lair to
further game worlds. You'll find the first piece soon after
entering the witch's domain, and from then on there are ten
to be found in each world. Whether they're held by other
characters, hidden in hard-to-reach places or waiting to be
earned at the end of tricky puzzles, Banjo and Kazooie are going
to need your help to dig them all out!

Musical Notes
Unfinished jigsaws may block your path to new worlds, but it's the
Note Doors which prevent you from reaching higher parts of
Gruntilda's Lair itself. Each Note Door will only open when Banjo's
collected a high enough total of musical notes from elsewhere,
and with a hundred to find in each world, he'd better get searching...

Five of these spirited creatures have been captured and hidden
in each world by the grumpy Gruntilda, who took offense at their
happy, helpful nature. Find and release all five to be rewarded with
one of that world's ten jigsaw pieces!
______________________________________________________________________ 19

Work well as extra weapons for Kazooie and also form part of the
solution to many of the game's puzzles. Eggs are generally found
in small groups and it's worth stocking up on them when you get
the chance. But remember that the ammo space is limited - no more
than a hundred can be carried at any time!

Red Feathers
Kazooie's quite capable of flying, but with a weight like Banjo's to
carry she'll need all the help she can get! After launching yourself
from a Flight Pad, press the A Button to make Kazooie flap, trading
one of your Feathers for a boost in height. Fifty is the maximum
number of Red Feathers that can be carried.

Golden Feathers
These are such valuable items that no more than ten can be carried
at any one time: they allow Kazooie to shield Banjo with her wings,
making him temporarily invunerable. Unlike the Red Feathers, which
are used up one at a time, your Golden ones form a total which ticks
slowly down as you expend their power.

Mumbo Tokens
Gruntilda has snatched away Mumbo's entire collection of these
skull-shaped tokens, and he can't help you with his transformation
magic until you retrieve some of them for him. A sign in his hut will
tell you the current cost of a spell.
______________________________________________________________________ 20

Collectable Objects continued

Extra Lives
Taking the form of golden Banjo statuettes, these tend to lurk in
the most obscure places as a reward for the devoted explorer.

Honeycomb Energy
Banjo's energy bar is made up of five segments which are gradually
worn away from contact with baddies and unsafe ground, or by falling
too far. The only way to replace the lost segments is to collect
honeycomb energy: one honeycomb usually comes as a reward for
defeating a minor bad guy, while beehives house a full three.

Extra Honeycomb Pieces
Banjo's five-piece energy bar can be extended by gathering special
hollow honeycomb pieces. Several of these come as a reward for
completing Bottles' training exercises in Spiral Mountain, and two
more are hidden on each of the worlds to follow. A six-part frame
appears in the bottom right of the screen when one of these pieces
is collected, and finding enough pieces to fill the frame will result in
one more segment being added to your maximum energy bar.

Wading Boots
Bottles will be waiting nearby to explain the use of the Wading
Boots, which are only found in worlds featuring terrain
dangerous to Banjo and Kazooie. They'll protect the Breegull's
long legs from harm - just make sure you're on safe ground
when the effect wears off!
______________________________________________________________________ 21

Running Shoes
Your mole friend will also brief you on these when the time
comes, and as you'd expect, they grant Kazooie a few seconds
of running speed well above her normal limits. You'll find that
they're often used as part of a time-based puzzle...
______________________________________________________________________ 22

General Features

Mumbo's Hut
The shaman certainly gets around, and you'll find one of his
holiday homes in several of the game's worlds. It's hard to
miss that big gap-toothed-skull look he's so fond of. Mumbo
will be waiting for you inside his hut, but you won't get much
out of him unless you've brought enough Mumbo tokens (as
shown on the nearby sign) to earn yourself a burst of magic.
Some of the jigsaw pieces have been hidden so cleverly that it'll
take the talent of a native animal to find them, so it's just as well
that Mumbo Jumbo specialises in transformation spells. Stand on
the skull pad before him and press the B Button to be zapped into
the current level's creature of choice. Don't worry about being
stuck in a different form as it doesn't cost anything to have
Mumbo remove or recast the spell once you've paid for it the first time.
______________________________________________________________________ Page 25

A portrait of Mumbo Jumbo
______________________________________________________________________ 26

Gruntilda's Lair
The colossal hag's-head leering out over Banjo's homeland isn't
much prettier from the inside, and it's no help that Gruntilda's
idea of tasteful decoration is based around big pictures of
herself. Still, at least the Lair's a varied sort of place with
mossy caverns, twisting pipes, great tidal lakes and even the
odd burst of woodland all clustered together in an eerie kind of harmony.

Mumbo's Mountain
The first jigsaw door that you'll be able to open from the witch's
den leads to this world, the Shaman's home turf which he's tried
hard to protect from Gruntilda's spiteful magic. You'll find Mumbo
in the village on top of the mountain - but don't leave without
exploring the other minature worlds in the valley below, particularly
Conga the gorilla's patch and the towering termite mound.
______________________________________________________________________ 27

Treasure Trove Cove
A suspiciously lush world of sandy shores and sparkling waves,
the Cove plays home to such comically larger-than-life characters
as Captain Blubber the incompetent pirate and Nipper the giant
hermit crab. The minor inhabitants are less than friendly as
you'll soon realise when a horde of snapping shellfish and angry
crabs comes scuttling and bouncing down the beach towards you!

Clanker's Cavern
Rusty old pipes and polluted pools of water certainly won't leave
you with a false sense of security when you're in Clanker's Cavern,
which is just as well because there are plenty of underwater
challenges and vertigo-inducing moments to keep you on your toes.
The star of the level is Clanker himself, Gruntilda's mechanical trash
compactor, who's not particularly happy with the way his life's going...
______________________________________________________________________ 28

Bubblegloop Swamp
This is where things start getting really unpleasant. Bubblegloop
Swamp is dank, smelly and dangerous - definitely Gruntilda's kind
of place. There are friendly faces amidst the gloom, however: you'll
bump into Mumbo and the famous Tiptup Choir, among others, which
will hopefully make up for your dealings with the piranha, poisonous
swamp frogs and greedy Mr. Vile the crocodile!

Freezeezy Peak
The terrain is every bit as trecherous on Freezeezy Peak, where
a missed step on an icy slope can send you tumbling into a lake so
cold it stings! Stay alert, though, and you'll only have to deal with
missile-hurling snowmen, speeding sledge stunts and a bizzare fairy
light odyssey from box to tree... Still, at least Boggy the merry
old polar bear is around to keep your spirits up.
______________________________________________________________________ 29

Gobi's Valley
It's out of the refrigerator and into the fire as you plunge into
this desert world, where even Gobi himself is finding the heat
too much to take - and this coming from a camel! Take shelter
in the Ancient Ones' pyramids and meet Rubee the mysterious
snake charmer, but beware the superheated sand and mummified
hands lurking under the surface when you venture back out into the sun.

Mad Monster Mansion
Night has fallen permanently around the creepiest mansion house
in existence giving it a reputation which is entirely well deserved.
The whole place i crawling with ghosts, skeletons, bats and worse.
Searching the old chapel, basement, grounds (including the graveyard)
and mansion itself is a hair-raising business, but there's no backing
out now if you're heart's set on rescuing Tooty!
------------------------------------------------------------- Page 30

Rusty Bucket Bay
The cackling old crone has even got her own ship, though you'd be
right to suspect that it's not the most cheerful vessel in the world.
Everything on board seems to have a grudge against you, from the
goblin crew right down to the very scenery including the funnels up
on deck and the crates in the cargo hold! So be on your guard when
exploring the ship and its surrounding harbour...

Click Clock Wood
The last major world before you meet Gruntilda is one of the most
challenging of all. At the heart is an enormous tree which can be
visited during any of the four seasons featuring different puzzles
and secrets each time: help fat Nabnut the squirrel gather his nuts,
tackle the spiky problem of the wasps' nest and meet up with some
familiar faces as you prepare for your final confrontation!

And on...
Should you manage to overcome the hazards of every world and make
your way to the top of the Witch's Lair, you'll find that she certainly
hasn't been lazy all this time. She's been beavering away on a special
little surprise for her visitors - and nothing will have you prepared
for the ultimate challenge that Gruntilda now throws at your feet!
______________________________________________________________________ 31