Super Smash Bros.

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The Nintendo 64 Controller 2
Using the Controller 4
Get Ready For the Fight of the Century! 6
1-Player Mode 7
VS Mode 11
Options 13
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Items 15
Characters & Stages 18
Warranty Information 25
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[Information on how to operate the control stick and which hand configuration to
use. Use the 'Right position' to play Super Smash Bros..]

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Super Smash Bros. features two unique types of Control Stick functions - the
Tilt and the Tap. These two moves form the basis for all your character's moves.

Tilt and hold the Control Stick.

Quickly Tilt and release the Control Stick.

-L Button-
Finishing Pose


-Control Stick-
Tilt Left/Right - Move Tap Left/Right - Dash
Tilt Up - Jump Tap Up - Mid-air Jump
Tilt Down - Crouch Tap Down - Jump Down

-B Button Special Attacks-
B See Character Descriptions
Tilt Up + B on page 18 for each
Tilt Down + B character's Special Attacks.
Page 5

-R Button-
Grab enemy/Drop item

-C Buttons-

-A Button Attacks-
A Weak Attack
Tilt + A Strong Attack
Tap + A Smash Attack

Combine A with Tilts and Taps in different directions for different attacks. Try
various combinations while jumping for aerial attacks!

-Z Button-
Z Shield
Z + A Grab Enemy/Drop Item

Tap left or right while pressing Z to roll. If thrown by an enemy, press Z as
you land to resume your fighting stance.
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Mario, Link, Pikachu, and a host of all-star Nintendo characters are on the scene and ready for the fight of your lives! But Super Smash Bros. is anything but a typical fighting game. Each character uses his signature moves to build up his opponent's Damage Meter, then delivers the finishing blow to send him flying off the stage. The higher the reading on the Damage Meter, the easier it is to knock your opponent off. But don't forget to defend against his attacks, or you may get knocked off yourself!
Mode Select Screen

Press START on the Title screen to reach the Mode Select screen and the
following four options:

Featuring four single-player modes. See page 7 for details.

Featuring Free-for-All and Team Battle modes of play. For more info, see page

See page 13 for details on setting the game options.

Get information on the characters as well as VS Mode standings. See page 13 for
more details.
Page 7

The 1P Mode offers four different options for single players: 1P Game, Training
Mode, Bonus 1 Practice, and Bonus 2 Practice.

-1P Game-
Battle your way past various enemies and through bonus stages to reach the final
boss. Choose your character on the Character Select screen by moving the cursor
and chip to the character of your choice, then pressing the A Button. To change
characters press the B Button, then drop the chip on another character by
pressing the A Button again. Change your character's appearance with the C
Button[s]. High scores for the game and for each character are shown in the
bottom-right corner of the screen.

Stock Life and Difficulty Level
Move the cursor to the yellow arrows in the Options section, and press the A
Button to scroll through the choices. Choose to fight with up to five lives, and
set the difficulty level to any setting between Very Easy and Very Hard.

Time Limit
Change the time limit for each level to either five minutes or no limit by
moving the cursor to the arrows in the Time section and pressing the A Button.

The battle begins when you press START!
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The Battle Screen
In the 1-Player game you must knock your enemy off the stage to clear each
level. In some levels you fight more than one enemy, while in others one or more
characters one or more characters will fight on your side. Attack your enemy to
build up his Damage Meter, then deliver the finishing blow! If your own Damage
Meter reaches 100%, your enemy may be able to knock you off. Also, it is very
easy to fall from some stages, so take care not to do yourself in! Fight your
way through the levels to face the final boss!

Challenge Match!
If you've met certain conditions in defeating the boss in the 1-Player game, you
will enter a Challenge Match with a mystery opponent. If you defeat that
opponent, you can use that character the next time you play!

High scores are kept for both the game and for each character. Receive points
for clearing each board, for each second remaining on the timer, and for damage
done to enemies. There are also special bonuses for clearing the level quickly,
not using items, and clearing the level without taking any damage. With more
than twenty special bonuses, there are plenty of ways to rack up points!
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If you lose your last stock life before defeating the boss, you have the option
to continue. If you choose YES, your point total is cut in half, and you start
from the beginning of the level you were defeated on. If you choose NO, your
game ends. If you don't choose, time will run out, and the game will end.

-Training Mode-
The Training Mode is the best way to learn each character's moves. Choose your
character, your opponent, and the battle stage, then begin your training

The Training Mode Screen
Like the 1-Player battle screen, the Training Mode screen also has Damage Meters
for the two contestants, but it has a lot more information than that!

* Attack Damage Meter
This displays the total damage for the last attack combo.

* Combo Meter
This displays the number of attacks in the last combo.

* Opponent Setting
This displays your opponent's current setting.

* Speed
This displays the current speed setting.

* Item
This displays the current item setting.

Training Mode Options
Press START to access the Pause screen. From here you can adjust the following
Training Mode options:
* CP - Set the Computer Player's action to Stand, Walk, Evade, Jump, or Attack.
* Item - Scroll between items with the Control Stick. The selected item appears
when the A Button is pressed.
* Speed - Set the speed to 1/1 (regular speed), or 2/3, 1/2, or 1/4 speed for
slow-motion battle.
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-Bonus 1 and 2 Practice Modes-
Choose your character and test your skills at the two Bonus Levels found in the
1-Player game. The levels are different for each character, so be sure to check
them all out as you race for the best time.
Page 11

The VS Mode is an all-out battle for any combination of two to four human or
computer players. Using the Control Stick, move the cursor to the Rules option
and select one of the following four settings by scrolling left to right with
the Control Stick:

A timed free-for-all battle. The winner is the player with the highest number of
Knock-offs (KOs) after subtracting the total number of times that the player was
knocked off (TKO).

A free-for-all battle in which all contestants have a limited stock of life. The
last player standing is the winner.

Time Team
A timed team battle.

Stock Team
A team battle in which all contestants have a limited stock of life.

After selecting the rules, use the Control Stick to set the time limit for a
timed battle, or set each character's stock life for a stock battle.

Enter the Options screen to change settings for the following:
* Handicap - Turn the Handicap for players ON or OFF, or set it to AUTO to
have it determined by the computer. Change the actual Handicap
setting on the Player Select screen. The higher an opponent's
Handicap, the easier it is to knock him off.
* Team Attack - Choose whether or not team members can be hit by one another's
attacks in team battles.
* Stage Select - Set to ON to select the battle stage yourself or OFF to have
the computer randomly select one for you.
* Damage - Set the damage rate for attacks. At 50%, you knock your
opponent half as far.

Press the B Button to exit the Options screen.
Page 12

VS Start
Press the A Button when VS START is highlighted in the VS Game Mode screen to
enter the Character Select screen.

* Select Free-for-All or Team Battle.
* In Team Battle, assign character to one of three teams (Red, Green or Blue).
* Set player control to human (HMN), computer (CP), or none (N/A).
* When the Handicap option is ON, set the Handicap for each human player.
* Set the difficulty level for each computer player.

Press START to let the battle begin!

* To quit VS Mode during battle, press START to enter the Pause screen, then
press the A, B, Z and R Buttons simultaneously.

Results Screen
When the battle ends, the winner is announced, and the results are displayed.
For timed matches, the first line shows each character's Knock-offs, the second
line shows the number of times they were knocked off, and the third line shows
the difference between the two. In timed battles, the player or team with the
highest net Knock-offs (KOs minus TKO) wins.

For stock matches, only the number of Knock-offs is shown. The last player
standing is declared the winner.

Sudden Death!
When a VS Mode battle ends in a tie, the winner is decided by a Sudden Death
match! Each player has only one life, and his Damage Meter is set to 300%. The
last player standing winds the match.

|Super Smash Bros. records statistics for all VS Mode battles. Check out the VS|
|Record screen (see page 14) for stats on all your favourite characters! |
Page 13

Select Options on the Mode Select screen to change the following game settings:

Choose Stereo or Mono. When choosing Stereo, check to see that both the left and
right output connections on your N64 Control Deck are connected to your

Screen Adjust
If your television is not displaying the game in the centre of the screen, use
this option to adjust the screen. Use your Control Stick to move the cross to
the centre of the screen. Press the Z Button to return it to the default

Backup Clear
Use this option to erase the following data:
* Newcomers: Erase challenge data. You will no longer be able
to use the hidden characters.
* 1P High Score: Erase all high scores in the 1-player game.
* Bonus Stage Time: Erase the fastest times for the Bonus Stages.
* VS Record: Erase all character statistics from VS matches.
* Prize: Erase all prize data.
* ALL Data Clear: Erase all saved data.

The Data Mode contains information about each character in the game, as well as
a VS Mode standings and statistics.

This option contains profiles on each character appearing in the game. Learn
more about the characters, their backgrounds, and their special moves.
Page 14

VS Record
This option contains stats on each character's performance in VS Mode battles.
The first screen shows each character's total Knock-offs against other
characters. Press the A Button to view individual statistics for all characters,
then press the A Button again to view detailed individual statistics against
other characters.

Key to Individual Statistics:
*Win%: Each character's share of the KOs total.
*KOs: The character's total number of Knock-offs.
*TKO: The total number of times the character fell off or was knocked off.
*SD%: The character's Self Destruction rate - the percent of TKO'd that
were self-induced.
*Time: Each character's total play time.
*Use%: The character's share of total play time.
*Avg: The average number of opponents in the character's VS battles.

Key to Detailed Individual Statistics:
*Ranking: The character's overall ranking.
*Use%: The character's share of total play time.
*Attack Total: Total amount of damage given to opponents.
*Damage Total: Total amount of damage taken.

The following detailed stats for a character's performance against each other
character are also kept:
*Win%: The character's share of total Knock-offs between the two
*KOs: Number of Knock-offs against that character.
*KO'd: Number of times knocked-off by that character.
*Avg: Average number of opponents in matches with that character.
Page 15

Many items which characters can use to attack opponents or recover strength
appear in the midst of battle. When an individual item appears it can be used
immediately, but when a carrier full of items appears, the carrier must be
broken before the items can be used.

*To grab an item or use a grabbed item, press the A Button.
*To drop an item, press the Z and A Buttons or press the R Button.
*To throw an item at an enemy, press the Z and A Button and TAP the Control

Check Out These Items!

This contains one to three items. Since it's so heavy, only DK can carry it

Attack it or pick it up and throw it to break it open and release its contents.

Chansey Egg
Break the egg open to get to the item inside. Look for it when the Pokemon
Chansey appears.

Since this is small, anybody can carry it. Break it open to reveal what's
Page 16

-Throwing Items-
Once grabbed, these items are activated by throwing them.

Motion Sensor Bomb
When thrown, these will activate wherever they land. The first character to
approach an active bomb is in for a big surprise!

Hit an opponent with this item for a little pinball action - but be careful,
because the bumper just might bump you!

When grabbed and thrown at an enemy, this item explodes, but if left alone, it
will start walking around until its timer reaches zero...

Poke Ball
When thrown, the ball opens up, and a Pokemon pops out. The Pokemon that appears is random; it performs its special skill then leaves.

-Clobbering Items-
Grab these items and use them to smash your opponent silly!

Beam Sword
This is an item of great power. It also has the longest range of all Clobbering
Items when thrown.

A favourite of Mario's in his younger days, the Hammer enraptures any character
that grabs it and sends them into a clobbering frenzy!

Since it's light, it's good for quick attacks. However, it doesn't do much
damage and can't be thrown very far.

Home Run Bat
You can't throw it very far, but if you combine it with a Smash Attack you just
might hit a home run!
Page 17

-Special Items-
Use these items to attack from a distance.

Fire Flower
Use the Fire Flower to blast your opponents with fiery breath. Be sure to get in
close because even breath this bad can't reach too far!

Ray Gun
The Ray Gun can hit enemies from a distance with its long-range laser shot.
Unfortunately, it's only a 16-shooter.

Star Rod
With the A Button and the Control Stick, you can shoot 20 stars at your
opponents. This can also be used as a Clobbering Item.

-Recovery Items-
Get your battle strength back by grabbing these items.

Maxim Tomato
This tasty veggie recovers up to 100% on your Damage Meter.

Heart Container
The Heart Container recovers all your strength, returning your Damage Meter to

-Special Items-
Depending on how these items are used, you may end up hurting yourself.

The character that grabs the Star becomes INVINCIBLE! ...but only for a short

Green Shell
When attacked or thrown, this shell slides around the battle stage, damaging
whomever it hits.

Red Shell
Basically the same as the Green Shell, this shell bounces back and fourth in the
same area of the stage.
Page 18


The internationally-famous, mustachioed super-star. Mario's distinct jumping
action is the key to his success.

Special Moves
B Fire Ball
Tilt Up + B Super Jump Punch
Tilt Down + B Mario Tornado

Stage: Peach's Castle
A bumper floats above the centre of this stage. Watch where you jump, or you'll
get bumped sky high!

Mario's former enemy. This mighty ape is bestowed with tremendous power and
overwhelming attacks.

Special Moves
B Giant Punch
Tilt Up + B Spinning Kong
Tilt Down + B Hand Slap

Stage: Congo Jungle
The moving barrel beneath the stage could be your salvation if you get knocked
Page 19

The greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. Samus Aran fights with the super-human
power of her hi-tech power suit.

Special Moves
B Charge Shot
Tilt Up + B Screw Attack
Tilt Down + B Bomb

Stage: Planet Zebes
Anyone who touches the ebbing and flowing sea of acid on the planet's surface
will be severely damaged.

Following in his father's footsteps, Fox McCloud is the younger leader of the
Star Fox Team. With his trusty blaster, he plunges head-first into battle.

Special Moves
B Blaster Shot
Tilt Up + B Fire Fox
Tilt Down + B Reflector

Stage: Sector Z
Fox's favourite ship, Arwing, flies past and indiscriminately shoots lasers
across the stage.
Page 20

This popular Pokemon has become so famous that these days everyone knows its
name. Pikachu's electricity attacks are a real shock to any opponent.

Special Moves
B Thunder Jolt
Tilt Up + B Quick Attack
Tilt Down + B Thunder

Stage: Saffron City
Wild Pokemon appear in the middle of the city to attack the fighters. It's best
just to stay out of their way.

Link is the young fighter who protects the peace in the realm of Hyrule. His
skills with the sword are both varied and powerful.

Special Moves
B Boomerang
Tilt Up + B Spin Attack
Tilt Down + B Bomb

Stage: Hyrule Castle
A tornado spins about the stage, wreaking havoc on all that cross its path.
Page 21

An 8-inch high creature from a distant star. He may look harmless, but using his
Copy ability, Kirby becomes a formidable opponent.

Special Moves
B Swallow (B or Tilt Down to Copy)
Tilt Up + B Final Cutter
Tilt Down + B Stone

Stage: Dream Land
Beware the wind that blows from the Whisper [Wispy!] Woods--it just might blow
you away.

Yoshi is the cute dinosaur that lives on a tropical island. You'd be surprised
what he can do with a simple egg.

Special Moves
B Egg Lay
Tilt Up + B Egg Throw
Tilt Down + B Bomb

Stage: Yoshi's Island
You can land on the clouds that float on either side of the stage, but if you
do, they won't hold up for long.
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This Nintendo game is not designed for use with any attatchment, "back-up" or
game altering device. Use of any such device will invalidate your Nintendo
product warranty. Nintendo (and/or any Nintendo licensee or distributor) is not
responsible for any damage or loss caused by the use of any such device. If use
of such device causes your game to stop operating, disconnect the device or
attatchment carefully to avoid bending, breaking or damaging the connectors and
resume normal game play. If your game ceases to operate and you have no device
attatched to it, please contact your local authorized Nintendo distributor.
- NINTENDO HELPLINE 190 224 1001

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