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Harvest Moon 64




                                       In Harvest Moon 64, you'll
                                       work hard to make a life for
                                       yourself on the run-down
6............Controller Function       farm that you've inherited
7...........Entering Information       from your dearly departed
8..................Game Overview       grandfather. It will take care-
9..............Home on the Range       ful planning and a lot of help
11............Tools of the Trade       from your neighbors to ride
15..............Working the Land
                                       out the seasons and succeed
18...........Talk to the Animals       as a gentleman farmer.
20.............The World Outside
21.................Moon Mountain
22................Man About Town
24............Ranch and Vineyard
25..............The Country Life
26...............Seasonal Events



Start: Pauses the game and brings up Ruckpack screen 
L and R Buttons: Either button rotates the view of your farm 
Control Stick: Moves you around the map and menu screens 
Z Button: Identifies a selected item
C Up Button: Place the item you hold into your Rucksack 
C Right Button: Whistle to call your dog 
C Left Button: Whistle to call your horse 
C Down Button: Eat the item you are currently holding 
A Button: Selects menu options, talk, open doors, give or throw 
an item you	are holding
B Button: Use the tool you are currently holding 



After Grandfather's wake,
you can get to work by
pressing Start. If this is a new
game, you will need to enter
some information, and you
may want to check out the
game's brief tutorial.

1.	2.

Choose a new or saved game	Use the Control Stick and
file. You can save four games	the A Button to select a
to your Harvest Moon 64	name. The B Button will
Game Pak.	backspace if you need to
make a change.

3.	4.

Choose a season for your	Follow the same method
birthday. It will always fall	you used to enter your name
on the 25th. Perhaps your	to pick a name for your ranch
neighbors will celebrate	and your faithful dog.
with you.


Game Overview

Working the farm requires a load of hard work and thoughtful 
planning. But there's more to life than just picking fruits and veg- 
gies! Below are the five basic things you'll need to master. 

1: Clearing Land

Grandpa did his best, but there
was just too much work. Now its
up to you to clear away the rocks
and weeds that choke the land.

2: Raising Crops

Once the earth is ready, you'll
choose from many seasonal veg-
etables, flowers, and grass to
harvest at the season's end.

3: Meeting the Townsfolk

With little exception, the people of
the nearby village are friendly and
helpful. You're part of their commu-
nity now, so get to know them.

4: Caring for Livestock

Once you've got the money and
resources, you can take on the
additional challenge of raising
cows, chickens, and/or sheep.

5: Making a Life

With the farm on its feet, you can
concentrate on the finer things in
life. Maybe you'll find the right girl
and settle down to start a family.



On you first day, you'll move right into 
Grandpa's old shack. It isn't much, but
it's home, and it does have some charm.
Once you've got the money, you can
always hire someone to fix it up.

Check Your Calendar

The calendar by your bed will be handy for 
keeping track of your days on the farm.
You can place icons on the calendar to
remind you of important dates, planting
schedules, and special events.

What's on TV?

C Right: Special Events
Check Channel 2 for news on
festivals and other special
events in the area.
Well, at least Grandpa had a TV,
but what!? No cable?! Still, it is a	C Down: Educational
good source of information. Once	you can brush up on some agri-
turned on with the A Button, use	cultural techniques by tuning
the C Buttons to change channels.	in to Channel 3.

C Up: Weather	C Left: Entertainment
It's a good idea to get advance	???
warning of severe weather by
checking Channel 1 on occasion.


Farmer's Almanacs

There's nothing like a good book. Your library 
has a few important books, and is a good place 
to turn when you're uncertain. There, your 
progress can be recorded and evaluated. Also, 
Grandpa left many helpful notes behind.

Writing in the Diary	Tool Tips

Get in the habit of writing in	These are the notes that
your diary every night	Grandpa left behind. There is
before bed. That's when	information on using most
your game is saved to the	of the game's tools among
appropriate file. You also	these tips.
have the option of going to
sleep without saving.

Farm Estimate	Photo Album

Here you can check your	Some of your big accom-
progress by getting a full	plishments will be recorded
inventory of your farm. Your	for posterity in your photo
money, provisions, and ani-	album. Pressing the A
mals are listed.	Button brings up details on
the snapshot.

The Toolbox

The time will come when you can't carry all of your 
possessions on your back. Store extra tools and 
mommentos in your toolbox. Press the A Button 
while facing it to bring up a swap screen. 



A really long time ago, people figured out that some jobs, like 
smashing rocks, were pretty hard to accomplish with bare 
hands. You can capitalize on their learning by mastering all the 
available farm implements.

Inside Your Rucksack

Date and Time
Active Tool
Current Money

(Up Left Box)

(Down Left Box)

(Right Box)
Possessions (can't be used, but still important) 


Surplus Storage
You can only carry eight of each type
of item (tools, possessions and
belongings) in your Rucksack. You can
buy additional storage solutions, and
even an icebox for perishables.

Nature’s Bounty

Keep an eye out when exploring.
There are many items in the wild that
can be gathered, taken to your ship-
ping bin, and sold. Use the A Button
to pick items up.

Item Actions

C Up Button	C Left Button

When you are holding an item, This button will call your dog. You'll 
this button will put the item hear him bark, and then come running. 
into your rucksack.

C Right Button

This button will call your horse once he's
been given to you by the Green Ranch.

C Down Button

When you are holding an edible belonging, such as a 
berry or herb, press C Down to eat it. This is a good way 
to regain energy on the go when you're getting 
tired. However, it's no substitute for rest. 

A Button

You can give a belonging to any character that you 
are adjacent to and facing. This is a good way to 
make friends with the villagers. Be careful not to 
accidentally throw the item away.


Getting Tired

There's a lot of work to do, so pace
yourself! If you work to long, you will
gradually become exhausted. Food is
a good quick fix, but push yourself
too hard and you'll get sick.

Power Tools

The more that you use a tool, the
more skilled you become in its use.
Hold the B Button and then release it
for a power swing. Upgraded tools
can be up to three times faster.

Farm Mercantile

Axe	Sickle	Hoe	Hammer

Use to break	Use to clear	Used to till soil Smash up
stumps into	weeds from	that has been	rocks, boulders
usable building farmland, or to cleared. Also	and broken
materials.	cut and gather used for digging fences that
grass.	at the mine.	need clearing

Watering Can Vegetable Seeds Flower Seeds	Empty Bottle
Fill the can at There is a vari- Flowers can't	Use to hold liq-
your well and ety of vegeta- be sold, but	uids like water
water crops	bles each sea- they will make	or medicine.
everyday.	son. Choose	your farm a lot
carefully.	prettier.


Brush	Milker	Shears	Bell
Brush your cows, You will need Use on your	Use the bell to
sheep and horse this machine to sheep to gather call your live- 
everyday to keep get milk from wool for sale.	stock to the
them happy.	your cows.	barn.

Cattle Feed	Cow Potion	Cow Medicine	Chicken Feed
Feed cattle	Use to impreg-	Use to treat	Chickens out-
with your own nate a cow. She cattle sick from side find their 
grass, but you will give birth to spending too	own food, but
can buy feed for a calf after 21 much time in	those in the
emergencies.	days.	the rain.	coop need feed.

Cake	Flowers	Mushrooms	Fruit

The bakery in Though they	These can be	Some seasonal
the village has can't be sold,	eaten or sold. fruit grows in
many tempting flowers are	Be careful	the wild. It's
snacks. Treat abundant and	because some	good to eat, sell,
yourself!	make a good gift. are poisonous. or give away.

Edible Herbs	Medicinal Herbs Fishing Pole	Fish
These grow	These possess	Take a break	Fish are very
above and	healing proper- and try your	nutritious. They
below ground. ties. They can luck at the	are easiest to
They can be	be sold or	water's edge. catch early in
sold or eaten. eaten.	the morning.



Work on a farm means getting your hands dirty. Your crops are 
your primary source of income, so be prepared to spend a lot of 
time out in the fields. At least your dog will keep you company.

1: Clearing Land 

The farm is in pretty sorry shape
when you arrive, so your first job
will be clean-up. Weeds, rocks
and stumps will soon make way
for a bountiful harvest.

Use the Hammer to break up
Rocks, or throw them in the well.

It takes six blows from the basic
Hammer to break a Boulder.

It takes six blows from the basic
Axe to turn a stump to lumber.
Wood can be used for building.

Use the Sickle to clear weeds, or
pick them by hand.


2: Tilling the Soil

Once you've cleared debris from
the ground, use your Hoe to pre-
pare it for sowing. It is advanta-
geous to till 3x3 patches of earth,
as most seeds yield nine squares
of vegetation.

3: Spreading your Seed

Bags of vegetable and grass seed
can be purchased at the Village's
Flower Shop. Each bag is sown
once, covering a 3x3 grid. Each
seed must land on tilled soil to
take root.

4: Watering your Crops

Living things need water to grow.
Fill your can at the well, and
water each seeded square.
Maturing crops can inavoidably
prevent you from reaching center
buds. Grass needn't be watered.

5: Harvest

Use the A Button to pick mature
vegetables. Take them to the
shipping bin and hit the A Button
again to deposit them for sale. Be
sure you are close enough to the
bin, or you can drop a veggie, ruin-
ing it.


Farming Tips and Tricks

1. Plant your crops near the shipping bin and they 
will be easier, and faster to harvest.

2. You don't need to water your plants on rainy days. If 
you work too hard in the rain, you'll get sick. 

3. Vegetables grow at different rates, and are worth 
varying amounts, so plan carefully.

4. Crops that have not been harvested by the end of the 
season will die, so keep track of deadlines. 

5. Saddlebags for your horse can hold veggies, making 
it easier to harvest your entire spread. 

6. Watch the clock. Working too late into the night 
increases the likelihood of getting sick. 

7. Check your mailbox regularly for reminders of spe- 
cial events going on outside your farm.

8. Your dog will be a lot happier if you keep him inside 
your house during inclement weather.

9. Be careful handling your tools. You can accidentally 
ruing crops that you've already planted. 



Caring for livestock on your farm can be a proverbial cash-cow, 
but it does take a lot of work. Live stock must be fed daily, and 
cows and sheep should be brushed as often as possible.

The Chicken	The Barn

1. Chicken Stalls	1. Fodder Spout

Feed each of your chickens by	Fodder you've bought and gathered
placing fodder in these stalls	is withdrawn from this chute.

2. Incubator	2. Feed Stalls

Place eggs that you want to hatch	Feed each of your cows or sheep
here to develop.	by placing fodder in these stalls.

3. Egg Shipping Bin	3. Nursery

Deposit eggs here, and they will be	Let pregnant cows rest here
sold with the rest of your shipment. before giving birth. 

4. Shipping Bin

Deposit milk and wool here, and it
will be sold with the rest of your


You can raise up to six chickens at a time, and sell 
their eggs. They are purchased at the Green Ranch, 
or you can try raise chick's from a hatched egg's. 
The ranch won't sell you a chicken until you have 
enough feed.



If kept happy with a daily brushing, your cows can 
be milked with the milking machine. Also, the Cow 
Potion can impregnate a cow, and the calf will be 
yours to raise. Pregnant cows can't be milked. 


Sheep live alongside cattle in the barn. Once they 
have matured from lambs, and you've bought the 
shears, they can be shorn of their wool, and it can 
be sold. The wool takes seven days to grow back. 

Livestock Tips and Tricks

1. Get in the habit of brushing all of your cows, sheep 
and horse everyday. They'll appreciate it. 

2. To insure a happy and healthy bunch of animals, 
never leave them out in the rain and snow. 

3. A particularly healthy and happy cow could win you 
a prize at one the village's festivals.

4. Animals can graze outside on grass you've planted, 
but they should be fenced in for protection. 

5. You can purchase medicine for a sick cow from the 
ranch owner.



There is an entire world to
explore outside of your
quaint little farm. Get out
every once and a while and
enjoy the great outdoors! You
never know what you can
find if you take the time.



Keeping a vigilant watch
over the countryside is
the majestic peak of
Moon Mountain. A few
rugged souls have made
lives for themselves surviving off of the 
mountain's natural bounty.

The Carpenter

The Carpenter is one
of the hardest working
guys around. For the
right price, he'll build
additions to your home.
Sometimes he'll hire on
an extra worker for dif-
ficult projects.

Fishing	Foraging

A lovely fisherman lives in a hum-	Many natural foods, such as
ble tent by the water's edge. Take	herbs and berries are abundant at
the time to meet him and he'll	the base of the mountain. These
teach you to fish. Hold down the	can be a good source of income
B Button to cast a line, and	when your farm is getting on its
release the Button when the fish	feet, or when times are lean.



The Mayor of nearby Flower Bud Village
will come out to your farm on the first
day to officially greet you. Be sure to
take him up on his offer to show you
around and introduce you to everyone.

Shops and Village Services


The village bakery has a reputation for quality and 
freshness. The cookies, pies and cakes there will 
help you regain some energy. They're all delicious 
and from recipes handed down over the years. 


The bar is open in the evenings, and is a good place 
to unwind after a long day of work. Many of the 
townsfolk can be found there unwinding. Karen, 
from the vineyard, serves drinks.


Most of the village goes to church on Sunday 
mornings, but it also serves as a schoolhouse for 
the village’s children. The village's kindly Parson is 
a good source of encouragement.


Florist Lillia sells all the seeds that you'll need. 
Their selection changes every season. The florist 
will also provide a lot of helpful information on 
raising different plants.



The Flower Bud Village Library has a large volume 
of books on a wide array of topics, from art histo- 
ry, to animal behavior, to technology and science. 
Maria, the receptionist is the Mayor's daughter. 

Mayor's House

Once of the nicest houses in all of the village is the 
Mayor's ivy covered manor. It's nestled in the 
southwest corner of town. The Mayor and his 
wife are extremely pleasant and helpful people. 


The village's midwife has been friends with your 
family for years, and is like a grandmother to you. 
She will share recipes with you, and when the time 
comes, welcome your child into the world. 

Potion Ship

The old man who runs the apothecary is very 
wise, and is very popular with the villagers. He is 
always on the look-out for someone to help gath- 
er medicinal herbs for his compounds.

Tool Shop

Rick, the shop's proprietor is quite a clever inven- 
tor. Most of the tools and sundry goods you'll 
need are found at his shop. There is also a Craft 
Shop selling ceramics in the adjacent storefront. 

Town Square

The walled cobblestone courtyard of the square 
hosts most of the town's festivals. The entrance 
to the Racetrack is on the square's west wall. 



South of your farm is the
Green Ranch. Its owner, his
daughter, and her surly
brother can sell you livestock
and answer most of your
questions about animals.

A Horse with No Name

Be sure to visit the Ranch before the end of the 
Spring. They are looking for someone to care for a 
pony. Once the pony has gotten big enough, you 
can ride him and pack his saddlebags with produce. 

Buying Cattle

Cows, sheep and chickens can all be bought at the 
Ranch. They will not be sold to you until you have 
enough fodder to feed them. All the animals are deliv- 
ered to your farm after you've purchased them. 


Another thriving business in the area is 
the Vineyard, which supplies all of the
town's fine wines. The Wine Maker is
rather brusque, and he and his daugh-
ter, Karen, are often seen quarreling.
Still, his heart is in the right place.



All work and no play is no way to live. Take time to enjoy some 
fun and games and exploration. There are a number of eligible 
ladies in town, and who knows where flirting could lead. 

The Love of Your Life

Elli	Popuri	Ann
Elli is the daughter of Popuri is as bright and	Ann is the daughter
the baker, and is quite chipper as the flow-	of the Ranch owner,
a cook in her own	ers sold at her par-	and is very outgoing.
right, though she is	ent's florist shop. She	She is very fond of
too humble to say so. loves to garden.	animals.

Maria	Karen
The Mayor's daugh-	Though a bit tempera-
ter, Maria, works in	mental, Karen is actual-
the library. She is a bit	ly quite nice. She works
shy, but appreciates	at the bar, and her fami-
being kept company.	ly owns the vineyard.

A Day at the Races

Both your dog, and your horse are eligible to com- 
pete in races sponsored by the village. These 
races are quite an occasion, and if you're lucky, 
you can win prizes on wagers.

The Supernatural
There are stories of fantastic creatures inhabiting 
the countryside, especially the caves at the base 
of Moon Mountain. Investigating these rumors 
could reveal wondrous surprises.



Life in the country revolves around the season, and each season 
has a number of special occasions marked by the villagers. These 
events mean a lot to everyone, and are not to be missed. 

1.....First Day on Farm
8.....Planting Festival
17.........Horse Racing
18-22....Vote for Queen
23......Flower Festival

9....Vegetable Festival
17.....Firefly Festival
24.........Sea Festival

4..........Cow Festival
12.....Harvest Festival
20.........Egg Festival
28...........Horse Race

19...........Dog Racing
24.........Starry Night
27......Spirit Festival
30.......New Year's Eve