The PS3Xploit Team has done it once again with an incredible breakthrough that has now just gone LIVE for everyone and as the recent teaser recently suggested, it's for those later Slim & Super Slim models who are not capable of installing CFW (aka NoN CFW Compatible Models).

While not a HEN (Homebrew Enabler) it's a volatile dose of "HAN" (short for etHANol). This version of the hack has evolved to give something to every PS3 model now. All models will now have the ability to install PS3 games backup pkg and unlock PS1/PS2/PSP emulators for use among other features as outlined by developer bguerville who is going to take it from here with this introduction of PS3Xploit v3.0 - Codenamed: "HAN"

TO USE IT DOWNLOAD THE SUPPORT FILES at and follow psx-place's tutorial be warned Sony WILL BAN YOU