Welcome To The Tamagotchi Laboratory

Here are some of the great things you can do with your Nintendo Game Boy
Tamagotchi game.

1.You can raise three Tamagotchi at the same time
2.You can set the Tamagotchi's growth rate
3.You have other ways of caring for your Tamagotchi that differ from the
4.You can enter your tamagotchi in tournaments
5.The game is saved automatically so when you restart you can return to
your unfinished game.

How To Use The Controller

Control Pad: Press to move the cursor up, down or sideways

A Button:Press to make a selection

B Button:Press to cancel and return to the main menu

START Button:Press to set the modes for the beginning of the game

SELECT Button:Press to return from the Laboratory to the Options menu

Starting The Game

Place the Tamagotchi cartridge in the GameBoy and turn the ON/OFF Switch to
the ON position. After a short demonstration you will see the Main Menu from
which you may choose one of the following:
Continue: Restarts the game you were previously playing

New Game: Starts a new game with a new egg.

Options: There are three options. "Time Speed" lets you set the growth rate
of your Tamagotchi at either Fast, Med or Slow. "Memory" lets you check the
recorded data on your Tamagotchi. "Exit" returns you to the Start Menu.

To make a selection on any screen press the Control Pad to move the cursor to
your desired choice, then press the A button to enter the selection.
If you wantto start a new game, move the cursor to New Game and press the A
Button. You will enter the Laboratory. You will be asked whether want to
"Erase Game". You must choose "yes" to begin a new game. Then, you advance to
the Choose Egg screen.

On this screen you can select either "Choose Egg" or "Explain." If you select
Explain you will be able to advance to a series of screens that explain
various aspects of the game.
If you select "Choose Egg" you advance to the Egg Room where you can choose
any of eight eggs. After you choose an egg, you must name it.
To name an egg, you move the cursor above a desired letter with the Control
Pad and press the A Button to select the letter. The name may be from one to
six letters long. When you are done spelling out the name, select "ED" to
advance to the Game Screen. You cannot change a name once the game has begun.
If you want to take care of more than one egg you can choose another egg
after you have named the first one. You can raise three eggs at the same

Taking Care of Your Tamagotchi

The icons at the top and bottom of the Playing Screen allow you to take care
of your Tamagotchi.
Clock Keeps the time of the game

Time Range Changes with the time on the clock

Call Signal Appears when a Tamagotchi is calling you

Tamagotchi Selector Lets you choose which Tamagotchi to care for (you can
grow up to three at the same time).

FoodLets you choose what food you want to feed your Tamagotchi

Light After your Tamagotchi goes to sleep select the A Button to turn off
the light. select it again to turn the light back on.

GameSelect this to play with your Tamagotchi. You can play three different
games which will imporove your Tamagotchi's mood, mental powers and physical

Medical Care A skeleton head on the screen means your Tamagotchi is sick.
You must provide medicine or an injection to cure your Tamagotchi.
ToiletIf your Tamagotchi goes to the bathroom, you have to select this icon
to flush the toilet.
Check Meters Lets you check the life (hunger), Fun (Mood), IQ (mental
power) Body (physical fitness, and Deed (training) meters of your Tamagotchi

Training You may praise or scold your tamagotchi by selecting this icon.

The Laboratory Lets you return to the Laboratory where you can do the

Get a new egg
Get special instructions from the professor
Enter a Tamagotchi in tournaments
Choose a Tamagotchi to return to the Home Planet.
End the game

Tamagotchi Games

You access the the three Tamagotchi games from the game icon. The three games
are; the smile game, the study game, the sports game.
The Smile Game
Your Tamagotchi will look to the left or right. Youhave to guess whichnway it
will look next. Select the direction with the Control Pad. If you choose the
same directio as your Tamagotchi three times out of five, its fun meter will
increase. When all four hearts are full your Tamagotchi is in its best mood.
The Study Game
You can help your Tamagotchi study. There are three difficulty levels of math
questions: A, B or C. When your Tamagotchi gets two out of three questions
correct, its IQ Meter will improve. When the IQ Meter has a bar filling its
entire length your Tamagotchi is in peak mental health. If your Tamagotchi
cannot answer a question, you ahve to select the A button.
The Sports Game
In the sports agme you help your Tamagotchi catch a ball by using the Control
Pad right/left and the A Button. There are three difficulty levels: A, B or
C. In level A you must catch five out of ten balls, in level B, 7 out of ten
balls and in level C, 9 out of 10 balls. Your Tamagotchi might also move
itself depending on its strength. After exercise, the Body Meter will
improve. When your Body Meter has a bar filling its entire length, Your
Tamagotchi is in peak physical health.

Checking The Health Meters

When you select the Check Meters icon you can look at the following health
meters for your Tamagotchi.

Life Meter When you feed your Tamagotchi the hearts fill up

Fun Meter When you play the Smile Game with your Tamagotchi or give your
Tamagotchi ice cream or cake, the hearts in the fun meter fill up.
IQ Meter When you play the Study Game with your Tamagotchi, the bar in the
IQ Meter increases to the right

Body Meter when you play the Sports Game with your Tamagotchi, the bar in
the Body Meter improves.

Deed Meter When you praise or scold your Tamagotchi, the Deed Meter

Entering Your Tamagotchi In Tournaments

You can enter your Tamagotchi in Race, Beauty and Knowledge tournaments by
returning to the Laborartory and selecting "Explain" and then selecting
"Tournaments." You can only enter tournaments between 12 Noon and 6PM. Do not
be late, and be aware of certain tournament's age limitations. If your
Tamagotchi wins , it will be selected to the Hall of Fame. But remember, your
Tamagotchi can be moody. If you enter your Tamagotchi in competitions when it
is hungry or ill, it will not perform well. You must always pay attention to
its condition.

Questions And Answers

If Your Tamagotchi Calls You...

If your Tamagotchi is hungry you made feed it. If your Tamagotchi is in a bad
mood you may play the Smile game or give it Ice Cream or Cake.

If Your Tamagotchi Is Spoiled...

If your Tamagotchi calls for you for no reason or becomes choosy about its
food, you ust give it a good scolding. Of course you have to praise your
Tamagotchi when it does something good.

If Your Tamagotchi Becomes Sick...

You have to care for your Tamagotchi before it is too late. If your
Tamagotchi has a stomach ache, you may give it medicine.If your Tamagotchi
has a cold, you may give it an injection. You have to be carefulr not to give
your Tamagotchi too much cake or ice cream, and you must remember to flush
the toilet.

If Your Tamagotchi Dies...

Do not cry. Your Tamagotchi has returned to its Home Planet

If You Want A New Tamagotchi...

There are only eight eggs. If you have used all of the eggs and your last
Tamagotchi dies, the game is over. If you are lucky you might get a new egg
during the game.

How To Save A Game...

A record can be saved for each of your eight Tamagotchi. When a Tamagotchi
dies or when you decide to return it to the Home Planet, the save screen will
appear. You may choose "save" followed by "yes."If you do not have any space
left in which to save the record, you have to choose "erase" followed by
If You Want To Read A Record...

To read a Tamagotchi record you must return to the Main Menu by pressing the
B Button. Then, select "Options" and "Memory" and you will access the Record
Screen. If you want to delete the recorded data, push the A Button and the
SELECT Button at the same time while on the Record Screen.

How To Play With The Super GameBoy...

To play Tamagotchi with your Super GameBoy, first place the Tamagotchi Game
Pak in the Super GameBoy cassette. Then, place the cassette into the Super
GameBoy unit. Turn on the power and play. Be sure to check the Super GameBoy
unit manual for the proper settings and functions.