The Pagemaster


Typed out by Entrax.


It all started when Richard rode his bike into town. Suddenly, a ferocious
storm hit, and Richard crashed into a tree, leaving his bike (and nerves)

Dazed and confused, Richard ran into a nearby building : the Public
Library. He stumbled around the dimly-lit corridors lined with towering
shelves of books... and the next thing he knew, he was an illustration in a
fantastic new world.

A mysterious man called The Pagemaster informs Richard that if he's to
return to reality, he must find the Library exit. During his adventure
Richard meets many unusual characters - some friendly, but most eager to
make him a human bookmark (ouch!). Richard also gets the chance to collect
all kinds of valuable objects, including library cards. If he collects
eight library cards he can free his friends Horror, Adventure and Fantasy,
and be treated to an ending few will ever see! Now, brave adventurer it's
time to enter the world of The Pagemaker!



Before you begin to play, take the time to familiarise yourself with the
movements and functions of the Game Boy's Buttons.

* Press the Start Button on the Title Screen to call up the Options Screen.


Three options are presented "START GAME", "MUSIC/SOUND TEST" and "PASSWORD
INPUT". Fantasy the Good Fairy Book shows which option is to be selected.

* Press the Control Pad up or down to move Fantasy between the options.
* Press the A, B or Start Button to select the highlighted option.


Guess what?


Selecting this option calls up three new options : "PLAY MUSIC", "PLAY
SOUND" and "EXIT". You canlisten to all the music and sound effects used in
The Pagemaster. The tunes (there are 12 different ones) and sounds (there
are 23 different ones) are represented by numbers. Select "EXIT" to return
to the Options Screen.

* Press the Control Pad up or down to move Fantasy between the options.
* Press the Control Pad left or right to change the number of the music or
*Press the A, B or Start Button to hear the music or sound.


To save you have to replay worlds when you return to The Pagemaster time
and tim¯e again, a Password (a maximum of eight letters in length) is given
when a world is completed. The Password contains important details such as
the number of Richard characters remaining when the world in question is
completed. To begin play from where you left off, enter the appropriate
Password on this screen. Twenty-one letters are presented, with a box
around the letter to be entered. The Password is registered when the eighth
letter is selected. If the Password is not recognised you will be told
"INVALID PASSWORD" and returned to the Options Screen. Don't worry : simply
select the "PASSWORD INPUT" option and try again.

* Press the Control Pad in any direction to move the box between the
* Press the A Button to choose a highlighted letter.
* Press the B Button to remove letters.


Before Richard's quest begins he is seen standing on the pages of an open
Level Map Book.



The Status Panel at the top of the screen shows everything you need to know
about the state of play. On each level you will find the platforms, ropes,
pits, traps (including spikes, burning candles and poison pools),
adversaries. Collectible and Pick-ups-among other things! Use the platform
and ropes to get around the level.


Shows the Pick-Up currently in use by Richard. Note that he starts with no


You start with five. A Richard character is lost if he has no Pick-Ups and
bumps into an adversary or touches some deadly scenery. If any Richard
character are remaining, the Map is presented so you can choose to play
another level or replay the level where the Richard character was lost.
Play will resume from the beginning of the level or at where the last
Pagemaster Hat was touched (see SPECIAL SCENERY). When no more Richard
characters remain, it's Game Over. Note that there are two ways to earn
extra Richard characters : either by scoring enough points or collecting
Richard Heads.


Remember: you need all eight if Richard is to escape, but that doesn't
mean you can't explore all the worlds - or even reach the end!


They look different depending on the world Richard is in, but points are
always given for collecting them. More importantly, for every 30 Gold
Tokens acquired, a Book Token is given.


What do they do?


You are awarded points for removing adversaries from play and acquiring
Collectibles and Pick-Ups. Note that your score is only shown when the
action is frozen.


Young Richard may be nervous disposition, but when he's under pressure to
perform, his athletic abilities come to the fore. Use the first few levels
to get used to Richard's limitations. Note that Richard can fall any
distance without getting hurt - well, provided he doesn't land on some
unpleasant scenery.

* Press the Control Pad LEFT or RIGHT to move Richard in this direction
along solid ground or in the air. Note that this means Richard can be
guided after a jump or when he's falling.

* Press the Control Pad UP or DOWN when RIchard is on solid ground (even
when he's running) to make him look in those directions. The screen will
move slightly so you can spot what danger lurks above or below. Note that
when RIchard's standing still, he crouches when he looks down, and that can
prove useful for avoiding some adversaries.

* Press the A Button to make Richard jump straight up, whether he is on a
rope of any description or on solid ground. Note that the longer the A
Button is held down, the higher Richard will jump.

* Press and hold the Control Pad LEFT or RIGHT then press the A Button to
make Richard leap in those directions.

* Press the Control Pad UP when Richard is near a rope to make him grab
it. Yes, even when he's in the air.

* Press the Control Pad UP or DOWN when Richard is on a rope of any
description to make him climb in those directions.

* Press and hold the D Button DOWN then press the A Button to make Richard
jump down from a rope.

* Press the Control Pad DOWN when Richard is on a slope to make him slide
- and knock out any adversaries along the way.

* Press the B Button to use the Pick-Up Richard is holding in the direction
he's facing. Note that Pick-Ups such as the Sword, Eyeballs and Fairy Dust
can be used even when Richard's jumping or crouching.


* Press the Start Button during play to freeze the action. You will hear a
tone, Richard will disappear and your score will be shown in the bottom
right-hand corner of the screen.

* Press the Select Button to quit the level and return to the Map. Note
that you can only quit a level which has already been completed.

* Press the Start Button to resume play when the action is frozen.

* Press an d hold the Select, Start, A or B Buttons at any time to reset
The Pagemaster. Note that this function will not work with a Super Game Boy


Richard's quest takes him through three main worlds comprising 13 levels,
each more difficult than the last. There are two types of level : on one,
you decide how fast the level moves; on the other, the level is always
moving and a Richard character is lost if he's squashed by the screen.

Note that some adversaries are tougher than others and it can take more
than a single hit with a Pick-Up to remove them from play. Some adversaries
are so tough they cannot be removed from play!


A spooky trip through a graveyard and a haunted mansion. Look out for
Shields: they bounce when RIchard nears and can be used as platforms.

BOOKS: Some walk around snapping their pages: others fly! Note that Books
appear on all worlds.

BATS: Don't get in a flop, the Bats are easy enough to avoid....with

GHOSTS: Beware! They appear from nowhere.

FRANKENSTEIN'S FIST: Don't let it pound Richard into the ground!

MR HYDE: He throws flasks which bounce along the ground. Don't let them
hit Richard!


Avast, ye landlubbers! It's all hands on deck on the pirate ship. But will
you ever reach Treasure Island?

CAPTAIN AHAB: He's been on Moby Dick's trail for years, but he's quite
content to throw his harpoon at anyone who gets in the way.

LONG JOHN SILVER'S PARROT: A not-so-pretty Polly who flaps around in a

SWINGING PIRATES: So happy they swing from ropes.

HAPPY PIRATES: They are even happier if they can put a stop to Richard's
progress. Beware! Happy Pirates pop out from behind walls and throw things
at Richard.

GEORGE MERRY: A large, jolly fellow who hides in barrels and only emerges
to throw bottles at anyone in the area.


What is this peculiar place full of mushrooms? And why do you end up inside
a dragon's stomach?

HUMPTY DUMPTY: He sits on platforms and falls when Richard is near.

ANGRY FLOWERS: They may appear to be harmless, but watch out when they
bloom - they spit seeds!

FIRE CREATURE: Ouch! It burns so keep well away.

SKELETON: It has a sword - and it's not afraid to use it. Watch out! The
Skeleton is strong!

LILLIPUTIANS : The little people carry spears which are usually used to
prod things, but sometimes they are thrown!


The following items are found on every level. All Collectibles are worth
points, and some of them are very useful, so run over them to pick them up
when you spot them.


Play the Bonus Game - but only if you complete the level.


In Horror World the Gold Tokens are keys, in Adventure World the Gold
Tokens are Coins, and in Fantasy World the Gold Tokens are golden Goose
Eggs. Remember: a Book Token is automatically awarded for every 30 Gold


Sometimes found lying around, but always used to remove all adversaries
seen on the screen from play. Press the Select Button to use a Book.


It provides temporary invincibility from adversaries and any dangerous
scenery. While the Helmet's in use Richard is surrounded by magic dust;
when the Helmet's power is almost gone, Richard will flash. Note that using
the Helmet doesn't interfere with any Pick-Ups held.


Pick it up for points.


Pick it up for points.


Pick it up for points.


They are found lying around on different levels. Remember : collect all 8
to see special ending!


An extra Richard character is yours for every Head collected - so pick up
as many as possible!


The following items are found on most levels. All Pick-Ups are useful, so
when you see them, simply run over them to pick them up. The best thing
about holding a Pick-Up is that if offers protection : if Richard is hit
while he's carrying a Pick-Up, the Pick-Up is lost and not a Richard


These give Richard extra jumping power for longer leaps and also allow him
to rebound off walls. Richard cannot carry any other Pick-Up until he picks
up the Magic Shoes. (You can see that Richard's wearing the Magic Shoes by
the trail of magic dust he leaves behind). Once Richard has the Magic
Shoes, only one Pick-Up at a time can be held - the next one picked up will
replace the one held. Of course, when Richard has the Magic Shoes AND
another Pick-Up, he effectively has two chances before a character is lost.


This green globule covers Richard's hands with a green goo that allows him
to perform some amazing climbing techniques! His Sticky Hands can be used
to stick to the underside of ceillings...and Richard can then "swing" along


Ugh, a bag of Eyeballs for throwing at adversaries. Watch the Eyeballs
bounce around the screen and back to Richard when they cannot bounce any
further. Note that only five Eyeballs can be bouncing around at a time. As
long as Richard has the bag, his ammunition is unlimited.


A quick slash with the Sword just the thing for removing adversaries from
play. Note that Richard can use the Sword when he's crouching, running or


Richard can shoot magical dust from his hands. the longer he holds his
ground - and you hold the B Button - the bigger the sparks he fires! Shoot
short bursts at adversaries to remove them from play.


Richard can run and jump on the screen and some objects. He can even jump
through some scenery, pick up and throw certain objects or push them! When
you spot any of the following Special Scenery, take advantage of its
special nature.

* Press the B Button to pick up and hold an object - but only if it's not
too heavy.
* Press the B Button while holding an object to throw it.
* Press the Control Pad to move Richard into the object to push it.


The Hunchbook. As you can see, he's a sleep. Horror can be picked up and
placed anywhere - but try to ensure that he's put somewhere useful.


Just like Horror, it can be picked up and placed anywhere.


Richard cannot pick it up - but he can push it and jump on it for extra


It cannot be pushed, but it can be picked up and moved.


It can't be picked up or pushed, but when Richard touches one of these, it
spins around and Richard's position in the level i s noted.

Now if a Richard character is lost, he isn't returned to the beginning of
the level - he's instead placed at the last Pagemaster Hat he touched!


You only get to play the Bonus Game if you collect a Bonus Token and
complete a level. In the Bonus Game, collect the falling treasure and any
Richard Heads, but avoid getting knocked out by falling Skulls and Books.
If Richard can survive for long enough, big bonus points are yours! Note
that a Richard character is not lost if he's hit by a Skull or Book - but
you do lose the chance of earning the big bonus points.


* Look out for different ways to explore levels. There are many modes of
transportation for Richard to use - be creative!
* You can judge a book by its cover. Beware of adversaries that appear from
thin air!
* To negotiate steep slopes as quickly as possible, jump up them.
* If you can't reach some areas of a level, try moving and standing on an
object for extra height!
* Richard can jump on the heads of some adversaries to remove them from
* Richard will throw an object further if he's running.
* On levels where you don't control the speed, it's wise to look before you
* Wait for Captain Ahab to throw his harpoon (not forgetting to avoid it).
If the harpoon hits some scenery, it will be jammed there - so use it to
jump higher.
* Happy Pirates cannot be removed from play, but Richard's hits will make
them hide away.
* When Humpty Dumpty's rubbing his head he can't hurt Richard.
* The Skeleton is a hardy adversary. Note that if it's left alone it will
regain its strength!
* Big bursts of Magic Dust are useful for removing Skeletons from play.
* Look out for invisible entrances leading to Secret Hidden Rooms! But how
can you see them? You can't until Richard bumps his head on one. A book
will appear and flap open. To enter the Secret Hidden Level where treasure
and sometimes extra Richard characters are in store, simply get Richard on
top of the book and he will dive in. To leave a Secret Hidden Room, use the
exit to return to play. Note that you cannot enter the same Secret Hidden
Room more than once.
* Note that any Pick-Ups and Collectibles held at the end of a level or
world will be carried over to the next.
* Maybe you can't find a Library Card and need to re-explore a level? So
what? Go for it! You can replay any previously completed level by simply
choosing it as you would and incomplete level.
* If Richard can find Fantasy the Good Fairy Book, he can use her to fly