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 WHAT IS TETRIS? ............................................................ 3
 1. USING THE CONTROLS (Names and Functions of Parts ........................ 4
 2. BEFORE YOU START PLAY ................................................... 5
 3. HOW TO PLAY A 1-PLAYER GAME ............................................. 6
 4. HOT TO PLAY A 2-PLAYER GAME ............................................ 10
 5. TECHINQUE .............................................................. 13
 6. OTHER OPERATIONS ....................................................... 15
 7. ABOUT SCORING .......................................................... 16

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 [WHAT IS TETRIS?]_________________________________________________

 TETRIS is a new type of puzzle game from the Soviet Union.  It's really simple
 to play.  Seven different shaped blocks fall  down the game field one after
 the other.  The object of the game is to keep the blocks from piling up to the
 top of the game field.  To do this, you can move the blocks to the left and
 right, and rotate them as they fall.  If you can completely fill in one
 horizontal line, that line disappears and you get points.  If the blocks pile
 up to thetop of the game field, that's the end of the game.  TETRIS is simple,
 easy-to-understand and difficult to drag yourself away from!
 TETRIS originally came from the word "tetra" meaning the number 4.  By
 arranging four squares, you can make seven different shapes which are the
 pieces in this game.
 With the GAME BOY, you can play three types of games: endurance game A, game B
 where you play for the highest score at the 25th line, and a 2-player game
 where you can connect to another GAME BOY.

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 [1. USING THE CONTROLS]_____________________________________________

 Names and Functions of Parts (Picture of Game Boy shown which all the separate
                               buttons named and pointed to.)

 How to Use the Controls

 <- Moves blocks to the left.
 -> Moves blocks to the right.
 v  Makes the blocks fall down fast.

 Select which way to rotate the block while it is falling down:
 A Button  Block rotates 90 degrees clockwise each time button is pressed.
 B Button  Block rotates 90 degress counter-clockwise each time the button is

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 [2. BEFORE YOU START PLAY]____________________________________________

 [1] Before starting the game
     Insert the GAME BOY Game Pak correctly into the GAME BOY and turn the
     power ON.  First "nintendo" will be displayed, followed by the TETRIS
     license scree and then the title screen.

 [2] Title Screen
     When the title screen has appeared, select a 1-player of 2-player game
     using the Control Pad and then press the START button.

 (You can only select a 2-player game when the exclusive Video Link(tm) cable
 is connected to another GAME BOY with Tetris.)

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 [3. HOW TO PLAY A 1-PLAYER GAME]_______________________________________

 TETRIS can be played in one of three ways: games A or B, or a 2-player game.
 Bring the cursor to 1-PLAYER and press the START Button.  See the next chapter
 for details on how to play a 2-player game.

 GAME TYPE/MUSIC TYPE Selection Screens
 The flashing characters and numbers are the present settings.  They will stop
 flashing when they have been set.
 * Pick GAME TYPE.
 * Use the Control Pad to pick either A-TYPE or B-TYPE. (To skip the MUSIC TYPE
   setting, press the START Button.)
 * To move to MUSIC selection press A.
 * Use the Control Pad to pick either A-TYPE, B-TYPE, C-TYPE, or OFF (no music)
 * Press START.

 Difficulty Selection Screen
 * Pick LEVEL.
 * Use the Control Pad to pick LEVEL (difficulty) then press A.
 * Pick how HIGH block pile begins (TYPE-B game only).
 * Use the Control Pad to pick how HIGH beginning block pile is.  Challenge
   yourself or a friend.

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 * A-YTPE game

 This is a test of your endurance where you must try to get the high score by
 completing as many lines as possible.  Choose the LEVEL (falling speed of the
 blocks) on the LEVEL setting screen.  (The higher the LEVEL, the faster the
 blocks fall down.)
 During the course of the game, the LEVEL gradually increases and the game gets
 increasingly harder.  When the block have reached the top of the game field,
 that's the end of the game.

 Game Screen (Shows the SCORE, LEVEL, LINES, NEXT, and FIELD display.)

 SCORE   Shows the score you have earned by completing the lines.
 LEVEL   Shows the falling speed of the current block on screen.
 LINES   Shows the total number of lines that have been completed since the
         start of the game.
 NEXT    Shows the next block.
 FIELD   This is where the action is.

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 * B-TYPE game

 The object of this game is to complete 25 lines.  Once all 25 lines are
 completed, the score will be calculated.  First select and set the falling
 speed of the block (LEVEL) and the height of the beginning block pile (HIGH)
 at the LEVEL setting screen.  The higher the HIGH setting, the more random
 blocks will be placed in the game field at the beginning of the game.  When
 the blocks have reached the top of the game field, or when you have completed
 25 lines, that's the end of the game.
 * Gane B differs from game A in that the level of the game does not change.

 Game Screen (Shows the LEVEL, HIGH, LINES, NEXT, and FIELD display.)

 LEVEL   Shows the falling speed of the current block on screen.
 HIGH    Shows the height of the beginning random blocks.
 LINES   Shows the total number of lines remaining before you win the game.
         (Lines are counted down from 25.)

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 NEXT    Shows the next block.
 FIELD   This is where the action is.
 * When level 9 in game B is cleared, a melody will play and a new screen will
   appear.  This will change according to the HIGH setting.
   And when you clear LEVEL 9 and HIGH 5 .... well, that's something you can
   look forward to!


 The names (up to six letters) and the score of the top three for each LEVEL
 and HIGH can be registered for both games A and B.  However, they disappear
 from memory when the power is turned OFF.
 To set your name, select the letters of the alphabet using the, left and right
 sides of the Control Pad, and the A Button.  (If the B button is pressed, the
 display will return to the previous characters.)  After you have input the six
 letters, you can go on to the LEVEL setting by pressing the A Button or the
 START Button.

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 [4. HOW TO PLAY A 2-PLAYER GAME]___________________________________

 The 2-player game is a completely new way of playing TETRIS developed
 exclusively for the GAME BOY that cannot be enjoyed anwhere else.  With the
 reular TETRIS game, you test how far you can stand up to the blocks sent down
 the screen by the computer.  However, in this 2-player game, an extra feature
 has been added, now the other player can send you their blocks!  At the title
 screen, select 2-PLAYER and press the START Button  The GAME BOY where START
 was pressed will be Mario and the other GAME BOY will be Luigi.
 After the game starts, the object is to complete lines.  However, if you
 complete two lines at once (a double), you can add to the opponent's lines by
 one.  If you complete three lines at once (a triple), you can add two to the
 opponents lines by two lines.  If you complete four lines at once (a "TETRIS")
 you can add four (!) to the opponent's lines by four lines.
 A game is won by the first to either complete 30 lines or push all the
 opponent's lines up to the top of the game field.  The first to win four games
 In this 2-player game, you can give a weaker opponent a handicap to make play
 much more interesting.  You can reduce the gap between a stronger player and
 a weaker player by using the HIGH setting, adding random blocks to the
 stronger player's game field before starting play.

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 [1] Before starting play
     You need the following before starting a 2-player game.

     2 GAME BOY units
     2 TETRIS Game Paks
     1 Video Link(tm) cable

 (1) Connect the Video Link(tm) cable, and check that the Game Paks have been
     inserted correctly in place.  Then, turn the power switches ON.
 (2) First check that the title screens are displayed on both GAME BOY units.
     Then select 2-PLAYER on one of the GAME BOY units.

 The game will stop if step (1) has not been carried out correctly, of if the
 Video Link(tm) cable is pulled out and inserted again during the game.  If
 this happens, turn the power switches of both GAME BOY units OFF, and begin
 the set-up precedure from (1) again.

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 [2] MUSIC TYPE setting screen
     The game music can be selected one on the Mario GAME BOY unit.

 [3] Handicap (HIGH) setting screen
     Set your handicaps on this screen.  The game can be started by only the
     START Button on the Mario GAME BOY unit.

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 [5] During the game and other screens
     When the blocks have piled up over a certain height, the music will get
     faster to inform you that you're in danger.

     Then one of you won, the screen will change like that on the right.
     The first to win four games is the winner.

     * If you both finish at the same time the game is a draw.  That game will
       not be counted.

 [5. TECHNIQUE]_____________________________________________________

 Remember the seven types of blocks.  There are seven types of TETRIS blocks.

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 Basic strategy

 * Align the blocks in a horizontal line making sure there are no gaps.
 * If a complete line with no gaps is formed, that line will disappear from the
 * All the blocks remaining on the screen will fall down one line.
 * As you get better at the game, you can complete two lines (a double), three
   lines (a triple) or four lines (a "TETRIS") with the drop of one block.
   Boubles, triples, and TETRISes will result in a high score.

 What should I do when this happens?

 The situation shown at the left may occur during the game.  First don't panic!
 You may be able to fix the hole with the next block.  In this case, wait for
 the next block to land and the "thud" sound, and quickly slide that block
 across as shown at the right.
 Skillfully link the blocks together to turn a tight situation into a chance
 for extra points.

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 [6. OTHER OPERATIONS]______________________________________________

 [1] Pause
     Press the START Button during the game to pause.  Press again to restart
     the game from the moment it was stopped.
     * Only the Mario GAME BOY unit can pause a 2-player game.

 [2] Resetting
     Press the A, B, SELECT and START Buttons simultaneously during the game to
     reset and return to the TETRIS license screen.  The top score will not be
     * The game cannot be played if only one of the GAME BOY units has been
       reset in a 2-player game.

 [3] How to play more difficult games:
     * To delete the NEXT display
       This mode is to deleting the NEXT display that shows you the shape of
       the next block.  To delete the NEXT display, press the SELECT Button
       during the game.  Press SELECT Button again to turn the NEXT display on!
     * For those of you who have mastered LEVEL 9 and HIGH 5:
       For those of you who think that TETRIS is too easy after mastering LEVEL
       9 and HIGH 5, hold the Control Pad down and press the START Button
       during the title screen.  You can enjoy a much faster and more demanding
       game.  See chapter 2. for details on other operations.

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     * When a game is started, a HEART will appear at the side of the LEVEL
     * When registering the top score, a HEART will be mixed in with the
       characters.  This is for distinguishing between the top scores obtained
       at the normal speed and high speed.

 [7. ABOUT SCORING]__________________________________________________

 * The higher the position that the block is dropped from the higher the score.
   If the blocks appearing at the top of the game field are dropped by pressing
   down on the Control Pad, the score obtained will change according to the
   height from with it was dropped. (DROP point)
   However, you will get no score if you quit while its falling.
 * Get a high score by completing 2, 3 or 4 lines at once.  The deeper the pile
   of lines the is completed, the higher the score.  Scores also differ
   according to the game level.

 LEVEL : 0     1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8      9

 Single: 40    80    120   160   200   240   280   320   360    400
 Double: 100   200   300   400   500   600   700   800   900    1000
 Triple: 300   600   900   1200  1500  1800  2100  2400  2700   3000
 TETRIS: 1200  2400  3600  4800  6000  7200  8400  9600  10800  12000

 *This table applies to both game A and B.

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 Score count up screen in game B

 Single number and score... (No. Completed) X 40pts.
 Double number and score... (No. Completed) X 100pts.
 Triple number and score... (No. Completed) X 300pts.
 TETRIS number and score... (No. Completed) X 1200pts.
 Drop Score................ Total Blocks Dropped
 Total Score............... Combined Points Score