Mickey Mouse Magic Wands!

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Nintendo                                           DMG-I5-USA

M                                                            MICKEY MOUSE
A                                                             Magic Wands!
G                                                        Instruction Booklet


The Story Begins................................................3
Mickey's Friends Who are Trapped inside the Witch's Castle!.....5
Starting the Game...............................................7
How to Play the Game and an Explanation of the Screens..........9
This is the Magic Wand!........................................11
Using Items....................................................13
Using Passwords................................................15
Enemies Inside the Castle......................................16
Good Luck, Mickey!.............................................17
How to use the Super Game Boy..................................18


The Story Begins

Rescue Mickey's from the evil
witch's castle!

One day Mickey Mouse and his friends became lost
while playing in the forest.
After walking for quite some time, they chanced upon
a mysterious castle. "That's the witch Yashja's castle!
Once you enter you'll never be able to escape!"
said Mickey and his noisily to each other, disturbing
the witch Yashja.
"Who dares disturb my sleep? You shall pay!"
shrieked the witch, as a gaping hole opened in the
ground under Mickey's friends and swallowing them
up. Hurry and save your friends, Mickey!


When you find crystals inside the castle, wave the
Magic Wand. Useful items and "puzzle pieces" which
can help you save your friends will appear.

There are four zones inside the castle.
A strong enemy boss waits for you at the end of
each zone.


Mickey's Friends Who are Trapped inside the Witch's Castle!

Gather the "puzzle pieces" inside the castle to rescue
your friends who have been trapped by the witch.
Good luck, Mickey!

(images - pictures of Mickey's Friends)

Minnie Mouse         Clarabelle Cow          Donald Duck
Goofy                  Ferdy                 Grandma Duck
Pluto                  Huey                     Figaro
Daisy                  Dewey
Horace Horsecollar     Louie


(no words - image of Mickey and his friends together)


Starting the Game

Use the Magic Wand to rescue your
friends from the evil witch!

Insert the Game Boy game pack and
turn on the power to start the game.

Starting new games
Select START at the title screen. Then, when the title for stage 1 appears
after the story introduction, press the Start Button (or Button A) to start
the game.

Continuing games
Even if stop a game partway, you can continue from where you left
off by entering the password. (See page 15)


Controller Functions

Control Pad: Pressing left or right on the Control
Pad moves Mickey to the left or right. Pressing
up or down on the Control Pad makes Mickey
climb up or go down stairs, etc.

Button A: Press Button A to make Mickey jump
or use items.
This button also makes windows disappear.

Button B: Press Button B to use the Magic
Wand. (See page 11)

Start Button: Press the Start  Button to start
the game.

Select Button: Press the Select Button to make
the item screen appear and disappear.


How to Play the Game and an Explanation of the Screens

Gather the puzzle pieces
Mickey Mouse's friends have been trapped inside
the castle.
To rescue them you must gather "puzzle pieces"
and complete their pictures one by one.

Wave the Magic Wand in front of the crystals
When you find a crystal, wave the Magic Wand in
front of it to make a "puzzle piece" or item appear.


Waving the Magic Wand in front of crystals makes
"puzzle pieces" or items appear.

Enemies inside the castle
These are the witch's minions who try to keep Mickey
from rescuing his friends.

This shows Mickey Mouse's life power. When all of
the stars disappears, Mickey loses one player.

Window of Mickey Mouse's friends
These pictures show how much of the pictures are
completed each time Mickey finds a puzzle piece.

Pressing the Select Button will make the screen displaying Mickey's
items appears. (See page 13)


This is the Magic Wand!

Mickey gets a new Wand each time
he advances to a new zone.
A strong enemy boss awaits Mickey at the end of each zone! If Mickey can
overcome these bosses, he will receive new Magic Wands.

Magic Wand 1: Wave this Wand in front of crystals
When Mickey Mouse waves this Magic Wand in
front of crystals, "puzzle pieces" or items will appear.

Magic Wand 2:
This Wand turns water into ice
When Mickey cannot advance because there is water
in front of him, press button B. The Wand will then
freeze the water into blocks which Mickey can walk
across. Waterfalls which prevent Mickey from jumping
can also be frozen.

Magic Wand 3: This Wand lets Mickey use blocks of ice as steps
Use these ice blocks to make steps when crystals are in hard to reach places.

Magic Wand 4: This Wand lets Mickey make ice and throw it
Pressing up on the Control Pad and Button B at
the same time lets Mickey throw a small block of ice
in front of him. These ice blocks will make enemy
characters disappear and can break down walls which
have cracks.

*Even if Mickey receives a new Magic Wand, he will still be able to use the
powers of his previous Wands.


Using Items

Press the Select Button to make the Item Screen appear.
Press the Select Button again to return to the game screen.

Items                                            Life
These show how many of each   This shows Mickey's life power. When all of these
item Mickey has. To use       stars disappear, Mickey loses one player.
these items, select the desired
item with the Control Pad and then
press Button A.

ON: Pictures of Mickey's friends
appear each time he finds a puzzle
OFF: The pictures do not appear.

Players                                      Pictures of Mickey's friends
This shows the number of players remaining.  These pictures show how many
When this reaches "0" the game is over.      puzzle Mickey has collected
                                             up to this stage.


Music Box
Enemy characters are frozen while music boxes are
playing, and Mickey's life power will not be reduced during
this time even if he touches enemy characters.

Keys can be used to open or close drawbridges.

Candy restores Mickey's life power to the maximum
number of stars.

If Mickey throws apples at enemy characters and hits
them, they will disappear. (However, skeletons will not
disappear, but will instead recover after being frozen

A cake item gives you an extra life.


Using Passwords

If you write down passwords,
you can continue playing games.

Each time Mickey clears a stage a password will
appear. By writing down these passwords, you will
be able to continue games you have started even if
the power has been turned off.

Entering password
Select PASSWORD at the title screen. When the
password screen appears, use the Control Pad to
move the cursor, and enter letters you have selected
by pressing Button A. After you have entered all
four letters of the password, select END and the
game will start from that password stage.


Enemies Inside the Castle

Here are the enemy characters who try to keep Mickey Mouse from
rescuing his friends. Help Mickey advance by jumping over them or
throwing apples and small blocks of ice.

Fire Spirit


Good Luck, Mickey!

The witch's castle is filled with traps!
The witch's castle is filled with traps such as blocks
which crumble as Mickey passes over them, and
warp zones which teleport Mickey to different places
in the castle.

Move up and down through the castle in
your adventure!
Make Mickey jump to the ceiling when he finds a
bounce trampoline! Elevators that are slowly going
up or down are also convenient.

Watch out for flying cannonballs!

Mickey's life power
will go down if he
falls into water.

Mickey can fly
through the air by
riding on tornadoes,

Mickey can move
some blocks by
pushing on them.