Sneaky Snakes

Typed out by Marla Moore

Sneaky Snakes is the spine tingling tale of two rip-roaring reptiles,
Atilla & Genghis. When Sonia Snake is nabbed by the Nasty Nibbler, it's
more than they can swallow.

So, Atilla and Genghis must slither about to snatch Sonia from the nest of
the Nasty Nibbler. But first they must survive 16 serpentine levels-each
swarming with enemies so slippery and sly, it'll make your skin shed.

To scale from one nibbleacious landscape to the next, consume those
ever-tasty Nibbleys and head for the scale before time runs out. So just
don't sit there hissing, get nibbling, Snake.

Start-press to start/pause the game, and to find out how many lives you have left.

A Button-press to jump.

B Button-Press and release to flick-out your snake's tongue and gobble up
Nibbleys. Also, press to open the lid your snake is on since bonus features
are found under lids.

Control Pad-slither left or right.

With the use of a Game Link, you can play against another Gameboy. This makes
both snakes appear on the screen at once. To begin, press the START button on
one of the Game Boys.

Playing the Game
As a Sneaky Snake, only you can rescue Sonia Snake from the clutches of the
Nasty Nibbler. But it won't be easy. You'll have to chomp your way through
perilous Nibbley terrain, while defeating legions of Snake-crunching foes
intent on keeping you from reaching the Nasty Nibbler's nest.

You can destroy enemies with multiple hits from your tongue, or by pounching
on top of them. Enemies will remove one of your tail segments with each
devastating blow. If you lose all of your tail segments and collide with an enemy
or obstacle, you lose a life. Falling on sharp obstacles will also deprive you of a life.

The Feast
To progress through each level, you must consume Nibbleys until the tip of
your tail flashes, at which time a bell will sound. This means you've ingested
enough Nibbleys to tip the scale which triggers the exit door to open. Of course,
if you're greedy for extra points, you can always keep gnawing Nibbleys. But
watch your timer, or you'll meet headlong with the Chopper.

The Nibbley dispensers, which spew Nibbleables, are strategically located on
each level. Occasionally, they launch deadly serpentcide bombs, so keep those
snake eyes peeled.

For every four Nibbleys nibbled, you grow one tail segment. Those Nibbleys which
are the same color as your snake are worth twice as many points.

Once you make it through the exit door, you are awarded 1,000 points for each
of your tail segments. A bonus of 5,000 points is given to the first snake
through the door.

You begin with three lives. Because of your snake's special ability to
regenerate, you can also continue your quest up to three times, if you are
sly enough to use your continues.

Once you've lost all your lives and continues, you'll have to devise a slicker
strategy to aid you in your quest to free Sonia.

Giant Nibbleys
The Nasty Nibbler

Bonus Features
Tongue Extension-add length to your tongue throughout the level, making it
easier to gobble up Nibbleys from a distance.

Clock-adds 30 seconds to your timer at the bottom of the screen.

Diamond-makes snake indestructible while your snake is flashing.

Speedo Key-A super snake motivator, allowing you to move quickly throughout the level.

Flashing Snake Head-gives your snake an extra life.

Enemies Points
Krazy Seat---------500
The Nasty Nibbler--10,000