Xtreme Sports

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Introduction p.2
Getting Around the Island p.5
Entering the Contest p.6
Saving the Game p.6
Power-Ups p.7
Using Your Map p.8
The Events p.9
Customer and Technical Support p.13
Credits p.14

Guppi and her boyfriend Fin are about to embark on the ultimate island
adventure! The Xtreme Cola company has issued a challenge inviting all
Xtreme Sports fanatics to duke it out on the mysterious Xtreme Sports
Island! Participants must master Street Luge, Skateboarding, In-Line
Skating, Skyboarding, and Surfboarding! Can Guppi and Fin battle their
way to the top, or will they be buried in the onslaught of the competitors?
It's up to you to decide!

Choose NEW GAME to begin a new adventure.

If a game has already been saved, choosing a NEW GAME will SAVE
OVER EXSISTING GAME!! Be careful not to save over your current data!
Once it's lost, it cannot be recovered! P3. A diagram of a GBC showing
the buttons (does not provide info on what they do) P.4

If a game has been saved, the CONTINUE mode will be enabled. This
allows you to pick up where you left off, and keep your current number
of Medals and location on the island.

To practice on the multiple tracks and difficulty settings, choose PRACTICE,
Practice Mode allows players to select from 3 tracks in each event. You can
use the + Control Pad to toggle through the events, tracks, and difficulty
levels, and press the A Button to advance your selections. To skip through
the choices and go straight to an event, press START.

There are many tracks available on the island that are not present in Practice
Mode! Practice may make perfect, but a real competitor must challenge real
opponents! P.5

While exploring the island, Guppi and Fin will encounter many friends and
foes, as well as a few secret treats for those with a watchful eye. Move
up to a person or object, and press the A Button to investigate. Some people
will offer advice, while others will issue a challenge. You can also use the
A Button to check for hidden Medals! There are 20 hidden Medals in all. Can
you sniff them out?

There are many roadblocks that will obstruct Guppi and Fin's travel plans.
Referees are located all over the island, and will not allow beginners to
enter into more advanced events. These 'Refs must be appeased in order to
move on to bigger and better things. Listen to their Medal requirements,
and do your best to qualify. Remember too, that different 'Refs require
lower amounts of Medals to qualify, so look for the easy fellahs first!

Guppi and Fin can also swim around the waterways, but can not go against
the current! Learn to use the waterways to navigate the island quickly, but
beware of wrong turns... Once you go over the falls there's no turning back! P.6
New players must leave their name at the Sign-In Hut. This is necessary
for keeping track of your Medal Count, and for receiving Mail at the Message
Center. Once signed up, players must qualify with each event's Coach before
they can move on to the main competition. Make sure to listen to the Coach's
advice, and study their TIME, TRICKS, FLAGS, and COMBOS before you
challenge them. If you don't beat all their scores, you won't qualify! Lastly,
if you get stuck, you can read the signpost next to them to get detailed
instructions on how to play each event.

After beating the Coaches, you will be free to wander the island, taking
on whomever you chose. While traveling about, keep your eyes peeled for
Save Stations, which are located all over the island. To use them, face
the intercom and press the A Button. You will be given 3 choices: Save
and Continue (save and keep playing) Save and Quit (save and quit to the
title screen) Don't Save (keep on playing without saving... remember that
the other 2 choices will replace any existing game data!) P.7

Make sure to save often, or you'll lose your progress when you turn off the game!

If you want to move up in the world, you're going to need Medals and lots
of them! To get them, you must defeat as many challengers as you can buy
studying their scores and beating them out one by one. Although you are
free to take on whomever you choose, it is VERY IMPORTANT to gather
information before you make the challenge. Some of the competitors are
very slow, but skilled at Tricks, while others may be faster and better at
Flag collecting. Look at several competitors, and challenge only the ones
you think you can beat. This will allow you to use what you've learned
when facing tougher opponents!

Scattered about the various tracks are Twitchy Shakes, a powerful energy
drink designed to enhance a competitor's performance. The effect of drinking
a Twitchy Shake varies from event to event, but they have been known P.8
to invoke invincibility, higher speeds, or even extra jumps! Press the A
Button to try it out! (While Skateboarding, you must hold the A Button
for one second to use a Twitchy Shake)

From time to time, Guppi and Fin will leave messages for each other
at the Message Center. These messages will continue to appear whenever
you make significant progress in your Medal collecting. Be sure to read
them, 'cause you never know what kind of mischief your partner is getting
into. Check often, or you might miss something important!

While searching the island, it's easy to get turned around! If you need to
check your location while on the island screen, you can press SELECT to
look at your MAP. You will see your character's face flashing on the screen
marking your present location. You will also notice several red arrows.
These mark the many Save Stations you can use to save your game.
Remember where they are, and don't forget to back up your progress! P.9

If you want to see how you're doing in terms of Medals, you can either
press START while on the island screen, or talk to one of the Referees.
There are a total of 420 Medals on the island: 400 that can be won from
various competitors, and 20 secret ones. Some competitors, such as
Boneheads and their Goon Squad henchmen, will surrender more medals to
you when you beat them. Other easier opponents will give up only one.
Experiment to find the best way to gather Medals and move up the ladder!

Press UP or DOWN on the Control Pad to steer your board, and use LEFT
and RIGHT to dodge obstacles. You can launch off the top of a wave,
then hold the B Button to enter SPIN MODE. Hold LEFT or RIGHT to spin,
then be sure to line up for re-entry or you'll wipe out! You can also
perform a SUPER-JUMP by aiming for the bubbling portion of the wave.
Try to pick up Twitchy Shakes, then press the A Button to spend them
for an offensive attack! You can also spend Twitchy Shakes in the air
to spin at super speeds! Finally, you can crush enemies by landing on
them after a mighty jump. Try it! P.10

Press the B Button to exit the plane, then use the + Control Pad to steer
around, collecting as many Trick Arrows as you can! To perform a Combo,
hold down the B Button while you use the + Control Pad to enter the
Direction Arrows displayed on the menu. Release the B Button at any
time to perform the Combo! Also, steer clear of enemies! If you get hit
while moving about or entering a Combo, youíll lose all your Arrows!
Lastly you can collect and spend Twitchy Shakes to crash into enemies.
Give it a shot!

Hold down the B Button to build up speed! You can use the + Control Pad
to steer LEFT or RIGHT, or press UP to brake. If you crash, press the B
Button to get back on the board and go! You an also collect and spend
Twitchy Shakes to burn a path through the obstacles and gain extra
speed. Remember to slow down for those sharp turns! P. 11

Hold the LEFT or RIGHT to move, and DOWN on the Control Pad to duck.
Use the B Button to jump over obstacles or into grinds! To SPIN,
double-tap RIGHT or LEFT either on the ground or in the air. Collect
and spend Twitchy Shakes to destroy obstacles or spend one during
an air-spin to DOUBLE-JUMP! Master using DOUBLE-JUMP to find
hidden areas and items.

Mix and match your favorite controls! To move, repeatedly tap LEFT,
RIGHT, or the B Button. To jump, double-tap UP on the Control Pad or
press the A Button. While in the Half-Pipe, roll the bottom half of the
Control Pad back and forth in a smooth semi-circle motion to build
momentum. Once you clear the lip, hold down the B Button and either
LEFT or RIGHT to perform SPINS. Remember to line up your landing or
you'll wipe out. You can also perform HAND PLANTS by holding the B
Button as you clear the lip of the pipe. Try KICK-SPINS by double tapping
DOWN as you roll along. You can also collect Twitchy Shakes and spend
them by holding down the A Button for a destructive burst of speed! P.12

Now youíre ready to go hit the ramps, ride the rails, and surf the skies!
Keep your wits about you, and if you get stuck, try these helpful hints.
After talking to a competitor, their stats will be listed on the right
side of the screen underneath their photo. Remember that you have to
beat or equal all of his or her TRICK, TIME, FLAG, or COMBO scores at
once if you want to win! If you canít find any competitors, check your
MAP, or follow the shoreline. Look in out of the way places like caves
or sandbars. You canít win extra Medals by rematching a wiped out competitor,
but you can use them for practice and addition advice. Talk to them! When
pausing an event, you have the option to RESUME or CANCEL the event.
Thereís no penalty for pulling out early, and you can always try again!
Take time to explore each level! Some levels have alternate routes to
boost your scores, while others have secret areas unseen by the average
competitor. Search high and low! Master the use of Twitchy Shakes!
Often they are the keys to victory. Remember that they can be used
offensively and defensively, or even get you to unreachable areas. P.13

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