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Don't expect superstart treatment, just because you're a big shot, bigwig
game player. Because this is the BIG time, where BIG plays are accompanied by
bone crushing BIG hits.
The set-up is supremely pro-style, with 4 quarters, 2 halves and four-eyed
referees who signal first downs and touchdowns (sorry, no bands or
high-kicking cheerleaders during the halftime festivities). You control the
offense when your team has the ball, and the defense when your opponent has
possession. The object is to move the ball upfield and into the end zone,
scoring as many touchdowns as possible. First down markers are 10 yards
apart, and you have 4 plays to go this distance. If your drive stalls, you
can punt on fourth down. Or, if you're inside your opponent's 40 yard line,
you can try a field goal.
As usual, TDs are worth 6 points, while kicked extra points carry a 1
point value and field goals equal 3. If you trap or sack your opponent in his
own end zone a safety will occur, you'll receive 2 points, and then get the
ball on a kickoff.
Those are the basics. If you need more information, we suggest you spend
a Sunday afternoon with a couple of colorful ex-jock commentators.
_To_begin_ insert the cartridge into the Game Boy, then click on the
Power Switch. When Konami appears, press either the Start Button for player
1, or press select then Start for 2 players (using the Video Link).
When the time screen appears, press the Control Pad Up or Down to choose
the Normal or Short Clock. (Normal = 15:00 min. quarters. Short = 10:00 min.
Once you've selected the game time, press the Start Button again and the
team selection screen will appear. From here you'll pick your favorite team
by pressing the Control Pad Up or Down, Left or Right. Lock in your decision
with the A or B button. You'll repeat this procedure again to select the
computer's team or player two's team (your friendly foe).
Now it's kickoff time, time to play up to your potential or have your face
mask ground into the turf. To boot the ball, press the A Button. If you're
playing against the computer, you'll start on offense. If you're playing
against a friend, whoever selected their team first will begin on the
receiving end.
Between quarters, be sure to press the A or B Button to continue the pad
bashing action. During the game you can press the Start Button to pause the
action. Press it a second time to restart. To clear the field after the
contest ends, press A or B again.
NOTE: For rules on how to control the offense and the rest
of this NFL playbook!



When on offense, the first thing you must do before each play is choose
your formation (page 5 lists your options).
To select a play, press the Control Pad Up or Down, moving the cursor to
CHANGE, then press the A Button. Notice that you also have the option of
punting, but this should be reserved for situations such as fourth and long,
or when you're pinned deep in your own territory. (Remember: Often it's
better to punt and list your defense take control instead of gambling on
fourth and short.)
Next, press the Control Pad Down to review your play options. When the
play you want to run appears on the screen, press the A Button.
You'll then break from the huddle at the helm of your team, controlling
the quarterback. Lined up behind the center, you'll see that this field
general is marked by an arrow.
To make the snap, signal "Hike!" by pressing the A Button (If you delay,
the computer center will automatically hike the ball after a few second). As
the play develops, you'll see that you have the option of bootlegging and
running the ball behind your wall of blockers, or passing the ball to the A or
B receiver. (Note: A and B receivers are clearly marked on the play selection
screens as seen on page 5.)
To maneuver the quarterback, use the Control Pad. To pass to the A
receiver, press the A Button. To pass to the B receiver, press the B Button.
Once you've completed a pass, the arrow will switch to the receiver, and
you'll guide him upfield using the Control Pad.
If an interception/turnover occurs {which happens OFTEN!}, a second arrow
will appear on the defensive player who's stolen the pigskin, and you'll have
to take a defensive attitude to chase him down.
You also have the option of punting on 4th down. Simply select "punt"
and press the A Button.

{Picture of game screen in lower left corner points out the First Down Marker,
the Quarterback Arrow, and the Game Clock.}


This option will automatically replace the punt option when your team is
inside the opponent's 40 yard line. To send in the "feel-no-pressure" kicker,
select the punt/field goal option and press the A Button. (Timing is



{Pictured here are screen shots of the 6 plays you can run: Slot T, Pro T,
The Infamous Shot Gun, T Formation, Y Formation, I Formation.}



When lined up on the defensive side of the ball, where pain is the name of
the game, you'll again control the player with the arrow on his back.
And, just like on offense, you'll set-up your defense before each play
(see page 7 for defensive schemes). To align your hit men, press the Control
Pad Down, then press the A Button to lock in your plan of attack.
When the computer of your friend snaps the ball, you must react quickly...
and viciously. Controlling the player with the arrow, you can charge through
the gaps on a blind-sided blitz, or hang back in zone coverage, playing the
rover position in search of an errant pass.
By pressing either A or B, you can change the player you'll control. You
have until the snap to make the defensive audible.

{Picture of game screen points out defensive players: Safety, Linebackers,
Cornerbacks, Linemen. The Defensive Control Arrow is also shown.}



{Pictured here are screen shots of the 7 defensive formations you can choose
from: 5-2, 5-3-3, 3-5-3, 4-3-4, 4-4-3, 6-2, The Goal Line Stand.}

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