Kirby's Dream Land

Released: 1992
Game Code: DMG-KY-AUS
Written by: Ben Kosmina

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Thank you for selecting the Kirby's Dream Land Game Pak for the Nintendo Game
Boy Unit.

Kirby to the rescue!...................3
Controller Operations..................5
Let's Get Started......................7
And Here's Kirby!......................9
Beating Up the Bad Guys...............12
Kirby's Arsenal.......................13
The Road Ahead........................16
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Kirby to the Rescue!

On a tiny star somewhere far, far away from earth, there is a very special place
known as Dream Land. The Dream Landers are very happy people who use their
magical sparkling stars to play and work among the heavens. That is until one
night when the gluttonous King Dedede and his rotton band of thieves swooped
down from neighbouring Mt. Dedede for a midnight snack in Dream Land. Not only
did they steal all their food, but they stole the the Dream Landers' treasured
Sparkling Stars as well.
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Because the Dream Landers didn't have the Sparkling Stars to gather food anymore
they began to get very hungry. Suddenly a spry little boy named Kirby happened
along and said "Don't worry, I'll get your food and your Sparkling Stars back!".
With these words, Kirby set off on his quest toward the dreaded Mt. Dedede. We
wish him luck!
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Controller Operations

+ Control Pad
* Pushing up on the + Control Pad inflates Kirby and allows him to fly and to
enter/exit through doorways.
* Pushing right on the + Control Pad moves Kirby to the right.
* Pushing down on the + Control Pad makes Kirby crouch, allows him to swallow an
enemy that he is holding in his mouth, or lets him jump down to lower floors.
* Pushing left on the + Control Pad moves Kirby to the left.
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A Button: This button makes Kirby jump.

B Button: This button allows Kirby to inhale enemies or puff out anything that
he is holding in his mouth (air pellets, enemies, fire pellets).

START Button: This button pauses the game.

If you press the A, B, START and SELECT Buttons simultaneously, the game will
reset back to the title screen.
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Let's Get Started

Correctly insert the Kirby's Dream Land Game Pak into the Game Boy unit and turn
the power switch to the "ON" position. You will see the "Nintendo" logo appear
for a few seconds before the title screen appears, press the start button to
begin play.
[Once you have finished the game twice, you will get two secret codes that can
be entered when the title screen is displayed.]

*At the bottom of the screen
[picture of bottom of screen]
Current score

The Number of Kirby's vitality bars.
The number of chances Kirby has left.
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The number of Kirby's vitality bars.
Kirby begins with six bars of vitality. When injured by an enemy, his vitality
will decrease by one or more bars depending on the enemy that injures him.

The number of chances Kirby has left.
Once Kirby loses all his vitality bars, he will have to use one of his chances
to try again. If you use up all of Kirby's chances, the game will end.

*Fighting the bosses
When you come to a mini-boss or a big boss stage, the boss's vitality bar will
appear on the screen just above Kirby's vitality bar. You'll have to defeat
these bosses if you want to go on!

When Kirby runs out of chances, the GAME OVER screen will appear followed by the
CONTINUE screen. To continue the game, use the + Control Pad to select CONTINUE
then press the START Button to begin play. If you want end the game, select END
and you will return back to the title screen.
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And Here's Kirby!

Hi! I'm Kirby..... Pleased to meet you! I'll be doing the explaining from here
on, so listen carefully as you'll need my advice to knock out King Dedede.

ACTION 1........Walking
When I'm on the ground, press left or right on the + Control Pad to make me
walk. If you press down on the + Control Pad when I'm standing still, I can
crouch down to avoid an enemy. I can also jump over an obstacle by pressing the
A Button.
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ACTION 2........Inhaling/Exhaling Enemies
If you press the B Button, I can inhale any enemy that may be standing nearby.
Can you see my cheeks puff out? If you press down on the + Control Pad, I can
swallow an enemy.

[screen picture]
-Even if I swallow 2 enemies, they can only be used once for an attack.

Using Munched Up Enemies for Firepower
If you press the B Button when my cheeks are full, I'll puff out whatever I had
in my mouth. If it hits another enemy, I can give those meanies a taste of their
own medicine!

[screen picture]
-There are also destructive blocks.
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ACTION 3........Flying
All Fluffed Up and Ready to Fly!
If you press up on the + Control Pad, I can take in a big gulp of air and fly
through the skies!

[screen picture]
-If you press the A Button, I can "hover"

Going After an Enemy with Air Pellets
If you press the B Button while I'm in the air, I can puff out an Air Pellet
that can be used to attack an enemy. Unfortunately, I'll fall like a rock
without a gulp of air. But don't worry, just press up on the + Control Pad and
I'll be able to float as good as new.

[screen picture]
-Time your shot carefully to stay out of trouble!
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Beating up on the Bad Guys

There are Some Tough Guys Out There That Even I Can't Swallow!
Some of the enemies are just too nasty for me to swallow. See if you can find
other ways to beat these guys!

[mini-boss picture]
-A medium-rank boss can't be swallowed up.

Air Pellets are Useless Against King Dedede's Big Bosses
Except for the boss at the end of stage three, a normal air pellet will not work
against King Dedede's Bosses. You'll need to puff out an enemy or an object to
defeat these guys.

[boss picture]
-Things get rather risky when you come close to the enemy.

Dive Attack
If I fly high enough, I can dive onto an enemy to defeat it and I won't even get

[Kirby falling on his face]
If Kirby falls like this, he won't lose any life force.
Page 13

Let me introduce some of the items that will help me on my adventure. If you use
them wisely, I can survive the fiercest of attacks.

[lollipop picture]
When I grab this lollipop, I can flatten as many enemies as I like without
getting hurt. Unfortunately this lasts only a short while and if I fall down a
cliff, I won't come out alive!

[bomb picture]
This can be a real blast if I throw it at an enemy, but if the bomb blast
reaches me, it can hurt me as well. If I get too close to a bomb without
swallowing it, it might explode - so take care!
Page 14

[mike picture]
I'm not a very good singer and I sometimes sing off key, but King Dedede's
bullies can't stand to hear me sing and will just explode with laughter when I
puff out the microphone.

Spicy Food
[plate of chilli picture]
When I eat this big plate of hot and spicy food, I can attack enemies with fire
pellets. However, keep me out of water of I'll douse this weapon sooner than you
may want to.

Mint Leaf
[leaf picture]
If I grab this big mint leaf, I can shoot a rapid stream of Air Pellets. This
will definitely come in handy if there are a lot of enemies on the screen!

Bag of Magic Food
[tomato with 'M' picture]
This bag contains some pretty special food. I can't tell you exactly what's
inside, but if I pick one up, it will completely restore all my vitality.
Page 15

Pep Brew
[bottle picture]
If I get my hands on this bottle of super energy brew, I'll recover 2 bars of

1 Up
[1 up picture]
This handy item increases the number of chances Kirby has by 1. You might not
need these extra chances now, but wait til we meet up with King Dedede. You'll
wish you had as many as you could get!

Warp Star
[star picture]
The people of Dream Land use these magical warp stars to travel to nearby
places. If you see one, jump on board for a quick trip but make sure you hold on

Sparkling Stars
[star with smaller star picture]
+After I defeat the last boss of each stage, they will leave behind one of the
special Sparkling Stars that King Dedede has stolen. When you see it, make sure
you grab it so that you can return it to the people of Dream Land.
Page 16

The Road Ahead

Once in King Dedede's realm, there are five stages you must get through. To help
you through your journey, here's a short peek at what lies ahead...

Nature's Trail of Badness
A great place to start your journey, this natural setting is full of rolling
hills, fleecy clouds, and bushy trees. But don't let the scenery distract you
because while the animals may look cute and friendly, they can be very
troublesome and dangerous.
Page 17

Plenty of Strange Things Await You in This Castle
One step inside this spooky castle and you'll know that something weird is going
on! You'll have to be careful here because some of the nasties that float around
here can't be beat by inhaling them. The not so famous twins Lololo and Lalala
rule this castle of gloom.
Page 18

This is Definitely not a Resort Paradise
This may look like an island paradise lined with palm trees, but don't expect to
have a relaxing time here! You'll have to watch your step as you island hop here
or you could end up falling in to the ocean. Kaboola will have you scrambling
to dodge her constant attack of cannon balls.
Page 19

The Kingdom of Clouds
You won't find a clear path through these soft bilowy clouds! By hiding in the
clouds, King Dedede's bullies will find a way to surprise you when you least
expect it. The boss Kracko is lightning fast. You'll have to keep moving and
keep a clear head in order to beat him!
Page 20

King Dedede and His Crew are Waiting on This Mystical Mountain
King Dedede heard you were coming and he has called for all the stage bosses to
return to Mt. Dedede to protect him. This is going to be your toughest battle
yet, but if you've come this far, you mustn't give up. Remember, the people of
Dream Land are counting on you!
Page 21

Explore all areas thoroughly and look for hidden passageways. Magical Food, Pep
Brew and 1-Ups are hidden in some unexpected places.

You'll have to be patient in order to defeat some of the bad guys. Use enemies,
blocks, or anything else you can find to defeat some of the stronger enemies.