Kirby's Dream Land 2
Released: 1995
Written by: Ben Kosmina

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Thank you for selecting the KIRBY'S DREAM LAND 2 Game Pak for the Nintendo Game
Boy unit.

CONTROLLING THE GAME.....................6
WHEN FIGHTING ENEMIES....................9
KIRBY'S THREE FRIENDS...................12
LET'S GET STARTED.......................16
GAME SCREEN.............................19
GAME OVER...............................22
THE RAINBOW ISLANDS.....................23
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[Has big cartoony picture of Kirby and his friends.]
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Kirby lives on the rainbow islands of Dream Land. The rainbows that connect the
islands have been stolen by the evil Dark Matter! Dark Matter has taken control
of King Dedede and wants to turn Dream Land into a dark world. With the help of
three friends, Kirby sets out on his latest quest to save Dream Land.
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+Control Pad
Up - Fly
Up - Enter door

Down - Swallow -- Copy special power

Down - Sit Down
Down - Drop through thin floor

Left/Right - Moves Kirby

* Release Friends
* Give up special powers
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**When Kirby is with a friend, see Page 12

A Button
* Jump

B Button
* Inhale -- Exhale
* Use special powers
** You cannot inhale when you are in the water or when you have a special power.
* Use water gun in water
* Use air gun in the air

Pause game
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SELECT: * Give up special powers
        * Release friends
When Kirby is with a friend and he has a special power, press SELECT once to
give up the power. Press it again to release Kirby's friend. Kirby can get his
special power back by inhaling, but the friend will fly away.

START: To exit a level, press START and select EXIT. This will take you back to
the stage select screen (NOTE: you can only exit a level that's been cleared.)
Select CONTINUE to keep playing the stage.

** You cannot exit a level while fighting a boss.
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Special powers
Some enemies have special powers. By swallowing those enemies, Kirby can copy
their powers. Inhale the enemy, then press Down on the +Control Pad to copy
their powers. Use the copied power by pressing the B Button.

'B' Inhale -- 'Down' Swallow -- 'B' Kirby can now use the special power!
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What are the special powers?
* Parasol *     * Burning *     * Needle *      * Spark *
* Ice *         * Stone *       * Cutter *

* Kirby can take his special powers and friends to other stages.
* Kirby loses his special powers when he gets hit. He can get the power back if
he swallows the star before it disappears.
Page 11

Other Offensive Weapons
* Inhale -- Exhale
Press the B Button once to inhale enemies or blocks and again to spit them out.
(There are some enemies that Kirby cannot swallow or cannot be defeated.) If
Kirby swallows more than two enemies or blocks at the same time, his weapon will
be more powerful than ever!

* Air / Water gun
You can use either of these weapons by pressing the B Button, although they're
not as powerful as spitting stars.
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Rick - Rick the hamster carries Kirby on his shoulders.
Rick doesn't slip on ice!

Kine - Kine the fish is a great swimmer.
With Kine, Kirby can swallow while in water.
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Coo - Coo the owl, can help Kirby get to those hard-to-reach places. When he has
special powers, watch out!
While with Coo, Kirby can't swallow and fly at the same time.

Defeat the mini-boss who is on guard. When the friend comes out of the bag, you
can go with him. When the friend's life meter runs out, he'll disappear, but you
can continue the game. In some cases, it's better to let your friends go.
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Controller functions are basically the same. Using special powers depends on
which friend you have.

+Control Pad:
* LAND: Move left and right. Press down when walking down stairs (Rick only).

* WATER / SKY: Move any direction with Kine or Coo.

** You cannot sit down.

A Button:
* When joined with Kine or Coo, swimming and flying power increases.

B Button:
* Use special power.
* Inhale -- Exhale
(When you don't have a special power.)
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** Try several combinations!

Burning + Rick = Continuous fire attack

Needle + Kine = Thorny Attack

Parasol + Coo = Spin Attack
Page 16

Correctly insert the Kirby's Dream Land 2 Game Pak into the Game Boy unit and
turn the power switch to the "ON" position. You will see the "Nintendo" logo
appear for a few seconds before the title screen appears. When the title screen
appears, press the START Button to begin playing.

Your adventure will be recorded on the File Select screen. Select a file by
moving the +Control Pad and pressing either the A or START Button.

** Selecting ERASE will delete a saved file. Place Kirby on the filre you wish
to delete and press either the A or START Button (press B to cancel).
Page 17

Next the ISLAND SELECTION screen will appear. In the beginning, you will only be
able to go to the first island. As the game progresses, you will be able to re-
visit islands that have been cleared. Move the warp star to the desired island
and press A.
Page 18

After the opening demo, the STAGE SELECTION screen will appear. Complete each
stage in numerical order. When all stages have been completed, the boss door
will open. Defeat the boss to advance to the next island.

- After each stage, Kirby will jump and land on a bonus cloud. Press the A
Button at the right time to get better items.

To fight Dark Matter, Kirby must find a rainbow drop hidden on each island. As
Kirby finds the rainbow drops, a mark will appear on the island letting him know
that the drop for that island has been found. Kirby may need to re-visit an
island if he's missing a drop.
Page 19

Life meter                              Kirby

Score                                   Small Star

Remaining Kirbys                        Special Power

                        Present Level

* Life Meter: The life meter is reduced as Kirby takes damage.

* Score: When fighting mini-bosses and bosses, the enemy's life meter will be
shown here.

* Remaining Kirbys: Collect 1-Ups or small stars to increase the number of
remaining Kirbys.

* Small Star: Small Stars that appear during Kirby's adventure.
Page 20

* Special Power: Special Powers are shown here.

[umbrella icon]         [flame icon]    [boomerang icon]        [spiky icon]
Parasol                 Burning         Cutter                  Needle

[circle icon]           [lightning icon]        [iceblock icon]
Stone                   Spark                   Ice
Page 21

If you find any of these items during your adventure, grab 'em!

Kirby's favourite food. His life meter will be completely restored.

Collect seven of them to get a 1-Up.

Partially restores life meter.

Transports Kirby and his friends between levels.

1 UP
Extra life.
Page 22

The game is over when all remaining Kirbys are gone. When the game is over,
select CONTINUE to try again or GAME END to return to the title screen.

* Be careful when jumping down to an area you cannot see, because sometimes you
will drop into a bottomless pit and lose a life!

* Kirby blinks when he is hit by an enemy. While he is blinking, he is

* Some enemies might be your friend's natural enemy, so watch out! [ie - they
kill them instantly.]
Page 23

Level 1: Grass Land
Grass Land is an open field. Team up with Rick as you proceed and watch out for
Whispy Woods.

Level 2: Big Forest
Battles in the air are brewin', but if you have Coo, you'll be OK. Nruff and
Nelly will be waiting for you.

Level 3: Ripple Field
Most of Ripple Field is under water. Be sure to look for Kine and watch out for
Sweet Stuff!
Page 24

Level 4: Ice Berg
Boss: Ice Dragon

Level 5: Red Canyon
Boss: Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright

Level 6: Cloudy Park
Boss: Kracko

Level 7: Dark Castle
Boss: King Dedede
Page 25

Last Stage (vs. Dark Matter)

In order to defeat Dark Matter, you need the Rainbow Sword. It is said that the
sword has something to do with the Rainbow Drops hiding on the islands. Will
Kirby be able to save the Dream Land from Dark Matter?
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