Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer

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The Racing Screen 9
2-Player Podracing 14
Record Times 16
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Racer Worlds 18
Podracer Characteristics 20
Game Boy(R) Rumble Pak(R) Function 22
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Thank you for selecting the Star Wars(R): Episode 1 Racer (TM) Game Pak
for your Nintendo(R) Game Boy(R) Color system. Please read this instruction
booklet thoroughly to ensure maximum enjoyment of your new game. Save
this booklet for future reference.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away...

Five systems on the outer fringes of the Galactic Republic set the stage
as the ultimate 1-on-1 competition for fame and glory unfolds across
the Podracing circuit...

You are Anakin Skywalker, piloting your very own hand-built Podracer.
On five planets, four Podracer pilots and their favorite jet-powered steeds
await you, each on a different racetrack. Choose to launch your challenge
from any of the five planets. After arriving on each planet, you must
defeat the local champions if you wish to proceed to the next race. As
challenger, your goal is to pilot your Podracer through 20 courses and
defeat each of the 20 champions.

If you are victorious in a race, the Podracer you have defeated is added
to your collection and can be used to challenge the next champion! Use
the Force to guide you and your collection of Podracers as you seek out
and challenge new pilots!

All pilots must know the switches and toggles on their Podracer! Use
these controls to pilot your way to victory!

[picture of Grape Game Boy Color]

+ Control Pad

Menu screens
- Move cursor

Racing Screen
- Steering (< >)
- Activate Boosters (A + [Up])
- Controlled Cornering (A + [Down])

- Pause

A Button

Menu Screens
- Confirm Selections

Racing Screen
- Accelerator

B Button

Menu Screens
- Cancel Selections

Racing Screen
- Air Brakes
- Repair (A + B)
Getting Started

Insert your Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer Game Pak into your Game Boy Color
system and turn the power ON.

[picture of title screen]

Entering the Podrace Challenge

All pilots must register to enter the Galactic Podrace Challenge. Press
START on the Title Screen the first time you play the game to access the
Entry Screen. On the Entry Screen, register the name you wish to race
under (up to 8 letters), select OK and press the A Button. Select "BS"
and press the A button to delete one letter, and select "AC" and press
the A Button to delete the entire name.

After registering, select 1 PLAYER and press the A button to access the
Vehicle Selection Screen, or select ENTRY again to change the registered
name. When changing the registered name, press the B Button to cancel
the change and return to the Main Menu with the previously-registered name.

NOTE: Only one pilot's name is registered at any time. All records will be
recorded under the currently-registered name.

[picture of Anakin's vehicle selection screen]

On the Vehicle Selection Screen, use the + Control Pad to scroll through
the list of available Podracers. A close-up of the pilot and a brief
description and side-view are included for each Podracer. The description
includes the Podracer's engine type, its top speed and ratings for body
strength, turn response and acceleration. Ratings range, in order from
best to worst, "A" through "D." Initially, the only Podracer available is
Anakin Skywalker's. Once you have made your selection, press the A button.

On the Track Selection Screen, choose the planet and stage in which you
wish to race. Initially, only the first stage on each planet can be selected.
After selecting a course and pressing the A Button, select START and press
the A button. Your rival's Podracer data will then be displayed.

[picture of Baroonda's track selection screen]
The Racing Screen

After viewing your rival's Podracer data, press the A button. Your
Podracer will be seen leaving the paddock for the racetrack. Once
the clock counts down, the race begins!

The Display Panel

Keep your eyes on your Display Panel as you race to monitor Podracer
status and performance. The Display Panel on the rights side of the
screen includes the following indicators:

[picture of racing screen]

Lead Indicator [1st/2nd place]
Race Clock [Time since start of race]
Speedometer [mph]
Booster Indicator [color changing circle]
Engine Status Indicator ["POW" bar]

Rocket Start!

If you press the A Button accelerator at just the right moment as the race
begins, excess engine fumes will ignite, giving you a powerful rocket start!

[picture of a rocket start]

Acceleration and Steering

Press and hold the A Button accelerator to maintain your Podracer's maximum
speed. Steer using ( and ) on the + Control Pad. By pressing the B button, you
can use your air brakes to control your speed.

[picture of green arrow on racing screen]
[picture of double yellow arrow on racing screen]

Watch for navigation indicators as you race. Green arrows point in the
direction of upcoming turns or the nearest branch in the course. Double
yellow arrows point in the direction you should go to avoid hazards and
obstacles. When obstacles are dead ahead, double yellow arrows will point
both left and right.


For easier steering around corners, press and hold [Down] on the + Control Pad
while holding the A button and steering. Your speed will fall, but you'll corner
much better.

Engine Damage and Repair

If your Podracer hits an object on the race track, is driven over excessively
rough terrain, or if it overheats, its engines can be damaged. The Engine
Status Indicator displays how much damage your engines have taken, gradually
changing for green to red. As it approaches zero, you will hear a warning signal.
When that happens, you had better repair your engines, or they will catch fire
and explode!

You can sacrifice speed to repair engine damage by pressing and holding both
the A and B Buttons simultaneously. When the indicator turns to green, your
engines are fully repaired.

Engine Boosters

After cruising at max-speed for a short while, your engine boosters will
be enabled, indicated by a blinking yellow Booster Indicator. While holding
down the A Button, press [Up] on the + Control Pad to activate your boosters.

The Booster Indicator changes to red while in boost mode, and your top speed
increases, allowing you to race past your rival! However, if you remain in
Boost Mode for too long, your engines will overheat and may explode, so watch
your Engine Status Indicator. The indicator will beep and the red light will
blink when your boosters are damaging your engines. Release the A button or
press the B Button to turn off Boost Mode. Boost Mode will also be turned off
if your Podracer hits an object too hard or if you drive it over rough terrain.

[picture of Boost Mode with red indicator]

Pausing Your Race

To temporarily stop the race, press START. Choose from one of the following
options on the Pause Menu:
- CONTINUE: Return to the race at the point where you paused it.
- RESTART RACE: Start the current race over.
- QUIT: Drop out of the race and return to the Main Menu.
There is no pause feature in 2-player Podracing.

Finishing the Race

Once your cross the finish line, your results will be displayed after reviewing
your results, press the A Button. If you won the race, you will have unlocked
a new Podracer belonging to the champion of that track and may continue to
the next race.
2-Player Podracing

With the Game Link(R) cable (sold separately), you can challenge a friend to
the excitement and drama of 2-player linked Podracing!

The following are required to enter a 2-player linked Podrace challenge:

Game Boy Color systems: 2
Star Wars: Episode 1: Racer Game Boy Game Paks: 2
Game Link cable: 1

Make sure the power on both Game Boy Color systems is OFF. Properly
insert one Star Wars: Episode 1: Racer Game Boy Game Pak into each Game
Boy Color system. Properly insert one end of the Game Link cable into the
EXT connector on each Game Boy Color system and turn the power ON.

On the title screen, select 2 Player and press the A Button. In 2-player mode,
each player will be able to select from the Podracers he or she has already
defeated in a Podrace, so the player with more victories has a definite
advantage. When selecting a course, the first player to select 2 Player on
the Title Screen and press the A Button will be able to select from the greater
of the two players' lists of opened courses. Press the A Button to confirm you
selection. Then it's on to the paddock and racetrack!
Record Times

The five fastest times are recorded for each of the 20 tracks. To view
record times, simply select RECORDS on the Course Selection Screen and
press the A Button. Select any record and press the A Button to see which
Podracer recorded that time. To see a reply of your most recent 1st place
record, select that record and press ) on the + Control Pad. (Look for the
VCR logo in the top-right corner of the screen).

[picture of records list for Tatooine (1st stage) with VCR PLAY on screen]

After completing two-player race, record times will be updated to include
the combine 5 best times of you and your friend. NOTE: Your best records
will all be overwritten if all of your friend's times are faster than your
own. The more 2-player races you enter, the more your own best times
will be passed around. If you're fast enough, your times may end up in the
top 5 record times of someone on the other side of the globe - or across the galaxy!

To erase records for an individual stage, simply select any record on that
stage and press SELECT. Choose YES to delete all records for that course.
It is not possible to erase single records. Once deleted, all records for that
course are lost and cannot be recovered.

To erase all of your high scores and all saved data, including opened Podracers
and courses, enter "ALLCLEAR" on the Entry Screen, select OK and press the A
Button. All saved data will be erased, and cannot be recovered.

Select Options on the Title Screen to access the Options menu. Set the
rumble feature to ON or OFF, turn the sound ON or OFF, or reverse the
break and acceleration button settings.
Racer Worlds

While Podracing flourishes on fringe planets across the galaxy, the best
racers always seem to come from one of the following five systems:


Anakin Skywalker's home planet, Tatooine, is a bleak desert planet marked
by huge mesas and
deep canyons.

Ando Prime

An ice-covered planet, Ando Prime is home to vast glaciers and large frozen
lakes. A massive pipeline brings water from deep within glaciated mountain
ranges to the populated regions at their feet.


This planet of swaps and volcanoes is home to the Majan, a people
living in a modern metropolis built amongst the ancient ruins and
statues of their ancestors.

Mon Gazza

A planet heavily mined for its spices, Mon Gaza [actual spelling in booklet]
has grown polluted from the mining industry, and its surface is speckled
with shanty towns, flaming gas flues and strip mines.


Malastare's Podrace courses are among the fastest and most dangerous in
the galaxy and include one rumored to be designed by Sebulba himself.
Podracer Characteristics

Each Podracer's ratings are listed on the Vehicle Select Screen. Below is
a more detailed description of the first Podracer found on each of the five planets:

Teemto Pagalles (Tatooine)

What this huge Podracer from lacks in acceleration, [typed just as it appeared
in booklet] it make up for in turn response. Handling is average.

Slide Paramita (Ando Prime)

This extremely sensitive, highly responsive Podracer gives you good
turning and handling, with below average acceleration.

"Bullseye" Navior (Baroonda)

The most sensitive craft you can choose, this small Podracer delivers
excellent turn response and very good handling, although acceleration is slow.

Ody Mandrell (Mon Gazza)

This is a fairly average Podracer all around-a good, middle-of-the-road
beginner's Podracer with better than average acceleration.

Dub Bolt (Malastare)

This medium-sized Podracer lives up to its name, with below average handling
and way below average turn response. Acceleration is above average.
Game Boy(R) Rumble Pak(R) Function

This Game Pak has a built-in rumble feature that allows you to experience
real-time feedback when used with the Game Boy Color system.
Before using the Game Boy Rumble Pak, install the battery as follows:
Note: The game play features of this Game Pak will operate when loaded into
the Game Boy Color system, but the rumble vibrations will only be felt when
the battery has been installed.

Caution: Make sure to remove the Game Boy Rumble Pak from the Game Boy
Color system when inserting or removing the battery.

1. Remove the battery and insert one AAA battery as shown.
Make sure to use only fresh alkaline batteries. Do not use nickel-cadmium
batteries (rechargeable type).

2. Replace the battery cover. Load the Game Boy Rumble Pak into a Game Boy
Color system then turn the Game Boy Color system power on.

[picture of game pak with battery cover off, showing positive on the left and
negative on the right]

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