Killer Instinct

Typed out by The Game Boy Brotherhood

Killer Instinct

Killer Intro

The arcade hit goes portable! Nine of the original arcade characters have
been faithfully recreated to deliver arcade excitement on Game Boy. Test
your skills versus the computer in the Killer Instinct Tournament, or Game
Link to Game Boy's and go head-to-head with an opponent. But beware, it will
take more than radical moves and deadly special attacks to win this
tournament. It will take a will, a desire; it will take a Killer Instinct.

Killer Controls

Up= Jump
Down= Duck
Left And Right= Move
Back Or Away From Opponent= Block High
Back And Down Away From Opponent= Block Low

A Button (Default Setting)
Tap= Weak Kick
Hold= Fierce Kick

B Button (Default Setting)
Tap= Weak Punch
Hold= Fierce Punch

Start= Pause/Join-In Two Player Game (Super Game Boy Only)

Select= NA

Ground Rules

Each player begins the fight with two life bars. The first player to
eliminate the opponents life bars within 100 seconds wins the fight. At
the end of 100 seconds, the player with the most energy remaining in his or
her life bar wins.


Start Game

Selecting this option will take you to the character selection screen.
From here you can select your character and battle the computer in the
Killer Instinct tournament. If you are using the Super Game Boy, a second
player can start at any time by pressing START on his/her controller.


Selecting this allows you to access the OPTIONS screen and customize the
game. Use left and right on the control pad to change your options.


Selects the difficultly level of the computer opponent.


Changes the screen display between LIGHT and NORMAL. The LIGHT
option makes the characters easier to see on the Game Boy.


Turns the music ON or OFF.

P1- allows player one to change his or her punch and kick buttons
P2- allows player two to change his or her punch and kick buttons


This mode allows you to practice moves against a defenseless computer
opponent which cannot be defeated. Press START to exit PRACTICE mode and
return to the main menu screen.

Game Link

This mode allows two players to play against each other using the Game Boy
game link cable. This will only work if your Game Boy is connected to
another Game Boy with a Killer Instinct pak via a Game Boy Game Link cable.
Once both players have highlighted the Game link option, the first player
to press START will be player 1. FIGHT ON!

Killer Moves

Special Moves
Each character has his or her own set of special moves. Special moves are
more effective than normal punches but are harder to execute.

Charge Moves
Require holding a direction on the control pad for one or two seconds then
pressing the opposite direction on the control pad with a button.

Roll Moves
Rolls are done by performing a rolling motion on the control pad and then
pressing a button. The instructions under the Character Profiles indicate
the key directional points you must hit during the rolling motion, but you
should try to hit all points in between.


Combos are basically a combination of buttons and moves that, when strung
together properly, award the player with extra hits. The best way to start
a combo is by performing an "Opener."Jump-in attacks, as well as some of
the Special moves can act as openers. To open with a jump-in attack, jump
into your opponent with a jump punch or a jump kick, and immediately follow
it up with the opposite button to receive an Auto-Double. An Auto-Double
can be produces multiple hits and can be performed by pressing the correct
button after successfully hitting your opponent with an opener. Even more
moves can be added to a combo after the auto double to get 20 or more hits!

Combo Breakers

There is nothing worse than being on the end of a big combo. But if you
have what it takes, you can stop them cold with a combo breaker. Each
character has a special move which they can use as a combo breaker. the
combo breaker can be executed between the opener and auto-double, as well
as the extended hits of a combo.

Ultra Combos

The Ultra Combo requires a specific ending move on the end of a combo. The
move depends on the character being used and can only be done when the
opponent's life bar is flashing. An extremely humbling experience, a victim
can only watch as his or her character is beaten mercilessly.

Character Profiles

Key D= Down U= Up L= Left R= Right DR= Down Right (Diagonal) etc.

TJ Combo

Age= 25
Height= 6'1"
Weight= 220 lbs

Special Moves
Powerline: Charge L, R, Hold Punch
Runstop: L, Punch during run
Run to Roll: D, Punch During Run
Roller Coaster: Charge L, R, Tap Punch
Knee K.O: Charge L, R, Kick
Turn Punch: R, L, Punch
Cyclone: Hold Punch three seconds and release + Punch again
Opener: Charge L, R, Tap punch, Kick
Combo Breaker: L, R
Ultra Combo: R, L, Punch


Age= 1
Height= 6'5"
Weight= 560 lbs

Special Moves

Laser Storm D, DR, R, Punch
Double Laser Storm L, L, D, DR, R Punch
Triple Laser Storm R, L, L, D, DR, R, Punch
Plasmaslice R, D, DR, Punch
Plasma-Port L, D, DL, Punch (in front) or Kick (behind)
Reflect D, DL, L, Punch
Cyberdash: Charge L, R, Kick
Eyelaser: DR, D, DL, Kick
Opener: Charge L, R, Kick, Kick
Combo Breaker: R, D, DR
Ultra Combo: R, D, DR, Punch


Age= 21
Height= 5'6"
Weight= 190 lbs

Special Moves

Endokuken: D, DR, R, Punch
Tiger Fury: R, D, DR, Punch
Wind Kick: DR, D, DL, Kick
Laser Blade: DR, D, DL, Punch
Opener: DR, D, Dl, Kick, Kick
Combo Breaker: R, D, DR, (Tiger Fury)
Ultra Combo: DR, D, DL, Kick


Age= 23
Height= 5'6"
Weight= 125 lbs

Special Moves

Lasaken: D, DR, R, Punch
Ichi (Ni-San): DR, D, DL, Tap Punch
Niguu Giri: DR, D, DL, Hold Punch
Flik Flak: Charge L, R, Kick
Fire Cat: Charge L, R, Punch
Opener: Charge L, R, Punch, Kick
Combo Breaker: L, R
Ultra Combo: L, R, Punch

Chief Thunder

Age= 42
Height= 6'2"
Weight= 280 lbs

Special Moves

Triplax: Charge L, R, Punch
Sammamish: R, DR, D, DL, L, Punch
Phoenix: D, DR, R, Kick
Tomahawk: (in air) D, DL, L, Punch
Opener: Charge L, R, Punch, Kick
Combo Breaker: R, DR, D, DL, L
Ultra Combo: L, R, Punch


Age= 2650
Height= 5'5"
Weight= 110 lbs

Special Moves

Boneshaker: R, R, Punch
Soulsword: Charge, L, R, Punch
Skele-port: D, D, Punch (in front) or Kick (behind)
Power Devour: Hold L, Kick
Searing Skull: (after absorbing an opponents special move) D, DR, R, Kick
Sliding Kick: DL, D, DR, Kick
Opener: R, R Punch, Kick
Combo Breaker: R, R
Ultra Combo: D, DR, DL, Punch


Age= 45
Height= 5'9"
Weight= 900 lbs

Special Moves

Sabrecut: Charge, L, R, Punch
Sabrepounce: Charge, L, R, Kick
Sabrespin: R, L, Punch
Sabreroll: R, L, Kick
Firebat: D, DL, L, Punch
Howl: DR, D, DL, Kick
Opener: R, L, Kick, Punch
Combo Breaker: L, R
Ultra Combo: R, L, Kick


Age= Unknown
Height= 6'3"
Weight= 300lbs

Special Moves

Shockwave: D, DR, R, Punch
Ice Lance: DR, D, DL, Punch
Cold Shoulder: L, R, Punch
Liquidize: D, DR, L, Hold Kick (in front) Tap Kick (Behind)
Opener: L, R, Punch, Kick
Combo Breaker: L, R,
Ultra Combo: L, R, Punch

Super Game Boy

If you have a super Game Boy adapter, you can play Killer Instinct through
your TV and Super Nintendo System. Not only will this make it easier to see
the details of the fully rendered graphics of the game, you will also get a
more varied color selection and a fully rendered screen border!
Please see your Super Game Boy instruction manual for more details on how to
use your super Game Boy.