Jurrasic Park 2: The Chaos Continues

Grant, a great palaeontologist, was invited by John Hammond (founder of
Jurrasic Park) to inspect the dinosaur installations on the island.

Suddenly, while Grant was visiting the park, the island was hit by a
hurricane which destroyed the central headquarters of Jurrasic Park.

Computer sytems are off-line, electrical fences are down and the dinosaurs
have overrun the park.

You are trapped. The only way to escape is to collect the security cards to
allow you to open the gates between compounds. You must fight your way
through the park to reach the waiting helicopter to make your escape.

This is the beginning of a great adventure. Good Luck!

Getting Started

Make sure the power switch is OFF. Insert the Jurrasic Park II pak into the
Game Boy and turn the power switch ON. In a few moments the Jurrasic Park II
title screen appears.


The game controller is referred to throughout as follows:-

Control Pad - Character Movement
A button - Jump
B button - Shoot
Select - Select Weaponry
Select/Start/A/B - Reset the game
Start - Pause the game

At the title screen, after a few moments a short demo will play. Press START
to begin the game, where you will be given a description of the mission
ahead, press START when you are ready for action!



Pick Ups

Health (Box with the cross)
Key card (JP card)
One Up (head icon)

Hints And Tips

Find the magnetic cards scattered across the park - these will open the
electrical gates.
Beware of the dinosaurs and the T-Rex.
Use your grenades to discover the hidden parts of the island.
If you collect all the magnetic crds on the T-Rexlevels you gain an
extra life.
On all levels except the T-Rex pursuits you must collect all the
magnetic cards to exit the level.