Home Alone

Typed out by Jesse Smith

Nintendo DMG-HM-USA


Thank you for purchasing HOME ALONe for the Game Boy. We hope you
enjoy the adventures of Kevin McCallister as he tries to outwit
Harry, Mary and their new Wet Bandit recruits. The entire McCallister
family fortune is at stake in this wild treasure hunt filled with
tricks, traps and piles of loot!

Kevin must dodge the nastiest gangsters throughout his house to make
it to the final confrontation with his old enemies, Harry and Mary.
But something even scarier awaits the young hero in the basement.. .
something that has given him horrible nightmares! Help Kevin thwart
the Wet Bandits (and his worst fears), in this action classic from T*HQ!
Toy Headquarters.

Table of Contents

Introduction 2
Safety Precautions 4
The Home Alone Story 5
Controlling Kevin 6
The Play of the Game 8
The Information Bar 10
The MeCallister Home 11
Power-Ups 12
Weapons 13
Enemy Characters 14
Tricks, Traps and Puzzles 16
The Final Confrontations 17
90 Day Limited Warranty 18


Safety Precautions

1. Take a 10 minute break after each hour of continuous play to avoid eye strain.

2. Keep cartridge stored in places away from extreme temperature changes.

3. Do not drop or hit the cartridge. Do not attempt to take the game apart.
Avoid touching the connector terminals.

4. Do not clean the game with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or any
other harsh solvent.

5. Store the cartridge in its protective case when not in use.


Harry and Mary, the bumbling "Wet Bandits" have paid their debt to society
and are now ready to get revenge on the youngster that caused them their
humiliating defeat - Kevin McCallister. They have arranged for Kevin's
family to be out of the house when they come calling again, leaving him home
alone for their rematch. This time, the sneaky thieves have beefed up their
gang with robbers and crooks that are more than eager to help themselves
to the McCallister valuables. Only the resourceful Kevin stands between the
new Wet Bandit gang and his family's fortune!


Controlling Kevin

Control Pad Functions:
Left and Right-- Makes Kevin run in those directions.

Up-- Opens the following items when Kevin stands in front of them: doors,
chests of drawers, boxes, control Pad cabinets, etc. Use this to uncover
hidden valuables. It may be necessary to jump while pressing Up to locate
hidden objects.

Down-- Makes Kevin squat down.
A Button-- To make Kevin jump!
To move quickly past text screens.
B Button-- To fire weapon.


Controlling Kevin cont.

Start Button-- To start game! To pause game. Select Button-- To choose weapons.

Climbing and Descending Staircases- To climb a staircase, position
Kevin at the base of the stairs and press Up. To walk down the
stairs, position Kevin at the top of the stairs and press Down. To
reverse direction while on the staircase, press the opposite direction.


The Play of the Game
Kevin's objective is to collect his family's valuables, thereby thwarting
the Wet Bandit Gang. To do so, he runs throughout the various rooms and
halls searching for the items. The gigantic house is divided into four
wings, each with at least two floors and its own set of treasures and traps.

THE STATUS SCREEN: Four categories are shown within the Status Screen.
From left to right they are:

Pizza: Displays the number of pizza slices that have been collected.

Weapon: Displays the weapon Kevin is armed with and the number of
available shots.


The Play of the Game cont.
Items Collected: Displays the number of valuables that have been gathered
by Kevin. This number flashes when it reaches (bag) the maximum level.
Kevin cannot add to this number until he deposits the collected amount
down a laundry chute to a pile in the basement. Position Kevin in front
of the chute and press Up. Laundry chutes are located in several
locations throughout the house.

Items Needed: This is the minimum number of valuables that Kevin must
collect to complete the level. Once this number (vault) reaches "0",
the player may proceed to the basement section to secure the valuables
within the vault. This is indicated by a key appearing in front of the
locked basement door. If you collect more than the minimum number of
items, you will earn bonus points and power-ups.


The Information Bar

Located at the bottom of the playing screen, it lists the score, the
number of lives, and how many hits Kevin has taken. After taking three
hits worth of damage, one life is lost. When all lives are lost,
the game is over.


The MeCailister Home
Each wing within Kevin's house has a different set of valuables. Some
items can be found in the open, but the majority have been stashed
inside desks, cabinets and other objects. Experiment by opening all
drawers and by jumping in front of and on top of furniture and appliances.

Each time Kevin completes a level, he must face his nightmares in the
basement. As with the above levels, the creatures in the basement are
different for each encounter.
Hint: Loose brick must hit creature.



The following items are found throughout the household and

offer special bonuses to the player:

Slice of Pizza: Collect eight pieces for an extra life.

Cookie: Regain one hit.

Pizza Box: Gain one extra life.

After-Shave: Temporary invulnerability to all enemies!



The following items are listed from weakest to strongest attack potential.

Water Pistol: Has unlimited shots and fires quickly.

Slingshot: 10 shots for each slingshot collected.

Baseball: One throw per ball. Makes a Bruiser Boy double over with one shot.

BB Rifle: 15 shots per rifle. It takes more shots to stop a
Bruiser Boy, but he'll be doubled over for a longer period of time.


Enemy Characters

There are three basic burglar gangs encountered throughout

the game. Each reacts differently to Kevin's presence:

The "Light-Fingered" Mob doesn't chase after Kevin, but will run off
with any uncovered valuables (if Kevin doesn't get it first). They
wear black suits.

The "Sneak-Thieves" chase after Kevin and will make off with valuables.
They wear caps and jump suits.

The "Bruiser Boys" will only come after Kevin and ignore valuables.
If Kevin hangs around in the same room for too long with these
characters, they will jump up and down causing chunks of plaster to
fall from the ceiling.


Enemy Characters cont.

And be on the lookout for some other particularly tricky goons
that have hooked up with this crew!

Experiment with the weapons to see how many shots are
required to vanquish each enemy.

Special Note: a useful strategy is to shoot until the crook
doubles over, then for a short time it will be safe to jump over him!


Tricks, Traps, and Puzzles
A variety of booby traps have been set in every part of the McCallister
house. Kevin has the option to lure the criminals into the devices,
thereby eliminating them from the game. Some of the traps include:

Banana Peel-Knock it off the shelf and entice a crook toward you so
he slips and falls off the screen.
Failing Objects- These can be timed to fall on the unsuspecting goons.
Items include paint cans and irons.
Floor Obstacles- Toy cars and scattered thumbtacks make imposing
barriers for the bad guys.

Kevin cannot be hurt by the traps that he activates, but the Floor
Obstacles will harm him. Some traps have a puzzle-like quality to
them that require the player to solve.

Special Note: Use the enemy character's pattern of movement to determine
the best way to ensnare him.


The Final Confrontations

Once the house has been cleared of the marauding bandits, Kevin
must enter the basement for a final time. Waiting below will be
Marv, Harry and KevinŐs worst nightmare of all! If Kevin is
successful in stopping the leaders of the Wet Bandit Gang and
overcoming his deepest fears, he will be reunited with his parents and family.


90-Day Limited Warranty



Developed by Imagineering Inc., Glen Rock, NJ

Program and Design:
David Lubar
Concept and Design:
Alex DeMeo
Barry Marx
Mike Sullivan
Musical Arrangement:
Mark Van Hecke
John Williams