Game and Watch Gallery 2

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Game Boy Game and Watch Gallery 2

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[Front cover and seal of quality]
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Thank you for selecting the Game and Watch Gallery 2 Game Pak for
Nintendo Game Boy system. Please read this instruction booklet
thoroughly to ensure maximum enjoyment of your new game.
Save this booklet for future reference.

This Game Pak has a battery back-up function to record the
progress of the game.

CAUTION: Do not rapidly switch the power ON and OFF, as this may
shorten the life of the batteries and/or cause a battery-backed
Game Pak to lose your stored information.

Game Boy Gallery 3 is a re-creation of classic Nintendo games
and has no timekeeping function.

What is Game & Watch?......................4
Welcome To The Gallery.....................6
The Gallery Corner.........................8
Super Game Boy.............................8

Getting Started...........................10
Interrupt Save............................11
Game Selection............................12
Mode Selection............................13

Classic Mode..............................14
Modern Mode...............................14

The Games:
Donkey Kong...............................24

Warranty Information......................27
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What Is Game & Watch?
Originally released in the early 1980s, the "Game & Watch" line marked
Nintendo's entry into the portable video game market.

Featuring liquid crystal displays and a handy size small enough to fit in a
pocket, they quickly became a hit everywhere for gamers on the go.

"Ball," released in 1980, was the first of many released by Nintendo.

As the games evolved, so did the hardware.

Later games made use of wide and multi-screen displays; they also
pioneered the now familiar + Control Pad and button configuration.
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It's a desperate situation!! The paratroopers are dropping into
an ocean filled with man-eating sharks.
You must save them!
Released in 1981

Holy Henny-Penny, it's raining tools!! Move quickly and don't
let any hit your head.
Released in 1981

Flip up a feast, but don't drop any food. That would be a waste!
Released in 1981

Move quickly and accurately to stop the moles as they tunnel your way!
Released in 1980

Donkey Kong
DK has kidnapped a girl and it's Mario to the rescue!
Released in 1982
Page 6

Welcome to the Gallery
We now return for the revival of five great Game & Watch masterpieces!

Not content with just faithful renditions of the original games in
the Classic mode, we have included updated versions in the
exciting new Modern mode.

This mode combines the simple movements of the original basic game
with new graphics that feature all your favorite characters.

Whether your aim is to set the high score or just pass some time,
stop into the Game & Watch Gallery for some plain old fun!
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[Picture of DK, Mario, Princess, Wario, Bowser, Toad and Yoshi
crowded around a Game & Watch game.]
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[Picture of Mario and DK with three Game Boys.]
Page 9

The Gallery Corner
If you earn more than a certain number of points in each game,
you will be treated to the Gallery Corner.
The exhibition you see will appear each time you go to the
Gallery Corner.
You can access the Gallery Corner from the Title screen; however,
this option won't be available until you earn enough points.

Read the "Hints" carefully and try to see it all!

Super Game Boy
This Game Pak may be played using any Game Boy, Game Boy pocket
or Game Boy Color portable game system.
You may also play the games in Game Boy Gallery 3 on your
television using the Super Game Boy accessory with your Super
Nintendo Entertainment System.
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Getting Started
Correctly insert the Game Boy Gallery 3 Game Pak into the Game Boy
system and switch the power to the ON position.
The "Nintendo" logo will appear for a few seconds, followed by the
Title screen, then a demonstration.
Select "Play Game" using the + Control Pad and press the A Button to
display the Game Select screen.
Once the demonstration begins, press and button to return to the Title screen.

Saving High Scores
Game Boy Gallery 3 has a feature that will automatically save the
highest score of each game, mode and difficulty level.
These high scores can be seen on each game's Mode Select screen.
Should you ever wish to erase all saved data, press Up, Up,
Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right on the + Control Pad while
viewing the Title screen.

Once erased, the data cannot be restored.
Page 11

Interrupt Save
Game boy Gallery 3 features an Interrupt Save function that allows you to
continue a game even if you switch the Power OFF.
To use this feature while playing, press START to pause the game.
When the Pause Menu is visible, slide the power switch to OFF.
The next time you switch the power ON, "INTERRUPT SAVE" will appear
on the Title screen, along with the game and mode information.
Press START to continue the game.

NOTE: The Interrupt Save function can only save one game in progress.
When you re-start the game, your Interrupt Save data will be erased.
Page 12

Game Selection
After selecting "Play Game" on the Title screen, the Game Select
screen will appear. Select any game by pressing Up or Down on
the + Control Pad, then press the A Button to enter.
The lowest portion of the Game Select screen (pictured left and
below) will indicate the highest score reached in each game, mode
and difficulty level. Each * displayed equals 200 points.
Scores earned while playing the Modern mode are shown on the left side.
Classic mode scores are shown on the right side.
The mushroom icon represents the Easy level, while the fireflower icon
represents the Hard level.
|MODERN[Easy]* * * * * CLASSIC [Easy]* * * * *|
| [Hard]* * * * * [Hard]* * * * |
As you collect *'s in different games, good things will begin to
happen in the Gallery Corner!
Page 13

Mode Select Screen
After selecting your game, the Mode Select screen will appear.
Use the + Control Pad to select the mode and difficulty level you
want to play.
You can press START or the A Button to begin the game.
CLASSIC MODE - "Game & Watch" original version!

MODERN MODE - Updated Version!

In the Modern mode, you can turn off the background music.
To do this, press SELECT on the Mode Select screen. The flashing
musical note indicator in the upper-left corner of the screen will
disappear, turning the background music to OFF.
Page 14

Classic Mode
Game Difficulty Level:
GAME A - Easy
GAME B - Hard

Clearing Misses
Mistakes will automatically be removed by reaching certain
point levels.
(In Vermin, no misses can be cleared.)
Page 15

Modern Mode
Game Difficulty Level:
Mushroom - Easy
Fireflower - Hard

Clearing Misses
At certain point levels, a heart will appear.
Retrieve it to clear one miss.

When you score a total of three misses in any game, mode or
difficulty level, your game will be over.
Pressing START will pause the game causing the Pause menu to
appear. If you press A, B, START and SELECT simultaneously, you
will reset the game to the Title Screen.
Page 16

Maneuver your boat to catch the parachutists before they fall into the sea.
Page 17

+ Control Pad - Move Left/Right
A Button - Move Right
B Button - Move Left
START Button - Pause

* In GAME B, some paratroopers might be temporarily hung up
in the tree as they fall.

* Different characters will descend at different speeds.
* The cannon will fire any parachutist who unluckily lands in it.
* If a parachutist lands on top of the fish, make sure to catch him
"on the bounce" so you won't suffer a Miss.
* When the cannon shoots a star, catch it to receive a bonus.
* Be careful not to catch a Bob-omb though, because that will
score a miss too.
Page 18

Quickly make your way to the door on the right while avoiding
objects dropping from he sky.
Page 19

+ Control Pad - Move Left/Right
A Button - Move Right
B Button - Move Left
START Button - Pause

* Avoid the pails, hammers and miscellaneous tools that fall from above.
* You can only enter the door on the right when it is open.

* As the Koopa Paratroopa tries to drop hammers and spiked balls
on your head, make your way to the Mushroom house on the right.
* Step on the P Switch to make coins appear.
* Don't be greedy by collecting too many coins, because it will slow
down your movement.
* Step behind the door to collect your bonus.
Page 20

Cook up a meal as you flip your frying pan. Be careful not to drop any food.
Page 21

+ Control Pad - Move Left/Right
A Button - Move Left (Classic), Rotate Peach (Modern)
B Button - Move Right (Classic), Rotate Peach (Modern)
Start Button - Pause

* Move left and right to cook a meal by flipping three panfuls
(four in GAME B). Watch out for the mischievous cats.

* Rotate and move Peach left and right to flip and cook the food.
* Each course will be done after several flips.
* If you can satisfy Yoshi's appetite, an egg will appear, and hatch
into Little Yoshi.
* Be careful - Yoshi doesn't like burned food!
A Button - Move Left (Classic), Rotate Peach (Modern)
Page 22

Whack enemies with the mallet so you won't be attacked.
Page 23

+ Control Pad - Move Up/Down/Left/Right
A Button - Move Right
B Button - Move Left
START Button - Pause

* Move left and right to avoid the moles and knock them out with
your mallet.

* Keep the eggs safe from attack by moving left and right to whack enemies.
* Each enemy character moves at a different speed.
* Remember, Boo Buddy is kind of shy!
Page 24

Jump and avoid the barrels as they roll at you. Destroy the platform
supports and drop Donkey Kong on his head to make the rescue!
Page 25

+ Control Pad - Move Up/Down/Left/Right
A Button - Jump
B Button - Switch Screens (Classic Mode)
START Button - Pause

* Make your way to the crane's switch on the upper part of the screen.
* Push Left on the + Control Pad to turn it ON.
* Press the A Button to jump safely to the crane and remove the
latch pins on DK's support.
* Remove all four pins and Donkey Kong will do a head-plant.

Make your way to the switch and press Left on the + Control Pad
to start the rotating platform, then use it to jump onto DK's platform.
If you make it there safely four times, Donkey Kong will do a head-plant.
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