Game and Watch Gallery

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Game Boy Game and Watch Gallery
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What is Game and Watch?.................2
What is the Gallery Corner?.............7
Let's Start!............................8
Super Game Boy Information.............12
Classic Mode and Modern Mode...........14
Introduction To Each Game..............16
Warranty and Service Information.......25

Thank you for selecting the Game and Watch Gallery Game Pak for
the Nintendo Game Boy unit.
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What is Game & Watch?

Originally released in the early 1980's, the "Game & Watch" line
marked Nintendo's entry into the portable video game market.
Featuring liquid crystal displays, and a handy size small enough
to fit in a pocket, they quickly became a hit everywhere for gamers
on the go. "Ball", released in 1980 was the first of many released by Nintendo.

Keep up with the moving pedestrians and do not allow them to
fall through an empty manhole cover!

Released in 1980 and 1983.
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Oh no, the building is on fire! When the people jump, can you safely
help them to the ambulance?

Released in 1980 and 1981.

Dive among the tentacles of a giant octopus to retrieve treasures
stowed in Davey Jones' Locker!

Released in 1981.

The pipes are leaking! Catch the dripping oil and find a way out of
this crisis.

Released in 1982.
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A Portable Evolution Takes Place

As the library of Game & Watch games grew larger, Nintendo
continued its exploration into many different types of liquid
crystal displays and game control systems. Milestones were
made as the wide and multi-screen displays came into use. These
were followed by panoramic, color and even table top Game &
Watch models! Also pioneered during this time were the game
control systems that evolved into the now familiar +Control
Pad and button configuration.

+ Control Pad

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Color LCD
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Welcome to the Gallery!

We now return for the revival of four great Game & Watch masterpieces!

Not content to just give you faithful renditions of the original
games in classic mode, we have included updated versions in the
exciting new modern mode. This mode combines the simple
movements of the original basic game with new graphics featuring
all your favorite characters. Whether you are aiming for the
high score or just passing time, stop into the Game Boy Gallery 2
for some good old fun!

Whether or not you ever had a chance to enjoy the originals, we
hope you thoroughly enjoy your stay.
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What is the Gallery Corner?

Earn more than a certain number of points in each game and you
will be treated to the Gallery Corner. The exhibition you see
will appear each time you go to the Gallery Corner. You can
access the Gallery Corner from the Title Screen. However, this
option won't be available until you earn enough points.

- Read the "hints" carefully and try to see all the displays!
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Let's Start!

Correctly insert the Game Boy Gallery 2 Game Pak into the Game
Boy system and switch the power to the ON position. The
"Nintendo" logo will appear for a few seconds, followed by the
title screen and a demonstration. Press any button to display the
Game Select screen.

About the SAVE
Game Boy Gallery 2 has an automatic save feature that will save
the best score of each game. The best score can be seen on the
Mode Select screen of each game.
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Game Select Screen

If you press any button while the title screen is displayed, the
Game Select screen will appear. Select any game by pressing
up or down on the +Control Pad, then press the A Button to enter.

Press left or right on the +Control Pad to scroll the screen and
reveal the milestone scores achieved for each game. Each
milestone achieved will be displayed by a star. The top row or
milestone stars is for the modern mode, the lower row is for the
classic mode. One star is worth 200 points.

Collect five stars in each game to reveal a secret.
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Mode Select Screen

After a game is selected, the Mode Select screen will appear.
Use the +Control Pad to select which mode and difficulty level
you want to play. You can press START or the A Button to begin the game.

Classic Mode... "Game & Watch" original version!

Modern Mode... Updated version!

In the modern mode, you can turn off the background music. On
the Mode Select screen, press SELECT, and the flashing musical
note indicator in the upper left of the screen will disappear,
indicating the background music is OFF.
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Interrupt Save

Game Boy Gallery 2 also features an interrupt save function
that allows you to continue a game even if you switch the
power OFF. To use this feature while playing, press START to
pause. When the Pause menu is visible, turn the power switch to
OFF to use the interrupt save. The next time you turn the power
ON, a message will appear on the title screen stating "INTERRUPT
SAVE" and will indicate which game and mode has been saved.
Press START to continue the game.

NOTE: The interrupt save function can only save one game in
progress. When you restart the game, your interrupt save data
is erased.
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Super Game Boy

This Game Pak may be played using any Game Boy or Game Boy pocked
portable game system. It is also possible to play the games in Game
Boy Gallery 2 on your television through your Super Nintendo
Entertainment System using the Super Game Boy adaptor.
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[picture of the Super Game Boy and screenshots.]
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Classic Mode

Classic Mode
Mistakes are cleared automatically after reaching certain points.

All modes are over when you get three miss marks. Oil Panic is
over when either the top or the bottom screen has three miss marks.
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Modern Mode

Modern Mode
At certain points, a heart mark will appear. Retrieve it to
clear one miss.

If you press START, the game will pause.
Also, if you press A, B, START and SELECT simultaneously, you
will reset the game.
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Coordinate your movements with those of the moving pedestrians
and cover the manholes. If a pedestrian falls it is counted as a miss.

You hold the only manhole cover. When the pedestrian walks over
the hole, you must stop their fall by holding the cover in place.
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There are four covers, one for each hole. They remain in place
until walked over, then they fall down. Maneuver Yoshi to keep
the covers in place so that the pedestrians won't fall.

+Control Pad
Press up, down, left and right to move in those directions.

A Button
Move diagonally.

B Button
Not used.

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Catch the people as they jump from the windows of a burning
building, then deliver each to the ambulance. If you fail to
catch one, it's a miss.

The people jump from the third and fourth floors. (On EASY, they
jump from the fourth floor only.)
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The people will all jump from the same location, but different
characters will behave differently. The first time you catch an
egg, its contents will be revealed. Deliver a super star to the
ambulance for a bonus. Deliver a Bob-omb and its counted as a miss.

Control Pad
Press left and right to go left and right.

A Button
Move right.

B Button
Move left.

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Retrieve the treasures from the box guarded by the octopus.

Each time you return treasure to the ship, you will receive a
three point bonus.
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Each treasure returned to the ship receives a double points bonus.
Each treasure collector will slow you down. Collect too many
treasures at one time and you will be severely slowed down. If
trapped, you can press the B Button and throw treasure that
you are holding at the octopus' tentacle. Hit it and the tentacle
will pull back for a while.

+Control Pad
Press up, down, left and right to move to up, down, left and
right. At the treasure box, each time you press right you pick
up another treasure.

A Button
Pick up the treasures from the box. Move right.

B Button
Throw away treasures (Modern Mode only).

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Oil Panic
In this game, you must catch the oil dripping from the ceiling
with a bucket, then hand it to the person on the floor below.
If you drop the oil on the floor or fail to hand it off to the person
below, it's a Miss.

The miss counters are independent for the top and bottom. Miss
three times on either one and the game is over.

Three drips of oil will fill your bucket. Before it overflows, make
sure to dump the oil into the drum held by the person on the floor
below. You will receive a bonus for dumping the oil when your bucket is full.
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You have a bucket in each hand. Press either the A or B Button to
spin around. If you can pass six drips of oil to Yoshi before he
switched sides, he will spit out a block. Get enough blocks, and....

+Control Pad
Press left and right to move left and right and throw away the
oil that you've caught.

A Button
Spin (Modern mode only).

B Button
Spin (Modern mode only).

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