Gargoyle's Quest

Manual re-write by: VmprHntrD

This is the manual to the GameBoy game.....

Gargoyle's Quest (from: Capcom)

[TABLE OF CONTENTS]__________________________________________

Controlling Firebrand ...................................................... 7
Gargoyle's Quest Story .................................................... 10
Game Play and Hints ....................................................... 11
Enemy Characters .......................................................... 12

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[CONTROLLING FIREBRAND]_____________________________________________

The controls for Firebrand and simple, bute true mastery will take both
practice and skill.

When in the above-view area of the game, UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT moves
Firebrand in those directions. In most areas, pressing the A button brings a
small menu on the screen. The menu has four catagories.

TALK - Converse with other on screen characters by using this selection. To
continue the dialogue, press A button.

USE - Operate a Magic item by using this selection.

LVL - (Level) See the current status of your character and the items he
possesses by using this selection.

CHK - (Check) Examine/obtain items found by using this selection.

To cancel any screen, press the B button. This will return you to the
scrolling above-view mode. START and SELECT do nothing in this mode.

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[CONTROLLING FIREBRAND (cont.)]____________________________________

In the close-up side view areas of the game, (combat areas), the controls are
slightly different.

Pressing the B btuuon makes Firebrand use his weapon. He starts the game with
a fire-breathing projectile. Some enemies require more than one fireball to
be destroyed.

Pressing the A button begins the flight process. Pressing it once will cause
him to jump/fly for a short period of time. Pressing the A button a second
time, (while he's in midair), will extend his flight for its full duration.
If you wish to cut his flight short, press the A button a third time. Note,
it is not always wise to use the full flying time.

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[CONTROLLING FIREBRAND (cont.)]_____________________________________

Pressing LET and RIGHT moves Firebrand in those directions. UP and DOWN do
not work in this area.

Pressing START brings up a screen that shows the characters current statistics
The stats shown are:

L - Life force. Each character has two life forecs.

W - Wing power. This gauge shows how much time Firebrand can fly.

J - Jumping power.

VIALS - How many vials have been collected. Use these to purchase items.

ICON - How many characters are available to the player.

As you pass through the above-view ares, you many encounter several hidden
combat zones. You must defeat the enemies in these areas to get back to the
above-view area. You will also encounter several creatures in the above-view
mode. Talk with them to find out secret information and discover if they are
friend or foe.

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[THE GARGOYLE'S QUEST STORY]_______________________________________

Ages ago the friendly Ghoul Realm was invaded by an alien force known only as
the Destroyers. The Destroyers almost succeeded in capturing the Ghoul Realm
when an incredible fire came out of the sky and eliminated them. The secret
of that powerful fire was lost through the ages, and the Destroyers are back
for a rematch.

The only clue to the survival of the Ghoul Realm lies in the hint that the
sole heir to the "Red Gargoyle" can bring back the magic flame. As Firebrand,
guardian Gargoyle of the Realm, you must discover this heir to the magic flame
and bring peace to the kingdom once again.

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[GAME PLAY AND HINTS]______________________________________________

Firebrand can use his powerful claws to cling to walls and other surfaces on a
vehicle plane. When he is connected to a wall in this manner, he will be able
to fire his breath weapon in the opposite direction.

The character can move rapidlyy up a flat wall by pressing A and UP on the
control pad.

Whenever Firebrand is clinging to a wall (or other vertical surface), he will
jump upwards a little bit when the A button is pressed. Remember this! You
will want to gauge how far up a wall you want to place the character to avoid
the numerous hazards.

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[ENEMY CHARACTERS]_________________________________________________

(A Gorilla with a doglike head and another head on its chest.)

(A giant bee with big eyes and wings, and big claws.

(A skeleton of a dead gargoyle.)

(A big 4 petaled toothy plant on a long stem.)

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[ENEMY CHARACTERS]______________________________________________

(A giant eye with a thorny cover.)

(A dead fishes skeleton with big teeth.)

(A flying demon with two big claws and giant wings.)

(A tall creature with a dragon skeleton like head, and another on its chest.)

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