Castlevania Adventure

Manual re-write by: VmprHntrD

This is the manual to the Game Boy game.....

CastleVania Adventure (from: Konami)


To confront the death defying Count, insert the cartrdige into the Game Boy,
and then click on the Power Switch. When KONAMI appears on the screen, press
the Start Button.
Now you're in the misty midst of Dracula's less than welcoming lair. Theres
no place to hide. No place to run. the only direction you can go is "dead"
ahead into the darkness that is CastleVania.
With the taste for sweet revenge on the tip of his fangs, the blood thirsty
prince of darkness hungers for a succulent delicacy - and your throat is
definitely on his menu. But before you reach this host of horrors, you must
risk your neck against multitudes of unearthly evils that lurk around every
All told, there are 4 levels of dank dungeons, torture chambers, and vampire
crypts. At the "dead" end of each, you'll find a Primary Evil who's waiting
to terrorize you. Before proceeding to the next level, you must crush and
demoralize (not that it has a lot of morals to speak of) this beast.
At the end of the fourth level, you'll enter the "dead" of night, where
you'll come toe to toe, eyeball to eyeball with everyone's favorite blood
sucker - Count Dracula. And it's here that you'll either vanquish his
midnight powers forever, or be initiated into his vampire corps.
Your sole means of protection are your Mystic Whip and mindful wits, which
will lead you through Drac's menacing maze. Along the way, be sure to light
the candles with the tip or your whip. It's a sure fire way to unleash life
sustaining items such as hearts, crystals, and crosses of gold.
You'll begin your quest with three lives to spare. At 10,000 points you'll
receive a bonus life. For every 20,000 points thereafter, you'll be granted
another reincarnation.
NOTE: There's a time limit in each stage. And if you fail to destroy the
Primary Evil or Count Dracula before it expires, you'll expire.

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[CONTROLS TO WARD OFF THE CURSE]_________________________________

Control Pad:
Press Left of Right to advance through the maze. Press Up to climb up a rope.
Press Down to climb down a rope or to "duck" the onslaught.

Select Button:
Not used during the adventure.

Start Button:
Press to begin your quest. Also press to pause and unpause the action.

B Button (The Attack Button):
Press to crack the Mystic Whip. Be warned, though, it's impossible to attack
when climbing up or down a rope.

A Button:
Press to leap. Also press to jummp down from a rope.

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[ITEMS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT]________________________________

Partially restores your Life Line.

The Flashing Heart:
Totally restores your Life Line.

1 Up on the Count:
Gives you an extra life to play with.

Cross of Gold:
Makes you invincible for a limited period of time.

The Crystal:
Increases the power of your Mystic Whip.

The Flashing Crystal:
Calls forth a Primary Evil.

The valuable Coin:
Increases you point wealth.


Locate 1 Crystal and your whip will lengthen, strengthen, and become an all-
around super weapon against the super freaks.
Discover a second Crystal, and fireballs will spew forth, lighting up the
enemy and the scoreboard.
Your Mystic Whip can only be increased by a power of two. So if you find a
third, fourth or one-thousandth crystal, they'll be nothing but worthless
status symbols.

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[TIPS TO EVADE TORTURE]______________________________________

Don't bet the ponies... don't spit into the wind... (OK! OK! Enough joking
around. This Dracula stuff is serious business, especially for those of you
with your necks on the line.)
Here's the true advice from the Underworld.
1. Traps have been set within each stage. Be careful not to trip into the
Pit of Pit Vipers. Also watch out for the Pursuing Wall.
2. Don't allow your attention to slop from the dangers lurking overhead and
on the blood stained floors.
3. Knock down and destroy pillars to escape certain death.
4. Master the Jump Attack, so you can light up the candles burning high on
the wall and defeating flying sorcerers. To Jump Attack, hold down the A
Button, then strike the B Button.

[CONTINUE IF YOU DARE]________________________________________

After losing you last life, you can continue from the beginning of the level
where you perished. Simply press the Control Pad Up or Down to select YES on
the Continue Screen. Then press the A Button.
You can begin again as many times as you like, as long as the Game Boy power
remains on. Turn off the switch, though, and it's back to the beginning where
the deadly demons will be refreshed and revived. (Careful not to leave the
Game Boy on too long - or else you'll kill the batteries!)

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