Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2

Typed out by Jesse Smith

Nintendo DMG-BY-USA-1

Introduction 2
Using The Controls 4
How to Play 5
Game Details 7
Other Items 10
The Rascals 12
Limited Warranty 16

Okay, Doc, here's what's up! During a party at the Wicked
Witch's castle, the Witch nabbed Honey Bunny (TM) and locked her away deep
within the castle. It's up to you to search through the 28 chambers of
the castle and rescue Honey Bunny from the


clutches of the Witch. You'll have to watch out for rascals like the
Tasmanian Devil, (TM) Wile E. Coyote, (TM) Yosemite Sam (TM) as well as
hidden trap doors. Fortunately, there are weapons, tools, shields,
and magic potions to be found that will aid you in your quest.
Good luck, Doc!



Control Pad

Used to move Bugs Bunny. Use the up and down directions to help Bugs
climb stairs and ladders or to enter the pipes. Also used to enter
password letters and to select from menus.

Not used.

START Button
Used to start the game and may also be used to pause the game during
play. The START Button will resume a paused game.

A Button
Used to utilize a weapon.
B Button
Same as the A Button.



Starting the Game
Insert the Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 Game Pak into the GAME BOY and
turn on the power. First "Nintendo" will be displayed, followed by the
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 license screen, and the title screen.

Choosing the Level
You can choose to start the game from the first level (START) or enter
a password to start from a higher level (PASSWORD). These passwords are
given to you as you complete each of the levels. Use the control pad to
move the cursor to the desired choice and press the START button.

If you choose to enter a password, you will be given the opportunity
to enter a four character code. Use up and down on the control pad
to change the flashing character to another letter. Use right and
left on the control pad to change character positions. Press START

5 __________________________________________________________________

when you are done entering the password. If you enter the password
correctly, you may begin play from the higher level. Otherwise, you will
begin from the first level.

When the overall level map is displayed, press the A
Button to begin the game.

The Objective
You begin the game with 5 lives. Your goal is to complete all 28 levels
by picking up all the keys on each level while avoiding or defeating
the rascals. If you are captured by one of the rascals, you lose a life
and have to start the level over again. However, you can safely pass
the rascals through passageways and pipes. If you are successful, you
will face the Wicked Witch in the final showdown!

If you are successful in completing a level, you receive an additional
life and are given the password for the level. If you lose all your
lives, you will be given the

6 ______________________________________________________________

chance to continue the game from the current level. To do this, use the
control pad to highlight YES and press the START button. Otherwise, you
can start the game from the first level.


Controlling Bugs Bunny
Use left and right on the control pad to move Bugs
Bunny across the screen.

You can use the up and down directions on the control pad to help Bugs
Bunny climb up or down stairs, ladders, and the like.

Some levels have passageways that lead up or down to other floors.
To use these passageways, push up or down on the control pad when
Bugs Bunny is in front of the entry. You can safely pass the rascals
in the passageways.

7 ___________________________________________________________

The Pipes
Some levels contain pipes that Bugs Bunny can use to
escape. To enter the pipes, move to the entrance of the
pipe and press up or down on the control pad. Bugs
Bunny will appear at the other end of the pipe. You can
safely pass the rascals in the pipes.
To enter a door, press the up direction on the control pad. You will find
many useful items in the many secret rooms of the castle.
The catapults let you reach upper floors in the castle's chambers. To use
the catapults, move Bugs Bunny on the floor marked with "UP" and away we go!

8 ________________________________________________________________

These warpways teleport you to another part of the chamber. To use the warpway,
simply step onto the floor marked with the "W" You can safely escape the
rascals through the warpway.

Some levels contain tightropes that can be used to move from one part
of the chamber to another. Use the left and right directions on the
control pad to move Bugs Bunny along the tightrope.

9 _________________________________________________________________

You must locate all the keys on each level of the game.

Bow and Arrow
If you pick up the bow and arrow, you can shoot it at one of the
rascals by pressing the A Button.

The hammer can be used to remove some obstructions
There are other tools that will help you overcome
Pick Axe
The pick axe can be used to climb over some obstructions.
After picking up a bomb, you can detonate it by Pressing
the A Button.


10 Ton Weight, Chests
You can push one of these onto the rascals.

This will protect Bugs Bunny from the rascals for a
short time.

Magic Potion
The magic potion temporarily gives Bugs Bunny the power to overcome any
rascal that he encounters.

Lightning Bolt
The lightning bolt will eliminate any rascals on screen.

The clock will temporarily slow down the rascals.

One additional life.