Wario Land 2

Released: 1998
Game Code: DMG-AW2P-AUS

Written by: Ben Kosmina

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Thank you for selecting the Wario Land II Game Pak for the Nintendo Game Boy

Controller Info 4
Tricks of the Trade 6
Starting the Game 8
Mini-Games 9
Saving the Game 10
Wario's Conditions 11
Enemies 16
Warranty Information 21
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One quiet morning, Wario was resting peacefully in bed. He was so tired from
treasure-hunting that he did not hear the suspicious intruders enter his castle.
Who were these mysterious characters, and why are they after Wario's treasure?
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"Aaargh! I can't believe that Captain Syrup and the Black Sugar Gang have stolen
my treasure! I am one angry Wario! I'm going to get my tresures back if it's the
last thing I do!

"Wario Land 2 is much better than any of my previous games. Why, you ask?
Because in this game, I am immortal! There is no Game Over! With multiple
endings, you can play my game MANY times. Isn't that great?!"
Page 4


+ Control Pad
Left/Right *Walk

Up *Enter door

Down *Sit
*Press down as you jump to get to difficult spots
*Press down while jumping to smash enemies, break rocks or change
an enemy's direction.
*Roll on hill

+ Control Pad*Use + Control Pad to swim
*Use + Control Pad to move cursor on sub-screens

Select *Access save screen
Page 5

A Button *Jump
*You can jump to destroy blocks or stomp on enemies (some enemies
can't be defeated).
*Press up while jumping to jump higher
*Swim upwards.
*Confirm commands on sub screen.

B Button *Attack while pressing left or right on the + Control Pad.
*Throw enemies or objects.
*Swim fast.
*Cancel commands on the subscreen.

Start *Pause
Page 6


Hold and Throw
"I stun enemies when I jump on them. If I touch them while they're stunned, I
will automatically pick them up. There are two ways I can throw them:
1. Press the B Button quickly for a weak throw.
2. Hold the B Button and release it to throw farther.

- Press up on the + Control Pad to throw upward. The distance will vary
depending on the size of the enemy.
- Master the art of throwing to defeat enemies from a distance.
- Certain blocks will be destroyed if I throw something at them.
- I can also defeat enemies by throwing them against a wall.
Page 7

"I am an excellent swimmer! To make me jump out of the water, press the A Button
when I am near the surface."

"If I sit on a hill, I'll start sliding. Press down to make me roll. While
rolling, I can destroy blocks, defeat enemies or jump. If I hit a wall, I'll
stop. Ouch!"

"Owls can help me fly! Press the desired direction on the + Control Pad once to
make the owl move. To make me fly REALLY fast, keep pressing the + Control Pad."

Step Jump
"Press the A Button as I jump on an enemy to make me jump higher! Use all the
tricks available to help me get those rotten pirates!"
Page 8


Correctly insert the Wario Land II Game Pak into your Nintendo Game Boy system
and move the POWER switch to the ON position. When the Title screen appears,
press the A Button to begin the game.
Page 9

Matching Game
Certain rooms in each level have the matching game. Match the panel that appears
at the top to one of the eight panels on the screen. If the pictures match, you
receive a treasure.

Number-Matching Game
This game appears at the end of every level. You need at least 50 coins to play.
Every panel you turn over costs you another 50 coins. If you guess the right
number, you'll win a prize!

If you're playing mini-games for the first time, make sure to read the
instructions on the screen!
Page 10


There are two ways to save: Auto and Interrupt.
*Auto Save saves the game at the end of every stage (after you've played the
number matching game).
*Interrupt Save lets you save in the middle of a stage. Press SELECT during the
game, select "Save," then press the A Button.

In some areas, you may not be able to save.

Keep power ON while saving or you could lose everything!

To erase saved data, select "CLEAR DATA" on the Title Screen, then press the A

- If you don't get all the treasures, don't worry. You can always get them
Page 11


"No matter how much damage I take, I am immortal! Ha ha! But I am not
invincible. Some enemy attacks affect me in different ways."

Flat Wario
"Certain enemies can flatten me. I can't jump when I'm flat, but I can float!
You'll have to find a way to get me back to my normal, beautiful self!"
[flat Wario picture]
Page 12

Fat Wario
"Too many cakes makes for one fat Wario! When I'm fat, I move more slowly, but I
can defeat enemies and destroy blocks that I normally couldn't."
[fat Wario picture]

Hot Wario
"Getting hit with fire really burns me up! I turn into a hot fireball. While I'm
running around on fire, I can destroy certain blocks."
[hot Wario picture]
Page 13

Crazy Wario
"Watch out for these penguin-looking guys who throw balls at me. If I get hit by
one, I act really strange."
[crazy Wario picture]

Zombie Wario
"Being turned into a zombie is no fun, but as Zombie Wario, I can do things
normal zombies can't; like falling through floors. To change me back to my
wonderful self, head toward the light."
[zombie Wario picture]
Page 14

Puffy Wario
"If I get stung, my fabulous face becomes all swollen and puffy! With a face
like this, nobody will like me! Can you help me return my face to normal?"
[puffy Wario picture]

Tiny Wario
"If a spell is cast on me, I become tiny. I can't do anything then when I'm tiny
except run away."
[tiny Wario picture]
Page 15

Bouncy Wario
"I don't look very good as a spring, but I sure can jump high."
[bouncy Wario picture]

"Other things will also happen to me. Just keep playing and remember my motto,
'Coins are good'. Good luck!"
Page 16

"These are just some of the enemies who are always causing problems for me, but
they are no match for the almighty Wario! Let them know how powerful I am!"

"He's small, but he packs a mighty wallop!"

"This cake-chucking meanie isn't stingy with food!"
Page 17

"This guy's tough, and that iron ball doesn't look to friendly, but he's no
genius like me though!"

"My beloved pet! She wouldn't harm a flea so be nice to her!"
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