PokemonReleased: 1998
Typed out by Ben Kosmina

Page 1

Story                   1               Viridian Forest         22
World Map               4               Pewter City             24
The World of Pokemon    6               The Adventure Goes On   26
Using The Controller    8               Pokemon Leaders         27
Getting Started         9               Hints                   28
Menu Screen             10              Collect Pokemon         30
Let's Begin             14              Battle Screen           34
Pallet Town             14              Game Link Cable         36
Route #1                16              Techniques              40
Viridian City           18              Items                   40
Route #2                20              Pokemon List            44

This is the Red/Blue version of Pokemon. There are other versions, too. 
The story and characters are the same for all versions. The differences
between the versions are the type and probability of Pokemon appearing.

To complete your collection, you will need to trade with a friend who has
another version.
Page 2

You are an 11-year old boy living in Pallet Town with your mother. Your 
rival lives next door to you. You and your rival used to play nicely 
together when you were little, but lately, he has become mean. He sees 
you as his rival because you are the same age and height. You also get 
similar grades in school. When you hear that Professer Oak is learning 
about Pokemon, you get excited because you are a curious boy. You walk
outside of Pallet Town in search of Pokemon and you hear a voice.

"Hey! Don't go into the grass!" It was Professor Oak. "There are wild Pokemon
living in the grass," he said. "They can be very
Page 3

dangerous. If you have trained Pokemon, you can let them fight against 
wild ones."

Professor Oak took you back to his lab where your rival was waiting.
Professor Oak invited him because he is Professor Oak's grandson. 
Professor Oak spoke, "There are three Pokemon here, so take the one you 
like! Now that you have a Pokemon, the rest is up to you..."
Page 4-5

There are many ways to travel from place to place. Use this map to help 
you find where you're going.
[This map is exactly the same as the one that you can get off of your rival's
sister. In other words, I'm not going to draw it.]
Page 6

I am Professor Oak. The document you are reading is the result of many 
years of studying Pokemon. I strongly suggest that you read this document 
so you may become a Pokemon Master.

In this world there are more than 100 Pokemon. They gain experience 
and become more powerful as they fight against each other. Pokemon 
that only have simple attack techniques such as TACKLE or TAIL WHIP 
will learn more powerful techniques like BITE or WATER GUN. Some 
Pokemon even evolve and change the way they look.

Professor Oak
He is the leading expert on Pokemon. Listen to his wise advice. [Like 'Ooh, 
you got my package!]
Page 7

In the world of Pokemon, there are many Pokemon Trainers who raise 
Pokemon for fighting. Only 8 of these trainers are considered to be 
Pokemon Leaders. You can find these leaders hanging out at local 
gyms, training their Pokemon to become stronger.
These leaders are waiting for anyone who wants to challenge them. In order 
to complete your Pokedex, you must fight these leaders.

Your goal is to capture one of every Pokemon in the world to become a 
true Pokemon Master.
To do this, you must record all of your findings in your electronic
encyclopaedia called a Pokedex. All of the Pokemon data you find will be
automatically recorded in your Pokedex. To catch Pokemon, you will need Poke
Balls which you may purchase from Poke Marts in most towns and cities. 
You will also need to trade Pokemon with friends who have a different 
version in order to complete your Pokedex.
Page 8

+ Control Pad
Move the world map. Move the cursor when a command is selected.

Arrange items.

Display the Menu screen.

B Button
Cancel the Menu screen. Cancel a command that was selected with the A Button.

A Button
Confirm a menu selection. Talk to people (keep pressing to reveal the entire
Page 9

On Title Screen, press either A Button or START, and the following 
options will appear. Use +Control Pad to select and the A Button to confirm.

New Game
This mode lets you play the game from the very beginning. Register the 
names of your character and rival. Select letters using the + Control 
Pad and confirm with the A Button. If you make a mistake, you can erase 
the letters one by one using the B Button, so you can re-enter the names.

If you have saved a previous game, this mode will be added and you will 
be able to continue from the last time you saved.

See page 15 [this page reference is wrong, see page 13]

On the Title screen, press up on the +Control Pad while pressing SELECT 
and the B Button.
Page 10

While moving in the world, press START to display the Menu screen. On 
the Menu screen, you can select seven commands.

The 'Pokedex' command lets you view the data of any Pokemon you have 
seen or captured.

Use Data to view information about a Pokemon you have caught. If you 
have only seen (not captured) a Pokemon, the data won't be displayed.

Use Cry when you want to hear the voice of a Pokemon crying.

Use Area when you want to see where a Pokemon has been seen.

Use Quit to return to the Menu screen.
Page 11

The 'Pokemon' command displays the status of the Pokemon you currently 
have in your possession. You may only carry 6 pokemon at a time.

ATTACK - Pokemon's attack power.
DEFENSE - Pokemon's defense power.
SPEED - Pokemon's speed.
SPECIAL - Pokemon's special power.
TYPE - Genetic class of Pokemon.
HP - Pokemon's HP [hit points or health points]. When it's 0, it can't fight.
PP - Power Points.
OT - Name of the Original Trainer.
ID NO. - ID number determined at the start.

Rearrange the order of your Pokemon. When you encounter enemy Pokemon, 
the one on top of your list will fight first. You may want to rearrange 
the order so your strongest Pokemon, or the one you want to train, is 
on top of the list.

Use Cancel when you want to return to the Menu screen.
Page 12

The 'Item' command displays a list of items that you have collected. You may
carry up to Twenty items at a time.

Select this to use the highlighted item.

Select this to throw away the highlighted item.

This command will display the name, amount of money, number of badges 
and time spent playing the game.

This command lets you save your progress. When you continue, you 
will resume play from where you last saved your game. [You only have 
ONE save slot. You can save the game anywhere except in battle, so 
save frequently!]
Page 13

Select 'Option' to view a list of game play options. You will be able to change
the speed of the text, the battle animation and the style of battle to your

Text Speed
This changes the speed of the message text to three levels. [Fast, medium or

Battle Animation
Turn the animation during a fight to ON or OFF. [Battle Animation is a display
of the attack selected. Eg. 'Bubble' attack will show a stream of bubbles
hitting your opponent.]

Battle Rules
Select the rules of the game as they relate to fighting Pokemon Trainers.

SHIFT - After defeating an opponent's Pokemon, you will have the option of
        switching to another Pokemon in your current group.

SET   - In this mode, even if you defeat your opponent's Pokemon, you must
        continue fighting using the same Pokemon.

This command returns you to the game.
Page 14


This is where you begin your quest to become a Pokemon Master. Explore 
the town before heading North. After leaving your house, go visit your 
rival and Professor Oak.

* Talk to everyone you see. People will help you along the way, so don't 
miss anything.

1. Your Home
This is where you live. You and your rival grew up playing together and 
had a great friendship until he became competitive and mean.

2. Your Rival's Home
This is where your rival lives. The two of you were great friends not too 
long ago. Maybe there's a chance that the two of you can work things out.
Page 15

3. Professor Oak's Lab
You need to find Professor Oak, but he's not in the town. As you try to leave
the town, Professor Oak will stop you "Hey! Wait! Don't go out!" You will soon
find yourself standing in Professor Oak's lab.

Professor Oak will let you choose 1 of three Pokemon. Choose wisely 
because the Pokemon you select will determine how difficult the game 
is. Read OAK'S MEMO below for a tip.

First-time players should choose Bulbasaur because it is a grass 
Pokemon. The first boss uses Rock Pokemon. Grass Pokemon are more
effective when attacking Rock Pokemon.
Page 16

You will travel north into the grassy area. There, you will run into many 
Wild Pokemon.

Walk around in the grassy areas and you will meet Pokemon.

Bites anything when it attacks. Small and very quick, it is a common 
sight in many places.
Page 17

When you encounter a Wild Pokemon, a sequence of events will take place. 
The information on this page will teach you the basic fighting technique.

First, the Wild Pokemon will appear on the screen.

Next, you will exchange attacks with the Wild Pokemon.

Finally, if your Pokemon wins, it will receive experience points.

A common sight in forests and woods. It flaps its wings at ground level 
to kick up blinding sand.

At this point you will not be able to capture a Wild Pokemon. You can 
only fight for experience points. When you get to Viridian City, you 
may purchase Poke Balls at the shop.
Page 18


1. Viridian GYM
You can't get in here because it's closed.

2. Poke Mart
Poke Ball - 200
Antidote - 100
Paralyz Heal - 200
Burn Heal - 250

When you talk to the shop keeper, he'll ask you to deliver a parcel to 
Professor Oak. Take the parcel back to Oak's Lab in Pallet Town.
Page 19

3. Pokemon Centre
Here, you may recover the HP and PP of your Pokemon for free. You can 
also deposit or withdraw your Pokemon and items using the personal
computer. When you deposit Pokemon, you can place twenty of them in 
a single box. (There are a total of twelve boxes.) Also, the PC is 
connected to Oak's Lab, so he can evaluate your Pokedex. Check out the 
Link Cable Club where you can trade Pokemon or battle your friends.

Bill's Computer
Access Bill's Computer to deposit or withdraw Pokemon. You can only 
carry 6 at a time. You may organise your Pokemon in seperate boxes. 
For example, you may want to store similar types in the same box. 
Note: Bill's Computer will be known as SOMEONE'S PC until you find Bill.

Your Computer
Access your computer to deposit or withdraw items. You can only 
carry twenty at a time.

Oak's Computer
Access Oak's computer to receive Professor Oak's rating of how you're doing.
Page 20

Route #2 is the area between Viridian City and Pewter City. Be careful, this
road travels through the Viridian Forest which has stronger Pokemon lurking
about. Make sure you've built your Pokemon levels up before traveling here.

* Give the parcel to Professor Oak and he will give you a Pokedex in return.

* You can see items on the other side of these trees. How do you get them?
You'll have to come back later.

Its short feet are tipped with suction pads that enable it to tirelessly 
climb slopes and walls.
Page 21

You will need to use Poke Balls to capture Wild Pokemon. It will work best if
you get its energy down as far as possible, but not all the way. If you can, use
a Pokemon who has the ability to put the Wild Pokemon to sleep. Once its
sleeping, throw a Poke Ball to capture it.

Often found in forests eating leaves. It has a sharp venomous stinger on its

|----------------|              |----------------|      Wild Pokemon may
|PIDGEY          |              |PIDGEY          |      escape if their energy
|********        |              |********        |      is too high.
|                |              |                |
|       SQUIRTLE |              |       SQUIRTLE |
|       *****=== |      ----)   |       *****=== |
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|              |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|BLUE used       |              |Aww! It appeared|
|POKE BALL!      |              |to be caught!   |
|----------------|              |----------------|

|----------------|              |----------------|      Get the Wild Pokemon
|PIDGEY          |              |PIDGEY          |      energy down, then throw
|*=======        |              |*=======        |      a Poke Ball at it. You
|                |              |                |      can capture many Pokemon
|       SQUIRTLE |              |       SQUIRTLE |      this way.
|       ****==== |      ----)   |       ****==== |
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|              |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|BLUE used       |              |All right!      |
|POKE BALL!      |              |PIDGEY was    \/|
|----------------|              |----------------|

As you play, the Wild Pokemon you meet will get stronger. You may need 
to throw more than one Poke Ball to capture them.
Page 22

The Viridian Forest is full of danger as Wild Pokemon lurk in the grassy 
areas. You will also find plenty of other Pokemon Trainers here. This is 
a great area to practice your fighting skills.

1. Poke Ball
2. Antidote
3. Potion

Almost incapable of moving, this Pokemon can only harden its shell to 
protect itself from predators.
Page 23

Pokemon Trainer
When you battle other Pokemon Trainers, you will earn money and 
your Pokemon will gain experience points. A Pokemon Trainer may have 
1 to 6 trained Pokemon, so it's a good idea for you to have 6. You will not 
be able to capture Pokemon from other Pokemon Trainers.

This Pokemon is vunerable to attack while its shell is soft, exposing its 
weak and tender body.

When several of these Pokemon gather, their electricity could build and 
cause lightning storms.

If you have collected 6 Pokemon, raise their levels evenly. Let each of 
your Pokemon have a turn in battle. Also, you may want to collect 6 
different types of Pokemon.
Page 24


You will not be able to travel on Route #3 until you have defeated Brock in
Pewter Gym.

1. Museum
When you visit the museum, you can learn about rare or extinct Pokemon. The
information is saved to your Pokedex so you won't forget what you learned.

2. Pokemon Centre

3. Poke Mart
Poke Ball - 200
Potion - 300
Escape Rope - 550
Antidote - 100
Burn Heal - 250
Awakening - 200
Parlyz Heal - 200
Page 25

4. Pewter Gym
You will have to fight against another trainer in this gym before you fight
Brock. It will be helpful if you bring some potions.

Brock uses Rock-type Pokemon. You will have an easier time defeating 
him with Grass or Water-type Pokemon.

* Defeat Brock to get the Boulder Badge.

ONIX - LV 14

Charmander needs a higher level against Brock's Pokemon because 
Fire-type don't match up well against Rock-type Pokemon.
Page 26

There is so much more than what has been described in the previous 
pages. You must talk to all of the people that you find throughout your 
quest to become the world's greatest Pokemon Trainer.

Game Corner
They say that the Team Rocket has something to do with this gaming 
area. Check it out.

Safari Zone
This is a great place to capture Pokemon. You definitely get what you pay for.

There are three different rods that allow you to catch many different 
water Pokemon. Fish everywhere.

Day Care Centre
The Pokemon Daycare Centre will watch one of your Pokemon and raise 
its level while you're away.
Page 27


Brock: Pewter City
The Power of all Pokemon increases a little. It lets you use FLASH any time.

Misty: Cerulean City
Pokemon up to level 30 obey you. Any higher, they are unruly! It lets you 
use CUT any time.

Lt. Surge: Vermillion City
The speed of all Pokemon increases a little. It lets you use FLY any time.

Erika: Celadon City
Pokemon up to level 50 obey you. Any higher, they become unruly! It lets 
you use STRENGTH any time.

Sabrina: Saffron City
Pokemon up to level 70 obey you. Any higher, they are unruly!

Koga: Fuschia City
The defence of all Pokemon increases a little. It lets you use SURF any time.

Blaine: Cinnabar Island
Your Pokemon's special abilities increase a little.

All Pokemon obey you!
Page 28


You will find many interesting things during your quest. On the next couple 
of pages. I have recorded some things I believe will make your quest more

How to Use Pokemon Box
There are twelve boxes in which you may store Pokemon. Newly 
captured Pokemon will be stored in the currently selected box. When a 
box is full, you must change boxes.

If Your Pokemon Box is Full
If your Pokemon Box is full, you will not be able to keep Pokemon that 
you capture. You need to access the computer in a Pokemon Centre and 
change to a box that is not full.

Hidden Machine
Sometimes you will get a Hidden Machine instead of a Technical Machine. 
It works similar to a Technical Machine but you can use a Hidden Machine 
as may times as you want. Also, the skills learnt from this machine can 
be used not only during the battle but while moving in the world. For 
instance, you can CUT the tree blocking the road by using an ability 
called CUT or swim in the water by using an ability called SURF. 
[Not explained well, is it? Hidden Machines and Tech. Machines are new, 
better moves that your Pokemon can learn. TMs can only be used on 
one Pokemon once, but HMs can be used multiple times on Pokemon. 
In addition, you can use HMs when moving around the world. But, HMs 
can only be used on the world once you get the badge that lets you. 
An example of this is that you can't use CUT until Misty gives you the 
Cascade Badge. Hope this helps.]
Page 29

How to Arrange Items
First open ITEM on the Menu screen. Move the cursor (using the +Control 
Pad) to the item you want to move, then press SELECT. Next move the 
cursor to where you want the item to moved using the +Control Pad, 
and press SELECT.

** You can arrange the abilities during the fight the same way.

Change Pokemon Names
There is only one place where you may change the nicknames of your 
Pokemon. When you find this place, be sure to remember where it is. 
[Trust me, it's not hard to find. You can't change nicknames of Pokemon 
that you got in a trade, no matter how sad they are.]

Stop Evolution!
When your Pokemon starts to evolve, you may stop the process. Press 
the B Button when the screen shows the Pokemon changing form, like 
in the screen shot to the right.
Page 30


You may collect Pokemon in many different ways. Please study these pages 
to learn how you can collect Pokemon.

Many of the Pokemon you collect will be ones that you find in the wild. 
Travel through grass, in caves or in water, etc. to find Wild Pokemon 
that you can collect.

You can collect some Pokemon through special events; win one as a prize 
in the Game Corner; get one by helping a stranger; or capture them at 
the Safari Zone.

In a Pokemon Centre, you can link your Game Boy system to a friend's 
Game Boy system and trade Pokemon between the 2 Game Paks. Some 
Pokemon will evolve when you trade them. Also, some Pokemon won't 
appear in your version of the game, so you must trade with a friend who 
has a different version in order to complete your collection.
Page 31

In each game there is a Pokemon that appears only once. If you do not 
capture it the first time, you will not have the chance to capture it again.

Many Pokemon evolve when their experience level increases. In the 
screen shots below, we see Weedle evolving into Kakuna. Train all 
your Pokemon to higer levels and discover the ones that evolve.

|---------------|                       |---------------|
|    [pic. of   |                       |    [pic. of   |
|    Weedle]    |                       |    Kakuna]    |
|               |                       |               |
|               |       ------>         |               |
|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|                       |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
|What? WEEDLE   |                       |WEEDLE evolved |
|is evolving!   |                       |into KAKUNA!   |
|---------------|                       |---------------|
Page 32

You need to think about the types of Pokemon you are battling 
against. Choosing the correct Pokemon can make a big difference.

There are many different types of Pokemon. Each type of Pokemon 
has strengths and weaknesses against different types. It's like a large 
scale version of the game Rock, Paper, Scissors. Rock is stronger 
than scissors, scissors are stronger than paper and paper is stronger 
than rock.

** Some Pokemon have two types.

                        FIRE --------------) GRASS --------|
                        /\                                 |
Page 33


|--------> ATTACK --------------------------- 0 - GREAT!    # - POOR     X - BAD
|   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15
|1                                                     X    #
|2      X   X       0   0                         0    X         X
|3      0   X   X   X               0                  0         X
|4          0   X   X               #   0                        X
|5      X   0       X           X   0   X         X    0         X
|6      X   X       0   X           0   0              0         0
|7  0                   0       X       X    X    X    0    #
|8                  0           X   X             0    X    X
|9      0       0   X           0       #         X    0
|10             X   0       0                     0    X
|11                         0   0            X
|12     X           0       X           X    0              X
|13     0               0   X       X   0         0
|14 #                                        0
|15                                                              0

TYPE    2: FIRE      5: GRASS       8: POISON      11: PSYCHIC   14: GHOST
        3: WATER     6: ICE         9: GROUND      12: BUG       15: DRAGON
Page 34


Many areas have the same types of Pokemon. You are wise to match 
your Pokemon according to their strengths against the opponents.

** During battle there are 4 menu options. You may select FGHT, PKMN, 

FGHT "Fight"
This displays the abilities of the Pokemon. Select the one you want to 
use and attack.

PKMN "Pokemon"
Use this to select a different Pokemon. Choose the one you want and press 
the A Button. It takes 1 turn for the exchange to happen. You can use this 
to view the status of your Pokemon without wasting a turn.

This uses an item from your inventory. Select the item you wish to use 
and then the Pokemon you wish to use it on.

Use it to escape from a battle.

** PP - Power Points tell you how many times you may use an ability.
Page 35

When the fight begins, the Pokemon on top of the list will go first. If you 
win the fight, all of the Pokemon who participated will receive 
experience points.

Pokemon gain experience points by fighting. If they receive enough 
experience points, their level will increase. They may learn new abilities 
or even evolve when their levels increase.

Pokemon that you get by trading with a friend will grow faster than 
those that are not traded. It is definitely worth your while to trade 
your Pokemon with others.

Your game is over when all of your Pokemon have fainted. When your 
game is over, your Pokemon will be taken to the last Pokemon Centre you 
used and half of your money will be gone.
Page 36


You can trade Pokemon or battle your friends by using the Game Link 
Cable (sold seperately). Connect the Link Cable to 2 Game Boy systems. 
On the Mode Select screen, choose CONTINUE.

Both players need to talk to the receptionist at the Link Cable Club.

Both players need to Save before entering the Cable Club.

Select Trade Centre to trade Pokemon with a friend; or select Colosseum 
to fight against a friend. Press the A Button to confirm.


Page 37


You have arrived at the Trade Centre. Face the centre of the table and 
press the A Button.

Review Pokemon Info
Press the A Button, and the screen to the right will appear. If you want 
to view your Pokemon data, select STATS and press the A Button. If you 
want to view your friend's Pokemon data, select the Pokemon and press 
the A Button.

Move the cursor to the Pokemon you want to trade away and press the 
A Button.

Waiting for Linking will appear.
Page 38

You will be asked if you want to trade your Pokemon with your friend's
Pokemon. Select TRADE to confirm the deal. If you don't like the Pokemon 
your friend selected, you can cancel too.

After the trade is done, you may return to the Trade Center. Press START 
and choose RESET. You will return to the Title Screen.

A traded Pokemon may be one of the Pokemon you want to play with. 
However, if your badge doesn't match the level of the Pokemon, the 
Pokemon won't work. Pokemon you receive via Link Cable will grow 
faster and may evolve differently. Try to trade often.
Page 39


When you select COLOSSEUM, you will be taken to a room with a table. 
Face the centre table and press A Button to start a fight.

Just before the battle, the number of Pokemon each player has will 
be displayed. Battle results will also be displayed.

FGHT: Select the ability and fight.
PKMN: You can change your Pokemon.
ITEM: You can not use Item.
RUN: Press RUN and you will lose.

Lastly, I'll show you some of my Pokedex! I hope these will help 
your adventure...
Page 40


TACKLE          Causes normal damage to a Pokemon.
GROWL           Decreases the enemy's attack power.
TAIL WHIP       Decreases the enemy's defense.
SING            Causes the enemy to fall asleep.
WRAP            Attack the enemy for multiple turns.
POISON STING    Causes damage and poisons an enemy.
FLY             Two-turn attack that causes normal damage.
CUT             A more powerful attack.
FLASH           Decreases the enemy's accuracy.



ITEM            EFFECT
POKE BALL       This ball catches Pokemon. The cost is reasonable.
GREAT BALL      This ball performs better than a Poke Ball.
ULTRA BALL      This ball performs better than a Great Ball.
SAFARI BALL     This special ball is for capturing Pokemon in Safari Zone.
MASTER BALL     This ball can capture a Pokemon 100% of the time.
Page 41


ITEM            EFFECT
FIRE STONE      This stone has a connection to Fire Pokemon.
THUNDER STONE   This stone has a connection to Electric Pokemon.
WATER STONE     This stone has a connection to Water Pokemon.
MOON STONE      This stone has a connection to ? Pokemon.
LEAF STONE      This stone has a connection to Grass Pokemon.
HELIX FOSSIL    You will need to find the secret of this item.
DOME FOSSIL     You will need to find the secret of this item.
OLD AMBER       You will need to find the secret of this item.


ITEM            EFFECT
ANTIDOTE        This removes poison from a Pokemon.
BURN HEAL       This heals a Pokemon that is burned.
ICE HEAL        This thaws a frozen Pokemon.
AWAKENING       This wakes up a sleeping Pokemon.
PARLYZ HEAL     This heals a paralyzed Pokemon.
FULL HEAL       This will heal all of the conditions stated above.
POTION          This will restore some HP.
SUPER POTION    This will restore more HP than a POTION.
HYPER POTION    This will restore more HP than a SUPER POTION.
MAX POTION      This will restore HP to its maximum.
FULL RESTORE    This will heal all conditions and fully restore HP.
REVIVE          This will revive a fainted Pokemon and restore 1/2 HP.
MAX REVIVE      This will revive a fainted Pokemon and fully restore HP.
Page 42


ITEM            EFFECT
RARE CANDY      Increases a Pokemon's level by 1.
HP UP           HP level will increase.
PROTIEN         Attack power points will increase.
IRON            Defense power points will increase.
CARBOS          Speed power points will increase.
CALCIUM         Special power points will increase.
X ATTACK        Available only in battle, attack power will increase.
X DEFEND        Available only in battle, defense power will increase.
X SPEED         Available only in battle, speed will increase.
X SPECIAL       In the battle, special ability will increase.
GUARD SPEC      In the battle, enemy Pokemon can't use special attack.
DIRE HIT        In the battle, your attacks will be more effective.
X ACCURACY      In the battle, your chance at hitting will increase.
PP UP           PP level will increase.


ITEM            EFFECT
BICYCLE         This is too expensive for a child to buy.
ESCAPE ROPE     This rope can pull you out of a cave instantly.
REPEL           Spray on and weak Pokemon will avoid you for a while.
SUPER REPEL     This spray lasts longer than REPEL.
MAX REPEL       This spray lasts longer than MAX REPEL.
Page 43


ITEM            EFFECT
POKEDEX         Record Pokemon data in this high-tech index.
TOWN MAP        This map will help you navigate through the world of Pokemon.
TM              Get Technical Machines from many people. (Page 26)
HM              Get Hidden Machines from many people. (Page 26)


ITEM            EFFECT
NUGGET          This item is not very effective unless you're after gold.
GOLD TEETH      These belong to the warden at Safari Zone.
S.S. TICKET     A boarding ticket for the S.S. Anne.
POKE DOLL       A popular doll. Try using it during battle.
SILPH SCOPE     This allows you to identify a ghostly Pokemon.
POKE FLUTE      It wakes up sleeping Pokemon. It's handy during battle.
OLD ROD         Use this rod to fish for Water Pokemon.
GOOD ROD        Use this rod to fish for different Water Pokemon.
SUPER ROD       Use this rod to fish for many types of Water Pokemon.
ITEMFINDER      This handy machine helps you find items.
EXP. ALL        Share experience points with Pokemon who didn't fight.
COIN            Find these at the Game Corner.
COIN CASE       Save a maximum of 9,999 coins in this.
FRESH WATER     During battle, it will restore HP a little.
SODA POP        During battle, it will restore HP a lot.
LEMONADE        During battle, it will restore HP a lot more.
Page 44

[The ??? represents a Pokemon not on the list. I *could list them, but that
would take away all the fun! :-)  Gotta catch 'em all!]

No. 001 - Bulbasaur                     No. 002 - Ivysaur
No. 003 - Venusaur                      No. 004 - Charmander
No. 005 - Charmeleon                    No. 006 - Charizard
No. 007 - Squirtle                      No. 008 - Wartortle
No. 008 - Blastoise                     No. 010 - Caterpie
No. 011 - Metapod                       No. 012 - ???
Page 45

NO. 001 - 024

No. 013 - Weedle                        No. 014 - Kakuna
No. 015 - ???                           No. 016 - Pidgey
No. 017 - ???                           No. 018 - ???
No. 019 - Rattata                       No. 020 - ???
No. 021 - Spearow                       No. 022 - ???
No. 023 - ???                           No. 024 - ???
Page 46


No. 025 - Pikachu                       No. 026 - ???
No. 027 - ???                           No. 028 - ???
No. 029 - Nidoran Male                  No. 030 - ???
No. 031 - ???                           No. 032 - Nidoran Female
No. 033 - ???                           No. 034 - ???
No. 035 - Clefairy                      No. 036 - ???
Page 47

NO. 025 - 048

No. 037 - ???                           No. 038 - ???
No. 039 - Jigglypuff                    No. 040 - ???
No. 041 - Zubat                         No. 042 - ???
No. 043 - ???                           No. 044 - ???
No. 045 - ???                           No. 046 - Paras
No. 047 - ???                           No. 048 - ???
Page 48


No. 049 - ???                           No. 050 - Diglett
No. 051 - ???                           No. 052 - ???
No. 053 - ???                           No. 054 - Psyduck [Psy-ay-ay!]
No. 055 - ???                           No. 056 - ???
No. 057 - ???                           No. 058 - ???
No. 059 - ???                           No. 060 - Poliwag
Page 49

NO. 049 - 072

No. 061 - ???                           No. 062 - ???
No. 063 - Abra                          No. 064 - ???
No. 065 - ???                           No. 066 - Machop
No. 067 - ???                           No. 068 - ???
No. 069 - ???                           No. 070 - ???
No. 071 - ???                           No. 072 - Tentacool
Page 50


No. 073 - ???                           No. 074 - Geodude
No. 075 - ???                           No. 076 - ???
No. 077 - Ponyta                        No. 078 - ???
No. 079 - Slowpoke                      No. 080 - ???
No. 081 - Magnemite                     No. 082 - ???
No. 083 - ???                           No. 084 - Doduo
Page 51

NO. 073 - 096

No. 085 - ???                           No. 086 - Seel
No. 087 - ???                           No. 088 - Grimer
No. 089 - ???                           No. 090 - Shellder
No. 091 - ???                           No. 092 - Gastly
No. 093 - ???                           No. 094 - ???
No. 095 - ???                           No. 096 - Drowzee
Page 52


No. 097 - ???                           No. 098 - Krabby
No. 099 - ???                           No. 100 - Voltorb
No. 101 - ???                           No. 102 - Exeggcute
No. 103 - ???                           No. 104 - Cubone
No. 105 - ???                           No. 106 - ???
No. 107 - ???                           No. 108 - ???
Page 53

NO. 097 - 120

No. 109 - Koffing                       No. 110 - ???
No. 111 - Rhyhorn                       No. 112 - ???
No. 113 - ???                           No. 114 - ???
No. 115 - ???                           No. 116 - Horsea
No. 117 - ???                           No. 118 - Goldeen
No. 119 - ???                           No. 120 - Staryu
Page 54


No. 121 - ???                           No. 122 - ???
No. 123 - ???                           No. 124 - ???
No. 125 - ???                           No. 126 - ???
No. 127 - ???                           No. 128 - ???
No. 129 - Magikarp                      No. 130 - ???
No. 131 - ???                           No. 132 - ???
Page 55

NO. 121 - 144

No. 133 - Eevee                         No. 134 - ???
No. 135 - ???                           No. 136 - ???
No. 137 - ???                           No. 138 - ???
No. 139 - ???                           No. 140 - ???
No. 141 - ???                           No. 142 - ???
No. 143 - ???                           No. 144 - ???
Page 56

NO. 145 - 150

No. 145 - ???                           No. 146 - ???
No. 147 - ???                           No. 148 - ???
No. 149 - ???                           No. 150 - ???
Page 57-58

[An empty list of each box to write all the Pokemon you have stored in each
Page 59-60
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Page 61
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