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Nintendo DMG-SO-USA



1. This is a high precision game. It should not be played or stored
in paces that are very hot or cold. Never hit it or drop it.
2. Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or other such solvents.


Boxxle is a game. Boxxle is a puzzle. Boxxle is the go-anywhere brain
teaser for the Game Boy system that you just can't put down. Help
Willy win over the girl of his dreams by earning enough money moving
boxes in the warehouse to buy her a wonderful present. Manual labor
alone wonÕt win this game, it takes brain power to beat Boxxle.
Find a way to move the boxes to their proper location on all 108
screens and Willy will succeed in winning over his love.


Names of Controller Parts

A Button:
Control Button: Executes choice on
Moves cursor on menu screens.
menu screens. Back-up:
Moves character to Will back up one move
push boxes around B Button:
Cancel function:
Select Button: Returns screen to
Start Button: previous menu. You
Calls up menu can use this button to
screens. Executes return all the way to the
choice on menu first menu from any
screens. menu screen.


How to Play

Insert the cartridge when the Game Boy is turned off.

* Turn on the Game Boy.
* Push Start

* Select Play to begin a game or Create to build your own
warehouse. Select using the control Button and execute using the
A Button or the Start Button. Press the B Button to return to the
previous menu screen.
When you select Play, you have a choice of Play or Passkey. To
play the game from the beginning, select Play. If you want to
continue an earlier game, select Passkey. Selection is made in
the same manner as above.


When you choose Passkey, the passkey input screen will appear.
Use the control Button and the A Button to input the passkey
that you wrote down when you ended your last game. Enter your 4 letter
passkey, and make sure that it's correct. To erase a letter, push
the B Button. It everything is OK, select END and press the A Button.
It you accidentally put in the wrong passkey, use the A Button to
go back to the beginning of the passkey input screen and enter it correctly.


Playing the Game

[This page is an image of a level with the following.]

---------Area and
---------Screen Number
---------No. 08-01
---------Number of
---------Moves per


Use the control button to move Willy around the screen as he
rearranges boxes to fit into the space in the warehouse. The
small dots on each screen indicate where the boxes should be
placed. When all the boxes have been correctly placed, you have
cleared one screen and you may the proceed to the next screen.
When you have rearranged all 108 screens, you will have
successfully cleared the entire game.

The four digit number at the upper right of each warehouse
screen will be at 0000 at the beginning of each game. As the
character moves, the number will increase per move.

Remember that you can only push the boxes. This is very important,
especially in the more difficult screens, you will really want
to pull the boxes, but that is impossible. (See "Retry" on page 10.)


Back-up Mode
You have one chance to correct each mistaken move. If you push a box
too far, press the A Button. The box will return to the previous position.
You can only do this immediately following the mistake.

End of Each Screen
When you have finished putting all the boxes in their proper
place, you will have cleared one screen. On the menu screen
Next, Select, and the four-character passkey will appear. If
you want to continue the game later, write down the passkey.
The next time you play Boxxle, just enter the passkey and
you can pick up from where you left off.


When you proceed to Next the next screen will appear.

The area and screen number are indicated on the game screen's
upper right-hand side. 10 screens form one area. You can choose
only among the 10 screens from the area in which you are working
by using Select. To move to a screen in another area, you must
insert the passkey you saved from that area. As you press the
control button after choosing select, you can see all the warehouses
from the area in sequence. When you see a warehouse you want to
straighten up, press the A Button or the Start Button and you
can begin work on that screen.


To try again or move on to a new screen in the middle of a puzzle,
press the Start button. When you want to try the same screen
again, select Retry. If you want to try another screen, choose Select.

Press A Button and the boxes will move in the same order you
moved them before you pushed Retry. When you have retraced your
steps in the game to the point from where you want to begin,
release the control Button and use the control button to
start playing again.


Build Your Own Warehouse
Use the create mode by selecting Create on the menu screen. With
this mode, you can easily build your own warehouse. Create allows
you to build up to 3 warehouse screens per game. If you have cleared
all the screens, or just want to try making your own screen, this
is the mode for you.

When you create your screen, you may choose large or small boxes.
The large boxes are easier to see. Use small boxes to make a more
difficult screen. When the selection has been made, the edit
screen appear.

When in the Create screen use the B Button to choose boxes, walls,
erase and the dots which indicate where the boxes should be placed.
When you have made a choice, use the control Button to move the
graphic, and push the A Button to execute. Press down the A Button
while using the control Button to create a continuous line. To
erase a box, wall or dot, push the B Button until the erase
square flashes and then


move it with the control Button to the spot you want to erase.
When you have finished drawing your warehouse map, move the cursor
to where you want the character to begin. Push the Start Button.
When you push Start in the create mode, you will have a choice
between retry and select. When you choose select, you will be
able to choose one of three screens that you have created. Use
the control Button to view the three screens. If you haven't
created a warehouse, the screen will be blank. When you are ready
to play, just press the Start Button and the game will begin.
The warehouses you create will last until the power is turned off.




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