Final Fantasy Adventure

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Final Fantasy (TM) Adventure


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The Story of the Final Fantasy Adventure ...... 4
How to Play Final Fantasy Adventure ........... 8
The World of Final Fantasy ................... 10
The Use of the Controller .................... 14
Starting the Game ............................ 17
How to Read the Menu Screen .................. 20
Master the Four Commands ................... 22
Battle System ................................ 32
Level Up ..................................... 38
How to Read Maps ............................. 40
About NPCs (Non-Player Characters) ........... 46
Weapons ...................................... 47
Armor ........................................ 50
Items ........................................ 52
Magic ........................................ 54
Towns ........................................ 56
Final Fantasy Adventure Book of Strategy ..... 61

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Welcome to the world of FINAL FANTASY ADVENTURE!! You are about to
experience a spellbinding, heart-warming adventure filled with thrill
and suspense. Now, let us start our journey!

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First, you should understand the story behind the adventure. A good
knowledge of the story before starting the game will add to your
enjoyment. It will be especially important to grasp the relationship
between the Tree of Mana and the Mana Family, the Gemma Knights, and the
Empire Glaive headed by Dark Lord.

High above the cloud towers Mount Illusia, and the Tree of Mana is
enshrined on the top of the mountain. From the Mana Tree gushes out the
Waterfall -- The source of all life in this world.

The Tree of Mana grows on the energy of will emitted by all things in
this world. The Mana Tree flourishes in beauty when the spirits of the
people are pure, and the water springing out from its roots purifies the
minds of people even more. However, once the Mana Tree is contaminated
with an evil influence, the water springing from the roots becomes
tinged with evil force. The foul water turns the people's minds bad,
and their evil energy returns to the Mana Tree, changing it into an even
more deadly existence. This vicious circle goes on and on, until the
world is totally corrupted, ultimately meeting its destruction. The
Mana Shrine is a sacred place where no man should tread.

However, there were people who dared to enter the sacred area. They
knew that those who touch the Tree of Mana would receive a great power
to last for eternity.

Once, the Emperor of Vandole used the power of Mana for evil purposes.
With the mighty power in his possession, he forced people into slavery,
which began his bloody rule.

But Vandole's evil purposes were stopped by the Knights of Gemma who
guarded the Tree of Mana. The Gemma Knights joined hands with the Mana
Family, the keepers of the Tree of Mana, to fight a long hard battle.
Finally, they were able to restore peace to the world.

The Mana Family feared the power of the Mana Tree may be misused again,
and sealed the way to the Shrine in the Pendant of Mana. To open the
way to the shrine, the Pendant, as well as the supernatural powers of
the Mana Family became necessary.

And now, an evil hand is once again at work to grab the mighty power of
Mana -- The Empire of Glaive, headed by Dark Lord and his aide the
sorcerer Julius. Dark Lord is the evil-loving leader of Glaive. His
companion, Julius, is a man of mystery, who seems to know much about the
secrets of the Mana Tree and the Pendant.

Our Hero, a courageous warrior, sneaked into the Castle Glaive one
night, trying to discover their evil plans, but he was immobilized by
Julius's spell, and was captured as a slave.

The slaves of Glaive were doomed to ceaseless suffering and sorrow.
They were forced to fight deadly monsters every day in order to generate
the energy of evil and hate, and to entertain Dark Lord with the battles
he loved to watch. If they wished to survive, they had to slay the
monsters. Only then would they be given their meager meals for the day.
But from the poor living conditions and the countless wounds and
fatigue, the slaves lost their lives one by one.

One day, our Hero returned to the slave quarters after slaying a monster
to find Willy, his only friend, lying on the floor barely alive!

Willy was also a warrior who had entered the Castle Glaive, and was
captured by Julius. Even after he was made a slave, he had been
secretly investigating Dark Lord's plans. For the past few days, he had
a look of desperation in his eyes.

"Mana is in Danger now ... We must let the Knights of Gemma know about
it. See Bogard at the Falls. He is a Gemma Knight. He should know
what to do."

The last words Willy spoke before passing away baffled our Hero. But
with his invincible spirit, he stood up. He shall avenge Willy ...

With firm determination he set forth. He shall escape from this place,
and find Bogard. Right now, it was the only clue he had for his
perilous mission which lay ahead.

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How to Play Final Fantasy Adventure

Here is some basic information of the object and progress of the game,
and its features. Your adventure may be much longer and harder than you
expect. It would be wise to grasp the general idea before starting.
Details are explained later in the book starting on page 14.

Goal of the Challenge
The greatest object of the game is to stop Dark Lord and Julius in
their evil intentions, and to restore peace to the world. But in
order to do so, you must go through numerous obstacles. The dungeons
and fields outside towns and villages are full of hideous monsters,
with traps in unexpected places. You must conquer these obstacles one
by one, and carry out your mission step by step. However, enemies are
not the only things you will encounter in this world. You will meet
friends who will help you in many ways. Always listen carefully to
what the people have to say.

Playing the Game
Gathering information and fighting enemies are the basics of the game.
Your character -- the Hero -- will grow in strength and capability
battle by battle and by gathering information he will learn what move
to make next.

1) Gathering Information
Whenever you meet people, stop and listen to what they say (see
pages 15 and 57). Use the information to deduce where to go and
what actions to take next. You should be able to figure out your
next move after you've spoken with the people of a town or village.
Be sure to chat with everyone. A singe character you fail to speak
to may hold a crucial clue to the progress of the story.
2) Fighting Enemies
Once outside a town or village, you'll find yourself in a world
where horrible demons roam free. But, don't just run from them.
You, the Hero will gain experience by fighting enemies, and will
grow stronger every time you advance to a higher level (see page
38). As the adventure progresses, the enemies you encounter will
get stronger. By avoiding battles, you will eventually fall prey to
a monster.

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The World of Final Fantasy

The world can be roughly divided into three kinds of areas: The
fields, the dungeons, and the towns/villages/castles. The fields and
dungeons are battlegrounds, while the towns/villages/castles are places
for resting and for gathering information.

1) Fields
This is the outside world, with monsters of all kinds, crawling and
roaming about. The landscape (see page 40) can roughly be classified
into land and water areas. At the start of the game, you are only
able to travel on land. (as the game unfolds, you will become capable
of water travel also.) To travel (see page 14), move your character
to the edge of the screen. Keep pressing the + button in the same
direction, and the screen will scroll to the next. The fields are
mainly for traveling, and fighting.
2) Dungeons
Deep inside caves, towers, castles, and mansions, you will find a
series of rooms surrounded by walls. There will be several monsters
in each room, and somewhere in the deepest part, a powerful boss
monster awaits. To make things more difficult, the dungeons are
complicated mazes filled with various traps (see page 41) such as dead
ends, hidden passages, and damage points. Unless you advance your
character in level beforehand, you may have considerable difficulty
in conquering dungeons. However, you will not make progress by
avoiding them. Only by conquering dungeons, will you discover a new
route to take you to the next stage of the adventure.
3) Towns, Villages, Castles
Many people live in these places. Enemies do not appear. You will
find inns where you can recover your HPs, and shops which sell
weapons, armor, and items. When you are wounded, take a good rest
here to prepare yourself for your next battle. It is also important
to talk to people to obtain information. When you put together the
bits and pieces of information they offer, your next goal should be
clearly visible.

Special Features
The FINAL FANTASY ADVENTURE offers several special game features.
Understanding these features will take you smoothly through the game.
Detailed explanations are given later on in this book for your

1) Puzzle Rooms (see page 44)
There are rooms in some dungeons with a switch on the floor.
Placing a character or an empty treasure chest on the switch will
reveal a hidden staircase or door.
2) Opening a New Route (see page 43)
Parts of the dungeon walls are weakly constructed. Use the Mattock
or Morning Star to break down these walls and uncover a new route.
3) Special Use of Weapons (see page 49)
Some weapons have other uses besides attacking enemies. For
example, the Axe swung before a tree can cut it down.
4) NPCs (Non-Player Characters) (see page 46)
These characters help the Hero during the adventure. Although you
cannot control them directly, with the "ASK" command these
characters give you hints or use their special powers for you.

Saving the Game
Your adventure will be much longer and perilous than you imagine, and
should require days to complete. Save your game when you wish to call
it a day. By selecting the "Continue" command, you can resume playing
from where you left off (see page 28).

Game Over
Game is over when your character's HP drops to 0. You must start over
from where you last saved the game. Constantly watch your remaining
HP as you play, to avoid this as much as possible.

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The Use of the Controller

+ The Control Pad
On the World Screen
Your character can be moved by pressing up, down, left, and right on
the + button. Press "up" when you wish to move him up on the
screen, "down" to move him down, "left" to move him left, and
"right" to move him right. Keep it pressed in that direction until
your character moves to the desired position.
On the Menu Screen
The + button moves the cursor. Keep it pressed up/down to move the
cursor up/down to the desired position. A light push will move the
cursor one notch. In the same way, the cursor can be moved right or

The A Button
On the World Screen
The A button is used to make your character attack with his weapon.
With the exception of the MAX Attack with a sword (see Map
Supplement), pressing the A button once will make your character
swing his weapon.
On the Menu Screen
The A button is used to execute the command you have selected. With
the + button move the cursor to the command of your choice, and
press the A button.

The B Button
On the World Screen
Press the B button to use the item or magic you (see pages 22 and
24) are equipped with. so long as you are equipped with an item or
magic, you can use it simply by pressing B.
On the Menu Screen
The command you have selected can be canceled by pressing the B
button. If you press B while entering a command, the screen will
return to the previous Menu Screen or World Screen.

= The Start Button
The Start button opens the screens for the ITEM/MAGIC/EQUIP/ASK
commands (vertical menu), your character's condition, and the magic
and weapon he is currently equipped with (see pages 21-26).

= The Select Button
The Select button opens the screen for the SAVE/MAP/STATUS commands
(horizontal menu). When you are finished with the screens you opened
with the Start or Select button, you can resume the game where you
left off (see pages 27-31)

---------------------------pgs. 17-19-------------------------------

Starting the Game

1. Turn the power ON. The title screen will appear. If you wish to
continue a game from where you saved last time, move the cursor to
"Continue" and press A (see page 28). If you wish to start fresh,
move the cursor to "New Game" and press A.
2. If you have selected "New Game," the Story will appear on the
screen. Then, the screen will switch automatically to the Name
Screen. (By pressing A button during the story text, you can open
the Name Screen immediately).
3. Name the Boy (Hero). (see pages 18-19)
4. Name the Girl (Heroine). (see pages 18-19)

After naming the girl, the game starts.

Naming the Characters
First, name the Boy. Press the + button up, down, left, and right to
move the cursor. The cursor will continue moving to the edge of the
screen by keeping the button pressed in one direction. A light push
in the direction of your choice will move the cursor one space. After
selecting a letter (or symbol) with the cursor, press A. That letter
(or symbol) will appear on the Name Slot on the top of the screen.
Select the next letter in the same manner. The name can be up to 4
letters. When you have finished naming the Boy, press Start. Name
the Girl in the same manner on the next screen. When you have named
her, press Start. You shall now begin your adventure.

Cancel with the B button if you make a mistake.
If you change your mind after you have decided on a letter with the
A button, press B. It will erase the last letter you have entered.
(Keeping the B button pressed will erase all the letters.)

-------------------------pgs. 20-31-------------------------------

How to Read the Menu Screen

There are three types of Menu Screens: the screen shown below the World
Screen, the screen you open with the Start button, and the screen you
open with the Select button. Try to master reading each type of screen.

Menu Screen 1 -- World Screen
Beneath the World Screen, a smaller screen is visible at all times, as
in the illustration below. You should always keep an eye on this
screen even during battle. Should your HP run low, an unexpected blow
may be fatal and end the game unless you heal yourself quickly with
an item or magic. Also, remember than an especially powerful attack
is possible when the gauge at the bottom of the screen reads MAX (see
pages 33 and 47)

Current HP (left third of text line)
The HP figure shows how much life the Hero has at the moment. Game
is over when his HP drops to 0.
Current MP (middle third of text line)
The MP indicates how much magic power the Hero has. When his MP
drops to 0, no magic can be used.
Current Money in Possession (right third of text line)
G is the monetary unit in this world.
Attack Gauge (bottom bar)
When this gauge reads full, the Hero can use MAX Attack.

Menu Screen 2 -- Opened by Pressing Start
When you press the Start button while on the World Screen, three
screens will appear simultaneously: The Command Screen, the Condition
Screen, and the screen the indicate what magic/item and weapon you are
equipped with. The Command Screen is especially important in the
progress of the game. The meaning and use of each command is fully
explained on pages 22 through 26. Make sure you have mastered these
commands before challenging the game.

The Commands (large upper-left window)
Use commands window to use items or magic, to equip your character
with weapon and armor, and to ask advice from NPCs. Use the +
button to move the cursor up or down. Select the command you wish
to use, then press the A button.
Boy's Condition (small right window)
Displays the Boy's condition: Poison, Stone, Moogle, or Darkness.
"Good" signifies normal condition.
Equipment of Magic, Item, and Weapon (bottom window)
The magic or item the Boy is currently equipped with is now
indicated on the left, the weapon on the right.

Master the Four Commands!
The four types of commands you can summon with the Start button play
an extremely important part in the progress of the Game. Here,
we'll analyze the function and the use of the four commands:
1 - ITEM, 2 - MAGIC, 3 - EQUIP, and 4 - ASK.

1) Item
Position the cursor on ITEM, and press A. All the items currently
in your possession will be displayed on the screen. You can use,
change, and discard items on this screen following the steps
explained below.

Using an Item
Press the + button up, down, left, or right to move the cursor
to the item of your choice, then press the A button twice. (The
cursor blinks after the first push, and the World Screen
reappears after the second.) Now you are equipped with the
item. Basically, all you have to do is to press B when you want
to use the item on the World Screen. However, the key is
automatically used when you pass through a locked door, but only
if you are equipped with it. There are other items which are
used automatically too.
Changing Items
Press the + button up, down, left, or right to move the cursor
to the item that you wish to change and press the A button once.
Now press the + button and a second cursor will appear. Move
the second cursor to the item you want to change the first item
with. Press A once, and the switch is made.
Discarding an Item
Press the + button up, down, left, or right to move the cursor
to the item you wish to discard, and press the A button once.
Then press the + button down until a second cursor appears, and
points to a trash can. Press A once, and the unnecessary item
disappears from the screen.

2) Magic
Position the cursor on MAGIC, and press A. All the magic spells
you currently own will be displayed on a screen. You can use
magic (only when you have sufficient MPs), or put the spell back
using the ITEM screen by following the steps explained below.
Note: you can only equip yourself with either an item or magic,
not both.

Using Magic
Press the + button up, down, left, or right to move the cursor
to the magic spell of your choice and press the A button once.
(This will return you to the World Screen). Now you are
equipped with magic. The B button will execute the magic on the
World Screen whenever you wish. However, it will not be
executed if you don't have enough MPs for that particular spell.
It may be wise to save your magic powers as much as possible.
You never know when you may really need it!
Putting Magic Back
The B button executes the magic you are equipped with.
Therefore, if you accidentally press the B button, the magic is
executed and MPs consumed. To prevent such a waste, it is
recommended to put the magic back in the inventory each time you
use one. The procedure is simple. Equip yourself with a Key or
any other item that cannot be operated by the B button instead
of the magic.

3) Equipment
Position the cursor on EQUIP and press A. The weapon and armor
you are currently equipped with, and their attack and defense
powers will be displayed in the top window of the screen. At the
same time, a window showing all the weapon and armor you currently
own appears at the bottom of the screen. Use this screen when you
wish to change or discard weapons and/or armor.

Changing Weapons
Press the + button up, down, left, or right to move the cursor
to the weapon you wish to equip, and press the A button twice.
The weapon you have been originally equipped with, and the
weapon you newly chose, switch places. You are now equipped
with the new weapon. When you do this, note the Attack Power
rating. If the new weapon is more powerful than the former
weapon, this figure will go up. Although it depends on the kind
of monster you are battling, basically, the higher the attack
power, the better off you are.
Place the cursor on the weapon/armor you wish to discard, and
press the A button once. Then press the + button down until a
second cursor appears, and points to a trash can. Press A once,
and the unnecessary weapon/armor disappears from the screen.
(There are some weapons you can't get rid of.)
Changing Armor
Press the + button up, down, left, or right to move the cursor
to the armor you wish to equip, and press the A button twice.
The armor you have been originally equipped with, and the armor
you newly chose, switch places. You are now equipped with the
new armor. When you do this, note the Defense Power figure. If
the new armor is stronger than the former armor, this figure
will go up. However, since shields have no Defense Power, there
would be no change in this figure even when you switch shields
(see page 51).

4) Asking for Help
Position the cursor on ASK, and press the A button. If you are
accompanied by an NPC, he/she will give you advice, recover your
HPs/MPs, or even give you rides. NPCs can help you in many ways.
Whenever you meet a new NPC, try the ASK command.

Menu Screen 3 -- Opened by Pressing Select
When you press Select on the World Screen, a screen appears displaying
three kinds of commands: The commands to save the game, the command
to look at the map, and the command to check your status. The "Save"
command is particularly important in playing the game. The "Map" and
"Status" commands also come in handy. Study pages 28 through 31 to
master the use of these commands.

Records (saves) the game up to the current stage. Can be used any
time in the game except during an event (when the game proceeds
For checking the position of your character and the location of
towns on the field, and the rooms you have passed through in a
For checking various data of your character including strength,
condition, etc.

1) Save
To save a game, press Select, and summon the Save/Map/Status
Command Screen. Position the cursor on "Save," and press A. The
Save Screen will appear. You can save up to two games. Select the
top or bottom box with the cursor, and press A again. The game has
been saved. Once a game is saved, you can resume it from where you
left off by selecting "Continue" on the title screen when you play
next time. You can save a game any time except when an event is in

Save the Game Often to Save Trouble
The game is over when the Hero is defeated in combat. The screen
switches automatically to the title screen, and by selecting
"Continue," you can restart from where you last saved the game.
If you make a habit of saving the game often, you can continue
with the least amount of loss.

2) Map
Press Select, and call the Command Screen. Point the cursor to
"Map" and press A. The Map will appear on screen. On the field
map, towns and castles are indicated by symbols. On the dungeon
map, only the rooms you have passed through are shown. In either
map, one grid represents one screen. A blinking grid shows your
current position. Further, once you turn the power OFF or save a
game, the rooms you already visited will disappear from the map.

How to Read a Map
A grid on a map represents one World Screen. On a dungeon map,
the entrances to each room are also shown.

3) Status
The Status Screen allows you to make comprehensive evaluations of
your Hero's status. It is especially useful to know how much more
experience points you need in order to advance to the next level.
Refer to the [following] page for details.

(top window)
(first line of text, left third)
The name you gave to the Hero.
(first line of text, middle third, L #)
The Hero's current level.
(first line of text, right third)
The Hero's current condition. Normally, the condition is
"Good." When there's disorder, the display reads "Pois,"
"Ston," "Dark," or "Moog."
(bottom line of text E #/#)
On the left is the Hero's current experience points. The figure
on the right is the amount of experience needed to advance to
the next level.

(left-hand window)
(first two lines of text, HP #/#)
The top shows the Hero's current HPs. The bottom is his maximum
(next two lines of text, MP #/#)
The top shows the Hero's current MPs. The bottom is his maximum
(next line of text, AP #)
The Hero's current Attack Power. This rates how much damage he
can give to an enemy.
(bottom line of text, DP #)
The Hero's current Defense Power. This rates how much he can
defend himself from an enemy.

(large right-hand window)
(first line of text, Stamn#)
The Hero's Stamina. The higher this rating is, the greater the
HP increase is at Level Up.
(next line of text, Power#)
The Hero's Power. The higher this rating is, the greater the
Attack Power increase is at Level Up.
(next line of text, Wisdm#)
The Hero's Wisdom. The higher this rating is, the greater the
MP increase is at Level Up.
(bottom line of text, Will #)
The Hero's Will. The higher this rating is, the faster the
Attack Power gauge rises.

(small bottom right-hand window)
(text, #GP)
The amount of money the hero currently has.

-------------------------pgs. 32-37-------------------------------

Battle System

Monsters exist in the fields and the dungeons on the World Screen. You
must move your Hero with the + button, and attack the enemies with your
weapon, magic, and items in an action battle. Naturally, the monsters
also attack by charging into you, or with weapons and magic, damaging
your character. Quick reaction on your part is the key to victory.

Weapon Attacks
The weapon attack is the very basic attack. It's quite simple. Just
move your character close to an enemy with the + button, and as soon
as the monster is in the range of your weapon, press A! If you
successfully hit the enemy with any part of your weapon, it receives
damage. There are six different types of weapons: Sword, Axe, Spear,
Sickle, Chain-Flail, and Morning Star (see page 33). Each weapon
differs in its attack method and the damage it gives to the enemy.
Try to use a weapon most effective against the breed of monster you
confront. By attacking when the gauge at the bottom of the screen
reads MAX, you can bring about much more damage than usual. This is
called a MAX Attack. When used effectively, the MAX Attack can put
you ahead in a battle.

Slashes the enemy.
MAX: By keeping the A button pressed, the Sword can be swung in a
whirlwind motion.
Chops down the enemy.
MAX: Axe is thrown in the direction your character is facing.
Pierces the enemy.
MAX: Spear is thrown in the direction your character is facing.
Attacks by spinning the Sickle.
MAX: Chain stretches out farther than normal.
Strikes the enemy directly in front with the flail.
MAX: Chain stretches out farther than usual.
Morning Star
Strikes the enemy directly in front with the iron ball.
MAX: Chain stretches out farther than normal.

The MAX Attack is Effective Against Boss Monsters
Make full use of the MAX Attack in battles against Boss Monsters.
Try to read the Boss Monster's movement. Shift around avoiding his
attacks, keeping an eye on the gauge. As soon as it reaches full,
strike! You should be able to inflict considerable damage on the
enemy. With some weapons, you can even MAX Attack from a distance.

Magic Attacks
There are six types of magic used for attacking enemies. Equip
yourself with the magic spell of your choice, and press B to execute
it on the World Screen. However, some types of magic require
manipulation with the + button, while others need no manipulation.

Sleep (no manipulation needed)
Just chanting this spell puts all the enemies on screen to sleep.
Mute (no manipulation needed)
Just chanting this spell blocks all attack-magic spells of all the
enemies on screen.
Fire (no manipulation needed)
When chanted, a ball of fire automatically goes after a nearby
Ice (manipulate with + button)
After chanting this spell, control the icicle with the + button to
hit an enemy.
Lit (aim at enemy)
The lightning bolt shoots straight ahead only. Your character must
face the enemy before chanting.
Nuke (aim at enemy)
The bomb-blast shoots straight ahead only. Your character must face
the enemy before chanting.

Item Attacks
There are altogether eight types of items used for attack enemies.
Item attacks are executed in the same way and have the same effects as
magic attacks. (But not necessarily the same amount of damage.)
Items don't consume MPs, and should be used when you want to save your
MP. However, unlike magic, items disappear after a limited number of

Equivalent to the magic spell of Mute. Blocks all attack-magic
spells of all the enemies on screen when used.
Equivalent to the magic spell of Slep. Puts all the enemies to
sleep when used.
Equivalent to the magic spell of Fire. A ball of fire automatically
goes after an enemy.
Equivalent to the magic spell of Ice. Control the icicle with the
+ button after shooting it.
Equivalent to the magic spell of Lit. Aim the straight-shooting
lightning bolt directly at the enemy.

The items Blaze, Frost, and Thunder are more powerful versions of
Flame, Blizrd, and Litblt, respectively. To use, follow the same
procedures as the latter three.

Status Crisis
When you press Start, the Hero's current condition is displayed on
screen. In normal state, condition reads "Good," but if you have been
attacked by monsters with special powers, your condition may be
affected. All afflictions will disappear in time, but they will
severely hinder you in battle. It is advised that you remedy any ill
conditions with items or magic as early as possible. However, in the
state of "Moogle," you have no choice but to run from enemy attacks.

Petrified (Ston)
Character is unable to move from that spot. Relieve with the magic
of Heal or Soft Potion, etc.
Darkness (Dark)
Character is blind in darkness. Relieve with the magic of Heal or
Eyedrop, etc.
Poison (Pois)
Character loses HPs rapidly. Relieve with the magic of Heal or Pure
Potion, etc.
Moogle (Moog)
Character's defense drops to 0, and you lose control of buttons A
and B, disabling you [from attacking] or [recovering].

Monster and Treasure Chests

Monsters Get Stronger as the Journey Progresses
The monsters you meet in the fields and dungeons get stronger as
your journey progresses. It is quite impossible to avoid combat,
and furthermore, you must confront Boss Monsters, much stronger and
more powerful than the common sort of monsters, at every turning-
point of the story. You simply won't get ahead in your adventure if
you run from enemies. Gather up your courage and fight! The Hero
will advance in level (see page 38) by accumulating experience in
battles on the fields and in dungeons, and acquire the more powerful
weapons and magic to match his level.

Treasure Chests Left Behind by Monsters
Some monsters carry around items in treasure chests. You cannot
distinguish an item-bearing monster by its appearance, but a
treasure chest will be left behind when you defeat one. Help
yourself to the item inside. To open them, walk your character
right up to the chest with the + button.

------------------------pgs. 38-39-------------------------------

Level Up

Every time you defeat a monster, you will gain the experience points of
that monster. If you accumulate the required number of experience, your
level will go up. The screen will switch to the Level Up Screen when it
occurs. First, your current status will be displayed in the left-hand
window. Then Press the A button. After the message, press A again.
Select your character's growth type (see page 39) by selecting "Power,"
"Wisdom," "Stamina," or "will and press A. Check your new ability
rating, and if it's OK, press A. Then press any button to return to the
World Screen.

Create Your Own Character
As you advance higher in level, your HP, Attack Power, Defense Power,
and the Gauge Speed will increase. This increase will depend on which
growth type you select at Level Up. Choose a type at every Level Up
to create your own character. Refer to the explanation below to
design the most powerful Hero.

Growth Type
Increases the Power rating the most. Raises Attack power to your
advantage in battling monsters.
Increases the Stamina rating the most. Maximum HP and Defense
rating rise, for less damage in battles.
Increases the Wisdom rating the most. Raises maximum MP, allowing
you to use more magic.
Increases the Will rating the most. Increases the speed of the
gauge, allowing you to MAX Attack more frequently.

-------------------------pgs. 40-45-------------------------------

How to Read Maps

This game has various landscapes and geographical features. There are
areas where the character can travel, and obstructions he cannot pass
through, as well as places in which he can open up a new route.

Topography of the Fields
Low grass covers the land. You are able to travel in all
Large leafy plants grow here, which cannot be cut away. Traffic not
Many trees grow here. Can be cut down with an Axe, but passage is
not possible where stumps remain.
A damp, boggy area. Beware of the monsters living in the marshes
who sometimes hide themselves in the mud.
A continuous stretch of sand. Monsters such as scorpions inhabit
the desert. You can travel in all directions.
A fountain in the desert. There are several oases, with one
containing an important secret.
A region covered by a blanket of snow. Because of the extreme cold,
Chocobo cannot be brought here.
Field of Floatrocks
Triangular rocks float here. The floatrocks can be smashed with a
Mattock or a Morning Star.
Desert of Crystal
A desert where hard crystals grow from the ground. Crystals which
make a sound when struck with a weapon may be removed with the magic
of Nuke.
Rockwall (Vines)
Walls of the mountain. Plain walls cannot be climbed, but there are
vines that you can climb up and down, and move sideways too.
Oceans cannot be crossed at the beginning, but as the story
progresses, water travel will become possible after you meet
Rivers can be crossed by bridges. Once Chocobot joins you, you will
be able to enter rivers and lakes from the ocean.
Log bridges over rivers. Use the bridges when you want to get to
the other side of a river.

About Dungeons
Dungeons have different topographical elements than the fields. Each
screen represents one room. In these rooms you will come across
various devices and obstacles. Some obstacles may be removed with a
weapon or item, while some will severely damage you upon contact.

Ascending Staircase (straight stairs)
Stand on the staircase to move to the floor above.
Descending Staircase (spiral stairs)
Stand on the staircase to move to the floor below.
Can be smashed with a Mattock or Morning Star.
Can be smashed with a Mattock or Morning Star.
Can be cut away with a Sickle.
Can be cut away with Axes.
Switch-Floor (circular bulls-eye design)
Found in puzzle rooms, used to open doors.
Can be opened by walking through, but some require Keys.
You will receive damage and lose HPs if you enter in or touch these

The Uses of the Mattock
The Mattock is an item used for smashing rocks and pots, and tearing
down walls. It is an important item which should be carried at all
times. The weapon Morning Star can be used in the same function as
the Mattock. When you're stuck in an impasse, you may discover an
exit by destroying rocks and pots or breaking down parts of the

Breaking Rocks and Pots
When you wish to break an obstructing rock or pot, first equip
yourself with the Mattock, stand in front of the object, and press
Tearing Down Walls
Parts of the wall which make a clinking sound when struck with a
weapon are breakable. Equip yourself with a Mattock, stand in
front of the spot, and press B.

Puzzle Rooms
In the dungeons, there are Puzzle Rooms which you must pass through
in order to reach your destination. There are many ways to do it.
Here are some basic types:

Type 1 -- Stand on the Switch
This is the simplest form of Puzzle Room. If you see a switch on
the floor, make your character stand on it. A hidden staircase
will be revealed somewhere in the room.

Type 2 -- Place a Treasure Chest on the Switch
Move the Treasure Chest
Use the + button to push the treasure chest across the floor.
When you successfully have it placed on the switch, a hidden
staircase will be revealed.
-or- Turn a Monster into a Chest
If there are no chests in the room, and neither standing on it
or placing a snowman on the switch works, you can turn an enemy
into a chest and place it on the switch.

Type 3 -- Place a Snowman on the Switch
Move the Snowman
The snowmen you see in the rooms can be pushed like the treasure
chests using the + button. Push it and place it over the
-or- Turn an Enemy into Snowman
If there are no snowmen in the room, you can turn an enemy into
a snowman and use it to operate the Switch-Floor. To make a
snowman, it's simple. Use the magic of Ice or the items Blizrd
or Frost. When you hit a monster, it will be transformed into a
snowman. Then push and place it on the switch.

----------------------------pg. 46---------------------------------

About NPCs (Non-Player Characters)

NPCs are characters who will accompany your Hero at various points in
the story. However, they cannot actually be controlled by the player.
There are altogether eight NPCs you will meet and part with in the
course of your adventure. NPCs will help you in various ways when you
use the ASK command. They also attack the enemies by different methods.

The Heroine of the story. Will recover your HPs when you ASK.
Shoots fire to attack, and will teach you the uses of the Mattock when
you ASK.
Uses the axe to attack. Will sell you various handy items when you
Was once a Gemma Knight. Uses the sword to attack. Teaches you about
the MAX Attack when you ASK.
An enormous bird which becomes Chocobot later in the story. Gives you
a ride when you ASK. ASK again to get off.
An expert with daggers. Will heal petrification when you ASK.
Changes the music when you ASK. Skilled at throwing spears.
A robot, will recover your MPs when you ASK. Attacks with beams.

-----------------------pgs. 47-49-------------------------------


Weapons are mainly for attacking monsters, but they have other uses too
(see page 49), in exploring dungeons, etc. Weapons can be bought or
found in treasure chests. As the game progresses, you will acquire more
powerful weapons. Re-equip yourself with them to gain higher Attack
Power. The character is equipped with a weapon at all times.

MAX Attacks Vary, Depending on Weapon
When the gauge at the bottom of the screen reads full, you can use the
MAX Attack. The MAX Attack differs with each kind of weapon: the
character spins or charges with the sword, throws the Axe or the
Spear, and gains capacity to attack in a wider range with chain-type

Weapons and Monsters
Sometimes, a weapon may have no effect on the enemy, depending on the
type of monster you're dealing with. In such cases, listen for a
distinctive clinking sound you will hear as you attack. For instance,
you may hear clinking when you are equipped with the Broad Sword.
This means the Broad Sword is ineffective against the monster you
attacked. Re-equip yourself with a different weapon. If you still
hear the sound, try another weapon. Experiment to find out which
weapon is most effective for which monster.

Special Uses for Weapons
Besides attacking monsters, weapons have special uses. Each weapon
has its own particular use, which you should fully understand in order
to progress in your adventure. Whenever you are faced with an
obstacle or caught in an impasse, remember the special uses of
weapons. You should be able to open up a new route.

Axe (chopping)
Can be used to chop down trees and thorns in the fields and
Sickle (cutting)
Can be used to cut away obstructing ferns in the dungeons and
Chain-Flail (transporting)
Aimed at cylindrical posts, the weight of the flail wraps the chain
around the post to pull you over in an instant.
Morning Star (breaking)
Can break rocks, pots, and walls which make clinking sounds when
struck with other weapons.

------------------------pgs. 50-51-------------------------------


Armor is equipped to protect yourself from monster attacks. There are
three types of protective gear: Helmets and Armors to guard the head
and body, and Shields to intercept direct attacks. The strength of this
equipment depends on the material which they are made of. The Armor has
a higher defense rating than the Helmet or the Shield if they are all of
the same material. Unlike weapons, they have no special functions. Be
equipped with the strongest defense gear at all times.

The Helmet not only protects the head, but the face and neck as well.
Always wear one with the highest defense rating as possible.
The Armor offer the highest protection out of the three. Some types
of Armor can weaken magic attacks by the enemy.
The Shield has its own unique use (see page 51). Though it doesn't
raise your defense rating, re-equip yourself with a new one at every

Effective Use of the Shield
The Shield does not have any Defense Power, but it can neutralize
frontal weapon/magic attacks by the enemy. The type (material) of
the Shield decides what kind of attack it can stifle. Shields
obtained later in the course of your adventure become effective
against more types of attacks, so re-equip yourself with a new
Shield every time you come across one. Also, monsters lower in
level than the Hero can be pushed with the Shield. (Stronger
monsters will repulse you.)

--------------------------pgs. 52-53-------------------------------


Items can be very useful at times when weapons and magic alone cannot
pull you out of a sticky situation. You will find many different kinds
of items in this game, which fall into the following categories: Items
to recover your HP/MP, items to heal your condition, items to maximize
your Attack Power gauge, items to open locks and create new routes,
items which can be exchanged for a good amount of money, items to attack
enemies, and items which play an important part in the development of
the story. Make full use of these items when you haven't yet learned
the magic you need, when you don't have sufficient MPs left to use
magic, when you haven't acquired a weapon you need, and to make your way
through the challenges of your adventure. The Hero can carry up to 16
items. No more items can be bought or taken out of treasure chests when
you are fully stocked. If you must carry a new item, discard or sell an
item to make room. Some items disappear after use, and some have a
limited number of uses. Check your inventory frequently, so you can
refill your stock as necessary. (See Map Supplement for explanation of
each item.)

The Item Symbols
The names of items are shown abbreviated on the screen. Each item is
categorized by a symbol in front of its name. These symbols help you
identify the use of the items. Please refer to the following
explanations for the definitions of the symbols.

(candy icon)
The candy symbol stands for Candy. It restores your HPs a little.
(flask icon)
The potion symbol signifies items for recovering your HPs, MPs, and
condition. Some other items which come bottled also take this
(gem icon)
The crystal symbol items increase your Attack Power for a limited
length of time, such as the Crystal, which instantly maximizes your
Attack Power gauge.
(crescent moon icon)
The orb symbol stands for combat items which have the same or more
destructive force than magic attacks.
(key icon)
The key symbol items include regular Keys, as well as special kinds
of Keys needed for the adventure.
(pick icon)
The pick symbol stands for the Mattock. This item is used to tear
down walls and break rocks and pots.
(sack icon)
The money bag is the symbol for cash-in items which can be sold at a
high price.

---------------------pgs. 54-55-------------------------------


Eight kinds of magic are used in this game, chiefly for recovery and
attack. Magic spells are not bought in stores or acquired by
accumulating experience, but are found in treasure chests or passed
along from other characters. Unlike an item, a magic spell in your
possession can be used consecutively any number of times as long as you
have enough MPs to perform it. Magic spells also have special effects
on monsters, although some monsters are immune to certain spells. If a
spell doesn't work on a monster, try a different spell.

Cure/MP consumption: 4
This is the magic to recover the Hero's HPs. More HPs can be
recovered when the gauge reading is higher, and as you advance in
Heal/MP consumption: 2
Use this magic when your status is in trouble by poison,
petrification, or darkness. It will restore normal condition
Mute/MP consumption: 2
This magic will put all monsters on screen to sleep for a limited
length of time. However, some monsters are immune to it, and some
enemies will continue to attack by weapon or magic while under the
Fire/MP consumption: 1
This magic shoots a fireball at a monster. When performed, the
fireball will automatically chase and hit a nearby monster.
Ice /MP consumption: 2
This magic shoots an icicle at a monster and turns it into a snowman.
After shooting the icicle, control it with the + button to hit the
Lit /MP consumption: 3
This magic shoots a thunderbolt at a monster. Unlike Ice, the
thunderbolt can only be shot straight, so aim carefully before firing.
Nuke/MP consumption: 6
This magic has the most destructive force of all. Like Lit, it can
only be shot straight, so aim carefully before firing.

------------------------pgs. 56-60-------------------------------


Towns and villages play an important part as stations in the course of
your adventure to make the journey smooth as possible. Besides
gathering valuable information form the people, you can also stay at
inns to recover HPs and MPs you have lost in battle, buy more powerful
weapons and armor at the weapon shops, and stock up on useful items at
the item shops. You will also be involved in various events and venture
into dungeons inside houses in some of the towns. As the story unfolds,
you will have to return to towns you already have passed through. Also,
you will find inns, weapon shops, and items shops [inside] towns too.

Seek Information
The first thing to do when you visit a town is to gather information.
When you want to talk to a person, control your character with the +
button to walk right up to him/her. The message screen will appear
instantly. You can speed up the message or advance to the next
message screen by pressing the A, B, Start, Select, or + button. But
be careful not to go too fast through a message and miss a valuable
piece of information.

To Enter a House or Shop
To enter into a building, stand in front of the door, and press the
+ button "up." The screen will switch to the interior of the house.
When you want to leave, stand in front of the exit and press the +
button "down," and you will find yourself outside again.

Using the Facilities of the Town

Inns (INN label)
When your HPs/MPs are running low, take advantage of inns in towns
and villages. For a charge you can stay overnight and recover your
HPs/MPs to the maximum. The charge would vary depending on the inn,
but it will get more expensive as the game progresses. To use an
inn, enter the building and talk to the innkeeper over the counter
by pressing the + button "up." The charge will be displayed, and
you will be asked if you want to stay or not. Press any button
once, then select "Yes" and press A. The "Good night" message will
come on. Press any button once again to stay the night. When
morning comes, you will automatically leave the inn with your
HPs/MPs fully recharged.

Weapon Shops (sword label)
Weapon shops carry weapons, and armor as well. Each store sells
different kinds of equipment, and prices vary depending on the
merchandise. As you progress further into your adventure, the
weapons and armor become more powerful and expensive. Don't be
caught unprepared. Save up and buy yourself better arms and
protection. Most weapons and armor can be sold in the weapon shops.

Item Shops (jug label)
A wide variety of items needed for your adventure are sold here.
Each store carries different kinds of goods, but usually, item shops
specialize in either regular items or combat items. However,
combat item shops are not found in towns, but exist independently in
the fields. Prices are set according to the kind of item, but the
pricing is the same in all the stores.

How to Buy and Sell
To buy or sell weapons, armor, or items, enter shop and talk to the
shopkeeper over the counter or face to face using the + button. When
you want to buy, place the cursor on "Buy" and press A. The
merchandise will be displayed. Use the + button to select the
merchandise you want, and press A. To sell, place the cursor on
"Sell" and press A. The inventory of your possessions will be
displayed. Select the item you want to sell and press A. The amount
you will get for your item will be shown next to its name. Select
"Sell" or "No" and press A. You can cancel by pressing the B button
as well.

--------------------------pg. 61---------------------------------

Final Fantasy Adventure Book of Strategy

Starting on the following pages is the "Book of Strategy" which shall
guide you through a part of your long and perilous adventure as a Gemma

-------------------pgs. 62-67-------------------------------

1. Escape from the Castle Glaive

Defeat Jackal!!
After the opening sequence and entering the names of the Boy and Girl,
the scene changes suddenly to a battle against a monster. Our Hero is
being forced to fight a monster for the entertainment of Dark Lord.
The monster's name is Jackal, threateningly huge and vicious-looking.
But if you observe its movements closely, you'll notice a pattern.
Jackal moves up and down, left and right but it never comes below the
lower half of the screen. The spot you stand when you first enter the
arena is safe. Jackal can't harm you there even when it comes close.
As soon as Jackal comes within range of your sword, press A! Eight
hits will finish Jackal off.

Willy Speaks of the Secret of the Mana Tree
The Hero, a slave, fought for the pleasure of Dark Lord. The fighter-
slaves lost their lives one by one from injury and fatigue -- even
Willy, the Hero's best friend. His last words were, "The Mana Tree is
in danger now. See Bogard, a Gemma Knight at the Falls. He should
know what to do.

Try Other Rooms
Willy passed away. The Hero swears to avenge him. But there is no
time to be wasted. The Hero decided to break out of the castle
somehow, and find Bogard, the man Willy spoke of. A door is visible
at the top of the room. Walk straight into it. The door will open as
you walk through.

The Fighter-Slaves of Dark Lord
In the connecting room, Amanda and a man are there. They are also the
fighting slaves of Dark Lord. Try talking to them. When you want to
talk to a character, just walk straight up to him/her. Amanda says
she misses her little brother in town. The man informs you that "the
entrance for the monsters leads to the outside." Now you must go back
to where you fought Jackal. Go into the next room through the doorway
on the right. An ascending staircase is at the upper right-hand
corner. Step on the stairs to go to the floor above.

A Chance for Escape!!
Upstairs, you will find yourself if a corridor leading toward the
left. Walk along the corridor, into the arena. The enemy here is
Jackal again. The entrance gate of the arena won't open until you
defeat Jackal. But that would be easy to do if you remember the tips
from the first battle. When you finish off the monster, quickly exit
through the gate.

From the Castle to the World Outside
Free at last! The Hero climbs down the castle wall to the ground.
Take the passage to the right to do a little exploring. You'll see
the castle entrance, which is shut tight. Further down the passage is
a dead end. Next, try the road leading down from the starting point.
It is also cut off by the Waterfall. The only remaining choice is the
one toward the left. Venture on, and you find two men by the lake
beneath the Waterfall. It's Dark Lord and his right-hand man, Julius!
What are they up to? Let's listen to what they are saying.

The Scheme of Dark Lord and Julius
Dark Lord and Julius are talking about the Tree of Mana. From what
you hear, the Mana Tree is in a shrine on top of the Waterfall. Dark
Lord is scheming to take possession of the power of Mana. According
to Julius, a Girl holds the key to the secret of the Mana Tree.

Chased by Dark Lord, and Down the Fall ...
After Julius disappears, you are seen by Dark Lord. You run for your
life, but Dark Lord corners you. Behind you is the long, long
Waterfall dropping to some unfathomable distance below. Because you
learned about their plot, Dark Lord won't let you get away alive. He
pushes you into the cascade ...

The Game Progresses Automatically During an Event
During events like the one described above, the characters move
automatically, and you cannot control your character. (However, you
must move messages forward by pressing the A button.)

Monsters Everywhere
Waking up, you find yourself in a strange land. Moving on to the
right, you'll see monsters roaming about. The monsters here can be
defeated with one or two hits. The monster [goblin that looks vaguely
like Sonic] throws daggers in the direction it is facing. Stand clear
of the daggers, and attack with the A button. This kind of monster
sometimes leaves behind treasure chests. Inside, you'll find Candy
for recovering HP.

Treat Yourself to Candy
When you use Candy, your hit points are revived about 8 points.
You'll soon be meeting the Girl who knows the magic spell for
recovery. So if your HP runs low before you meet the Girl, don't
hesitate to use Candy as often as you need it.

------------------------pgs. 68-69-------------------------------

2. Rescue the Girl from Monsters

A Girl in Distress
Starting from the place you woke up, move 2 screens right, 1 screen
down, 2 right, and 1 down. A Girl is calling for help. She is being
attacked by monsters. After defeating all the monsters, talk to the
Girl. Her traveling companion, Hasim, has been seriously hurt.
Before passing away, Hasim asks you to take the Girl to Wendel and to
see Bogard. Thus, the journey begins for the two of you.

ASK the Girl for Recovery
During your travels with the Girl, she will recover your HP whenever
you execute the ASK command. Since your MP will not be consumed,
take advantage of her power as often as needed.

The Village of Topple
The Village of Topple can be reached by moving 1 screen up, and 1
screen left from the place where you rescued the girl. The entry into
the village is [through a gap in the wooden stockade at the top of the
screen]. Here, you'll learn that Dark Lord is looking for the girl,
and that Bogard, who lives in a cottage by the Falls is an odd old
man. Villagers will also tell you about the Tree of Mana, protecting
the lives of all people. Also, you'll find an inn, an item shop, and
a weapon shop here. There's nothing special you must buy at the item
shop. You won't need to stay at the inn, either, since the Girl can
recover your HP with the ASK command. But the Weapon shop carries the
Iron Helmet which is one point higher in Defense Power than the Bronze
Helmet you are wearing now. Get yourself one, for better protection
in future battles. If you're short on funds, go fight a couple of
enemies outside the village to raise quick cash.

------------------------pgs. 70-72-------------------------------

3. A Visit to Bogard's

Bogard is a Queer Old Man
Bogard's cottage can be reached by walking some distance toward the
left, on the bank across the river near Topple. If a rockwall
obstructs you along the way, climb a vine, and just keep heading left.
The cottage is on top of a climb up the vine by the Waterfall. Bogard
is stubborn, he'll turn his back on you once or twice, but on the
third try, he'll finally talk.

Get a Mattock from Bogard
Bogard will advise you to take the Mattock in the other room to open a
new route in the East Cave. The door in the rear will open when he
finishes talking. You'll find a treasure chest there, with a Mattock

On to the East Cave!
Bogard will give you two valuable pieces of advice. One is to smash
the obstructing rocks in the East Cave with the Mattock to go through,
and two, to see Cibba in the Town of Wendel, who will tell you the
secret of the Pendant. The East Cave can be reached by traveling to
the right, using vines. Inside the cave, obstructing rocks hinder
your way. Stand in front of the two rocks in front of the passage,
and use the Mattock as Bogard told you to. Use it once, and the route
will be cleared. Move down two screens, to find an up staircase
leading outside.

Mattocks Can Be Purchased in Item Shops Too.
As Bogard said, you can buy Mattocks at Item Shops too. However,
not all shops carry them. Some monsters also carry Mattocks in the
treasure chests they leave behind.

Buy a Battle Axe at the Item Shop by the Marshes
After coming out from the cave, move right. The cottage you will see
is an item shop that sells the Battle Axe -- the only one of its kind
in the world. Make sure you buy it.

Beware of Venomous Monsters!
As the shopkeeper said, from here on is marsh land. Most all of the
monsters inhabiting this area have poison. If you get poisoned, you
will gradually lose HPs. Use Pure Potion as soon as possible. If you
don't have it, go back and get some at the item shop near the entrance
to the marshes. However, the monsters here sometimes leave behind
Pure Potion in their treasure chests, so one or two should be
sufficient stock.

----------------------pgs. 73-74-------------------------------

4. Get Hold of the Key to the Cave

Kett's Rooms
Down the marsh land and to the left, you'll come across a large
mansion. Inside, you'll meet a man. Two travelers are staying in
the upper connecting room. You'll obtain two pieces of information
here. First, about the Mirror that reflects the truth of things.
This Mirror seems to have been discarded somewhere in the Cave of
Marsh by the man at the entrance. The second info is on the Lizardmen
who live in the south. They own the Key to the Cave of Marsh. Also,
you can stay here free of charge in the room on the upper left-hand
corner, by laying down on the bed on the right. At this time, the
Girl will teach you the magic spell of Cure.

She's Gone!?
When you wake up in the morning, the Girl in the other bed is gone.
The man at the entrance says he doesn't know anything about it. Where
has she disappeared to?

South, to the Lizardmen's Hangout
There's something suspicious about that man who discarded the Mirror
of true reflection. You will have to find out his true identity by
getting your hands on the Mirror. But first, you need the Key to the
Cave of Marsh guarded by the Lizardmen. They live 2 screens right, 1
down from the mansion. When you've defeated all the Lizardmen, a
treasure chest will appear. Inside, you will discover the Bronze Key
to the Cave of Marsh.

Heading for the Cave of Marsh
The Cave of Marsh is 1 screen up, 1 right, and 1 up again from the
Lizardmen's habitat. Use the ITEM command to equip yourself with the
Bronze Key, and the door will open when you walk into it.

---------------------pgs. 75-77-------------------------------

5. Finding the Mirror

The Man in the Cave
Inside the Cave, you will meet a Man. According to him, many young
girls have disappeared from the mansion. He believes they are
imprisoned in caskets in the basement. The Man will offer to help you
find her.

ASK the Man for Advice
He will tell you about walls you can break down. When you hear a
special sound as you strike the walls with your weapon, that part of
the wall can be torn down with a Mattock or Morning Star.

Technique 1 -- Switch-Floors
There are rooms inside the cave with square, bulls-eye patterned
tiles on the floor. These are called Switch-Floors, devices that
reveal hidden staircases and doorways when weights are placed on
them. The type shown here [no monsters or snowmen in the room] will
reveal a hidden staircase when the Hero steps on it once. When
there is an empty treasure chest in a room with a switch-floor, the
device will work only when something is on the switch. In such
cases, push the treasure chest and place it on the switch.
Technique 2 -- Sickle
In one of the rooms beneath the cave, you will find a treasure chest
surrounded by ferns. Walk on the Slippery Floor to get to the
chest, to discover a Sickle inside!! But you are unable to get out.
The Slippery Floor only allows you to go in one direction. But stay
cool. The Sickle can cut away ferns. Equip yourself with it and
try it out. You'll find a safe way out.
Technique 3 -- Mattock
Like the Man said, there are parts of the walls in the cave which
you can tear down. If you come to a point where you can't go any
further, experiment by striking the walls with your weapon. If the
section of the wall is breakable, you will hear a metallic clinking
sound. Try it out in different rooms. (Hint: There are two places
where the wall is breakable in this cave.)
Technique 4 -- Finding the Iron Shield
In one of the rooms in the cave, the door will close behind you,
locking you in. It doesn't open with a Key, though it seems like an
ordinary door. Stay calm and defeat all the monsters in the room.
A treasure chest will appear, and the door will open too. You'll
find an Iron Shield in the chest.
Technique 5 -- Suspicious Rocks
The room in the photo has no other exits and no breakable walls.
The secret is in the rocks. Smash the rocks with your Mattock, and
you will discover a staircase leading down.
Technique 6 -- Slippery Floors
You can only move one way on a Slippery Floor. In the room shown in
the photo, move right at the top part. Stand on the Switch-Floor
there, smash the rock with your Mattock and get on the Switch-Floor
below. A descending staircase will be revealed.

Slay Hydra and Discover the Mirror!!
You will find Hydra at the end of the passage after you've descended
the staircase in the room illustrated in "Technique 6 -- Slippery
Floors." You can still turn back if you've come down here unprepared.
Hydra is an enormous, two-headed serpentine monster that spits balls
of fire. Move up and down dodging the fireballs as you attack. Stand
as close to the water as you can, and strike Hydra as it advances
toward you. When you have won the battle, you will discover the
Mirror, and acquire the magic spell of Fire. Open the treasure chest
closer to you first, and destroy it with your weapon to get to the
second chest.

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6. Rescuing the Girl

When You Show the Mirror to the Man at Kett's ...
After you find the Mirror in the Cave of Marsh, you are automatically
transported outside. Parting with the Man here, go back to Kett's.
Equip yourself with the Mirror using the ITEM command, and talk to the
man at the entrance. His true identity will be revealed. Yes, he was
a monster after all -- a Vampire!! His attack rating is high, so
avoid contact and strike him with the Sickle. The door on the right
will be opened after you defeat him. Beyond the door is a vast
dungeon, where the Girl awaits your rescue ...

From here on, the adventure is in your hands ... Good Luck!!

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