Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land

Released: 1993
Game Code: DMG-WJ-AUS
Written by: Ben Kosmina

Page 2

Thank you for selecting the Wario Land Super Mario Land 3 Game Pak for the
Nintendo Game Boy unit.

STARTING THE GAME................7
SAVING YOUR GAME.................9
POWERING UP WARIO...............11
WARIO'S ADVICE..................16
ENEMY CHARACTERS................18
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Remember Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins? Wario tried to take over Mario's
castle, but he didn't have much luck. Wario, being the persistent guy he is, has
not given up. Now, he wants a castle more than ever before.

One day, Wario was practicing being mean when he thought to himself, "Rumor has
it that the pirates of Kitchen Island have stolen the giant golden statue of
Princess Toadstool. Mario is looking for it but, if I find it first, I could
cash it in for a princess' ransom. With that cash and the other pirates' other
treasures and coins, I could buy a palace that is way bigger than Mario's
pathetic excuse for a castle. Ga, ha, ha, ha...! What am I waiting for?"
Page 4

Full of confidence, Wario took off. He didn't even stop to think of how tough
the Brown Sugar Pirates were. Their leader, Captain Syrup was known the world
over for being a really rotten and ruthless guy.

Can Wario find the coins and treasures hidden on Kitchen Island? What will his
new palace look like? Will he keep being so mean and ugly? Let's find out!

-With my 'body slam', I'm not afraid of pirates.
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+ Control Pad
* left and right.... move left and right
* down.... crouch or go down
* up & B Button.... If you have 10 or more coins, you will be able to take out
the 10 Gold Coin.

A Button
* Jump
* If you jump while holding up on the + Control Pad, Wario will jump higher.
* Wario can jump up and break blocks. Some blocks take more than one hit.
* Underwater, Wario can swim up with the A Button. If you hold the A Button,
Wario will continue to go up. While Wario is going up, pressing left or right on
the + Control Pad will make him go left or right also.

B Button
* Use Wario's body slam. Wario can break blocks with this technique.
* Throw enemies and other things Wario has lifted up.
Page 6

START Button
Start the game
Pause the game

Not used

-If Wario gets an item, he can power up and do special things.

If you press the A, B, START and SELECT Buttons at the same time, the game will
reset and return to the Title Screen.

HINT: After I stomp an enemy, I can pick them up and use the B Button to throw
Page 7


Correctly insert the Game Pak into the Game Boy unit and turn the power switch
to the "ON' position. You will see the "Nintendo" logo appear for a few seconds
before the title screen appears. When the title screen appears, press the START
button to begin playing.

Title Screen
[Title screen picture]
On the Title Screen, if you press the A Button or START Button, the Select
Screen appears.

Select Screen
[Select screen picture]
Pipes A through C are the three different saving positions available in this
Game Pak. Select one FILE from A to C by using the + Control Pad. Stand on the
pipe of the FILE which you wish to play and press Down on the + Control Pad to
begin the game.

The number of stages you have cleared is shown by each pipe on the Select
Page 8

[picture of game screen]

coins Heart points

Warios remaining Time remaining
When you pause the action, the course number and your current coin total for all
completed courses will be shown at the bottom of the screen.
-If all of the Warios in reserve have been defeated, some of your accumulated
coins and treasures will be taken away.

When Wario has more than 10 gold coins, Wario can produce a 10 Gold Coin, if you
press Up on the Control Pad and the B Button at the same time. Pressing the B
Button again will throw the coin which can be used as a weapon.

[picture of coin]
1 Gold Coin

[picture of coin with cross]
10 Gold Coin
Page 9


Your game can be saved at the end of any stage or at a save point within a

Your game is automatically saved when you clear each stage, the exit is
sometimes closed with a locked skull. Use a 10 Gold Coin to open it.
Page 10

There is a save point hidden in the middle of each stage in the form of a skull.
If you find the skull, use a 10 Gold Coin to activate it and save your game in
the Game Pak's battery backed memory.

If Wario goes into the CLEAR pipe on the right side of the Select Screen he will
turn into Bomb Wario. If you make Bomb Wario go into pipe A, B or C, he will
erase the data in that pipe.

[picture of bomb Wario] ----) [picture of normal Wario]
Bomb Wario Deleting saved data
Page 11


Jet Wario
If Wario picks up a Jet Pot, he becomes JET WARIO.

Jet Wario's Special Techniques
* When you press the B Button, Wario can fly for a short period of time. If he
hits a block or an enemy while flying, it has the same effect as if he is using
a body slam.
* If you press the B Button again, Wario can stop flying.
* Jet Wario can jump higher and run faster!
Page 12

Bull Wario
If Wario picks up a Bull Pot, he becomes BULL WARIO.

Bull Wario's Special Techniques
* The power of Wario's Body Slam is increased. He can break blocks with just one
* When jumping, if you press Down on the + Control Pad, you can make your
enemies freeze for a short period of time by crashing into the ground.
* If you jump while holding Up on the + Control Pad, the horns of his hat can
get stuck in the ceiling. Press Up on the + Control Pad to get unstuck.

Dragon Wario
If Wario picks up a Dragon Pot, he becomes DRAGON WARIO.

Dragon Wario's Special Techniques
* When you press the B Button, fire will come out of the dragon's nose. This can
be used to break blocks and defeat enemies.
Page 13

Small Wario
If I get hit when I'm my normal size, I'll shrink.

If I find a Pot, I'll go back to my normal size. Then, if I get a Bull Pot, Jet
Pot or Dragon Pot, I can become even more powerful.
Page 14
If Wario gets a Power Up Pot, he can get special abilities.

[This page contains a very complicated diagram showing all of Wario's possible
transformations with arrows pointing everywhere. It looks like a pyramid. I
won't draw it. Get the real manual if you want to see it.]
Page 15


There are plenty of other goodies that Wario can pick up.

Star - The Star makes Wario invincible for a short period of time. He can also
run faster. While he is invincible, he can get hearts by defeating enemies.
[picture of star]

Heart - Wario gets a heart point for every enemy he defeats. If Wario picks up a
heart, his Heart Points go up by 10. When Wario reaches 100 heart points, you
get an extra Wario. At the bottom of the screen, you can see the total number of
Heart Points obtained.
[picture of love heart]

Key - Keys open Treasure Rooms. When you find a Key, search for a Skeleton Door
with a keyhole in the same course. Then toss the key and cash in. You can also
toss keys at enemies and knock them for a loop.

[wario holding key] ----- [skeleton door opens]
Key Skull Door Use a key at the door
Page 16


Collect as many coins as possible and help me build my castle. Here are the best
ways to get coins for your pal, Wario.

Don't Miss Enemy Characters' Coins!
When I attack enemies, coins will appear. Don't forget to grab them.

Break the Blocks!
Pirates hide coins in many places on the island. For example, a coin can be
hidden in a block. Get the coins by breaking the blocks.

There are many treasures and coins hidden on the island. How many coins you can
collect depends on your skill!
Page 17


Press the A Button when the map of the island is on the screen to zoom in to a
particular section, then press B Button to zoom out to the island map. The maps
of individual island sections display the island courses. If a course is marked
with a white circle, that course has two exits.

Kitchen Island
[Again, this map is impossible to draw in text, so I just won't draw it. It is a
pretty good looking map though. :-)]
Page 18


The Brown Sugar Pirates aren't the only creatures on Kitchen Island. Keep an eye
open for these critters too.

Wanderin' Goom
This little guy is harmless, but Wario could shake it up for a Coin or two.

Heads up! This character waits for Wario and falls from the ceiling with its
spikes down.

Pirate Goom
Watch out for his spear.
Page 19

This sea dragon spins into a blade when it spots enemies.

He swims up and down under the water. Watch out for the spike on his head!

This sturdy creature drops down and pursues Wario. Wario can get a lift on its
flat top.

This pirate is part penguin and part racoon. Watch out for its spiked stomach
Page 20

The Dangerous Duck is a boomerang-throwing baddie. When Wario sees the weapon
coming, he should duck too.

Bucket Head
This cool customer spits icy crystals.

*One of the Kitchen Island creatures will help Wario get around.
Wario can ride this creature in the air. The arrow on its ball shows the
direction that it will float. A knock on the head will change its direction.
Page 20

HINT: I can out-muscle any of the creatures on the island, but I'll have to
steer clear of their spikes, claws and horns. If I get a shot at their soft
underbellies, I'll be able to knock the air out of them and toss them around.

All names and characters are copyright and TM their respective owners. This
is NOT to be used as a permanent manual. This text file is only to be used for
temporary situations where you may have lost your manual.