Super Mario Land

Manual re-write by: VmprHntrD

This is the manual to the GameBoy game.....

Super Mario Land (from: Nintendo)


STORY ...................................................................... 3
1. USING THE CONTROLLER (names and Functions of Parts) ..................... 4
2. PLAYING THE GAME ........................................................ 6
3. TECHNIQUE ............................................................... 8
4. SUPER MARIO SECRET TECHNIQUES .......................................... 11
5. INTRODUCING THE CHARACTERS ............................................. 13

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Once upon a time, there was a peaceful world called Sarasaland. In this world
there were 4 kingdoms named Birabuto, Muda, Easton, and Chai. One day, the
skies of Sarasaland were suddenly covered by a huge black cloud. From a crack
in this cloud, the unknown space monster Tatanga emerged to try to conquer
Sarasaland. Tatanga hypnotized the people of all the kingdoms so that he
could control them in any way he liked. In this way he took over Sarasaland.
Now, he wants to marry Princess Daisy of Sarasaland and make her his queen.
Mario came to know these events, and has started on a journey to the Chai
Kingsom where Princess Daisy is held captive, in order to restore peace to
Can Mario defeat Tatanga, release the people from his insterstellar hypnosis,
and resuce Princess Daisy? It's all up to you and Mario's skill. Go for it

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[1.USING THE CONTROLLER]___________________________________________

Names and Functions of Parts

-> * Walk to the right. (Press the B Button at the same time to accelerate.)
v * Squat down (Super Mario).
<- * Walk to the left. (Press the B Button at the same time to accelerate.)

A Button

- Pressing the A Button will make Mario Jump.
Fire torpedo or Missile.
- In the shooting areas, you can fire missiles or torpedoes.

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B Button

- By accelerating then jumping, Mario can jump higher.
Super Ball
- If Mario pice up a Super Flower, he can throw a superball.
* The superball allows Mario to defeat some enemies or obtain coins.
Fire torpedo or Missile.
- In the shooting areas, you can fire missiles or torpedoes.

Start Button
Press this button to begin the game.

Pause Function
If you want to pause the game, press the START Button. To resume playing,
press the START Button again and the game will continue.

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[2. PLAYING THE GAME]_____________________________________________

In this game the action moves from left to right. Mario goes through a series
of adventures in Sarasaland which consists of 4 kingdoms - Birabuto, Muda,
Easton, and Chai. The kingdoms are each divided into 3 area, with the boss of
each kingdom living in the 3rd area. Mario must pass through each area within
a fixed time. There are a variety of enemies waiting to attack him in each of
the world, so he has to use all his running and jumping abilities as well as
piloting a submarine and an airplane. Mario's ultimate destination is the
Chai Kingdom, where Princess Daisy is held prisoner.

World 1 Birabuto Kingdom
World 2 Muda Kingdom
World 3 Easton Kingdom
World 4 Chai Kingdom

* Area 3 in World 2 and World 4 are automatic scroll shooting areas.
* After Mario beats the boss of a world, he can enter the next world by
stepping on the switch in front of the gate.

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* Time
As soon as Mario starts, the time indication on the upper right of the screen
begins to decrease. The time remaining when he arrives at the goal is
multiplied by 10 and added to the score.

* Goal
At the end of each area there are an upper and a lower entrance. If Mario can
enter the upper entrance he can play the bonus game.

* Bonus game
Press the B Button when you think the time is right, and Mario will walk to
the right.

At the right side, 4 bonuses await Mario; 1UP, 2UP, 3UP, and a flower.

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[3. TECHNIQUE]_______________________________________________

* Jump

Mario and Super Mario both jump the same height.
* The amount of time you hold the A Button determines the height of the jump.
* If you press either the Left or Right sides of the Control Pad in mid jump,
Mario will move in the direction you press.
* Press the B Button to make Mario run, and he can jump even higher.

* Bonus Characters

1UP Heart
Take a 1UP heart and you gain an extra Mario.

Collect 100 coins and you gain an extra Mario.

Mystery Blocks
You never know what's waiting for you. Expect something special!

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* Increasing Mario's Power

* Hidden inside blocks and in other places, you can find 3 types of power up
items - stars, flowers and super mmushrooms. Find them and pick them up to
increase Mario's power.

Mario-> Super Mushroom=Super Mario-> Flower=Superball Mario-> Star=Invincible

* If Super Mario or Superball Mario are touched by an enemy they simply go
back to being a regular Mario.
* After becoming a regular Mario again, Mario will be invincible for a short
time. During this time Mario will blink.
* If Mario takes a super mushroom, he is transformed into Super Mario and can
destroy blocks.
* If Super mario picks a flower, he can throw superballs. If a superball hits
a wall or block, it bounces back at an angle of 90 degrees. It can be used
to defeat enemies or collect coins. The superball disappears after a fixed
period of time.

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* If Mario takes a star, he starts blinking and he will be invincible for a
short while. During this time, he cant be beateb by the enemy.

* Defeating the Enemy

* Enemies standing on blocks can be hit from below.
Most enemies on the ground can be defeated by jumping on them.
* In the shooting area, you can defeat the enemy using torpedoes when
underwater or missiles when airborne.

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* When Mario has a superball, he can defeat enemies by throwing the superball
at them.
* Invincible Mario can defeat most enemies by bumping into them with his body.
* Watch out! Some of Mario's enemies can't be beaten by being stepped on,
some are not affected by the superball, and others are totally invincible.

* You lose a Mario

* When Mario is touched by an enemy or engulfed by fire. (Super Mario goes
back to being regular Mario and the game continues.)
* When Mario falls into a hole in the ground or underground.
* When the time runs out.

[4. SUPER MARIO LAND SECRET TECHNIQUES]_____________________________

* If Mario comes to a place where there are small holes in the ground, press
the B Button and he can run across the holes without falling in. (B) + (+)
* In some of the pipes, treasure rooms are hidden. When standing on a pipe,
use the Control Pad to go down and take a look.

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* Jumping in areas that look empty.
There are plenty of secrets to discover with coins and blocks appearing
where you least expect them.
* Get a high score by jumping on several enemies in a row.
* Each coin is worth 100 points. Collect 100 coins and you gain not only a
good score but also an extra Mario.
* Break a block and you gain 50 points. Try to break them when you see them.
* In some worlds there are lots of secret traps waiting for Mario such as
floors that cave in when Mario walks on them and floors with poison needles
that can kill Mario if he touches them.
* You can continue once for each score of 100,000. If your score is over
100,000 points when your game is over, the title screen appears and the
Continue message is displayed. Move the mushroom cursor using the SELECT
Button. If you want to start from the beginning, move the cursor in front
of START and press the START Button. If you want to continue your game,
move the cursor in front of Continue and press the START Button.
* After defeating Tatanga and rescuing Princess Daisy, the game is over.
Press a button after the end and the mushroom cursor on the title screen
turns into a Mario cursor, and the enemy-infested underworld begins.
* To reset the game press the A, B, START and SELECT Buttons simultaneously.

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[5. INTRODUCING THE CHARACTERS]_____________________________________

Daisy Princess
Daisy is being held captive by Tatanga. Mario must rescue her.

Sky Pop (Airplane)
Mario flies through the air in this missile armed airplane.

Marine Pop (Submarine)
Mario can travel any where he likes underwater in this torpedo armed submarine

Upside Down (Headstand) Pakkun 400PTS
A pakkun flower that comes down from above. Take care that it doesn't bite
Mario's head.

Pakkun Flower 100PTS
This man-eating plant grows out of pipes. Watch out because it sticks its
head up quickly. You can't step on it from above.

Pompon Flower 800PTS
While walking around this flower scatters poisonous pollen into the air.

Nokobon 100PTS
A turtle with a bomb on its back. It explodes after you jump on it, so be
sure to avoid contact.

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Chibibo 100PTS
A timid mushroom that toddle along the ground.

Kumo 400PTS
This spider-like creature attacks Mario by jumping on him.

Tokotoko 400PTS
A sont statue that energetically sakes its fists as it runs around.

Nyololin 800PTS
This creature moves around in a cowardly manner, and when it sees mario it
blows poison balls at him.

batadon 800PTS
A winged stone statue. It tries to cruch Mario as it flies.

Mekabon 400PTS
A robot that attacks Mario with its head. it can be beateb by jumping on its

Suu 400PTS
This cave dwelling spider descends silently from above when Mario approaches.

Gao 800PTS
This stiff-bodied creature doesn't move. But it spits out fireballs aimed at

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Rocks that fall suddenly from the sky. They are terrible if they hit and
squash you, but useful because you can jump on one and let it take you for a
ride. Ganchans can't be beaten.

Hiyoihoi 5,000PTS
The boss of the Easton Kingdom, Hiyoihoi evolved from a Tokotoko. It comes at
Mario throwing Ganchans, so mind you don't get crushed. Jumping on Hiyoihoi
won't defeat it but 10 superballs will do the trick.

King Totomesu 5,000PTS
The boss of the Birabuto Kingdom. It jumps up and down spitting out fire.
You can't defeat it by jumping on it. Use 5 superballs.

Yurarin 400PTS
This underling of Draonzamasu live in the water and trembles as it swims
along. 2 torpedoes will defeat it.

Torion 100PTS
These man-eating fish always swim in groups of three. You can defeat them
with a single torpedo.

Honen 100PTS
The skeleton of a Torion after it's been eaten by Tatanga. It always flies
vertically up from the water. A superball can't stop it.

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Yurarin Boo 400PTS
This is the big brother of Yurarin. It moves up and down spitting out fire-
balls, and a superball has no effect on it.

Gunion 800PTS
The gunion shakes up and down in the water. Take care because if you hit it
with 2 torpedoes, it splits into two and attacks.

Dragonzamazu 5,000PTS
The boss of the Muda Kingdom, Dragonzamasu is protected by Tamao. It moves up
and down and splits out fire. Mario can defeat it with 20 torpedoes.

This indestructible life form lives in Dragonzamasu's room to guard his boss.

Fly 400PTS
This blood-sucking fly is always flying around. You can defeat it down by
jumping on it.

Bunbun 800PTS
Bunbun flies around in the sky dropping arrows.

Gira 400PTS
Gira is a missile that takes off straight from a launch pad. Mario can defeat
it by stepping on it.

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Roketon 400PTS
An attack plane piloted by Tatanga's soldier guards. It fires cannonballs at
the Sky pop. You can destroy it with a single missile.

Pionpi 800PTS
Hopping about and persistently dogging Mario, no matter how many times you
jump on Pionpi, he keeps coming back to life. But you can defeat him with a

Chicken 400PTS
A war bird kept by Tatanga, Chicken meanders and glides towards Mario. One
missile will defat it.

Chikako (Glitter) 800PTS
This object floats glittering in the sky. Its body is surrounded by a
protective barrier, so 10 missiles are needed to defeat him.

Biokinton 5,000PTS
The boos of the Chai Kingdom. Because of his shyness, he constantly hides
inside a cloud. Up to now nobody has ever seen what he looks like. You can
defeat him with 20 missiles.

Tatanga the Mysterious Spaceman 5,000PTS
This unknown space monster appeared suddenly from deep space. He drives the
war robot Pagosu, and attacks with scattered meandering rockets.