Batman: The Animated Series

005-EFD-3B7 Infinite energy
014-8ED-F76 Start with very little energy
044-8ED-F76 Start with about half energy
0E4-8ED-F76 Start with about 2x energy
09A-70B-F7E Each batarang pick-up is worth 9
00B-A3D-3BE Infinite batarangs
215-92D-D5D Almost invincible-Switch off if you get stuck
006-16E-3B7 Most enemies don't die
0AF-CDB-E62 Most enemies are harder to kill
AF6-15E-A2C Most enemies die with one hit
004-96D-5D4 + FA4-9AD-4C1 Start with 7 batarangs