Category Title Hacker Format Code Notes
Top Complete choose-an-egg bonus screen before starting game Galoob GENIE 048-64F-E6E
Top Don't lose energy with time (you will lose energy when you hit a rock) Galoob GENIE 006-90E-3BE
Top Go straight to Lake Island Galoob GENIE 058-64F-E6E
Top Hit Anywhere nolberto82 GENIE 181-02D-4CA
Top Infinite Bird Dino Ventuz GS 01081DC4
Top Infinite Dino Ventuz GENIE 00A-B5F-3BE
Top Infinite Energy Robodemon GS 010F23C4
Top Infinite Firebreathing Dino Ventuz GS 01081AC4
Top Infinite Lives Ventuz GS 010919C4
Top Infinite lives Galoob GENIE 00A-C88-3BE
Top Infinite Lives VisitntX GENIE BEA-C88-3BE
Top Infinite Tailswinging Dino Ventuz GS 01081BC4
Top Infinite Throwing Axe Ventuz GS 01081EC4
Top Infinite Throwing Axe Ventuz GENIE 00A-67F-3BE
Top Infinite Time VisitntX GENIE BE6-90E-3BE
Top Infinite Water Dino Ventuz GS 01081CC4
Top Invincibility VisitntX GS 010021C4
Top Invincibility VisitntX GENIE BE6-53E-4C1
Top Select An Item or Egg For 9 Of Everything Ugetab GENIE 00C-1D8-E66 This is for the screen before you enter a stage. Try to use an item, and even if you don't have it, and you'll get 9 of everything. The amounts won't go down as long as the code is on
Top Skip whole game and view romantic end sequence Galoob GENIE 078-64F-E6E
Top Start with 10 lives Galoob GENIE 098-5FF-E66
Top Start with 2 lives Galoob GENIE 018-5FF-E66
Top Start with 7 lives Galoob GENIE 068-5FF-E66