01F-13C-F7A 1 ball and you walk
02F-13C-F7A 2 balls and you walk
05F-13C-F7A 5 balls and you walk
00E-C5C-3BA Strikes aren't counted--ignore message, you need 4 balls to walk
003-E88-3BA Outs aren't counted
01E-87C-E66 1 strike and you're out
02E-87C-E66 2 strikes and you're out
008-3C8-3BA + 008-268-3BA No scoring--switch off effects to score


F05-6EC-6E9 Infinite time
010-68B-E66 Start with 1 timeout
020-68B-E66 Start with 2 timeouts
0A0-68B-E66 Start with 10 timeouts
000-12A-3BE Infinite timeouts
F07 D0B 6E9 Always 1st down