Category Title Hacker Code Notes
Top Level 2 DarkSerge,StalkerX 73001A6C 0000
33001A6C 0001
Top Level 3 DarkSerge,StalkerX 73001A6C 0000
33001A6C 0002
Top Level 4 DarkSerge,StalkerX 73001A6C 0000
33001A6C 0003
Top Level 5 DarkSerge,StalkerX 73001A6C 0000
33001A6C 0004
Top Special Note 2 NA N/A With these codes, Start a New Game.
Top (M) Must Be On Codejunkies 03EFEDD6 8820FF1C
FDF8EE47 6F867B0F
Top Enable Code (Must Be On) DarkSerge,StalkerX 0000D66C 000A
1004A68C 0007
Top Hit Anywhere nolberto82 4A73D096 717423B9
B44A6CDD C60917AF
Except for the laser.
Top Infinite Continues DarkSerge,StalkerX 33001A84 0063
Top Infinite Lives P1 DarkSerge,StalkerX 33002C60 0063
Top Invincibility DarkSerge,StalkerX 33002CA0 0063 With this code, you can still die if you fall out of the screen and/or into the lava.
Top Max Score P1 DarkSerge,StalkerX 83002C64 E0FF
83002C66 05F5
Top P1 Always Have Blue Missiles Codejunkies 60ABBF05 6E39DB54
Top P1 Always Have Fire Weapon Codejunkies BFA4AA92 F779586A
Top P1 Always Have Laser Codejunkies 867E9516 062E9399
Top P1 Always Have Normal Weapon Codejunkies 602B340A 5A3E4BF4
Top P1 Always Have Red Missiles Codejunkies CF4B4C5B 57F3C652
Top P1 Always Have Spread Weapon Codejunkies 58274AFB EDE2F5DD
Top P1 Always Have Tank Fireballs Codejunkies 587ABF9A 68D89B26
Top P1 Infinite Lives Codejunkies F5CAA9AF 140DA9DC
Top Press Select To Kill Self Codejunkies 21B1A257 8C1A149A
1036E565 65309751
Top Press Select+Down For C Missiles DarkSerge,StalkerX 74000130 037B
33002CA8 0002
Top Press Select+L Trigger For Laser DarkSerge,StalkerX 74000130 01FB
33002CA8 0005
Top Press Select+Left For Homing Missiles DarkSerge,StalkerX 74000130 03DB
33002CA8 0003
Top Press Select+R Trigger For Tank Missile DarkSerge,StalkerX 74000130 02FB
33002CA8 0006
Top Press Select+Right For Flamethrower DarkSerge,StalkerX 74000130 03EB
33002CA8 0004
Top Press Select+Up For Spread DarkSerge,StalkerX 74000130 03BB
33002CA8 0001
Top Quick Score Gain P1 DarkSerge,StalkerX 83002C64 FFFF