Category Title Hacker Code Notes
Top 1st Place InterAct BDE0D904 CB18634C
Top Always 1st Place MadCatz 514B687C69F9
Top Always 1st Place Shimer 9D9E2313 5735
Top Always Low Lap Time MadCatz 603ABA88E1EF
Top Always Low Lap Time Shimer 153A534E 7D6E
Top Enable Code (Must Be On) Shimer 9D298460 D184
535C27E2 D116
BB5E2FA3 6364
Top Everything Unlocked InterAct BC0BACCE E3F11F51
Top GS Button For Slow XAnimal 78960794 27667199
Top GS Button For Slow XAnimal DBBA3A89 4CB74B94
Top Infinite Turbos InterAct 102281AD B622CC6D
Top Infinite Turbos MadCatz 43A0E0A95082
Top Infinite Turbos Shimer ED70DF89 F7ED
Top Last Lap InterAct D1553860 FEA060E6
Top Low Lap Time InterAct 15FB69B2 1403A53D
Top Must Be On [M] InterAct 7C71DE85 D0E8A5BB
13CD4A74 013120D7
Top Must Be On [M] Datel F7F8669A FF3403AF
4927F80F E4C5E608
Top Nitro Boost [Press R] MadCatz 51C30B7DEB91
Top Press R For Nitro Boost Shimer 9CD72F12 D4B7
45A1CF55 7EC9
Top Start On Lap 2 MadCatz 9F378098199E
Top Start On Lap 3 MadCatz 9F378098199E
Top Start On Lap 4 MadCatz 9F378098199E
Top Start On Lap 5 MadCatz 9F378098199E
Top Start On Lap 6 MadCatz 9F378098199E
Top Start On Last Lap 2 Shimer CA6CAF65 6B6F
893EB3A8 D53C
Top Start On Last Lap 3 Shimer CA6CAF65 6B6F
8A3EB3E8 C13E
Top Start On Last Lap 4 Shimer CA6CAF65 6B6F
E970DF28 D5BC
Top Start On Last Lap 5 Shimer CA6CAF65 6B6F
Top Start On Last Lap 6 Shimer CA6CAF65 6B6F
A932D3A8 D5BC
Top Unlock All Cars & Cups MadCatz FE819EA7CC0B
Top Unlock All Cars & Cups Shimer 76543C8A 21C2
Top Unlock All Tracks MadCatz AE0C9F930607
Top Unlock All Tracks Shimer 72014CAF A84A
Top [M] Must Be On MadCatz 95D33E910081